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Wolfsbane: A Vampire Viktor x Werewolf Yuuri Halloween art/fic project!
I’ll be posting one per day for 7 days~

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A dark and stormy night. Viktor isn’t particularly fond of these. Not when he wants to see the moon.

The feel of rain drilling hard into his skin nearly makes him feel alive again, and the hush that falls under the rumbling bouts of thunder is almost soothing.

But not when the moon is full and bright.

Viktor wants to see this moon, but it’s hidden behind thick and blackened clouds, a faint halo of light as the only indicator that it’s even there at all. During any other phase, Viktor might not have minded.

But not tonight.

He circles his estate like a ghost, gaunt and pale, glowing like the moon itself where it looms above. Its now unobscured light falls upon the slick trail leading through massive iron gates. Through to the woods. Viktor doesn’t hesitate to follow.

He has a handful of hours to the rest of his night, and he intends to spend them lost within trees, wandering the paths and letting nature guide him for as long as he can still stand. It’s become a game of sorts, in his old age – testing his limits and staying out and awake for as long as he can bear the sun’s poison rays. He has until an hour past dawn, he knows.

Another clap of thunder nearly gives him pause, and he listens intently as its echoing growl fades to nothing. No, not nothing. Something picks up beneath it, masked by the sound until it grows to overpower it.

A howl.

Viktor enters the woods.


The dawn is always the worst. The moment of clarity, the split second realization, the dizzying feeling of being strung between two minds, two beings. It’s the moment of ‘who am I?’ and ‘oh, God, what have I done?’ and ‘please, let that be nobody’s blood but mine’ and –

Too many moments, not enough time to think. Not when the moon is fading, not when the sun is teasing the horizon, not when the Change happens.

All of Yuuri’s worries are cut short in the sound of bones breaking and realigning, in the feeling of wounds sizzling as they mend themselves, of skin burning as hair retreats, leaving raw and itching flesh in its wake.

Dawn is when the wolf dies, but it’s never gone for good.

Yuuri stumbles, trembling hard, towards the familiar hollowed tree. He’s always certain to end the night of the full moon here, in sprinting distance of the withered trunk. He’s cold. And naked. His skin prickles, the residual feeling of wet fur making him shiver. The rain had stopped some time ago, and he prays that the spare clothing and thick wool cloak he’s stored safety within the tree’s bark has kept dry.

Luck is on his side, for once, and he dresses quickly, wrapping himself in his cloak very carefully. He doesn’t want to leave any stains. The blood drying on his hands has already started to crust, flaking away from his healing cuts. He tastes blood in his mouth, blood on his lips, blood still trickling down his face in some places. The shoulder he’d managed to bite stings, swollen and tender, but it doesn’t seem to have been too deep of a wound. He’d gone easy on himself this night, but he still isn’t looking forward to seeing his reflection in the mirror when he makes it back home.

If he makes it back home.

It’s a startling thought, almost completely unbidden, but when he stills, scenting the air, he realizes that the remains of his wolf senses are alerting him to an unknown and most likely unwanted presence. A threat?

Unfortunately, his stiff limbs and clumsy gait are all too human, even in the between-hour, and he almost slips on dewy grass as he wheels around to face the unknown.

A man stands in the middle of the distant clearing. Watching him.

Yuuri freezes, clutching his cloak tighter around himself and preparing to bolt. Part of him is indignant, outraged that a human could get this close without his notice.

Not human, his sluggish brain struggles to relay.

No, definitely not human. Not human in the way he approaches, seeming to almost glide. Not human, the deathly pallor of his face. The blue eyes that meet his own burn too brightly to belong to any mere mortal.

Suddenly, Yuuri knows.

“Who are you?” he demands without thinking, panic taking the reins of logic. No, he shouldn’t engage. He should run. He always runs whenever he encounters another being, mortal or not.

Something about this stranger is at once terrifying and oddly disarming, and Yuuri realizes that it’s his smile. Such a kind smile, with twinkling eyes to match it, but Yuuri can see the sharp glint of twin points against pale pink lips from where he’s standing, still hovering by his tree, and he feels his stomach twist.

“Out for a stroll,” the man says, not answering Yuuri’s question. He eyes him for a bit before continuing, his voice low and amused. “And you, sir? It isn’t safe out here at this hour. You ought to leave for your home at once.”

Yuuri turns without further thought, pulling his cloak tighter around him and rushing back in the direction of his cottage. As he does so, he thinks he sees the slightest bit of surprise in the man’s face, as though he hadn’t actually expected him to leave immediately.

Yuuri’s several strides among the towering trees before he hears the man call out to him one last time.

“Take care. There are wolves in the woods.”

Yuuri shudders and walks faster.

fullmetaldude1  asked:

Halloweeny prompt coming right up: Person A is a vampire and Person B is a werewolf, but there's no Romeo and Juliet, just a blood sucker and a furry running through the night and enjoying each others' company and falling in love under the stars while showing off their supernatural powers to impress each other. The intended ship for this is whatever one you like best or you feel fits the prompt. Enjoy!

