its a pretty pink record as well

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Whats your favorite Stand in all of JoJo's and why? My personal favorite is probably Star-Platinum, not an original answer, but at least its understandable. Also how does King Crimson work?

Hey, Star Platinum is a classic.

Personally, my favourite is probably Enigma  - it reminds me of Moody Blues a but. There’s some similarities in their designs that I really dig, like the eyes and overall face, but Enigma has all of its ornate detailing, and that stylish cape.

Enigma is like MB’s flamboyant pink sibling.

When I first read part 4, though, I was honestly blown away by Enigma’s ability - or, well, the M.C. Escher tessellation visual effect it has. When the anime was first announced, I knew that that specific moment was what I was looking forward to seeing more than anything else. It’s a pretty fun power, too, in general, but its aesthetics are just so striking that it left a lasting impression on me.

Black Sabbath is a super close runner-up, too. Shows up early on, makes a super strong impression.

For the record, Silver Chariot would be my favourite Stardust Crusaders stand appearance-wise (followed by Atum), but Hanged Man and Death 13′s abilities are really fun and cool to me.

What I’m trying to say is that the stands that look extra robotic are good in my book.

… Also, if I explained it’d probably make the post way longer.