its a full moon tonight.. again

So here's the sitch...

I fell away from witchcraft - and so many other passions - because I was in an incredibly abusive relationship. Not physically (I ride horses: he knew I would drop his ass in seconds if he touched me). And its taken a long time, but I’m finally feeling like I can call myself a witch again. Tonight I did my first spell - two of them! - in almost a year. And so many little things are coming back to me. Even though its storming and I hate storms, i ran outside to put a jar on my back table to catch the rain water :) I bought an ocean jasper yesterday and I’d like to cleanse and felt like this is perfect :)

Sorry for all the personal stuff! To those of you who actually read my crappy ramblings, I do appreciate it 🤗

Happy full moon, all! 🌸🌕🔮🌕🌸

My Werewolf Boyfriend

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Summary: You’re a detective at a police academy sent to investigate a murder scene, but when you see the body, you have a feeling you know who the culprit is, and he’s not too happy with you, either.

Genre: supernatural/smut

Length: 1753

Requested by Anonymous

You wrapped your coat tighter around your body once you made it to the rooftop, the chilly air nipping at your face. Several cops were huddled inside a square perimeter of police tape, taking pictures of the crime scene and talking amongst themselves. You squinted your eyes as you ducked under the police tape, the camera flashes blinding against the dark night sky. One officer turned to look at you and immediately greeted you with respect.

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Demon's Lair

For arriku! It’s also here on AO3.

- - - - -

The pride cometh before the fall.

These words are what floats to the forefront of Yui’s mind as she awakens, her mind dazed and heavy. No one is calling for her. There is no immediate need for her to rise. Taking advantage of this, Yui lays on the carpet, her limbs too dull and languid to move even if she wanted them to.

“If any of these prideful brothers is going to be struck down, I do wish it would be soon…” Her mean-spirited thoughts surprise even herself. In repentance, Yui offers up a quick but sincere prayer to her God. Lord keep and protect her always, even while she dwells in the lair of demons.

She knows well that the darkness in her heart has swelled since coming to this house. Was it always there—lying hidden and in wait—or is this, too, something that they have planted within her?

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my heart is in your hands...

This is the first of my canon full of prompts project. shoecuterie asked for  “angsty handholding and gentle touches” and I was more than happy to oblige. Here’s a missing scene from “There’s No Place Like Home”, cause we all know they had to sleep by the fire together that night. (p.s. a lovely reader reminded me that Killian was wearing a fake hand at this point, not his hook. So, consider this a slight canon divergence as well.)

“Looks like we’re back on track, love.”


Her eyes fall to her hands, fingers rubbing where her mother’s ring had rested only hours before, the same woman who looked at her just now as if she was but a stranger. A sob is threatening to wrench from her throat and she knows if she meets Killian’s openly loving gaze again she’ll lose it, and she just can’t fall completely apart, not now. Her skin still tingles from where his glove had wiped away her tears, his willingness to touch her in that way signaling that he’s also noticed the shift in the delicate balance of their relationship. As much as his comfort feels right, she’d rather hide behind their current crisis than deal with the jumble of emotions he’s making it harder and harder for her to ignore.  

The leaves and branches of the campsite crunch under his boots as he moves away and she finally looks up, watching as he crosses to the wooden cart and climbs inside. She can hear him talking to David, but can’t quite make out what they are saying from this distance. The last lingering raindrops hiss as they hit the charred logs in the fire as she walks closer, warming her hands in front of the flames after pushing the woolen cloak from her hair. Smoke tickles her throat as she breathes in, fatigue and the stress of their journey beginning to settle in as she narrows her focus to the dancing yellow and gold shooting embers into the night.


Her heart clenches at the tentative tone in his voice and she turns quickly, plastering a small smile so as to not make him feel even more off balance, even if she herself is teetering. He’s holding two lumps of burlap in his hand with a heavy fabric draped over his arm, his expression bordering on sheepish.

“David suggests we camp here for the night. I thought these might make the ground a bit more comfortable if we are to get any sleep at all.”

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Let Your Heart Be Light

@emmasinthebooknow: dear Lucy, I’m your Secret Santa. It’s been a pleasure to get to know you over these past few weeks. Merry Christmas! Here’s my gift, I hope you like some fluff :)

(also on and ao3)

When Killian wakes up in the middle of the night and finds the bed beside him empty, he is immediately fully awake. He doesn’t break into fits of panic any more nowadays when he doesn’t know where she is, but he’s neither calm enough to just roll over and drift back into his slumber again. So, he throws back the blanket and leaves the bed. He doesn’t turn the light on – doesn’t need to; tonight, there’s a full moon bathing the bedroom in a silvery gleam, and the thought alone how its pale beams are reflected on the waves of the ocean eases his mind. Not that he’s got much to weigh him down these days; it’s been peaceful and quiet in Storybrooke for the last few months, fitting for the Christmas season.

