its a matriarchy

your favorite homestuck character is (probably) a normie

it is 2013 again. we are all homestucks, & the term ‘normie’ is still tangentially used, although in dingy faraway spaces before all the redeemable (?) people fled it & brought the term with them to tumblr. in the light of this, i present to you my thesis: aradia is the only concrete, indisputable non-normie representation in all of homestuck

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anarchy-is-real-freedom-deactiv  asked:

Feminists= Lesbians who hate men and say that they are for equality,but are raging misandrists who make up some bullshit known as the patriarchy when reality it's a raging matriarchy out here. Hateful scums you bitches are with your victim complex and hurt fee fees because skirt wearing humans want supremacy and don't give a fuck about the hard working men and want them all dead. Ps. self-hating female. You guys make me hate being female even more.

Well, ok then. That’s a hell of a strawman you’ve constructed there my friend.