its a parade!

this is gonna sound cliche but like,,,, listening to welcome to the black parade is never not an emotional journey,,,, like every single time I hear that first g note it punches me straight in the chest and I go through the seven stages of grief in a single heart shattering moment,,, and then I pick up the pieces and ready myself to listen to the rest of the song,,,, every single time,,,, it’s never not the most important thing I’ve ever listened to and it never stops absolutely killing me and saving me at the same time,,, no matter how many times I listen to it the gravitas never wears off,,, I never stop ascending to a higher plane of being, never stop wanting to join the goddamn black parade


<i> mcr albums as instagram profiles
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<b><i> inspired by @wentzilla </b></i>


Legfam of the Day: Happy pride month!

(A bit belated but I hope you had an amazing pride day today surrounded by a caring and loving community that share your joys and your struggles! Legfam and I am so proud of you!!)


⌞ Fools

Fandoms: sense8, poi, shadowhunters, skam, the good wife, the good fight, the way he looks, htgawm,  brokeback mountain, hit the floor, the get down, wynonna earp, arrow, in the flesh, lost girl, masters of sex, the catch, hannibal, spartacus.

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hey im a mentally ill black 17 year old girl whos geek ass was accepted to be in the macys thanksgiving day parade. Its gonna cost me around $3,000. Im getting a job but i dont think ill make 3k by then. My mom is on disability and we’ve been getting cuts recently so we are struggling.

I’m gonna try to do charity gigs and stuff but like….im not gonna make enough in time u know

if you are able to donate a few bucks the paypal is and also please rb this because i have 60 followers

CP Bachelor AU: part 2

part 1


“Hey,” Nicaise says. “The idiot is kicking up a fuss. You need to come deal with it.”

Laurent looks away from the bank of screens where he’s been playing around with footage from the previous day. They’ve got almost a full minute’s worth of Kashel’s boob nearly slipping out of her halter dress; Laurent knows what he’s doing when it comes to cutting together soft-core wardrobe malfunctions, but he’ll still get someone more heterosexual to look it over later.

“Which–” he starts, but Nicaise is already adding, “The main idiot. Your precious bachelor.”

“What is there to fuss about? He watches the games, he makes cute faces when they bring him the stuffed animals they won, and he goes on a group dinner date with the winning team. End of story.”

Nicaise says, “Yeah, whatever. He’s being difficult.”

Anyone else taking this snippy tone with Laurent would have been kicked to the curb without a reference by now, but Nicaise doesn’t really have any other tones, and he and Laurent know each other well enough that Laurent allows it. Laurent allows a lot of things where Nicaise is concerned.

He still says, “What, you can’t handle one petulant millionaire?”

Nicaise juts out his lip. “I tried,” he says. “He keeps going on about perpetuating stereotypes and biphobia.”

“Jesus fucking Christ,” says Laurent, snatches up his coffee cup, and storms out of the tent.

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