its a series of headcannons

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I don't think there's enough evidence of Jo being transgendered to justify the response this fandom has given what is essentially an overblown headcannon. Lumberjanes is a kids series. It's an all-ages comic. I feel like one of the only people in this fandom who remembers that.

Anon, I don’t care whether or not you headcanon trans!Jo. It honestly doesn’t matter to me. To each their own, and all that. It does kind of irk me that you act as though those of us who do buy into are somehow foolish for doing so. But whatever. I don’t care.

I don’t care that we’ve been explicitly told that gender is something the characters are going to have to work through. I don’t care that within the last week Noelle confirmed the presence of “at least 2 trans/NB prominent lumberjanes”. I don’t care that less than 2 days ago an interview was published in which Noelle and Shannon referenced Jo and her gender identity as a significant feature of the ongoing storyline.

I don’t care that in issue 12 we saw incredibly telling photos of Jo as a child.

I don’t care.

What I do care about, and what I am responding to now, is the implication that transgender characters are in some way an inappropriate inclusion in an all-ages comic. Because that, quite frankly, pisses me off.

I’m not transgender. That’s an identity and a struggle for representation that I will never fully understand. Not first hand.  

But I am bisexual and for that reason I have some idea what it feels like to go the formative years of your life without seeing a character who represents part of your identity. The same year I realised I liked both boys and girls I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time and couldn’t understand why Willow was called a lesbian.

What I learnt about my identity from the media available to me was that either I had to choose, or that I was greedy, untrustworthy, more likely to cheat in relationships. I heard those same sentiments from classmates and friends and relatives, people I was out to and people I wasn’t.

My first boyfriend told me it was a turn on. My first girlfriend told me she worried I’d leave her for a boy.

This was a part of myself that I considered important, but not all encompassing. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if it were something as important as my gender identity.

So when you act like a significant portion of the Lumberjanes audience shouldn’t see themselves in the Roanokes, I get pissed.

Do you think there isn’t a thirteen year old trans girl reading along with the Roanokes and loving every second? Is her enjoyment of the characters any less important than yours or mine? Doesn’t she deserve to see herself on the page?

Hell, wouldn’t it be great if she could see herself as the leader?

Furthermore, when you act like the Lumberjanes creative team would never be game to include a transgender character, or presume that they would, for whatever reason, not be allowed to, the  I can only assume you have a fundamental misunderstanding of what Lumberjanes is and what Lumberjanes stands for.

Lumberjanes is not a story that plays by the same old tired rules.

Lumberjanes is not a story that cares if the old rule makers are even paying attention.

Lumberjanes is a story with no male characters for a full four issues. Of the five most central characters, one was explicitly written to tear down “the noxious baggage” associated with tradition femininity and another three are WOC. Extend that five to eight and the WOC outnumber white women five to three. We’ve seen young lesbians, and we’ve seen committed gay fathers.

We’ve seen a sign that says “Hardcore Lady Types”.

Lumberjanes is not a story that plays by the rules. And to quote that recent article (the same one that explicitly mentions Jo’s gender identity as a feature to be explored in on going issues), “Lumberjanes, as an all ages comic, has addressed topics like same-sex relationships that adults of the past generation would have considered inappropriate for children”.

What the hell makes you think transgender characters aren’t the next horizon they’re chasing down?

Lumberjanes is a safe place for girls. And that means every and all. No matter their race, orientation or gender identity.

All are welcome at Camp Lumberjane.

And it astounds me that you’ve gotten so far into the series without realising that.

You’re not the only one who remembers that Lumberjanes is an all-ages comic. Not by a long shot. When someone posted inappropriate Lumberjanes fanart, we responded with a resounding “Hell, no”. We recognise the age of the characters and we recognise the age of the audience. You are not the only one who remembers the Lumberjanes demographic.

But you are the only one who seems to think that particular demographic needs protecting from whatever danger you’ve imagined transgender characters to pose.

And for that I can only offer you my pity and this response.