Quietly, he descends the stairs on his bare feet and finds the spacious living room dimly lit by the lights on the huge Christmas tree and the faint glow of the dying flames in the fireplace. Emma is sitting on the floor in front of the couch, cross-legged, looking at the tree. This tree is much too big, even for their large living room, but she wanted it. Same as she wanted to load it with glass ornaments and lights, and every flat surface with decorations. He thinks he has an inkling why she wanted all of that so much, and of course her wish was his command.

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silly au idea

Ok ok so hear me out

Werewolf au

(Or rather werecat!au)

Featuring werecat!adrien who’s cursed to roam Paris as a dangerous beast every full moon and has to deal with 1) not to let his dad know (which is hard, bc the morning afters have him suuuper tired) and 2) seeing news in the papers about this or that person who’d been attacked by something and knowing it’s HIS fault

Enter Marinette

It’s actually kind of a mistunderstanding? Blame Marinette’s crazy luck. Anyway, somehow, the very same night that weird puma that walks on its hinds legs shows up just as her hands are coated in catnip

There is no attacks that night

And the thing is, now the cat is intriged by that human who smelt good. So he hangs around her. First look at her from afar. Then gets closer, and closer… Until they somehow ‘tame’ each other? I mean the big cat doesn’t want to attack the human and visit her every full moons while Marinette goes from ‘pretty freaked out’ to 'oh hey you’re back again big kitty whaddya wanna do tonight play with yarn?’

Meanwhile, Adrien is kinda confused by the lack of attacks. I mean, he’s still cursed (silver still burns him for a start) so what happened?

Enter Alya

Alya keeps a blog on paranormal n stuff (including, you guessed, the 'mysterious attacks of the Big Blonde Cat’) so Adrien starts getting himself updated through her

So yea that’s the setting

Shenanigans ensue

Bonus: one day, Alya n Marinette have a sleepover (yey!!) and talk about boys until three am till there’s a light knock on Marinette’s window.

It’s a cat

A really big, really weird blonde cat


And tons of new pics for Alya’s blog

(Bonus x2: this probably end with Marinette and the cat falling asleep together one night and Marinette and A Very Naked Adrien wakinh up the next morning)

volkspletnik  asked:

"Dash...You've been awfully quiet today. Are you alright? Did you want to spend some time with Nina tonight, since it's a full moon?"

“No thanks” He said, turning again as he was walking through the house for no reason, like he was looking for something that wasn’t there. “I just wanna walk I guess.”

A little Briam thing that I wrote.

Here’s a little thing I wrote. Do with it what you will, but if you would credit me, anotsosuper-hero, that’d be awesome.

