its a hairflip

disability au’s: tourette syndrome! 

  • you have a tic where you click your tongue a few times in a row during class and it’s really loud so I can tell you get embarrassed by the looks u get. just becaus I’m an idiot though and like seeing you smile I end up drumming on the table to start a jam session with ur clicks as the baseline and we sound awesome man ayyy
  • I like to bet the odds of how many tics I’ll have in a spell every once in a while just because I like money&gambling but ur stupit ass always guesses right and it pisses me the hell off because im the one with the tic so how do u even know this what thenfuck 
  • your tic involves shaking your head back and forth and sometimes u hit me with your hair but I don’t rly mind cause its hella pretty and ur hairflip motion is A1
    • also i can see you get embarrassed by it and apologize but i like shamelessly flirting with you and joke that if I had hair like that I’d ‘flip it around all day too’ cause it makes u snort and smile
  • I have those really frustrating tics where I feel the need to curse unstoppably & of course it’s in the middle of a test when the room is deadass silent so I’m jus sittin here whispering “fuck” to myself over and over and I can see you noticing me but apparently not really noticing bc you just circled an answer on your paper saying “same" 
  • I didn’t know you had tourettes even though we kinda share looks all the time in art class, so when I held up my piece to show you it you grimaced/rolled your eyes and immediately mouthed a big apology and all I can do is laugh cause hey, your pretty cute when you’re embarrassed  
  • you never eat much around people because you hum when you do and it’s embarrassing, but I didn’t know that so when I forced you to try some of my cooking I had to admit, I just thought you liked it a whole lot man I was super happy 
  • the tics I get spasm my shoulder muscles and they’re really fucking annoying sometimes so I get frustrated and you always think it’s funniest thing to hear me cursing the hell out of everything when I go into a spell when it’s NOT– I hate it and I hate yuo and stop making me laugh so hard while this happening YOU’RE NOT HELPING
Post-finale headcanon

Sophie and Eliot call each other at least once a week. Mostly it’s to complain about the others. Because suddenly Sophie finds herself alone with Nate without the team and the job to act as a buffer when he’s being especially Nate-ish, so she calls Eliot all “REMIND ME WHY I SHOULDN’T JUST SMOTHER HIM IN HIS SLEEP” and Eliot is just: “I got nothin’, but call me if you need me to come smack him upside the head or hey, help you dump the body.” “You’re a dear, but seriously, he’s so bored without revenge he needs a new hobby Eliot there’s only so much sex I can have with the man.” “Damnit Sophie, swear to god I am hanging up this time, I’m not listening to you talk about your sex life again.” And then other times he calls her to vent because Parker is turning into a damn good mastermind but she’s still Parker and that means her plans involve even more explosions and spontaneous leaps off of buildings then before, and things get thrown at Eliot’s head far more often than he would like and she doesn’t always rein Hardison in when she really should and it’s not like the team didn’t scrape through by the skin of their teeth more often than not back before they split up but these days it’s like he feels it more. Maybe Nate and Sophie were a buffer for them, too, spreading the risk and the responsibility around but now they’re down to three, just Eliot and these two thieves he needs more than anyone he’s ever met. And sometimes he can’t tell what he wants more - to hug them or strangle them or lock ‘em up where they’ll be safe or turn 'em loose on the world because it’s just such a glorious damn sight to see. And sometimes he just needs to talk to someone who gets it, without him actually having to say any of that. So he calls Sophie and says things like “well Parker blew up a building while we were still in it and set my damn hair on fire, have to grow back an eyebrow now” and “Hardison didn’t duck fast enough and got himself a concussion and he’s being the biggest damn baby about it” and “if Hardison goes off script one more time I’m gonna kill him Sophie he cannot pull off a Kiwi accent Sophie it’s painful he’s gonna blow the whole con” and “Parker’s twice as crazy as Nate ever was and ten times creepier and how am I supposed to deal with that Sophie, huh?” And what Sophie hears is: what if I can’t keep them safe what then. And she just listens and tells him he can’t change who they are and she knows he wouldn’t even want that and btw she can recommend an excellent hot oil treatment that works wonders on split ends. “They’re not split Sophie they are literally singed I still smell like C4 it’s a very distinctive smell.” And he keeps grumbling for another ten minutes but he feels better just getting it off his chest. And then there are the times Sophie has her own little freak-outs about this whole retiring business and Eliot is the one she calls because he once said she couldn’t do it and what if he’s right and she just can’t because she’s rubbish at everything but crime and she can’t talk to Nate about it because he’s actually happy and what if she ruins everything Eliot help me I can’t be normal I’m the least normal person I know. And Eliot just shrugs and says: “So maybe you can’t, you give it a shot, it don’t work out, what then?” “I don’t know. We can’t just go back.” “Well not both of you. Team don’t need two masterminds. But we can always use a grifter so if you need to, sweetheart, you come on home. Cause home is where, when you show up, they always take you in. Hell, you can save us from Hardison acting like a damn - you know what he’s like, the guy can’t help himself. You know what he put on the menu last week?” And he just pretends not to notice Sophie sniffling and keeps talking about the brewpub and complains about Hardison until she’s laughing again and he’s not sure if he even helped that much but he figures Sophie doesn’t need him to fix things, just a little reassurance, to know there’s an exit strategy if things don’t work out, even though she’ll never need it because for all the complaining, she’s happy, too. They all are. And that’s why Sophie and Eliot call each other.


Buffy Summers Appreciation Week | day seven, w/e the heck you want: buffypops for @veronicamars & @bluestoplights 

I just visited my Myspace page.

Going through all my pictures and thinking I was the ugliest person in the entire world.

But looking at the comments and they are all positive

(Cute gurl!You is GORG! Pc4pc?)

Looking at all the embarrassing comments people posted.

Thinking about how many codes you knew by heart just to make your profile Badass.

Remembering all the songs you had on your playlist and crying/dancing because memories.

ahh memories.

When I used to have friends. Lol, then tumblr.