its a hug

OK. I don’t know if this is a well known friend thing.. Or maybe its a romantic. Can be done either way..

But if your friend ( or someone you care about) is sad right now, and too far away for real physical contact. Grab a pillow. Tell them to grab a pillow. If you want you can take a photo or video and send it to one another. And you tell them. That they are the pillow (and vis versa. )

Then. When they’re sad again and can’t hug someone.. They can hug that pillow and think of you. Later they can ask you “did you feel all my hugs last night ?”. And you can say yes..

It is just a really cute way to show you care.. And that you comfort one another..


I feel like Link needs more hugs than he receives in game (which is nearly none).


Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.


times have changed

keith being the one to initiate a first-time hug with lance (probably after a risky/dangerous mission that had them all on edge) and it has lance completely caught off guard by it because huh. this is new… so he just kinda stands there at first… and then, “keith? buddy? you’re hugging me…”

“shut up. i know.”

and honestly lance is just trying to catch his breath first after literally just escaping hostile territory, but keith doesn’t let go, and then lance sees the rest of the team slowly approaching from the distance, so after that he just…. relaxes into it…. finally reciprocating the gesture with a fond smile, relieved that everyone is safe. and then

“you’re hugging back…”

“shut up. i know.”

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