its a little fast

“I thought I had a very fast pony”

but what if it was the snortiest, scruffiest shetland and he loved it so dearly though.

what then.

help me.

The Party part 12/?

L: Oh yeah? I WILL enjoy the rest of the party!!!

L: ugh, stupid Keith, I run all over for like an hour looking for him and this is how he thanks me, Unbelievable 

L: that thing on his face look painful though, how the hell did he manage to get a burn like that? I hope he knows where the burn cream is….

L: Although, even if he did know where it was, it would be hard to bandage an injury like that on your own.

L: (don’t chase after him don’t chase after him don’t chase….)

L: dammit

L: The hell? How’d he manage to get that far, he must of bolted.


Drew Roy in the Sugar Mountain trailer  

There are so many things I wanna draw but I went with this one because it’s the quickest and I need SLEEP.

So. MP100 Wing AU again. Enjoooooy.


i screen captured the coloring of this gifset. i don’t know how many people would be interested in this lol, but i think it’s really interesting to see the process of how people color ?? their gifs and make decisions for their coloring. if anything, this video can give you an idea about how indecisive i am when coloring lol and potentially help you with coloring! i hope if you watch, you enjoy!!

also, i use ps cs6 extended and i imported my video and converted, cropped, and resized my gif before recording because importing and converting takes a little long for me.

please note that this is very very casual and more of me showcasing my process rather than a tutorial lol

songs played:
bts - lost
bts - interlude: wings
bts - 2! 3!

“Go, go, go, go go, go, go, shawty
It’s your birthday
We gon’ party like it’s yo birthday”

So.. Today is my birthday~! :3 

Sonic the Hedgehog & Shadow the Hedgehog © SEGA & Sonic Team

Art by meee~ :3

Please, do NOT repost my art on any other websites without my permission.