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I love this so much? I’mma Shance it up. You already know who I have to make the werewolf just because you said furry.

Send 31 Days of Hallowed Ships here.

For anyone who didn’t see my earlier message. In place of doing Inktober or anything fun like that, I’ll be doing Halloween/October-type ship prompts. Send a prompt and a ship letting me know that it’s for this event that I’m doing. These kinda prompts will be taking priority this month. I’ll be working on the other prompts, but these will be done and posted first.

The full moon hung high in the star filled sky, casting the forest in an unearthly glow. A young werewolf weaved through the trees, moving at a leisurely pace. Feeling eyes on him, Lance slowed and swiveled around, eyes shifting as he studied his surroundings. Reflective, blue eyes, that gave away his human nature, flickered up to the branches when the sound of a boot scuffing against bark broke through the silence. He came to a complete halt, staring up at the figure, ears tilted forward and tail lowered. The figure, cast in shadow, spoke softly, “Well, look at you.”

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jonsa - black or green or yellow or orange pretty much any of them

I’m sorry this took so long. I’m just very slow with prompts (as many of you are coming to realise haha) but I hope you like this! 

Also this is for yellow! xD

Sansa smelled him before she saw him. His scent was intoxicating, something indistinct even to her finely tuned senses, but she was running towards him before she could stop herself. The air ruffled her furs as she sprinted through the woods. The moment Sansa had caught his scent, she knew she had to find him. The desire was too strong to deny – and she didn’t want to. She needed to know. She had to know.

The woods began to thin as Sansa neared the road leading back into to town. She ought to turn around. With the moon soon to be full and at its peak tonight, it was dangerous for her to be around humans. She no longer craved blood as she once had when Sansa was a mere pup, but it was still undeniably dangerous to risk it.

But then, the winterly air would breeze past her, his scent carried on its wings, and the desire would consume her again, filling her with something more powerful than bloodlust.

Sansa ran along the edge of the road, hidden in the shadows of the woods, following the scent as best as she could. He couldn’t be a mere mortal. No mortal had ever smelled so sweet before, but what could he be? The Starks were the only pack in this part of Scotland. Druids no longer lived in the area due to a centuries-old argument, and the age of the vampires was long gone, the last of its kind decimated to ash a millenia ago.

Stopping short of a nondescript black truck, Sansa’s hackles immediately rose and her tail swung perpendicular to her body. She couldn’t sense danger, but something was not as it seemed. She could smell it.

“Oh fuck!”

The man jumped back as soon as he came around the truck and caught sight of her, his chest heaving erratically. Sansa tilted her head to better study him. He was so familiar, yet she was sure she had never seen him before. However, there was no doubt that this was him. This was the man she had smelled from miles and miles away.

“You scared me,” he said, watching her carefully. “You’re not gonna hurt me, are you?” He stepped a little closer to her and Sansa instinctively bared her teeth. “Woah, sorry. I’m sorry. I just wanted to say hi.” He extended one hand. “Here, you can smell me.”

Sansa rolled her eyes. She could smell him from here. But she moved closer anyways, sniffing his hand and feeling the intoxicating scent surround her like a cocoon of warmth and… belonging. Startled by this sudden thought, Sansa moved back again.

“I don’t smell that bad, do I?” The man laughed, his grey eyes crinkling as he did so. He was still nervous and wary of her, but she could smell no fear there. Why? He should be afraid of her. She may not be as large as others in her family, but Sansa was certainly bigger than any wolf or dog this man would’ve come across.

“Hey, are you hungry?” he suddenly asked, before poking his head into the cabin of the truck and picking something out of a crinkly bag. He tossed it towards her. It was a piece of beef jerky.

Sansa crinkled her nose and let out an indignant snarl. As if she would eat beef jerky off of the floor. She wasn’t a total animal.

He laughed. “Okay, so no to that. Um… I don’t really have anything else, except for these lemon cakes my sister baked me, but you wouldn’t want that. How about –”

Without meaning to, Sansa whined loudly as she darted forward.

He paused. “You want the lemon cakes?” She lolled her tongue out and he laughed again. “Okay, lemon cakes it is.”

He brought out the little pastry goodness and Sansa greedily lapped them all up from the palm of his hand. When she was finished, he stroked the side of her head, his fingers sifting through her fur. She always found it patronising to be petted like a common dog, but Sansa couldn’t stop the contented warmth from spreading regardless. His hands were large and gentle, and the inexplicable pull to be near grew stronger and stronger the longer she stayed close to him.

“You’re not so scary,” he said, straightening back up. “But I have to go, Lady. I’ll see you around.” He gave her head one last pat before climbing into his car.

In a fit of panic, Sansa jumped in after him, climbing over his lap and into the passenger seat.

“Hey, no! I can’t bring you home.” The man looked at her with wide eyes. “C’mon, Lady. I have to go. It’s been a long day and I smell awful.”