Liam grabbed for Brett’s hand nervously as they walked down the Beacon Hills High hallway. He saw them everywhere, whether it was just a flash of clawed hands or a bony skull popping up amongst the sea of students in school. The Berserkers were haunting Liam’s mind, every moment of every day. He’d thought he’d gotten better once they’d gotten home from Mexico, but it had only lasted a little while. A week after Brett had transferred to Beacon Hills, they had come back even worse. Now he saw Scott amoung the berserkers too.
Now, one of them was lurking dead center in the hallway, staring Liam down, its enormous claws wrapped around someone’s neck. This time it was Derek, his blue eyes flashing in terror as he struggled against the berserkers grip. The berserker hulked over even Derek’s large form, slowly tightening its grip on Derek until he stopped struggling, the blue fading from his eyes as he went limp in the berserker’s arms.
Liam froze in place. Derek’s body was quickly replaced with Scott’s, his red eyes pleading with Liam, his lips forming words that Liam couldn’t hear.
“Liam? Liam what’s wrong?” Brett’s voice barely registered in Liam’s mind. And only then did he realize that he was stopped dead in the middle of the hallway and he wasn’t breathing. “Liam, your eyes are glowing. Come on, what’s wrong?”
“Can’t breathe. Can’t breathe.” Liam could barely get the words out, watching as the berserker put his claws into Scott and his body was replaced by Stiles’.
“Alright. Follow me, come on. Come on Li.” Brett guided Liam down the hall, into the locker room, tapping something into his phone, his other hand on the back of Liam’s neck, keeping his head down. “Okay, look at me Liam, look at me. You can breathe. You are fine. Look at me. Is it the full moon tonight? Is it the berserkers again?” Liam nodded. “Was it Scott? Stiles?”
“Both.” Liam gasped out. “Derek too.”
“Hey, Brett, you in here?” Scott’s voice rang out in the small space and Liam flinched, covering his ears. Scott rounded the corner, Stiles following close behind. “Oh god Liam. What happened?”
“He saw them again. Its was both of you and Derek this time. I didn’t notice till it was too late,” Brett explained.
“Oh jeez, the kid’s having a panic attack. Okay, back up, give him space,” Stiles instructed, waving Scott and Brett backward. “Okay, come on Liam. Look at me. Take a deep breath for me okay. Look. Scott and I are fine. We’re okay. Derek is alive and happy too. Well maybe not happy, he’s such a sourwolf. But he’s alive and so are we. The berserkers are not. Kate is long gone kid. The deadpool is over. Take a deep breath Liam. Tell me. What three things cannot long be hidden?”
“Th-th-the s-sun, th-the moon and the t-truth.” Liam’s breath was still uneven and ragged but his eyes were no longer glowing and his heart beat had slowed down considerably.
“Good. Now look at your hands and count with me. How many fingers do you have?”
Brett was looking at Stiles like he was crazy, but he kept going. “Start with your left thumb. Count. 1. 2. 3. 4.” By five Liam’s breathing had settled. By 8, he was slouched against a locker. By 10, he had slid to the floor, head in his hands, elbows on knees.
“Hey, are you okay Liam? You know you don’t have to worry about us. Especially Derek. The guy’s been through more crap than you can imagine and he’s still kicking.” Scott glared at Stiles.
“Liam are you okay?” It was Scott asking the question this time, as Brett moved to put an arm around his mate’s shoulders. Liam nodded. “Alright. We’re heading back to class. Give you two some time alone. We’ll see you guys tonight. Derek’s coming to pick you up to bring you to the lake house.”
“Thank you,” Liam whispered.
It was almost 8 when Derek’s car pulled into Liam’s driveway, Brett already in the backseat.
As Liam was climbing in, Derek spoke up. “Scott told me it was me this time. It was me the you saw?” Liam nodded, keeping his eyes on his bag on the floor. “You know you don’t have to worry about me right? I’ve been dealing with the supernatural since before you were even a thought. I’m a full on wolf. I’m strong. I can take care of myself.”
“I think that’s it though. The berserkers could even take down you, and you’re the strongest one in the pack. It kinda terrifies me.”
The rest of the ride was spent in silence, Brett rubbing circles into the back of Liam’s hand.
When they arrived at the lakehouse nearly twenty minutes later, the rest of the pack was already waiting for them inside.
“Okay, Liam. Its up to you how you want to do this. The rest of us have it under control, but if you don’t feel like you do-“
“I don’t.” Liam cut Scott off. “Do you have them?” Stiles held out the bag that contained the chains Liam had asked them to bring. “Good. I have an anchor now, but I still don’t think I’m ready. And I don’t want to hurt anyone.”
“Okay, let’s get downstairs then.”
Liam couldn’t help but wonder how exactly Derek spent his time as Derek expertly chained him to the support beam in the basement. It was a little concerning how good he was at that.
Lydia, Kira, Malia and Stiles had opted to stay upstairs, but Scott and Brett were in the basement with Liam and Derek, watching the two Betas intently.
“That good?” Derek asked. Liam just nodded, already fighting the feeling pushing at his gums, his fangs begging to drop.
At that moment, a berserker appeared behind Scott, Brett and Derek, placing and hand on Scott’s shoulder and plunging one of its massive claws through his chest. Liam growled as Scott’s body dropped. Derek’s followed quickly after and when the berserker moved to Brett, Liam heard an ear splitting scream as the claw pierced his mate’s heart.
“Liam! Liam! Come on baby look at me. I’m okay. We’re okay. Liam!” Brett’s face came into focus in front of Liam and he realized he was the one that was screaming. “Hey, hey hey, you’re alright. Look at me. The sun, the moon, the truth, remember?”
He’d deny it later, but Liam whimpered, dropping his head, the only part of him he could move, onto Brett’s chest. He couldn’t tell how long they stayed like that before Liam jerked, an unbearable pain racing through his veins. His eyes flew open, glowing gold, and claws grew from his nail beds, sharp and dangerous.
“Brett, get away from me, please, I don’t want to hurt you.” He groaned, a sound that quickly turned into a much louder pained cry. “Please please please please, get away Brett get away, I can’t hurt you, please. I can’t hurt you, not you. Not you too. Please get away.”
Liam cried out again, pain speeding through his body as he foughtthe change to no avail, rapidly losing control as he shifted fully. Thrashing against the chains that held him.
“Scott, Derek, get out. I can handle this.” Brett’s voice and the protests that followed dimly registered in the back of Liam’s mind, but he could only think of getting free, getting out and ripping the nearest living thing to shreds. Crushing bone between his hands.
He heard the door open and shut, heard two people exiting and felt hands on his shoulders, trying to push him back against the wall. And he felt metal, pulling and weakening and giving way and then he was free and the other boy with the glowing golden eyes was underneath him and he was no match for Liam’s strength and he was weak compared to Liam, he was pathetic, he wasn’t using his power to its full potential, he was holding back and he could heal but he wouldn’t heal from this, from what Liam was going to—
“Come on, come back to me, Liam. Look at me. Its me, its Brett. I’m pack, I’m your mate, you love me. You promised you wouldn’t hurt me. You promised me. Come back to me Liam.”
Every violent thought vanished from Liam’s mind, replaced with thoughts of pack, home, safe, mate, mine, protect.
And that had Liam scrambling backward across the room, curling in on himself, horrified at what he’d almost just done. And then Brett was there, pulling Liam into a warm embrace, like Liam hadn’t just tried to kill him.
“Shhhhh. It’s okay. You’re okay, we’re okay.”
Liam didn’t realize he was crying until he lifted his head to look at Brett and saw the wet spot on Brett’s t-shirt. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t want to hurt you, I would never do that, you’re my mate and I love you and I would never—”
“I know you didn’t, its okay. You’ll be okay. It’s only your third full moon. You’ll get better. And the hallucinations? They’ll get better too. I promise you, you will get better, at everything about being a wolf and you will get better in every other way too. I promise.” Brett reassured him, rubbing his hand up and down Liam’s back.
They fell asleep like that, leaning against the wall in Lydia’s lake house basement.
And when Lydia came down to get them the next morning, they were still in the same position, Liam’s head on Brett’s chest, and Brett’s entire form curled protectively about Liam and she could tell that everything was going to be just fine.

