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bangtan’s chapters of 2016

“I thought I had a very fast pony”

but what if it was the snortiest, scruffiest shetland and he loved it so dearly though.

what then.

help me.


An art rendition of this fic by Kakarot-kun

edit: I added a cover because it looked like it needed it

challenge: listen to 나야나 now

listening to 나야나 (nayana) right now makes me really nostalgic and….sad. It’s a bittersweet feeling. I remember watching the MV w/o knowing who any of them were, only seeing fresh, bright, and hopeful faces, and I remember picking favorites w/o knowing abt how much hardwork and soul they had poured into that performance. and now, almost 3 months later, I know just how much of themselves they threw into that 3 min performance and I’ve watched them improve and grow and develop right before my eyes but I’ve also seen them get knocked down so hard I was worried they wouldn’t be able to rise back up and I’ve had to see spirits completely stomped on and hope crushed. I’ve had to say goodbye to people who really made a spot for themselves in my heart, had to see their hearts break. But despite the pain, I’ve been lucky enough to witness them truly blossom as people and overcome the hardships together, united and now…now it’s all going to end about 2 days from now. These 3 months have gone by really fast, but I feel as if the development and growth they have undergone is worth years

i don’t know…just listen to 나야나 now…’s not a feeling I can describe well in words

it conjures this flood of emotions, yeah?

BNHA chapter 159

Out of urgency, I read the raws, and although I don’t know the slightest bit of Korean (which for some reason was the language the raws were in), I got the basic gist of what was going on.

And I didn’t quite like it all that much.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Horikoshi’s amazing at what he does, especially in the character development section. It’s really impressive how he manages to juggle so many characters at the same time while giving them their own development and making them all likeable in their own way (maybe not Mineta. Everyone dislikes Mineta). However, speaking as a person who has read 30+ thick fiction books a month for the first 10 years ever since they started to read, he hasn’t really grasped fully how to exploit the things that happen in the story and the consequences that come from them (not that he hasn’t done it at all, he’s done it in the Stain incident and the whole traitor thing, but some consequences are just too shallow). Not that I could do much better than him, but he could have wrapped it up a tad more neatly.

Now, here comes my mega rant:

Firstly. Chronostasis and Aizawa. The outcome of that clearly shows that Aizawa was kidnapped for the sole purpose of getting him out of the story to make the Overhaul fight more interesting. Being honest, if we count the plot as a game of cards (bridge, to be specific), disregarding All Might before he ran out of power, Aizawa is the trump card of the entire series. Quirks causing problems? No fear, just pull out that trump card and erase the problematic quirk. Yeah, it’s an easy way to resolve an arc, like in this one, but then in terms of making the fights more epic, it’s too overpowered to be interesting (the quirk itself isn’t overpowered, the character is, but then for the character to become a hero with that kind of weak ass quirk, he’d have to be overpowered. See the vicious cycle?) And yes, I get that shoving him out of the picture is necessary, but that doesn’t mean that Hori can’t exploit the fact that he’s in a vulnerable position. (For example: Aizawa is kidnapped. Overhaul is defeated. Chronos sees the problem and moseys out of there with Aizawa. Shigaraki hooks him up and tells him if he joins the VA, they’ll break his buddy Overhaul out of jail. The VA gains Aizawa as a bonus. Toga takes Aizawa’s blood and becomes Aizawa for a period of time to gather intel. No one suspects a thing other than maybe Mic, Nedzu and Midoriya. Mic, disregarding the Mic traitor theory, is pretty pissed and decides to ignore the principal’s advice and drag a few students into the mess to help him save Aizawa. Chaos occurs. Benefits: Gives Aizawa’s kidnapping more meaning; develop Aizawa and Mic’s besties relationship; character development for the teachers and villains; Aizawa’s backstory; Overhaul isn’t just a one time villain; Chronostasis has actually done something)

Second, Kirishima and Fat Gum. So they just sat there in the room with a villain doing absolutely nothing? And the villain didn’t even puit up a good fight when the police came to arrest him. That just doesn’t make any sense. Wasn’t a good way to tie up that part of the arc.

Thirdly, Midoriya vs Overhaul. This doesn’t just refer to one chapter but Overhaul is just annoying. He keeps “levelling up” just like those bosses in Nintendo games. Also, I’m pretty sure that Midoriya just went “SMASH” and one shotted Overhaul before encountering the consequences of Eri’s quirk. To me that’s being a little lazy, considering how much that fight was built up.

Fourthly, Sir Nighteye’s quirk is now miffed and not seen as as big of a threat. Although a quirk that could allow one to see a definite future was pretty bs from the start, it provided a nice underlying sense of ominousness that All Might was going to die. But now that Midoriya’s fist can “open up the future”, that underlying sense is gone since we all just assume that Midoriya can save All Might. Not necessarily true, but it still ruins the effect.

Fifthly, I don’t know how accurate this is, but according to my memory, Gran Torino was on this mission too. So. WHERE IS HE?!?

