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Headcanons for Percy’s favorite Disney movie are based on the assumption that he Loves the ocean. Cool, fine. But then why would his favorite movie be The Little Mermaid? A movie about a girl who doesn’t like being in the water, who dreams of getting away from her family and home and being independent, and in the end chooses to leave the ocean permanently, to the point she even isolates her daughter from part of her identity? Doesn’t really make sense.

And Finding Nemo? As a kid that can actually talk to sea creatures, I think it’d be hard for him to watch because it’d be so inaccurate and he’d just end up annoyed, especially when specific sea creatures are portrayed as mean. Idk, I can almost see an argument for this but I just don’t think it fits as well as others.

But Moana? It’s about a girl who loves her island and her home. She loves her people. But yet? The sea calls to her. She connects to it. Even with all the love she has for her island, she feels the tug of the sea. She always finds herself back at the water’s edge. And I just think Percy would relate to that. To her love for her family and the ocean.

  • namjoon: shit, i think it's an earthquake coming
  • namjoon: guys, we gotta go, we can't stay here. let's go to a safe place
  • jungkook: yoongi is asleep
  • namjoon: wake him up!
  • jungkook: *sweats*
  • namjoon: hurry up!
  • jungkook:
  • jungkook: i-i don't think i'm r-ready, hyung...

hi, i finally finished this stozier fic and i’m drained and i hope people like it. thank you.

prompt: au fic in which a person get songs stuck in their head because their soulmate is singing it somewhere.

But I don’t need to bleed you dry
Or take you over for the rest of your life
It’s just that I need something solid in mine

- “precious”, the jam

richie was getting real tired of this “soulmate” shit, and he told ben as much as they stood at their lockers between classes.


“they’ve been singing “don’t you want me” all. morning.”

“what’s the problem? that’s a great song!”

“not when all they fucking know is don’t you want me, baby? don’t you want me OOOOHHHHHHH! just those two lines for two hours straight.”

“well, i think mine’s happy,” ben slightly blushed- he always blushed talking about mike- “he’s singing “just can’t get enough.” the whole song though, not just the chorus,” ben teased richie who groaned in frustration.

“it’s bullshit that we’re “connected” like this, people get songs stuck in their heads because their “soulmate” is singing them. who’s idea was that?” he paused. “i think mine’s defective. is it possible to get a new one?”

“i don’t think so, rich. think of it as a way to show them new music or at least learn that one song!”

“sometimes i get really tired of you looking on the bright side of things, haystack.” richie finished shoving books into his bag for his next class. not that he opened them, he just wanted to at least look like he was doing work while he wrote out new material. his grades- normally a’s and b’s- had been slipping lately, and his behavior had gotten out of hand, but he didn’t need another call home; not that his parents would have done anything about it.

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Talking to Doyoung about EXO’s comeback || 🎶

Fun Swedish names that are just words:

Björn = “bear”

Styrbjörn = “Control Bear”

Torbjörn = “Thor Bear”

Bror = “Brother”

Bo = “To live, in a house or place”

Axel = “Shoulder”

Alf = “Elf”

Dag = “Day”

Inga = “None”

Knut = “Knot”

Lillemor = “Little Mother”

Liv = “Life”

Mark = “Ground”

Rita = “To Draw”

Saga = “Fairytale” or “Story”

Sten = “Stone” or “Rock”

Fun Swedish names that sound funny in English:










I don’t like the ‘villain gets punished be being mummified alive’ plotline.

Because the last thing the old egyptians would have done is to grant a villain immortality like this.

This is what mummification does: It preserves your body for you immortal soul so it has a vessel to return to. Destroy the body and you destroy the person. Same with Names.

So, if there really would be a priest or a princess to kill the pharao, they would be punished by being killed and burned and their ashes thrown to the four winds. Their names would be erased from all that is written and they would be forgotten, cursed to never have existed in the first place.

So, how about this:

The ‘curse’ is actually put on the villain by their followers as to preserve them, to save them from being destroyed. Like, they steal the body before it gets burned and cast their magic on it.

They scribble the ‘villains’ name all over the secret tombs walls, writing about their greatness, their good deeds, how awesome they were, so Ammet won’t eat their heart.

How this turns out to be a real ‘curse’ could also be interesting.

A mistake in the magic writings? One wrong hieroglyph? Something occuring becaue of ‘modern times vs. ancient egyptian times’? Or a result of graverobbery? A “Take my stuff and I’ll get you good!” kinda thing?