No, she wanted to tell him, you smell wonderful. Instead, she whined and licked his hand.

He continued to look at her for a long second, and in that long second, Sansa could hear the screaming voices of her pack telling her to get the hell out of this truck and come home, but this man, whoever he was, meant something to her. There was a reason she was so drawn to him and Sansa had every intention of finding out what it was.

“Okay, well…” he sighed. “I guess I’ve always wanted a dog.” She snapped her jaw at that, and he smiled. “I mean a wolf. I’ve always wanted a copper-haired wolf.”

As he drove off, Sansa poked her head out of the car window, the breeze on her face feeling like nothing she’d ever experienced for. She’d seen dogs do it and scoffed at how stupid they looked, but Sansa could definitely feel the merit. It was freeing and joyous – a moment in time where you were nothing but a part of nature as she moved around you.

They arrived at a lone cottage just on the outskirts of town fifteen minutes later. She was a good hour run from home now, but that was okay. She trusted this man. He’d keep her safe. He’d protect her.

He led her into his house. It was small, a bit rundown, but it was lived-in. There were books lining the shelves and on the tables. Several half-finished tables and chairs were strewn about all over the place. Best of all, it smelled like him and only him. No female presence.

“So, this is home,” he said to her. “It’s not much but you’re a wolf that lives in the woods. This is probably paradise, right?”

Sansa scoffed, which just sounded like a huff of air in her wolf-form. She moved past him to begin inspecting the house. There was a reason she’d been drawn to this man, but there was nothing in his house that would indicate why. Until she found that reason, Sansa couldn’t go home to her pack. She wasn’t dumb enough to ignore a magical calling as powerful as this. She wasn’t Robb – who had ignored a passing druid’s warning and ended up with his tail singed.

“I can’t believe I’m talking to a wolf,” he sighed, running a hand through his curls. “I’ve been working too many shifts.”

She walked towards him and butted her head against his palm. He dropped his other hand from his eyes to look at her, smiling fondly, as he stroked her head. “Yeah, you’re right. I just need to relax.”

In under an hour, the sun descended behind the house and drowned them in darkness. The man immediately went to light the fireplace, amber light throwing long shadows onto the walls. Sansa was beginning to get restless. She paced back and forth before the front door, while watching the windows. She could feel the moon’s power grow stronger as it rose high into the inky sky outside. It was only dawning on her now that maybe the danger was her being here with him; maybe being so close to someone she desired would disrupt the years of training she had mastered, drawing out the bloodlust she normally kept so hidden away.

Sansa pawed at the door. She needed to feel the moon’s light on her fur. She needed to be outside.

“Okay okay, Lady, hold on.” The man got up from where he’d been sitting and unlatched the door. She raced out to the centre of his yard and craned her neck back, a deep and piercing howl ripping out of her throat. In the distance, she heard several reciprocal howls. The sounds of her family calmed some of the anxious energy inside of her, but then – there.

Sansa planted her feet, growling at something in the woods. She heard it. There was someone out there.

But why couldn’t she smell them?

“Do you want to go?” the man asked her, as he came to stand beside her. “Or do you want to come back inside? It’s freezing out here.”

Twigs crunched underneath heavy boots, but so soft was the sound the man continued to talk without knowing the danger he was suddenly in. Sansa bared her teeth, growling as fiercely as she could. She had never fought anyone, not even when her siblings would play-fight with each other. This man had no idea how appropriate ‘Lady’ was for a name, but he was in trouble now. Whoever was out there had dark intentions towards him and she had to protect him.

The footsteps drew closer. Sansa moved so she was in between the man and his assailant.

“Jon Snow,” someone snarled, red eyes flashed swiftly from the darkness of the woods. “Bought yourself a mutt, did ya? Little good that’ll do you now.”

Another shifter, Sansa thought with alarm. Now that she was looking, she could see the glint of elongated fangs under the moonlight.

“Ramsay? What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Teaching you your place in the world,” the other man said, and stepped out into the open. Sansa drew back in surprise. He wasn’t a full wolf. He was half mortal. That was why she couldn’t smell him. His scent was too confusing for her heightened senses tonight.

“Piss off, Bolton. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Hurt me?” the man named Ramsay laughed. “Don’t you see? You’re just a bastard human. I’m much more than that. I’m better than you.”

His face shifted, morphing into something grotesque – a hybrid of man and wolf with sharp fangs, red glowing eyes and sunken cheeks. They always said a person’s form reflected their soul. This man had no soul if his shift was anything to go by.

Jon gasped audibly behind Sansa. The sound was enough to remind her why she was here. She allowed the moon’s power to flow through her veins as she stepped forward, lips pulled back, growling in warning.

“Tie up your mutt before I do it for you!” Ramsay sneered.

That was the second time he’d called her that. Sansa let out one last warning before she lunged forward. He wasn’t as fast as her nor was he as strong. That was the benefit of descending from a long line of shifters. It wasn’t simply something that had been given to her later in life as often was the case for many of the new shifters. It was a legacy. She was a legacy. Stark wolves never backed down.

