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Headcanons for Percy’s favorite Disney movie are based on the assumption that he Loves the ocean. Cool, fine. But then why would his favorite movie be The Little Mermaid? A movie about a girl who doesn’t like being in the water, who dreams of getting away from her family and home and being independent, and in the end chooses to leave the ocean permanently, to the point she even isolates her daughter from part of her identity? Doesn’t really make sense.

And Finding Nemo? As a kid that can actually talk to sea creatures, I think it’d be hard for him to watch because it’d be so inaccurate and he’d just end up annoyed, especially when specific sea creatures are portrayed as mean. Idk, I can almost see an argument for this but I just don’t think it fits as well as others.

But Moana? It’s about a girl who loves her island and her home. She loves her people. But yet? The sea calls to her. She connects to it. Even with all the love she has for her island, she feels the tug of the sea. She always finds herself back at the water’s edge. And I just think Percy would relate to that. To her love for her family and the ocean.

au ideas i thought of at 4 am
  • were in class and you keep throwing paper balls at me why are you doing this au
  • youre in orchestra and im in band, we take our rivalry seriously but holy shit youre hot so hey while they’re warming up wanna make out behind the curtains? au
  • i really cant chose between wanting to cuddle you and wanting to fuck you au
  • ok so im a celebrity and im single, and youre that one fan i see whos literally hella cute lets date au
  • its 2 AM and im knocking at your window, wake up and lets go on a late-night walk or something idk can we just hold hands already au
  • i didnt bring food for lunch but hey can i have half of your sandwich au
  • were in wrestling class and were partners and were in this really fucking awkward kind of sexual position right now au
  • im totally stronger than you but i let you win that arm wrestling contest au
  • we stayed up all night in bed texting each other and while i was confessing my feelings to you i passed out so all i left you with was “i kind of…” and thats it au
  • were in drama and we have this kiss scene together, i dont think i mind this one bit au
  • we did a trust fall but you were too weak to fully catch me au
  • were getting it on in bed and you fucking keep on whispering memes into my ear please stop this au

I mean, Pearl probably wouldn’t choose to fight like a ballerina if she was starting from scratch when she learned to fight. It’s not exactly the world’s most popular method, or the most efficient. And in “together breakfast” she uses a dance to open her vault of swords. She’s always doing little things like that, using dances for this or that. She’s always dancing, right?

She is always dancing, really, in little tiny ways in everything she does. I don’t think that is just because she’s ‘the graceful one’.

Hear me out for a sec. I really think Pearl was a dancer.

I think Pearl was a dancer, originally, and probably precious little else. I think she was a pretty thing that belonged to a powerful gem, and that when she was made she was made to be a servant, a doll, delicate and graceful and thoughtless.

I think, somewhere along the line, she realized that was bullshit. I think she fell in love, first with the woman that refused to own her, and then the earth. And when war broke out, I think she had something to fight for. A reason to change.

I think she calloused those elegant hands they gave her turning a baton into a spear, practicing endlessly to sharpen the dance steps she knew already into weapons. I think she fought, at first too viciously, because she only had one person she was fighting for, and I think that somewhere she still thought of herself as a tool for her. I think she poofed herself, for the very first time, and then again, and again, and again. I think she always kept going, until it started happening less and less and then one day no one could say she was there to “look pretty” anymore. And eventually, they won.

And, eventually, Pearl lost that person she’d fought for.

But life went on, anyway, and I think Pearl had to go with it. She built a house, and did laundry, fixed cars and lead missions, and realized that she had to be someone besides Rose’s knight.  I think she buried those delicate hands in wires and engines until she had learned how to create something new, and learned what tools really were,

and that people were not tools.

I think Pearl fell in love, guys.

First with the woman that refused to own her, and then the earth. But next, with a couple who loved each other in a way that defied what they’d been told back home, and with the person they were together. Even later (and even now) I think she fell (and is falling) in love with a gem who had never known the place she’d come from, and never assumed she was anything less than an equal. And despite her grief, she definitely fell in love with Steven!

But recently? I think Pearl finally fell in love with herself.

