its a dancing panda

tumblr: wow Sidon’s gonna be the new Onceler/Komaeda/Sans/Junkrat already you people are desperate and thirsty can’t wait to see what nightmare this turns into lmao

me: oh my god can you people all just shut up. jfc, I have to see this every time a new piece of popular media springs up and every time it doesn’t change the fact that people having favorite characters and fixating on them is a thing that happens, and to act like it isn’t or that you’re higher above it is completely tiring and annoying to see. cringe culture isn’t real my guy. you know it. I know it. look we’re all gonna die someday and acting like a holier-than-thou twat that only receives pleasure out of taking a steaming dump on people’s parades isn’t gonna get you there any faster or slower. unless somebody’s being specifically douchey about their liking a thing or the thing in question is inherently problematic just let people enjoy media as they want to and mind your own business it is literally That Simple™