Once he regained his bearings, Ramsay threw her off and she went skidding across the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust. Sansa rolled and jumped back to all four paws. She raced towards him again and caught his torso in between her teeth, twisting her head side to side. Blood dripped from his wound down into her fur. Ramsay cried out, throwing her off again, and clutched onto his wound to keep the blood from spilling even more.

“Bitch!” he shouted. “You’re not –” His eyes betrayed his panic as soon as he heard the howling sounds of her family. They were asking for her. They must’ve heard Ramsay’s cry. She leaned her head back to howl in response. She was okay; she had this.

Without another word, Ramsay darted back out into the woods and disappeared. Even omega wolves like him would know not to threaten a member of the Stark pack. He may stand a chance against one of them, but together, they were unbeatable.

Sansa sighed, sitting down on her haunches. Her side ached from the impact of hitting the ground at such a force. She licked at her wounds and tried not to whimper so pathetically in front of this man, who she now knew was named Jon.

“Shit,” he said. He was staring at where Ramsay had disappeared. “Shit. What was – what the hell was that!” He looked to Sansa and shook his head. “Thank you, Lady. You saved my life.”

Jon kneeled down in front of her and wrapped his arms around her neck, burying his face into her fur. It made her heart speed painfully against her ribs; he smelled so good, too good. Why was the desire to be near him still so strong? Hadn’t she answered her calling? Shouldn’t this be over now?

When Jon pulled back, his eyes went wide, so comically so that Sansa couldn’t help giggling at his expression.

“You’re…. umm, naked.”

Sansa frowned. All wolves were naked essentially. She tilted her head to stare at him, wondering just why his cheeks were flushed so red.

“You’re naked,” Jon repeated again, voice rising with each word. “And a girl… But you were a wolf. And now you’re a girl? What the hell is going on!” He scrambled back abruptly, pushing as far away from her as he could, and it was then that something occurred to Sansa.

Wolves didn’t giggle.

She was no longer –

“Oh my god!” Sansa wrapped her arms around herself, trying to cover up her modesty as best as she could, but it was little use. The moonlight shone on her like a spotlight, putting her body on display. To mask her mortification, she glared at him. “Well, are you going to just sit there? Give me your coat.”

Jon blinked for several long seconds. He appeared to have trouble digesting her sudden shift, which would be funny if she wasn’t freezing and naked in front of him. But then finally, he stripped off his coat and threw it towards her. Sansa hastily pulled her arms through the sleeves and buttoned it all the way up.

God, his scent was even stronger now that she was wrapped up in his clothes.

“How are you – what are you?”

Sansa sighed. “I’m a shifter. Kind of like a werewolf except we have more control over when we shift.” She shrugged, feeling suddenly shy. “I, uh… I was drawn to you. It happens sometimes. We’re magical and sometimes the universe pulls us towards our calling for whatever reason.”

“You were called here to save my life?” Jon looked bewildered. She didn’t blame him. She’d be too. He shook his head and moved a little closer towards her. “Ramsay didn’t look like you. He was different.”

“He’s a hybrid,” Sansa said, watching the way his jaw ticked as he absorbed all of this. “He’s half man, half shifter. They’re not rare, but he’s… I don’t know. Transformations reflect who you are. That’s why my wolf form is red and grey.”

“And he’s a prick so he looks like a prick,” Jon finished, chuckling softly. It made her smile too, and suddenly, the pull towards him made her chest constrict painfully. Sansa winced, which didn’t go unnoticed by him.

“Did he hurt you?”

“I’m fine,” she said, but he was kneeling before her again, one hand tentatively on her shoulder. “I am. He didn’t hurt me.”

“Okay,” Jon nodded slowly. “But we should get you inside anyways.”

He helped her stand up and the feel of him touching her made her body burn with so much more than simply lust. She didn’t just want him; she needed him. But that didn’t make sense. She barely knew him. How could her calling be him?

“My name’s Sansa,” she blurt out as soon as they were safely inside the house. He looked at her and smiled. “I thought you should know.”

“Jon,” he said. “It’s nice to properly meet you.”

She blushed at that and shrugged. “I didn’t mean to deceive you. I couldn’t – it’s a full moon tonight. We’re usually unable to shift back to human form. I don’t know why this has happened.”

Jon chuckled. “I never said you were.”

“It’s just weird. None of this makes sense.”

He turned so he was facing her again. “What do you mean?”

“Sometimes we’re drawn to certain people to help them and when the task is over, the pull is gone and we go our separate ways,” she explained, looking down at the ground instead of at his expressive eyes. It felt too overwhelming in that moment. “But with you, the pull is still there. I still feel like I can’t leave you.”

His finger touched her chin gently, tilting it so she’d have to look at him. “Maybe because I don’t want you to leave me.” He gave her a half-smile, a mixture of awkward shyness and half-hearted amusement. “The moment you turned back into – well, you, it was like someone pulled back the curtains and all this light just came flooding through. Is that how you feel?”

