its a metaphor will graham


I knew you wanted me to know exactly where I could find you when I needed to.

I was surprised by @22drunkb‘s tags on this gif set not liking the no decisive victory/zero-sum game exchange.

Because it’s one of my very favorites. And I love it even more after TWOTL. 

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I remember when my sister used to watch Degrassi, and I would sometimes watch it with her. Then she pointed at lil’ Jimmy in his wheelchair and she told me this guy wanted to be a rapper. And I was like ??? lil paralyzed Jimmy?? A rapper? A guy named AUBREY? A rapper? And then she said yeah. His stage name is Drake. And I was like DRAKE? Nah, poor boy. That’ll never work out. He’ll be stuck on the Degrassi level forever, the poor Canadian

But here I am. Sitting in my pajamas behind my laptop, sadly laughing at the Hotline Bling meme. I’m not even on Degrassi level. Aubrey Graham left that wheelchair for ridiculous dancing and the golden life and left me in a metaphorical wheelchair


The Nostalgia for Season One Series