its a small word

  • Namjoon is like super smart, he managed to graduate his last year of schooling a year early
  • he had tutored the younger boys while he had classes so when he graduated the king asked him to become their teacher. 
  • he’s younger then Seokjin but he knows what he’s talking about
  • he tries to wear nice clothes so people take him seriously
  • so in the castle on work days he wears white button downs and nice pants
  • but on days at home he wears pajamas everyday 24/7
  • he lives with Dance instructor!Hoseok and Music Teacher!Yoongi
  • he want the best for the kim/park siblings, so he tries his best to be patient 
  • especially with taehyung, it’s not that he’s not smart it’s just that he doesn’t focus 
  • so Namjoon often makes his lessons into games for him, keeping him active 
  • “so what angle should you throw the ball to make sure it goes in?" 
  • with jimin its best to explain in small words that he can remember, or making it into a song
  • jin is bad at math so Namjoon explains everything as if it’s in baking terms
  • the king has asked for his opinion on a few things and thinks that Namjoon is a very capable young man, and if you try telling namjoon this he get v blushy, like his face is so red
  • while he prepares his lessons for the boys he often taps his fingers on the desk which makes music teacher!Yoongi jealous of his rhythm
  • he loves the boys like they are his brothers and protects them to the best of his abilities

  • So one day he’s cleaning up the mess taehyung had made while studying 
  • and Someone comes in with a sword
  • knowing that they were trying to take the princes 
  • he manages to trick them into believing that’s he’s a prince
  • taking only Namjoon was what join wanted
  • the hooded person tied his wrists together and kidnapped him
  • taking him to a small house, he made Namjoon sit in the floor in the basement 
  • the adrenaline was starting to leave so now it hit him what had happened
  • he was like well at least if i die i protected the boys
  • but then he hears yelling and fighting upstairs
  • panicking because he thought that they realized he wasn’t a prince and might kill him
  • but nope it was you, kicking the kidnappers asses
  • You had seen him taken at the castle so you had followed behind to ensure his safe return
  • hearing the screams come to an end, he tried to go by the door
  • but namjoon is very clumsy and just fell once he got up
  • Hearing him fall, you opened the door
  • seeing the purple haired boy face down on the floor made you giggle, which turned his ears red
  • walking over to him and untying his hands, and then helping him stand
  • “you shouldn’t go with strange men, at any time of the day y’know?’’
  • he answered you by turning even more red which made you chuckle
  • Looking at your outfit, he wasn’t quite sure what to address you as
  • archers and knights like being called by their titles but how could you properly address without asking
  • “i’m one of the top knights, you’re the princes teacher, tight?”
  • “uh-yea-yeah i am, that’s me, namjoon”
  • asking if he wanted to walk back to the castle with you, he agreed but asked about the men upstairs
  • telling him that the king would figure it out, you grabbed his hand and left the house
  • walking past a few fields and chatting with the teacher, you learned that he was very humble
  • on your way back to the castle, a few shop owners stopped you and namjoon
  • they kept asking if you were dating, letting out a giggle while he turned red, you both denied it
  • letting you go on your way, a lady offered you an apple
  • thanking her, and taking it, you ask namjoon if he was hungry
  • trying to have you eat it he denied, but before you took a bite his stomach growled
  • laughing at the unpleasant sound, you handed him the apple and wouldn’t take no as answer
  • begrudgingly namjoon began eating it while talking, you eventually made it back to the castle
  • Having to go report to the king what happened you had to leave him soon
  • Before separating you told him to come visit you some time, so he could continue using big words that you didn’t understand
  • walking away from the boy who’s cheeks were a pastel pink at your invitation
  • Turning to him when you were further away you cupped your hands around your mouth and yelled
  • “ Are you a math teacher? because you got me harder than calculus!”
  • turning and running you left a now very red namjoon standing there with his heart beating very fast
  • “that was a terrible pick up line, hyung why are you so red?”
  • “shut up taehyung”
  • He was gonna visit you later, if he didn’t turn into a tomato just thinking of you
We throw around the word never likes its nothing but a small rose petal. The word never is a doubled edged sword. On one side it says ‘I will never leave you’ and on the other it says ‘I will never love you.’
—  The Word Never


  • me: okay maybe i can just make this a little AU, just change one little thing in canon
  • me @ me: no you gotta make it a BIG AU, change everything to revolve around your idea, GO BIG OR GO HOME

Kihyun singing “Amen” to Wonho while holding his hands :’)

That one person that Isn’t just your partner.. But your soul mate, your best friend, your safe place, your shoulder to cry on, your human diary, your everything. They are out there. It may take some time to find, you may feel like you keep hitting a brick wall, but stay positive. Everything happens for a reason, and if we didn’t experience the fakes, the frogs, the people that portray to be something they really aren’t in the end, would we really and truly appreciate the Princess/Prince when we have them? If you’re lucky enough to have found them, make sure you remind them every day what they mean to you. A simple kiss good night, a simple kiss good morning, a small text to make them smile, its the small things that speak a thousand words. Don’t let them fall from within your grasp, because having something that special in the world we live in today, is a rarity ❤️ I WILL tell you you’re beautiful everyday, I will miss parts of the programme we are supposed to be watching and have to rewind it because I can’t help but just stare at you.. Thinking things to myself like ’ i really am so lucky to have you, this is really happening, how did I get so lucky’ I will go for walks in crowded places just to show you off, I will always stay up as late as my eyes let me, just because talking to you, being in your company, and getting lost in your eyes is far better than any dream I’ll have. I will try with every single piece of my being, to make sure you have nothing less than a great day. I will make you feel like the only girl in the world for the rest of time. I WILL love you for forever and an eternity❤️