Sansa tilted her head, his finger still dancing along the line of her jaw and doing sinfully delightful things to her body. She swallowed. “For me, it’s your smell. It’s everywhere and even if I was a hundred miles away, I think I’d still be able to smell you. I’d still be drawn back to you.”

“Why is that?” Jon murmured, as he continued to absentmindedly trail featherlight touches along her jaw to the sensitive area behind her ear. Each second made her heart thud rapidly and her chest heave with anticipation. “Why do I feel like I know you?”

Jon,” she half-gasped when he pressed a kiss to the edge of her lips. “Please…

“I’m sorry,” he said, but she couldn’t let him pull back. Not now. Not when it all became so abruptly clear.

“Don’t be.”

She leaned forward that extra inch and kissed him as fully and as passionately as she could, and in that split second when their lips touched for the first time, Sansa saw it. All of their lives, every single reincarnation; all of the different ways they found each other again. She saw it and she knew. He was her purpose; her calling. They were always meant to be together.

“Sansa,” he breathed, forehead pressed against hers. “You found me.”

She kissed him again briefly, chastely – just to remind herself that he was here now. “You found me last time. It was my turn.”

Jon laughed and wrapped his arms tighter around her waist. “It’s not a competition, love. And even if it were, you’ll always win. You found me the first time. That’s the most important one.”

“I hated that one,” Sansa said, remembering a time so long ago now where the winter spanned years and blood was spilled for a throne made of iron. “But I fell in love with you at Castle Black and we made a life even in the ashes. I’d go back for you.”

“I’d never ask you to,” Jon reminded her. His eyes brightened, hope shining in them. “Your family?”

“Alive.” She pressed a kiss to his nose. “You’ll see them soon.” Another kiss to his cheek. “But tonight, you’re mine.” And the first of many more kisses to his lips, needy and desperate and driven by hundreds of lifetimes of unconditional love.

He was her purpose now, and she knew they’d be okay.

They always have been.

My Werewolf Boyfriend

Originally posted by iconicgot7

Summary: You’re a detective at a police academy sent to investigate a murder scene, but when you see the body, you have a feeling you know who the culprit is, and he’s not too happy with you, either.

Genre: supernatural/smut

Length: 1753

Requested by Anonymous

You wrapped your coat tighter around your body once you made it to the rooftop, the chilly air nipping at your face. Several cops were huddled inside a square perimeter of police tape, taking pictures of the crime scene and talking amongst themselves. You squinted your eyes as you ducked under the police tape, the camera flashes blinding against the dark night sky. One officer turned to look at you and immediately greeted you with respect.

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So here's the sitch...

I fell away from witchcraft - and so many other passions - because I was in an incredibly abusive relationship. Not physically (I ride horses: he knew I would drop his ass in seconds if he touched me). And its taken a long time, but I’m finally feeling like I can call myself a witch again. Tonight I did my first spell - two of them! - in almost a year. And so many little things are coming back to me. Even though its storming and I hate storms, i ran outside to put a jar on my back table to catch the rain water :) I bought an ocean jasper yesterday and I’d like to cleanse and felt like this is perfect :)

Sorry for all the personal stuff! To those of you who actually read my crappy ramblings, I do appreciate it 🤗

Happy full moon, all! 🌸🌕🔮🌕🌸

The Listening Moon

This Frozen fic of mine is set within the first month after the accident early in the film, and it’s inspired by a head-canon I had shared with @raksha-the-demon.

Summary: Scared of the nightmares that had plagued her since she had accidentally struck Anna in the head, Elsa finds some solace in the presence of the moon shining into her window at night.

For nearly a month now, sleep had come to Elsa no more than it did for the stars blinking back at her through frosted windows shimmering with chilled fear. Lying in bed under the cold, shifting light of a gibbous moon, she curled her legs up under her, her blankets a canopy over her small body. It had been barely three weeks since the horrible accident, the trauma playing over and over in her dreams–nay, her nightmares that haunted her no sooner had the last candle in the castle been blown out, leaving her alone with the night-time.

Her first nightmare had ripped into her slumber the self-same night of the horrible accident, when she had hurt her own sister, her precious little Anna. In dreams, sleepless, forcing her to stay awake to watch the moon crawl across the stars, she watched as an unconscious Anna stopped breathing, her last sigh a cloud of frost escaping her blue lips. Or she watched as Anna’s hair was dyed completely with white, whiter than the snow, her entire body freezing into ice so cold Elsa could feel it in her very bones.

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A little Briam thing that I wrote.

Here’s a little thing I wrote. Do with it what you will, but if you would credit me, anotsosuper-hero, that’d be awesome.

