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I love it when you go back and watch a show and you notice things you didn’t notice the first time. Like for example, the foreshadowing and hints for later in the episode/season. 


But if by chance you’re here alone, can I have a moment before I go? ‘Cause I’ve been by myself all night long, hoping you’re someone I used to know.

TVD Alternate Ending || Damon and Bonnie waiting for their next flight as they travel the world together. 

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klaus opening up to caroline

like the world is gonna disappear

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philkas au based on drunk in love by beyonce

After Lukas’ first experience in a gay bar, Philip hasn’t so much as mentioned going back. While he might have found it comical to see the look on Lukas’ face when he realized where they were, Philip isn’t cruel; he had made a mistake, one that made Lukas uncomfortable, and he had no interest in making Lukas panic like that again.

It was Lukas that brought it up. It was a few months after the death of Ryan Kane, and the boys were sprawled on the grass in front of Helen and Gabe’s house, listening to some music that Lukas and Philip were considering as additions to their ever-growing playlist. Lukas mentioned it, mentioned that he’d like to go back, mentioned that he thought it’d be fun.

Now, here they are, getting their ID’s checked at the door, both much better dressed than last time they were here. The bouncer lets them in without so much as a second glance, and then Philip is getting drinks, and they’re drinking much more than they should, until the world is tipping at it’s edges and they’re lighter than when they come in.

Lukas drags Philip out onto the dance floor just as some 2000s era song fills the air. It’s Mariah Carey in the worst way, but it fits, and it works, and Philip and Lukas don’t hesitate to grab onto each other and dance.

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a series of unlikely crossovers


I got this ask three years ago and this was before I realized the similarities between them but yeah. To be sorta fair I did kinda make a specialist I just couldn’t fit him in :P

Posting this is lowkey fucking with my anxiety idk why but k

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do you know why mari wears a green vest?and another question , do you think she takes advantage of her director position? xD

haha no clue, could be Director privilege? I don’t see anyone else wearing a vest or anything extra as part of their uniform. That or Mari is gay af for Kanan and needs to show the world she’s orca’s by wearing orca’s rep color??? iono their eye colors are each other’s rep colors too

And yes, I definitely believe she takes advantage of her Director position, sometimes on a whim to go with her flow or shiny ideas, and sometimes to actually help out Aqours and the school. I do want to see in S2 where they show how hard/stressful it is to actually be a Director. I know S1 presented the role humorously because it’s shiny onee-san and it’s joke, but no I really, really want to see the realistic side of such position. Alas, I doubt the anime would ever showcase something so somber/stressful, so I’m resting my hopes on SID.

I’ve read a Mari-centric doujin (bless this doujinshi omfg so good, still very salty the Kanan one sold out just before I could place my order) that showed Mari working very hard to study and acquire all the requirements to be qualified for this position of Director.

Yes, bad photos cuz I didn’t want to bend this precious lil doujin ;;w;;

I do believe that the Oharas’ wealth must have helped because how the heck would a 17 yo obtain such position? But, Mari must have the required qualifications to keep this position. That brief scene in the anime showing Dia and Mari working on their work/documents doesn’t do their respective roles justice.


two of a kind

k I’m sorry, I’m just watching Ouran and I just love this part so much

it’s from the twin’s episode. 

I just love Tamaki and Kyoya having a casual little conversation where they’re both friends now and neither of them are acting at all and theY’RE JUST TALKING.

Tamaki is complaining about Kyoya not helping him out on forming the club and they just- I DON’T KNOW THIS IS A REALLY DIFFERENT MOMENT. It’s not like the other times they talk, because usually you see how they act with everyone else around.

But when it’s just them hanging out… it’s atmospherically different. It’s cool.

Tamaki: (sigh) Are you even listening to me?

Kyoya: Well. I hear you talking.

Tamaki: Hmph. -_-

stefan + elena

Now thats love.
That kind of love never dies.
Love really did conquer all.
I envy the love you have.
That kind of love it can change your whole life.
What is love to you? Never giving up.
She’s the love of my life.
I picked you. Because I love you. No matter what happens, its the best choice I ever made.
Thats what love should be. You should love the person that makes you glad that you’re alive.
I will always love you.

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To the anon telling the other anon to go get an education instead of 'selling the body' or using men... first of all we don't know the background of that anon, they might need money to pay for their studies, they might not. Either way, it's their choice, their body, their life and there's literally nothing wrong with stripping. It's a show! Second, Men that go to strip clubs aren't being used, or taken advantage of. They go to strip clubs because they choose to go, no ones forcing them (1/2)

(2/2) While some strip clubs are pretty rough and probably not safe, a lot of them actually do have rules for the safety of the dancers - general worldwide rule says you can’t touch the stripers. Prostitution (receiving money in exchange of sex / sexual favours) is completely different than performing for an audience - cabarets, casinos, all often have ‘stripping’ shows. I don’t think it’s fair to judge anyone without knowing them, and the anon even said her workplace is safe and respectable!



“T r u s t is a fickle thing. That got me thinking that if I want people to trust me, then I’ve got to earn it. That starts with choosing a side, so here I am.
I reckon it goes without saying, I c h o o s e L i l y.”