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dreamt of @chokoraitodisuko‘s amazing jungle town alma! 🍒🍍🌴 aaaa the whole atmosphere was sooo cool! ♡ I absolutely adored how creative and exciting this town was! ♪ the torches and fire pits looked so perfect everywhere! 🔥🍖 and I really loved running around and exploring in the ogre mask hehe! it was so beautiful! ♡ the interiors and characters were incredible too!  👹

♡ 7D00 - 002E - 2EE2 ♡

one thing i really loved about a series of unfortunate events as a kid was how they introduced a word or phrase, gave a definition, and used it throughout that book. 

it was really neat and it meant i didn’t have to ask my mom what a word meant every few chapters, and i really appreciate that, and my mom probably would have, too. 

This has been hanging out on my computer for who knows how long so I thought I’d post it. I’ve been thinking about streaming while I paint. I wonder if anyone would be interested in watching?

Last night I was laying in my bed just thinking about how I have feelings for one of my friends and I said to myself “I’d really like to be their boyfriend one day” and I paused and realized I used the word boyfriend for myself. I feel very uncomfortable with the word girlfriend for me but I just kind of accepted without realizing that I’d be okay with being called someone’s “boyfriend”, “date mate” “my babe” like holy shit this is a big thing for me like I can feel and see my thought process changing. Becoming more confident in my gender identity and embracing my more masculine side. I hope everyone has a good day today!

Okay. Normally I don’t make posts like this, but I have a Gravity Falls theory that I need to get off my chest. Forgive me if someone has already made a similar post.

I think the “substantial sacrifice” the Pines family is going to make in Weirdmageddon III is the Mystery Shack.

I got this idea while thinking about the poster given out at the 2015 Comic Con. (Click the link to take a look.)

The top half of the image is clearly the Mystery Shack, right? But it’s been transformed into something living. It has teeth, a tongue, an eye, and a heart. There’s a gold pyramid inside - with a top hat. I assumed this was just the artist’s interpretation, but I’m wondering if there’s more to it than that.

Bill has been turning inanimate objects into monsters. He turned the town water tower into a monster as well. If the unicorn hair barrier around the Shack gets broken somehow, he could possibly turn the entire Shack into a monster - and the Pines might need to destroy the Shack in order to defeat Bill.

This would constitute a “substantial sacrifice” for the Pines family. What does Stan care about most besides his friends and family? His business. Running the Mystery Shack represents something he was finally good at after years of failed attempts. What does Ford tell Stan to give up? His house, the place where all his research took place. And for Dipper and Mabel, the Shack is home base for all their summer adventures.

By giving up the Shack, both Stan and Ford would be letting go of their pasts in a way, allowing them to start with a clean slate. One thing standing in the way of their reconciliation (i.e. the argument over which brother keeps the Shack) would be gone. They’d be free to either rebuild a new Shack together or rebuild the Stan O’ War and leave Gravity Falls.

Also, the Mystery Shack is a kind of character itself. It’s been in every episode in the series. I’m not saying destroying it would count as the rumored character death, but it would certainly have the same emotional impact without killing off any main characters.

Or, you know, I could just be crazy. *shrugs*

I'm so excited for the new Descent DLC
  • (On platform elevator thing going down)
  • Inquisitor: *chanting 'deep roads' quietly*
  • Dorian: Amatus, please. I'm trying to focus on breathing.
  • Varric: I just remembered! I have some urgent business to attend to back up where you can see the sky and not have to worry about darkspawn every two seconds!
  • Cassandra: Varric you're not going anywhere, and Inquisitor. I implore you. Calm yourself.
  • Vivienne: it's not as exciting as you think, darling. Really.
  • Iron Bull: Boss. Please.
  • Solas: *quietly glaring at nothing*
  • Sera: shit. I hate you for this, you hear me?! I take back all that nice stuff I said. I am now, angry at you. Forever.
  • Blackwall: Ah yes.... fighting darkspawn... what I do... haha...
  • Cole: I've never been this far down.... I don't like it... can we go back...?
  • Dorian: ITS JUST YOU, LOVE.
  • Inquisitor: AWWWW, COME ON! *starts chanting deep roads again a little louder*
  • Everyone: NO.
So I was telling my friend about the awesome new chewy jewelry I ordered yesterday from Stimtastic...
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> I am so excited for my chewy necklaces to come in! I orderd like three and they are so great!<p/><b>Them:</b> What's that?<p/><b>Me:</b> It's jewelry, but you can chew on it. It's great because I chew on way too much random stuff all the time like pens and my hair and stuff.<p/><b>Them:</b> Oh so its like a candy necklace.<p/><b>Me:</b> well... no....not quite... you chew on it but it's not food<p/><b>Them:</b> So it's like flavored?<p/><b>Me:</b> Sweetie no...<p/><b>Them:</b> ...oh god, please dont tell me it's some sort of sex thing...<p/><b>Me:</b> WHAT?! No! It's just chewy jewelry for people with aspergers and autism<p/><b>Them:</b> oh<p/><b>Me:</b> nerotypicals I swear to god >.><p/></p>

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can we right u stuff??? like, I really like you're writing and think you're fucking awesome!!! would you mind if I/your followers wrote/drew you stuff? uwu

YES OF COURSE!!! It’s so nice of you to even ask! I love when people write/draw me things, so if you want to do that, have at it!


“Oh, I think that Lord Tyrion is quite a large man,” Maester Aemon said from the far end of the table. He spoke softly, yet the high officers of the Night’s Watch all fell quiet, the better to hear what the ancient had to say. “I think he is a giant come among us, here at the end of the world.”

Tyrion answered gently, “I’ve been called many things, my lord, but giant is seldom one of them.”

Tyrion Lannister Challenge - Favorite Book // A Game of Thrones

i ordered a wig for my fem!ishi cosplay,, so now i’ll have both ishi wigs to style & i’m so excited !! i’m determined to make my fem!ishi cosplay but then parts of my ishi cosplay to,,, i’m so nervous about that though