Liam grabbed for Brett’s hand nervously as they walked down the Beacon Hills High hallway. He saw them everywhere, whether it was just a flash of clawed hands or a bony skull popping up amongst the sea of students in school. The Berserkers were haunting Liam’s mind, every moment of every day. He’d thought he’d gotten better once they’d gotten home from Mexico, but it had only lasted a little while. A week after Brett had transferred to Beacon Hills, they had come back even worse. Now he saw Scott amoung the berserkers too.
Now, one of them was lurking dead center in the hallway, staring Liam down, its enormous claws wrapped around someone’s neck. This time it was Derek, his blue eyes flashing in terror as he struggled against the berserkers grip. The berserker hulked over even Derek’s large form, slowly tightening its grip on Derek until he stopped struggling, the blue fading from his eyes as he went limp in the berserker’s arms.
Liam froze in place. Derek’s body was quickly replaced with Scott’s, his red eyes pleading with Liam, his lips forming words that Liam couldn’t hear.
“Liam? Liam what’s wrong?” Brett’s voice barely registered in Liam’s mind. And only then did he realize that he was stopped dead in the middle of the hallway and he wasn’t breathing. “Liam, your eyes are glowing. Come on, what’s wrong?”
“Can’t breathe. Can’t breathe.” Liam could barely get the words out, watching as the berserker put his claws into Scott and his body was replaced by Stiles’.
“Alright. Follow me, come on. Come on Li.” Brett guided Liam down the hall, into the locker room, tapping something into his phone, his other hand on the back of Liam’s neck, keeping his head down. “Okay, look at me Liam, look at me. You can breathe. You are fine. Look at me. Is it the full moon tonight? Is it the berserkers again?” Liam nodded. “Was it Scott? Stiles?”
“Both.” Liam gasped out. “Derek too.”
“Hey, Brett, you in here?” Scott’s voice rang out in the small space and Liam flinched, covering his ears. Scott rounded the corner, Stiles following close behind. “Oh god Liam. What happened?”
“He saw them again. Its was both of you and Derek this time. I didn’t notice till it was too late,” Brett explained.
“Oh jeez, the kid’s having a panic attack. Okay, back up, give him space,” Stiles instructed, waving Scott and Brett backward. “Okay, come on Liam. Look at me. Take a deep breath for me okay. Look. Scott and I are fine. We’re okay. Derek is alive and happy too. Well maybe not happy, he’s such a sourwolf. But he’s alive and so are we. The berserkers are not. Kate is long gone kid. The deadpool is over. Take a deep breath Liam. Tell me. What three things cannot long be hidden?”
“Th-th-the s-sun, th-the moon and the t-truth.” Liam’s breath was still uneven and ragged but his eyes were no longer glowing and his heart beat had slowed down considerably.
“Good. Now look at your hands and count with me. How many fingers do you have?”
Brett was looking at Stiles like he was crazy, but he kept going. “Start with your left thumb. Count. 1. 2. 3. 4.” By five Liam’s breathing had settled. By 8, he was slouched against a locker. By 10, he had slid to the floor, head in his hands, elbows on knees.
“Hey, are you okay Liam? You know you don’t have to worry about us. Especially Derek. The guy’s been through more crap than you can imagine and he’s still kicking.” Scott glared at Stiles.
“Liam are you okay?” It was Scott asking the question this time, as Brett moved to put an arm around his mate’s shoulders. Liam nodded. “Alright. We’re heading back to class. Give you two some time alone. We’ll see you guys tonight. Derek’s coming to pick you up to bring you to the lake house.”
“Thank you,” Liam whispered.
It was almost 8 when Derek’s car pulled into Liam’s driveway, Brett already in the backseat.
As Liam was climbing in, Derek spoke up. “Scott told me it was me this time. It was me the you saw?” Liam nodded, keeping his eyes on his bag on the floor. “You know you don’t have to worry about me right? I’ve been dealing with the supernatural since before you were even a thought. I’m a full on wolf. I’m strong. I can take care of myself.”
“I think that’s it though. The berserkers could even take down you, and you’re the strongest one in the pack. It kinda terrifies me.”
The rest of the ride was spent in silence, Brett rubbing circles into the back of Liam’s hand.
When they arrived at the lakehouse nearly twenty minutes later, the rest of the pack was already waiting for them inside.
“Okay, Liam. Its up to you how you want to do this. The rest of us have it under control, but if you don’t feel like you do-“
“I don’t.” Liam cut Scott off. “Do you have them?” Stiles held out the bag that contained the chains Liam had asked them to bring. “Good. I have an anchor now, but I still don’t think I’m ready. And I don’t want to hurt anyone.”
“Okay, let’s get downstairs then.”
Liam couldn’t help but wonder how exactly Derek spent his time as Derek expertly chained him to the support beam in the basement. It was a little concerning how good he was at that.
Lydia, Kira, Malia and Stiles had opted to stay upstairs, but Scott and Brett were in the basement with Liam and Derek, watching the two Betas intently.
“That good?” Derek asked. Liam just nodded, already fighting the feeling pushing at his gums, his fangs begging to drop.
At that moment, a berserker appeared behind Scott, Brett and Derek, placing and hand on Scott’s shoulder and plunging one of its massive claws through his chest. Liam growled as Scott’s body dropped. Derek’s followed quickly after and when the berserker moved to Brett, Liam heard an ear splitting scream as the claw pierced his mate’s heart.
“Liam! Liam! Come on baby look at me. I’m okay. We’re okay. Liam!” Brett’s face came into focus in front of Liam and he realized he was the one that was screaming. “Hey, hey hey, you’re alright. Look at me. The sun, the moon, the truth, remember?”
He’d deny it later, but Liam whimpered, dropping his head, the only part of him he could move, onto Brett’s chest. He couldn’t tell how long they stayed like that before Liam jerked, an unbearable pain racing through his veins. His eyes flew open, glowing gold, and claws grew from his nail beds, sharp and dangerous.
“Brett, get away from me, please, I don’t want to hurt you.” He groaned, a sound that quickly turned into a much louder pained cry. “Please please please please, get away Brett get away, I can’t hurt you, please. I can’t hurt you, not you. Not you too. Please get away.”
Liam cried out again, pain speeding through his body as he foughtthe change to no avail, rapidly losing control as he shifted fully. Thrashing against the chains that held him.
“Scott, Derek, get out. I can handle this.” Brett’s voice and the protests that followed dimly registered in the back of Liam’s mind, but he could only think of getting free, getting out and ripping the nearest living thing to shreds. Crushing bone between his hands.
He heard the door open and shut, heard two people exiting and felt hands on his shoulders, trying to push him back against the wall. And he felt metal, pulling and weakening and giving way and then he was free and the other boy with the glowing golden eyes was underneath him and he was no match for Liam’s strength and he was weak compared to Liam, he was pathetic, he wasn’t using his power to its full potential, he was holding back and he could heal but he wouldn’t heal from this, from what Liam was going to—
“Come on, come back to me, Liam. Look at me. Its me, its Brett. I’m pack, I’m your mate, you love me. You promised you wouldn’t hurt me. You promised me. Come back to me Liam.”
Every violent thought vanished from Liam’s mind, replaced with thoughts of pack, home, safe, mate, mine, protect.
And that had Liam scrambling backward across the room, curling in on himself, horrified at what he’d almost just done. And then Brett was there, pulling Liam into a warm embrace, like Liam hadn’t just tried to kill him.
“Shhhhh. It’s okay. You’re okay, we’re okay.”
Liam didn’t realize he was crying until he lifted his head to look at Brett and saw the wet spot on Brett’s t-shirt. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t want to hurt you, I would never do that, you’re my mate and I love you and I would never—”
“I know you didn’t, its okay. You’ll be okay. It’s only your third full moon. You’ll get better. And the hallucinations? They’ll get better too. I promise you, you will get better, at everything about being a wolf and you will get better in every other way too. I promise.” Brett reassured him, rubbing his hand up and down Liam’s back.
They fell asleep like that, leaning against the wall in Lydia’s lake house basement.
And when Lydia came down to get them the next morning, they were still in the same position, Liam’s head on Brett’s chest, and Brett’s entire form curled protectively about Liam and she could tell that everything was going to be just fine.