Sixthly, the Villain Alliance was made out to be a big deal in this but they’ve done just about nothing useful. Toga stabbed a few people. Twice made a clone. That’s all they did.

Also let’s not forget that Chronos pulled a “Five chapters ago I said that I wouldn’t kill you cus you were useful well I’ve changed my mind let me stab you in the back with your own knife”. Like…what?

And Lumillion. Hori you took away a young boy’s entire future. That’s just cruel.

Edit: cut out the “one hour” in the Kirishima and Fat Gum part because I, once again, misinterpreted the plot.

silverglimse-productions  asked:

I generally don't think Keith would make a good leader, since I find him way to brash, and quick to blow a fuse around others (especially Lance) and I do kind of think that Shiro was biased in the decision, since he (presumably) has know Keith a lot longer than the other three...

This is so freaking interesting for me, actually???? Because I never thought much about which paladin would make a good replacement leader before season 2. And I was already very involved in the fandom when season 2 came out, so when Shiro chose Keith as a leader I - like most people here - actually shared your opinion. 

But then I started following more Keith-centric blogs instead of just Lance-centric ones and watched Voltron again - and all of a sudden it all made sense to me. Yeah, Shiro knows Keith better than the others, but that’s exactly why he sees the sides of him that make a good leader. Keith might blow a fuse rather quickly when someone attacks him with no convincing arguments to back it up (!!) but he is aware of his temper and has succeeded in holding himself back more than once:

(and Lance is just as quick to react to Keith’s insults as Keith is to react to Lances :P)

Keith has an aura that makes everyone around him instinctively listen to him. Right in the very first episode he has demonstrated this, Hunk, Lance and Pidge followed him without complaint: 

And of course they weren’t all that happy about driving off a cliff but it’s a fact that Keith had everything control. It continues with Keith showing them his board about the blue lion (where he actually proves that he is very analytical - he pierced the majority of the story together on his own and immediately knew that the Fraunhofer line that Hunk had drawn a diagram of fit to the caves he had discovered) (apart from that he also convinced the entire team to follow him to the caves…). 

Keith, out of all the paladins (including Shiro who struggles with his self-image), is the most self-aware. He knows what he can and can’t do, even if he sometimes gets overwhelmed by his temper/miscalculates other factors in his plan that lead to him falling down a cliff instead of catapulting him across it. He listens when someone presents a plan that is better than his own-

-and when he sees something that needs to be investigated (be it because his instincts tell him that or because situation calls for it) he is ready to spring to action:

In the first screenshot he really wanted that quintessence. It was never explained why so we can only assume that his instincts told him it was important (and if that’s true, it’s probably gonna play a major role in the future again because his instincts are almost never wrong). As soon as he realized that he couldn’t handle the situation anymore, he called for an extraction. 

In the second screenshot the Arusians saw fire and sentries in their villages. Keith’s solution was to jump down into the fire. Their spacesuits are most likely heat resistant - they can, after all, survive the absolute 0 of space. He did what the situation required, even if it looked a little rash from the outside, and figured out that it was a trap.

^When Allura and him got locked out of the castle, he turned towards her - but not because he was seeking guidance. It was because he acknowledged that she knew the castle better than him and he was looking for solutions. Keith doesn’t need to depend on other people in stressful situations. He might be an emotional person, but he virtually never panics, which is a very important quality for a leader that the other paladins don’t possess. 

Keith is also a lot less selfish than Hunk, Lance or Pidge. He isn’t quite on Shiro’s level yet but he always places the lives of everyone else above his own. “Everyone in the universe has families!” (S1E4) and “It’s not about the glory, Lance.” (S1E7) are some examples of that. 

[another example of that is the BOM episode: Keith survives and thrives of knowing who he is. So when him being Galra suddenly got thrown into the picture, he had to question everything he thought he knew about himself. He tried everything in his might to regain his footing and that’s when Shiro called him “selfish”. But behold: he gave up on “being selfish” when he was forced to decide between defending the universe or finding out about his past. The moment he decided that yes, the lives of everyone else still are more important to him than knowing about his own, like how it’s always been for him, he snapped out of his low. He knew again who he was and awakened the Blade. Keith is selfless, another quality that the leader of the defenders of the entire universe desperately needs.]

What else… oh, he’s actually a really good team player, both with people he has never met before and people he has trained with for a long time:

(The last pic is actually another example of people instinctively following him - Pidge understood what he wanted and nodded at him, agreeing to his plan. He didn’t need to voice it but she looked at him searchingly and from the way the scene was framed it was pretty obvious that she followed him.)

Keith is an amazing team player and can learn from his mistakes. Take the Balmera episode for example, after Lance had shown him that less direct solutions might be better plans sometimes. He did not understand Lance’s second plan via hand signs, but he came up with the same one all on his own. 

And then!! He has also shown that he is aware of support/space his friends might need!!! 

In the Belly of the Weblum episode he effectively calmed Hunk down. When Lance convinced Hunk to go mermaid searching with him, he pretty much just scared him into it - not Keith though. He might not be the best with words but he tries and it works.

