its a cute concept ;a;

concept: it’s winter time and you n your crush go out to a winter carnival and there’s sparkly lights everywhere and your crush is all cute and flustery and embarrassed but they grab your mittened hand with their mittened hand and both of y'all blush and they buy you hot chocolate and it’s not that great but it still warms you up inside and all of a sudden it starts to snow and snowflakes cling to their lashes and they look at you all wide eyed and you guys start to lean in and everything is perfect in the word and you kiss among the snow and the lights and the cheesy holiday music playing in the background

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How the 'ADORE U' MV came about
  • Pledis: Alright, guys, so your kinda-but-not-really first MV! What do you suppose we do?
  • SVT: ...
  • Pledis: Alright so I know this is kinda scary for you guys seeing as you're officially debuting for the first time, but c'mon! Let's break the ice and get some ideas rolling!
  • Seungkwan: *raises hand proudly* I have an idea for the MV.
  • Pledis: *over enthusiastically* Yes, go for it, Seungkwan!
  • Seungkwan: We should totally do a roadtrip concept!
  • SVT: *murmurs of agreement*
  • Pledis: Alright, awesome! That would be pretty cool--
  • Dino: I have an idea too!
  • Pledis: Alright, what is it?
  • Dino: A flower-y concept where we all hang around plants and sip tea.
  • SVT: *murmurs of agreement*
  • Pledis: Uh, okay, that's pretty interesting, I guess--
  • DK: I also have an idea!
  • Pledis: Okay, shoot!
  • DK: An angel concept, where we all wear white and dance among the clouds.
  • SVT: *murmurs of agreement*
  • Pledis: Okay, nice! That makes a lot more sense--
  • Wonwoo: Wait, I have an idea as well.
  • Pledis: Uh, okay. What is it?
  • Wonwoo: A boxing concept.
  • Pledis: ...wat.
  • Wonwoo: Kinda like something out of Rocky, ya feel?
  • Pledis: But that has NOTHING to do with what you're singing about.
  • The8: Right, so why don't we do a band concept instead?
  • Pledis: You see? Now that's what I'm talking about! Great work, Jun!
  • The8: ...I'm The8.
  • Jun: I'M Jun.
  • Pledis: Oh, who cares? You're all the same underneath.
  • Chinaline: ...
  • Hoshi: But wait, why don't we do a sci-fi concept? I mean, it's out there and it's not something that many people have done before.
  • Pledis: Wait, we're still listing concepts? I thought we decided on the band idea.
  • Wonwoo: What about my boxing concept?
  • Dino: Or my plant concept?
  • DK: Or my angel concept?
  • Seungkwan: HEY! We're not gonna forget my, frankly, GENIUS idea of a roadtrip concept - are you kimbap kidding me?!
  • SVT: *arguing*
  • S.Coups: Hey, guys. Guys...HEY GUYS!
  • SVT: *turn to him*
  • S.Coups: How about we take all of the concept ideas...a merge them into one whole music video?!
  • SVT: *approving 'ahhhhh!'*
  • Jeonghan: Now that's an idea I can get behind!
  • Pledis: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but have you all gone NUTS?! WHY would you want to combine all these crazy concepts into one MV?! If your fans see this, they're gonna think you're all on DRUGS!
  • Woozi: Well...aren't we?
  • Pledis:
  • SVT:
  • Pledis:
  • SVT:
  • Pledis:
  • SVT:
  • Pledis:
  • Pledis: Whatever, do what you want - I really couldn't care less. *leaves* Shouldhavestayedwithnuestinsteadofinvestinginthesenutjobs...
  • S.Coups: Sooooooooo.............CRAZY CONCEPT MV IT IS!

ramwood concept:

Geoff: a tired single dad. Living in the middle of suburbia. Small cozy home with white picket fence and all. His kid (*cough* Gavin *cough*) isn’t biologically his own but damn if he doesn’t love the kid as his own. Sure he’s a little lonely, haven’t been doing all that well in the dating game, but he’s fine with just himself and his kid.

Ryan: The neighbor next door. Living alone with a beast of a dog that’s actually quite lovely. Really he looks like the biggest nerd in the world and Geoff is personally offended when the first time they meet Ryan has the sweetest voice and the nicest manners. And it certainly doesn’t help when he gets along amazingly with his kid.

Okay but listen

Junkrat being introduced to the concept of easter

Only they forget to tell him the eggs they hide are usually chocolate

so when Soldier wakes up on easter morning he steps into his slippers and something cracks, an undignified “AUGH” echoing across the hallway, and it sets in motion a total chaos as everyone wakes up

Lucio comes out of his room with egg in his face and hair, there was one hidden under his pillow

Reinhardt goes to shave and two eggs tumble out of the toiletry cabinet, right onto his clean shirt. 

Mako has to wash his mask and face before he can show himself, there were two hidden in the gas vents.

Hana yells murder when her face sponge turns out to be a real egg.

And idk it just seems a cute concept to me because Junkrat is doing his best to hide the eggs in places people will never expect them and make it fun for everyone 

Just- should’ve used chocolate eggs.

anonymous asked:

people hating on pristins song and im like???? 10 seconds in i loved it like wow what a funky fresh bop

i know!!! i mean ok i can admit it’s one of those songs u have to listen to a couple times to fully commit but yO just by listening to it once i had the chorus stuck in my head it’s so cute and catchy!!

concept: during sleepovers, nagito and chiaki always do each others hair and makeup, then once they’re done they take overdramatic and silly selfies in the bathroom mirror till chiaki’s mom yells at them to stop giggling so loud.

bonus: hajime is usually present for this, but he tends to stick to the sidelines. however, after endless begging from nagito and chiaki he finally agrees. after forty five minutes, hajime has a full face of makeup on and a pretty bright pink bow on his ahoge while his best friends are giggling and complimenting him on how beautiful he looks.