silly au idea

Ok ok so hear me out

Werewolf au

(Or rather werecat!au)

Featuring werecat!adrien who’s cursed to roam Paris as a dangerous beast every full moon and has to deal with 1) not to let his dad know (which is hard, bc the morning afters have him suuuper tired) and 2) seeing news in the papers about this or that person who’d been attacked by something and knowing it’s HIS fault

Enter Marinette

It’s actually kind of a mistunderstanding? Blame Marinette’s crazy luck. Anyway, somehow, the very same night that weird puma that walks on its hinds legs shows up just as her hands are coated in catnip

There is no attacks that night

And the thing is, now the cat is intriged by that human who smelt good. So he hangs around her. First look at her from afar. Then gets closer, and closer… Until they somehow ‘tame’ each other? I mean the big cat doesn’t want to attack the human and visit her every full moons while Marinette goes from ‘pretty freaked out’ to 'oh hey you’re back again big kitty whaddya wanna do tonight play with yarn?’

Meanwhile, Adrien is kinda confused by the lack of attacks. I mean, he’s still cursed (silver still burns him for a start) so what happened?

Enter Alya

Alya keeps a blog on paranormal n stuff (including, you guessed, the 'mysterious attacks of the Big Blonde Cat’) so Adrien starts getting himself updated through her

So yea that’s the setting

Shenanigans ensue

Bonus: one day, Alya n Marinette have a sleepover (yey!!) and talk about boys until three am till there’s a light knock on Marinette’s window.

It’s a cat

A really big, really weird blonde cat


And tons of new pics for Alya’s blog

(Bonus x2: this probably end with Marinette and the cat falling asleep together one night and Marinette and A Very Naked Adrien wakinh up the next morning)

Demon's Lair

For arriku! It’s also here on AO3.

- - - - -

The pride cometh before the fall.

