its a pretty nice game

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Favorite paladin-esque or paladin specific sets of armor?

Hmm. I’ve always liked this recreation of a lost armor type a professional historian put together.

I also like the Judgment Armor from Warcraft, though its original form is pretty dated, its fan updated and other game mods look pretty dang good.

Basically a nice combination of black and gold is usually a smart bet for me.

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46 and 39 please :D 💕💕

46. can i speak another language?
(yeah! i speak a bit of mandarin.) i’m a second year, going on third. 
i can also read hiragana but i don’t have enough of a vocabulary to understand japanese lmao. but mandarin helps with the kanji. 

39. hidden talent
my native mother says i write chinese very beautifully. o vo

(it looks really gross in this picture ew) 
(also i think my grammar has improved since this.)

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I really really really wanted to draw Kirby again, so I did a quick speedpaint with a limited palette