Maybe the ‘good guy’ could be responsible for the curse.

Better than saying “The ancient egyptians cursed him to be super powerful, but locked hm up in a box until some american dudes come along and free him.”


“She had a deal with a god, was burried in his realm, but was also locked up until some american dude comes along and frees her.”

hey uh, this might be a weird thing to ask out of nowhere but.. i have an illness that i want to recover from and it’s difficult for me to find motivation to do it so,, no one HAS to do anything ofc but if anyone feels like it, i would really appreciate some words of encouragement <33 i don’t know if it’ll help but i could come back to look at them when i’m having a hard time… sorry this is super vague since i don’t want to share any details but a simple “you can do it” would be enough :’’’))

I remember when I heard about JK Rowling writing about an American wizarding school I was super excited because I am an American, but if I’m being honest I was a bit disappointed with Ilvermorny.

It’s not that I don’t like the story, but I always pictured a school that was, well, more american. It just seems like another Hogwarts on a different continent, which is cool, don’t get me wrong, but not what I imagined. I mean, the founder was British and she created something from what she knew. I understand that.

But where are the clubs? American schools have a shit ton of clubs. Wizard football? You know that Americans would have a terrible sport like football that every other country hates. And we don’t wear uniforms usually. American schools have a different set up too, like a principal. We also have the same classes everyday. Wizarding school buses anyone? Pep rallies? I dunno. That’s what I always thought of.

I don’t hate Ilvermorny, but it just isn’t what I imagined. I just thought I’d share my thinking with you all.


of the reason why i love 1’s comics is that almost all the chars, major or minor, foe or just an extra for one episode, are what you’d call social misfits to some degree; you can find the clues first in our two taciturn, antisocial protagonists Saitama and Mobu, w poorest communication kills ever, and Genos’ awkward manner that has officially been his original personality according to 1’s interview even before he lost his whole body (which only had it intensified now that he thinks of himself aside from organic creatures). and Reigen, a self proclaimed people-person w outgoing behaviors while actually not having a single real friend around his peers; and Dimple, the little ambitious freak spirit; Fubuki and her severe inferiority complex; the human monster Garou… goes on. many of the main chars got bullied as a kid in a real-life sense of bullying we all know too well, and many of them actually acknowledges that they’re misfits/weirdos, and are even sadly ashamed of themselves. theres nobody who acts like Luffy from One Piece or Goku from DBZ that goes all “YEA BRO WE JUST MET BUT WER BEST FRIENDS LETS HAV FUN” or like Ichigo n Naruto with “WE NEVER LOSE HOPE” attitude (except mobu’s 100% courage mode that is.)

instead everything is a bit quieter in 1’s world. everyone is a bit too weird to be completely cheerful, and they’re all deeply lonely inside. they feel like not many would understand them and that is in all honesty, true, but they’re also grateful for a company who is just being with them and would simply say “hi” to them no matter how generally shitty or wrong they would look in a normal society.

and those lifetime companions are not easy to get. 1’s fictional characters are blessed in that way bec they’re genuinely humane people from the bottom of their hearts. 1 never made a overly nasty joke(tends to be aimed at the minorities) thru main chars when some tv shows do it on a regular basis. but then, 1 never tried to seek for the ideal justice, or to guide the reader w their moral compass…and that is something. 1′s characters may not be in their best behavior and do or say stupid things from time to time, and never going to be 100% “socially/politically correct”; but they have those liveliness that i admire and love and actually can relate to as a non-fictional human being.

and i want to thank 1 for making them this way.

this one piece of official gorillaz art pisses me off so much. it’s not that the art itself is bad, it looks perfectly fine. what i wanna know tho is why the fuck noodle looks exactly like 2d in this picture. like holy fucking shit she looks 100% like 2d except for a slighty different hair color. if i did a quick photoshop on this image to make noodle’s hair blue instead of purple you wouldn’t even be able to tell it was her. like look at this

thats not even noodle anymore this is just 2d wearing noodle’s clothes. i want an explanation for this jamie why

McKinley: something’s not right

Price: no, because it’s left

McKinley: you’re upside down, kevin

Price: i’m right side up, connor

McKinley: if you consider the sky to be your floor, then yes

Price: shut up i’m walking on sunshine and you’re a grumpy cloud blocking my way

McKinley: di c k