The Girl and Her Dragon:

Reposting the drabbles that got lost in the Blog Deletion: 

His tail flicked in irritation as he watched from his perch atop the mountain. 

The girl - the one he’d come to know as his, as a part of his horde, was late.

Moreover, he mind was closed to him. 

Today was one of his clearer days; he could clearly sense her in the village. From the feel of it, she wasn’t even thinking of leaving. It was almost sundown, and the trek back up the mountain was often perilous, even for one as nimble as Rey. 

Kylo snorted and rustled his large, leathery wings. Tonight he would show her how to convert moonlight into energy crystals - it was the full moon, and if they missed its zenith tonight they’d have to wait another month. 

Sunset passed; Kylo pressed into her mind again, and found no intent to leave. She was too far away for him to send a clear message - he would just be sensed as a pesky presence in the back of her mind. 

Very well. 

If she wouldn’t come to him, he would have to go to her. 

He blended in with the black sky - the only color on him were his ivory talons, his yellow eyes, and the white horns on his crest. He would only be seen if he wanted to. 

An idea crossed his mind - perhaps he could help Rey with her reputation among the villagers. 

He landed in the village square with a heavy thud, his wings held up and his maw gaping open. He remembers humans’ intrinsic fear of dragons from his days as one - days that are nearly forgotten - but today is a clear day. 

Chaos ensues. Nobody dares attack him - not that they have anything that could wound him - but a priestess rushes forward, followed closely by an annoyed-looking Rey. 

Rey confers with the priestess; Kylo cannot hear what she is saying, but irritation rolls off her in waves.

Then she steps forward with an outstretched hand; Kylo allows her to place it on his snout. 

They lock eyes. 

What are you doing?

You were late.

Rey doesn’t even bother to dignify that with a response. She says a few words to the priestess, who looks at Rey in awe. Rey walks over to his side and he lowers himself, even going so far to nudge her bottom with his nose to give her a boost as she climbs onto the juncture between his neck and wings. 

As soon as she’s situated, he’s off; he can sense her frustration, but he can also sense the villagers’ awe. Rey’s reputation as the dragon’s girl will rise; it will give her renown. She will be respected. 

It will also let the villagers know that she is his.