These words are what floats to the forefront of Yui’s mind as she awakens, her mind dazed and heavy. No one is calling for her. There is no immediate need for her to rise. Taking advantage of this, Yui lays on the carpet, her limbs too dull and languid to move even if she wanted them to.

“If any of these prideful brothers is going to be struck down, I do wish it would be soon…” Her mean-spirited thoughts surprise even herself. In repentance, Yui offers up a quick but sincere prayer to her God. Lord keep and protect her always, even while she dwells in the lair of demons.

She knows well that the darkness in her heart has swelled since coming to this house. Was it always there—lying hidden and in wait—or is this, too, something that they have planted within her?

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The Girl and Her Dragon:

Reposting the drabbles that got lost in the Blog Deletion: 

His tail flicked in irritation as he watched from his perch atop the mountain. 

The girl - the one he’d come to know as his, as a part of his horde, was late.

Moreover, he mind was closed to him. 

Today was one of his clearer days; he could clearly sense her in the village. From the feel of it, she wasn’t even thinking of leaving. It was almost sundown, and the trek back up the mountain was often perilous, even for one as nimble as Rey. 

Kylo snorted and rustled his large, leathery wings. Tonight he would show her how to convert moonlight into energy crystals - it was the full moon, and if they missed its zenith tonight they’d have to wait another month. 

Sunset passed; Kylo pressed into her mind again, and found no intent to leave. She was too far away for him to send a clear message - he would just be sensed as a pesky presence in the back of her mind. 

Very well. 

If she wouldn’t come to him, he would have to go to her. 

He blended in with the black sky - the only color on him were his ivory talons, his yellow eyes, and the white horns on his crest. He would only be seen if he wanted to. 

An idea crossed his mind - perhaps he could help Rey with her reputation among the villagers. 

He landed in the village square with a heavy thud, his wings held up and his maw gaping open. He remembers humans’ intrinsic fear of dragons from his days as one - days that are nearly forgotten - but today is a clear day. 

Chaos ensues. Nobody dares attack him - not that they have anything that could wound him - but a priestess rushes forward, followed closely by an annoyed-looking Rey. 

Rey confers with the priestess; Kylo cannot hear what she is saying, but irritation rolls off her in waves.

Then she steps forward with an outstretched hand; Kylo allows her to place it on his snout. 

They lock eyes. 

What are you doing?

You were late.

Rey doesn’t even bother to dignify that with a response. She says a few words to the priestess, who looks at Rey in awe. Rey walks over to his side and he lowers himself, even going so far to nudge her bottom with his nose to give her a boost as she climbs onto the juncture between his neck and wings. 

As soon as she’s situated, he’s off; he can sense her frustration, but he can also sense the villagers’ awe. Rey’s reputation as the dragon’s girl will rise; it will give her renown. She will be respected. 

It will also let the villagers know that she is his.

my heart is in your hands...

This is the first of my canon full of prompts project. shoecuterie asked for  “angsty handholding and gentle touches” and I was more than happy to oblige. Here’s a missing scene from “There’s No Place Like Home”, cause we all know they had to sleep by the fire together that night. (p.s. a lovely reader reminded me that Killian was wearing a fake hand at this point, not his hook. So, consider this a slight canon divergence as well.)

“Looks like we’re back on track, love.”


Her eyes fall to her hands, fingers rubbing where her mother’s ring had rested only hours before, the same woman who looked at her just now as if she was but a stranger. A sob is threatening to wrench from her throat and she knows if she meets Killian’s openly loving gaze again she’ll lose it, and she just can’t fall completely apart, not now. Her skin still tingles from where his glove had wiped away her tears, his willingness to touch her in that way signaling that he’s also noticed the shift in the delicate balance of their relationship. As much as his comfort feels right, she’d rather hide behind their current crisis than deal with the jumble of emotions he’s making it harder and harder for her to ignore.  

The leaves and branches of the campsite crunch under his boots as he moves away and she finally looks up, watching as he crosses to the wooden cart and climbs inside. She can hear him talking to David, but can’t quite make out what they are saying from this distance. The last lingering raindrops hiss as they hit the charred logs in the fire as she walks closer, warming her hands in front of the flames after pushing the woolen cloak from her hair. Smoke tickles her throat as she breathes in, fatigue and the stress of their journey beginning to settle in as she narrows her focus to the dancing yellow and gold shooting embers into the night.


Her heart clenches at the tentative tone in his voice and she turns quickly, plastering a small smile so as to not make him feel even more off balance, even if she herself is teetering. He’s holding two lumps of burlap in his hand with a heavy fabric draped over his arm, his expression bordering on sheepish.

“David suggests we camp here for the night. I thought these might make the ground a bit more comfortable if we are to get any sleep at all.”

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volkspletnik  asked:

"Dash...You've been awfully quiet today. Are you alright? Did you want to spend some time with Nina tonight, since it's a full moon?"

“No thanks” He said, turning again as he was walking through the house for no reason, like he was looking for something that wasn’t there. “I just wanna walk I guess.”