its a first draft

jskadbsadk okay so my mom has this giant book of like what it means when you were born on a certain day and i was flipping through it for all the paladins birthdays and

day of the winner


she loves her gf

  • hange: armin! wait! you forgot your research notes on the study of the regenerative properties of telomeres within Homo titanicus flesh cells!
  • armin: oh, right. thanks mom!
  • hange: ...
  • armin: ...
  • hange: ...
  • hange: you're welcome, child

ok auston and jvr can choke on their first round picks bc mitch’s lucky charms and mo’s frosted flakes are clearly superior cereals but auston did come in clutch with the reeses puffs and jvr never redeemed himself and he’s kicked off the team like who tf picks corn pops i’m sorry but he’s voted off the island

this was such a nice scene!!


We’ve been threatening to do this for a while, but the tumblr BU crew (@hakunimaatta, @heyfabbro, @oetterbox, and myself) finally put our heads together and made a BU hockey primer so that y’all can learn to love these losers as much as we do. 

Because there are four of us and we’re intense, we couldn’t fit the whole thing into 10 slides for tumblr, so there’s more below. Enjoy!


It’s Quiet Uptown - piano sheet music

Composed by : Lin-Manuel Miranda

Transcribed by : ME


HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR! I’m back with more sheet music. Here’s ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’. I am quite pleased with it even though it was probably the most complicated song since ‘Farmer Refuted’. ‘You’ll Be Back’ will be easier, I hope. Anyway! Two Hamilton sheets out this weekend! WOOH! This project is just steam rolling along.

If you love it make sure to link other people back here so they can find the sheets and learn to play it too AND if you record it please message me so I can listen and share with everyone!

I’m going to continue writing sheet music until @linmanuel releases a score book! Next up is ‘You’ll Be Back’!

UPDATE: Thank you @canadian-combeferre for pointing out the timing error at the beginning! It looks so much cleaner now and the pace is way better! As I always say, I get by with a little help from my friends! 🎶

This is my verse for when I’m being interviewed by the CEOs of 4 advertising agencies to see which of the 10 interns they’ll pick for MVP:

Hey femmes my name is Theo
You don’t really wanna mess with me though,

Fresh off the boat, imported from Asia,
M. Butterfly has nothing on this geisha,

Cancer and scorpio a dangerous mix,
Coming out of my shell to turn some tricks,

Yes I know I’m very clever,
Skincare focused, young forever,

Hunger gaming other interns and I won’t waver,
The odds will always be in my favor,

There’s only room for one MVP in this town,
And you already know which bitch deserves that crown. 👑


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“let them grumble”