its a cat alright

Get home to find BB covered in blood up her back. Proceed to freak out because BB is
1) quite old (almost 11)
2) my psych support animal - we get separation anxiety from each other.

Rush her to the vet. Call a friend to come pick us up because boyfriend and roommate are both at work thus no cars at home.

BB is taken into triage, checked over. Meanwhile I’m barely managing not to faint even though I’m on diazepam.

Boyfriend rushes from work.

Luckily, it’s not as serious as I first thought. Vet cleaned the wound (after shaving her fur around the area), gave her an antibiotics shot and some painkillers, with two doses for me to give her over the next 20hrs.

BB is entirely placid through this entire thing. Probably happy to get so many snuggles.

Unfortunately I had to use my rent and bill money to pay for the vet, but it was an emergency so… I don’t mind too much.

BB peed in her crate on the way home, but that’s alright. The crate has been cleaned, Betty has been given a sponge bath, and she’s currently curled up asleep, leaving me nauseous from stress. I’m going to take a nap then keep monitoring her.

The Reason Why Cats Are Unlucky - Kota Igarashi

Summary: Kota has a certain someone for a temporary roommate, but he can’t tell if it’s a good thing or not.

Genre:  Romance, Fluff

Pairing: MC/Kota

a/n: This is for @myscandalinthespotlight for winning my giveaway :) ! I’m so, so sorry this took so long. So much things came up, but I hope you enjoy this nonetheless!


               Cats were supposed to be lucky, but for some reason, Kota’s luck was ironically awful.

               Apparently, there was a leak in her bedroom ceiling, and according to the repairman, the leak wasn’t going to be fixed until next month. That left her with three options—the first was to remain in her bedroom and endure water dripping on her face every night, the second was to sleep on the couch, and the third was to bunk in with someone else for a month.

               Everyone agreed that the first option was a definite hell no.

              (Revance may have forced her to be their ghostwriter, but they wouldn’t go so far as to make her deal with a leaky ceiling.)

              The second option was a dick move.  

              (She is a woman, after all. They all had some semblance of gentlemanliness in them.)

              The last option was—well—a bit complicated knowing that no one (sans Nagito) was eager about cohabitating with a girl for the next month. After much debate (and a few unsolicited comments from Iori), they all decided to go with the classic fishbowl method, thinking this was the fair option.

              “So, whose name did you pick out?”

              “It’s… Kota,” she said hesitantly.

              Whoever said cats were lucky is an idiot.

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Omg. My lil baby died noooooooo!!!!!!
I didn’t noticed of that cuz last night she was in the bedroom in 5 minutes and then when is diner time she I kept calling her but she isn’t here yet so I check everywhere at the room and I feel worried bout’ her all time I can’t sleep cuz there’s something gonna happened to her and now at the morning I was ready to go to school and my mommy was going to zumba so she go outside and she called me cuz I thought I did something wrong but she told me that my lil baby died I was shocked and sad and angry (I will murder that bitch) >:’( and my brother was an ASSHOLE he doesn’t care if my baby died so my gramdma put her in the trashbag and dump in the trashcan (that was so cold of her) and now I got two lil babies here at home and I don’t want anything happened to them to I must protect my lil baby. And pls make sure ur cats is safe