  • Coxswain: Okay girls, we are just on the 500m marker lets push it through to the end.
  • Rower: *internal or possibly external screaming*
  • Coxswain *two minutes later*: Okay girls at the 500m marker lets gain some pressure.
  • Rower: wait what i thought
  • Coxswain *another minute later*: We have crossed the orange buoy 500m left and you are done, leave it on the water.

theres no place in this city for love.
no place for weakness, enjoyment, don’t you fucking dare look at him that way.
there’s no place in this city for you.

you hate him.
plain and simple,
who the fuck does he think he is.
he’s puking out your car window and there’s a trail of glass leading to your feet
and a trail of laughter leading to your lips
and a trail of weakness leading to him.
hit the town, they said.

he’s grinning and there’s a trail of bullets leading to your chest
and a trail of laughter leading to your lips
and a trail of weakness leading to him.
break the city, you heard.

what a team you make,
explosive and dangerous and shining,
they’ve never seen the shit you two can do.
you’ll tear down a city block, you will
you’ll leer at death, you will
you’ll fall in love, you will.

you and your golden boy.
you’ll make a place in this city if it kills you.

—  IT’LL KILL YOU // k.a.t (for @slaughtervoid)

“That’s a bad word,” a small, solemn voice said, and when Bucky turned around he was met with a small, solemn pair of eyes to match. Her blonde hair had been pulled into lumpy braids by someone with neither the skill nor the patience to do a good job of it, and the colour combinations suggested she’d had a lot of say in her outfit.

“It is,” Bucky agreed. He dropped the hammer, examined his hand and the skin that’d torn loose, then fished awkwardly in his pocket for a scrap of tissue or something. “I figured Russian’d be politer,” he said absently.

“Aunt Nat knows Russian,” the tiny human informed him, then turned on her heel, her rubber boots flapping around her calves as she headed back into the house next door. Bucky watched her go for a second, then shrugged and clanked down the ladder, vaguely hoping that ‘fully furnished’ somehow included band-aids.

“-leaving the house?” The voice was exasperated and doing a barely passable job at hiding the fond. “Katie Margaret Steven Barton…”

“I get more middle names when he’s madder,” blondie informed Bucky, and the guy in the ragged sweatpants and the purple hearing aids (and nothing else, and Bucky was trying so very very hard not to notice the lack of shirt) looked up to meet his eyes.

“Hey,” the guy said, awkward, and rubbed at the back of his head with the hand that was holding a battered and brightly coloured box. “So I guess we’re your new neighbours.”

“I guess,” Bucky said, and for lack of an alternative he waved awkwardly with the hand that had already bled through the clump of shredded tissue he’d pressed to it.


“On it.” Before Bucky could move he’d had his hand grasped by long calloused fingers, and he figured it for a handshake and was just about to reciprocate when the guy pulled away, leaving Bucky with -


His neighbour patted the cartoon-covered band-aid fondly. “We’re pretty fond of Dory, right, squishy?”

It was Barton junior’s turn to grab Bucky’s hand, and this was more casual physical contact than Bucky’d had in longer than he’d care to admit.

“All better,” she said, satisfied, then smacked a kiss over the plaster before holding Bucky’s hand out to her father. The man looked up at Bucky then, apparently taking his raised eyebrow as something resembling consent, bent with a wicked little smirk to press his own mouth half against flesh.

The scrape of morning stubble went straight to Bucky’s dick.

if you love them
please do not let them go,
not for one single second.

hold them tight,
squeeze them, 
kiss them, hug them,
suffocate them with your love.

do not let a single day go by
where they do not feel your love
emanating from your every action

because there will be a day
where they will no longer be there
or you may no longer be there
& you do not want,
not for one single second,
for them to wonder if you loved them
or for you to wonder if they knew just
how far your love reached out for them.

if you love them
please do not let them go,
not for one single second.

—  it’s only june & we’ve let too many go // e.b. 
you broke into being
with a clash of cymbals and pain;
years later a part of you remained,
blindly grief-stricken—
a feeling lasting for always.
it’s almost like you chose to mourn for life
in its entirety; unwisely, without restraint—
a self-imposed state of sorrow for whatever was.
no one understood that when you cried,
you cried with dying stars
and everyone who grew up lost;
all the lives you did not know
that spelled stories of bitter ends,
dreams impossibly shattered,
a pain as familiar as breathing.
you would bear the world’s burdens
to spare its aching hearts;
(if only they could be untangled.
if only they were not one and the same.)
—  a soul’s lament || a. cho