Because even though a homeworld gem was literally screaming her ‘real purpose’ in her face, she didn’t wilt this time. She just smiled, and decked the little punk right in the face, with her elegant, calloused, but far from delicate hands.

See, she might still walk like a dancer and fight like a ballerina and hell, she might even doubt herself sometimes. 

But she will never be a just a Pearl ever again.


I decided to make a video on my coloring process. It’s only an hour and a half long and I didn’t even finish the drawing, but if you have time and you’re interested here you go!!

  • Ford: You ruined my chances at my dream school!
  • Stan: I did nAUGHTt! Mister Electic send him to the principal's office and have him EXpelLed!

ok but Luffy literally did a Sanji impression right in front of Croc and Croc STILL had no clue what Sanji/Mr. Prince looks like or that there was another unaccounted for Straw Hat

right in front of you Croc


GOT7 (Jack and the Beanstalk Edition)
  • Jackson: Jack the son
  • Yugyeom: beanstalk
  • Mark: pretty giant in the sky that Jack(son) falls in love with
  • Jinyoung: sassy, jealous giant-spouse of Mark that Jack kills so he can love Mark
  • Youngjae: cow that Jack sells for magic beans
  • BamBam: magic beans
  • Jaebum: Jack's mom who is disappointed in his life choices

listen fam i’m tired and i’ll probably change my mind about this in five seconds but i’m gonna go ahead and say it right now while i have this opinion

goddamn destiel should be a big fuckin deal.

soobernatural tries every season to “outdo” itself despite the fact that we already had the goddamn apocalypse 14 seasons ago. as evidenced by so many goddamn tv shows before it, making a popular ship canon is the bIGGEST THING U CAN DO. if i were the unlucky sucker who was makin all the decisions over there in sooperbloop’s corner of the CW, i would keep destiel in my pocket until the very fuckin end. i’d build it up so even the most dudebro straight dude fan who watches supersnatch would be like “when are they gonna fuckin kiss already.” tHEN i would make it the series finale to trump all series finales. it’d be fuckin fireworks and love confessions and a long, close-up fuckign kiss RIGHT on the mouth.

i would cement my piece of shit television show into the historical vault under the category “made a ship canon bc the fans clamored for it and wow turns out it was a good fuckin idea and the reason why this show lives on even after its conclusion” and i’d file it right next to the goddamn x-files.

it’s 20 fucking 16. less than a decade ago, LGBT people on film and tv were made fun of (brokeback cough mountain). now?? now they’re praised. i don’t exactly want to say “make destiel canon because it’s the cO oL And T R End y thing to do on tv today” but like

it’s not taboo anymore. it’s not laughable. it’s not even “shocking.” the reaction from the media and *most* fans would be praise. it would not be a bad fucking decision, so there’s absolutely no good reason NOT to do it. 

it’s a good fucking ship and it deserves what all good fucking ships deserve: screen time. confirmation. a kiss maybe??? a goddamn happy ending. 

i’m so tired.

stop reblogging that post by friendlycloud acting like women being able to vote in saudi is progression for saudi women. it’s literally nothing but propaganda that gives the illusion of improvement for women in saudi and you ignorantly reblogging it and supporting it is harming saudi women further as well as silencing them and belittling their oppression. saudi is an absolute monarchy, the right to vote is basically the most irrelevant and useless “right” anyone in the country could ever have. no one over there have anyone relevant to even vote for, ive never even met a saudi that has ever voted to begin with. stop blindly reblogging and supporting posts without actually knowing the basics because you might be spreading information that harms others.

Things that have been said to me as a bisexual

•Can you have a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time?
•Surely if you’re in a relationship with a boy you stop being bisexual
•Are you only bisexual when you’re not dating someone?
•Do you prefer boys or girls? Surely you must have a preference
•If you prefer boys you’re not bisexual
•I hit on a boy when I was drunk one time, so I guess when I’m drunk I’m bisexual but not any other time
•Is it actually a thing?
•You’re bisexual? But you dated a boy!
•Isn’t that greedy?
•If you’ve never had a girlfriend, how do you know you’re bi?