He also understood that Allura couldn’t be forced to accept him. She needed time and he respected that. He wasn’t happy about it, but he respected it and was ready to accept any words she might throw at him when she came to apologize (and that was after the BoM episode where he had more or less made peace with who he was).

Oh and forget structure lmao in the Belly of the Weblum episode there was also this gem:

Keith!!!!!! Is not afraid to give compliments when they’re due!!!!! And Hunk was so proud of himself afterwards - these words meant a lot to him. Apart from Shiro, none of the other paladins have shown to have that effect on other people. 

Listen, I’m not saying Keith would be a perfect leader. Far from it, he still needs to work on his temper (example: when he freaking attacked Zarkon!!!) and on explaining his thoughts to the team. The whole “wandering off on his own because this thing here feels important for the future” is another thing that he needs to work on. But the way I see it, he has more leader-like qualities than the other paladins… uh, excluding Shiro of course :’D

See, Keith isn’t Shiro and will never be him: Shiro leads with example and Keith leads with action and instinct. But that does not make him a bad leader. He’s not afraid of the responsibility that comes with the position, he always takes care of the greater good, he doesn’t panic, he can work in a team, he always listens to everything the others say and accepts their words as facts, he can encourage and compliment people, he is analytical…….. he’s just not experienced in leading more than just himself. But that’s what the team is there for: they have shown to be supportive of him but are aware of his mistakes at the same time and it’s honestly the perfect combination to help him grow in the right direction. I do not agree with those who say that Shiro has made the wrong decision with making him the interim leader^^ He isn’t perfect, but he is the best choice for now (ALSO excluding Allura, she’s an awesome leader).


Drew Roy in the Sugar Mountain trailer  

my little guy @ghostwheeze sent me an enamel pin as a surprise gift and i’m honestly so touched, i don’t even know what to say? just,,, thank you, i love you a lot and you mean so much to me - but you already know this. ❤️❤️❤️

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im starting uni soon too (T▽T) im really bad at interacting and getting to know people in general so at my orientation camp i didnt talk to anyone and was by myself the whole time ally do you have any tips for approaching people easily

hmmm….i’m quite a sociable/noisy person irl but i used to be really introverted and awkward too, and what really helped me break out of it was just, the simple belief that everyone is just like me? everyone at orientation camp is confused, new, probably scared and excited! everyone appreciates a new, friendly face, confessing that they’re just as confused and tired as i am! (i practically made friends with everyone in my group over mutual complaining lmfao)

another thinking that helped is repeatedly telling yourself that you’re not someone in the spotlight. you’re just a new random person in someone else’s eyes and have the power to shape a brand new image of yourself right then and there. and how would you like a new friend to approach you? using a very casual approach worked all the time for me at camp!

seeing everyone as potential future friends and thinking up of simple questions like “hey, yknow what the facilitator is saying? didn’t catch it..” (even if you DID hear it) could be the very first step towards making new wonderful ties!

Fire boy and Ice Ice baby

After a while in the fandom, i was in the mindset of “ Hey but it makes perfect sense for Keith to be fire and Lance to be water
Because they blue and red ahah”

But then,

Actually it’s more than that : listen ;

Because at first, honestly :

Lance’s bright, loud personnality ScrEAms fire to me. A true good Leo. He got the bragging, the look, the style, the lead thingy. He’s a shiny sparkle. He lights the mood and he throws tantrums sometimes.

Keith’s calm, arms crossed while leaning against a wall silent is a Signature™ move for him, he’s rather cold at first. He’s a lonely broody boy. He relies on instinct more than skill, apparently. 
And if he’s actually a scorpio it’s bonus round for making Him : WATERBOY.

But then we had “Keith’s a hothead” and some Insecure™ Lance, added to a whole lot of battles.

And while Fighting actually, Keith litterally jumps in the fire. Like, really, litterally, the boy straight dived from a cliff to a burning village. He’s never gonna stop until he runs out of things to punch. He goes for the face. He’s fast, and well… Burns. He’s all emotionnal about fighting, barely thinking before throwing a punch.

On the other hand, Lance’s pretty cool headed while under fire. He sats down and look around, reason differently depending on his teammates, wait and he’s silent as needed. He keeps cool. He’s fluid and doesn’t stop the mission but he never really bursted in them either. He’s what you need to make things flow.

His Bayard’s a long ranged one. More on the protection side, he’s a support. He can reach everywhere, we’ll see this.

Keith’s bayard is a Sword. It progresses little by little, piece by piece, tearing down anything at its fast pace. It’s deadly but only to what touches it, to what encounters it directly. It propagates.
Across a battlefield, Keith is a raging fire propagating.

Have you seen those rainy tragic moments of warzones movies ? Rain’s everywhere. In the ocean, every single person, ally or enemy, has their feet in water.
Water flows. It saves, protects, covers and drown, but everywhere at the same time. Funny how only some kind of rifles-like weapons can relate to this omnypresence and versatility on battlefield ?

So in battle, they meet up fire & ice/water expectations ; ( more under the cut because this is getting long).

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