its a space cat


I was trying to design casual outfits for Human Allura and Coran and then thought what mysteries could be under the jacket, then I imagined and I laughed.

If I ever get stuck in space, I want to be wearing that shirt.

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Anytime Hunk pets Keith on the head he starts purring.

It’s not a purr, not really. Hunk’s family had cats back on Earth and he knows what a purr sounds and feels like. But it’s ridiculous really, how weak Keith is to Hunk’s fingers combing through his hair; the sounds he makes are all the proof Hunk needs.

Maybe it has to do with being a galra, or part galra, he muses. Maybe, but he doesn’t dare to point it out or experiment with it; yet. Their allies from the Blade of Marmora are friendly enough, but also, he feels like their walls need a little more tearing down before he can ask those kinds of questions. He’s been working on making that happen, something that has the side-effect of making Hunk’s food in the Castle of Lions even better than it was.

Keith makes another small, breathy sound, almost tapering off into a whine, and Hunk resumes moving his hand. His boyfriend might feel embarrassed, especially if anyone but Hunk is around, but Hunk himself loves it. The sounds that let him know that Keith is happy.

So he continues running his hand through the dark hair, basking in the little sounds he knows he can never get enough of.


welcome h o m e


Lance is gone, and Keith is the only one who remembers. But his memories are breaking, and he’s starting to doubt himself. There’s a voice in his head that sounds a lot like Lance. But it’s…incomplete.

I blame @y-annah for all of this.


gotta post some sketches and doodles more often, but in the meannnnn time have some fantasy voltron au lines! we got weird cats, The Gays, cool magic stunts, the whole shebang

Snow Day - Victor, Yuuri, Yuri, and a little Otabek

It’s a snow day which means thinking about Victor and Yuuri and Yurio in the snow, obviously. 


In Hasetsu, you can go to bed in the middle of spring and wake to a world changed by a freak snowstorm. Balmy the day before, the air turns to ice, and snow hides the cherry blossoms and buds on suddenly heavy branches.

And it always reminds Yuuri of Victor.

Actually, it’s like Victor in a way. Something beautiful, but also full of contradictions. Something that should be impossible, a little otherworldly, and lovely enough to be a work of art—but also real enough to touch, to make Yuuri’s cheeks redden. 

But it’s not about putting Victor on a pedestal anymore. It’s acknowledging the very things that make him so incredible.

“Actually,” Victor says, pressing a kiss like a fallen blossom to Yuuri’s shoulder, “this weather always reminds me of you. After all, the first time I came here, it was exactly like this!” 

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Thank you @wannabecatwriter for tagging me in the moodboard challenge ^-^

Rules: put together a mood board using at least six images for the sim most associated with your blog (simself, legacy sim, character, etc.) and then tag more people to do it.

Safe to say I used a few more than just six images xD (counted, I used 14 lmao). Hopefully, those of you who know about my wordpress should know who this is for, who else could I do besides Juniper Matthews?

So, there’s cats, crystal ball, pastel coloured hair, things about flirty friends, cooking stuff, mother-daughter stuff (even something which is very relevant for next chapter relating to the motherhood theme). There’s also a rose because Roisin’s name means “little rose” and it’s a small rose and I thought it was cute. Also, the quote about rich things shows how she has never dated (well, properly dated) anyone who isn’t at least a millionaire (I would say lucky but let’s face it her previous two relationships haven’t been that great). I really wanted to add more, but it was getting waaaay too cluttered xD

I dunno who to tag because most people have done it. If you haven’t done it, consider yourself tagged