its a good book lol

Ayyyyyy here’s that one thing kinda finished (i messed up the layers a bunch i’m so sorry)

This is basically how I sum up their relationship. This and Alex bursting into Ryland’s room blasting “What Makes you Beautiful” by One Direction. Which I have also illustrated. 

We could all use a friend like Alex honestly… cherish him Ryland… cherish hiiiiiim….

dear all of tumblr who love bees especially those who aren’t australian,

you should check out mireille juchau’s novel “the world without us”. it’s a cli-fi book about a small australian community, particularly about a family of beekeepers and their farm. it’s a trauma narrative and involves a lot of discussion of family and mothers and the earth, and ofc most importantly is hugely about the importance of bees. really beautiful book, 10/10 recommend!!

:) husky

like I’m still so upset over the pacing in this anime rksnkejwkrjwj

I feel like it would be so much better if they had like….15 episodes to work with instead of 12.

they could have carried the immaculate conception arc for 6 episodes, the saint Jordan arc for 5 episodes, this new Decapitating clown arc could have been an unresolved 3 episode arc that carries into the second season and they would STILL have had time for that useless wishes episode.

who is in charge of this anime and tell them to employ me immediately

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Herb should read a book on letting go... Or not, it's good for the angst 🙂

lol we all have something or someone we never want to give up.


Parish Council’s not here to make a quick buck for somebody who already has more than enough. We are the guardians of something unique. We are the custodians and the stewards of a shining principle – we do not turn our backs and look away from people in need.

I saw It last night and I’m disappointed tbh. It kind of felt like they just slapped jump scare scene after jump scene scare together it didn’t really feel thematically connected and didn’t transition well



“We met. Too bad.” She said in a low voice. “We’re not going to put on a show for the others. Let’s preserve our dignity. Let’s pretend to be good friends… but don’t be mistaken, Geralt. Between us there is nothing more than that. Nothing more, do you understand? And rejoice, because it means I’ve abandoned some plans I’ve been cooking up for you… but that doesn’t mean that I forgive you. I shall never forgive you, witcher. Never.”

- Andrzej Sapkowski, The Sword Of Destiny