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Uhhhh, I don't want to cause drama or anything but I saw an anti responding to your answer to the anon about rey and kylo's "cleavage and package" lol. This anti said "YOU ARE SO SEXIST AND UGLY FOR GLORIFYING THE SEXUALIZATION OF THE FEMALE BODY AND I AM SICKENED AND DISGUSTED. ITS NOT ARTISTIC. ITS SEXISM. ITS DISGUSTING. AND YOU ARE FAPPING OVER THIS??????????? YOU ARE FAPPING OVER THIS????????????" And now a lot of antis are reblogging it and talking trash.

Haha, don’t worry - I noticed. It was inevitable, and I really don’t mind. It’s actually quite fun to see people struggle to come up with decent comebacks to my argument, which is hard because my ‘argument’ basically consists of describing what’s right in front of our noses.

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Me: It could be Ijuuin, OR has it ever occur to anyone that….that might be Shizuku Ishi?! :

^ Forgot who he is?, let me refresh your memory, he’s Ijuuin’s new Editor….He works there too!!

No matter how much I love Takano and WANT to spot him in Junjou as well, but I’m tired of all the trolls/jokes from people proving us wrong and claiming that’s Takano because that’s like giving false hopes when we know ‘more than likely’ it’s not him… Like seriously…