its a cute concept ;a;

i know we all love art of genji in cute fashion, its very nice, but also the concept of him wearing just t-shirts is really funny to me

like. acknowledging he’s technically naked, but making a power move by leaving his ass out because he doesn’t actually give a shit

not even cute shirts. like ‘why do you even own these? do you get them custom made???’ shirts

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reaper daniel x life david??

i dig this a whole fuckin’ ton like a counselor centered deity au

pretty obviously we have life n death and i can’t leave The Girls out so

balance and chaos

Not to be that bitch but I am going to be that bitch but like why do so many kpop fans hate on girl groups? I don’t get it? The majority of the kpop fandom are girls/women. There are a lot of fangirls that hate on girl groups like wtf is your deal? You’re a WOMAN the least you can do is support these WOMEN that are succeeding and making a name for themselves. There are so many dislikes on girlgroup mvs and its so heartbreaking. These women work as equally as hard as the men and they still get shit for it. Just because its not your style or you hate cute concepts doesn’t give you the right to bash on them as creators. I’m not saying to stan them I’m just saying to stop hating on them.


roses, roses, laid upon your bedspread, oh my, all this, all this i know:
but every night i kiss you, you’ll say in my ear   ‘ oh we’re in love, aren’t we? ‘
hands in your hair, fingers and thumbs, baby.
i feel safe when you’re holding me near,  love the way that you conquer your fear.

( based on this post by @hufflebee​ )

i sketched out and trashed like… 100 drawings today but its okay cause lilith pulled me out of that rut… new darkstalkers when?

concept: You knock on my door with a goofy grin and a bouquet of flowers. I felt down for a reason that I don’t even remember anymore. You brought me comfort in the form of flowers, ice cream, and your presence. As you wrap your hands around me and i snuggle into your embrace, I realize how lucky I am to have ended up in your arms.

concept: it’s winter time and you n your crush go out to a winter carnival and there’s sparkly lights everywhere and your crush is all cute and flustery and embarrassed but they grab your mittened hand with their mittened hand and both of y'all blush and they buy you hot chocolate and it’s not that great but it still warms you up inside and all of a sudden it starts to snow and snowflakes cling to their lashes and they look at you all wide eyed and you guys start to lean in and everything is perfect in the word and you kiss among the snow and the lights and the cheesy holiday music playing in the background