its a full moon tonight.. again

The Girl and Her Dragon:

Reposting the drabbles that got lost in the Blog Deletion: 

His tail flicked in irritation as he watched from his perch atop the mountain. 

The girl - the one he’d come to know as his, as a part of his horde, was late.

Moreover, he mind was closed to him. 

Today was one of his clearer days; he could clearly sense her in the village. From the feel of it, she wasn’t even thinking of leaving. It was almost sundown, and the trek back up the mountain was often perilous, even for one as nimble as Rey. 

Kylo snorted and rustled his large, leathery wings. Tonight he would show her how to convert moonlight into energy crystals - it was the full moon, and if they missed its zenith tonight they’d have to wait another month. 

Sunset passed; Kylo pressed into her mind again, and found no intent to leave. She was too far away for him to send a clear message - he would just be sensed as a pesky presence in the back of her mind. 

Very well. 

If she wouldn’t come to him, he would have to go to her. 

He blended in with the black sky - the only color on him were his ivory talons, his yellow eyes, and the white horns on his crest. He would only be seen if he wanted to. 

An idea crossed his mind - perhaps he could help Rey with her reputation among the villagers. 

He landed in the village square with a heavy thud, his wings held up and his maw gaping open. He remembers humans’ intrinsic fear of dragons from his days as one - days that are nearly forgotten - but today is a clear day. 

Chaos ensues. Nobody dares attack him - not that they have anything that could wound him - but a priestess rushes forward, followed closely by an annoyed-looking Rey. 

Rey confers with the priestess; Kylo cannot hear what she is saying, but irritation rolls off her in waves.

Then she steps forward with an outstretched hand; Kylo allows her to place it on his snout. 

They lock eyes. 

What are you doing?

You were late.

Rey doesn’t even bother to dignify that with a response. She says a few words to the priestess, who looks at Rey in awe. Rey walks over to his side and he lowers himself, even going so far to nudge her bottom with his nose to give her a boost as she climbs onto the juncture between his neck and wings. 

As soon as she’s situated, he’s off; he can sense her frustration, but he can also sense the villagers’ awe. Rey’s reputation as the dragon’s girl will rise; it will give her renown. She will be respected. 

It will also let the villagers know that she is his.