its a fap

  • KS: We openly admit this is a toxic relationship
  • 75% Fans: That's hot.
  • KS: Please don't actively support this kind of relationship.
  • 75% Fans: *agressively support this relationship*
  • KS: WTF, stop that.
  • 25% Fans: I feel uncomfortable being grouped with you guys.
  • 75% Fans: What is a healthy relationship????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿??¿

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(For some reason, it won’t let me add a comment to that post), so I’ll just repost and add my opinions too… 

Me: It could be Ijuuin, OR has it ever occur to anyone that….that might be Shizuku Ishi?! :

^ Forgot who he is?, let me refresh your memory, he’s Ijuuin’s new Editor….He works there too!!

No matter how much I love Takano and WANT to spot him in Junjou as well, but I’m tired of all the trolls/jokes from people proving us wrong and claiming that’s Takano because that’s like giving false hopes when we know ‘more than likely’ it’s not him… Like seriously…

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Hey HMV!anon here, okay so apparently the music is played over hentai bc its there for you to fap to the beat (I hope I'm not being weird? I genuinely find this funny and weird and a part of me hopes you get a chuckle outta it🐈)

beatin ur meat like its a fuckin rhythm game

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idk if you want to know who it is but its @/fap/tor/quest

the fact that i don’t know them and they have me blocked means i win automatically