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do the Ducktales folks know about your alt design (because I love it and maybe they'd love it and I'm just saying season 2 might allow for some changes) also that lil comic made my week

aaa uuhhhh I’m not sure? like one or two folk off the team follow my twitter but idk if they really look at what I post or like it, but again if you’re thinking of showing them my work please refer to this guide and just. be cool? to them? they’re doing a huge thing and doing it real good and trying real hard so please

why k/urotsukki is bad, without hating on the actual ship

i feel like this shit is long overdue, as the fandom seems to have not noticed what’s wrong with the portrayal of krtsk and frankly im sick and tired of seeing the same terrible thing in tags. so, without bashing the characters or the actual idea of the pairing itself, i’m about to list the issues of the godawful fanon kurotsukki and why it needs to stop like immediately. i mean there’s been three seasons ffs, with actual interactions between the characters. there’s no excuses now for how terrible it is. 

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A couple of days ago I had the great luck to swim with a Dugong in the Red Sea, Egypt. The dugong is a medium-sized marine mammal. It is one of four living species of the order Sirenia, which also includes three species of manatees. The dugong is the only strictly marine herbivorous mammal. The dugong is easily distinguished from the manatees by its fluked, dolphin-like tail, but also possesses a unique skull and teeth. Its snout is sharply downturned, an adaptation for feeding in benthic seagrass communities. The molar teeth are simple and peg-like unlike the more elaborate molar dentition of manatees.
Dugongs are found in warm coastal waters from the western Pacific Ocean to the eastern coast of Africa, they are generally found in warm waters around the coast with large numbers concentrated in wide and shallow protected bays.

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What's that new Barbie movie about and how was it?

its called “barbie- dolphin magic”. and i mean it was a pretty generic barbie movie and all, but since my friends and i have made it our life’s mission to binge watch the many shitty and less shitty barbie movies (there are. so many), it was better than most of the old ones, and ken was a fun character. also its just,, a pretty gay movie because literally every time they give barbie a female co-lead it gets very gay. ken was hilarious, barbie has amazing lines such as “I LOVE SANDWICHES, ESPECIALLY THE HAM ONES! :D” and the clothes were uncanilly well animated, like, those are some really good cloth/fold physics. however i wish to unsee the ugly animals they badly animated like,,, i dont give a fuck about these annoying as fuck puppies aND I DO NOT CONDONE DOLPHINS WEARING MASCARA. fucking dumbass dolphins, always going where they shouldnt go and wearing waterproof fake eyelashes

I’ve seen people mention Kurapika and his last nen being too similar to chrollo but let me riddle you this:

Kurapika didn’t know about chrollo’s nen before he met him. Plus, his newest ability, the one that mirrors the newest chain so similarly, technically would have came after Kurapika since he chose all of the chains at once while training with his mentor. So really no one copied off of one another and it is just another cool parallel that Togashi made to show two sides of the same coin- Kurapika being the more good and Chrollo showing more of a bad side.