its a cat alright

FAHC Gavin whose at a deal, in full Golden Boy mode, all smiles and sharp wit. One of the boys are with him, acting as bodyguard, but Gavin doesn’t think he needs it. The deal is going wonderful, splendid, the other guys are eating out of the palm of his hand. Gavin is about to tie the deal up in a neat little bow when he sees it.

An unholy screech comes out of his mouth, setting everyone off, guns raised and on red alert. While they are looking around for the threat (eyeing each other, was this a trap?), Gavin prances (fucking prances) over to where a kitten is and scoops it up. Cooing and smushing the cat against his face, phone raised to snap a selfie.

The boy that’s playing bodyguard (most likely Ryan or Michael because Jeremy can’t make too much a deal of it when he does the same thing only with dogs) just. Facepalms. Because of course Gavin would pull this shit during an important meeting. The asshole can’t help himself.

And Gavin feels no remorse. Not when the other crew demands an apology (or a favor from the Fakes. Which. Geoff would laugh in their face if he wasn’t so busy fuming) for almost causing a shootout. He doesn’t even look sorry when Geoff and Jack pull him aside to chew him out for potentially ruining a big deal or worse, ruining his reputation.

It doesn’t help that Lindsay fist bumps him and demands the pictures Gavin took so she could squeal about it too.

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My sister and I both live at home, and at the moment, both my parents are on a 4 month holiday so it's just us two. My sister got a cat last year (even though I'm very allergic to it and fleas) which has been alright cause it's mostly an outdoor cat. But last week, my sister decided on short notice to move in with her boyfriend and can't take the cat with her. She wants me to look after it even though I'm really allergic and generally don't like it anyway. What should I do?

I don’t think you should take it. It was shitty for her to get it in the first place while living with you, and it’s utterly unreasonable of her to decide to foist it off on you because her life decisions are making her unable to care for it. This cat’s welfare is not your obligation, and it’s not fair to you to put you in this position. 

Also, it’s worth noting that you’re likely not going to take great care of an animal you don’t want, don’t like, and have health issues related to. Even if you intend to and try really hard, resentment builds up and can affect the cat’s quality of life. That’s not fair to the cat. 

Help her rehome the cat if you’re worried about it’s future care - or if you’re worried she’ll just abandon it - but you definitely don’t have to take it yourself. 

Goodnight Kiss

It is day 7 of Adrinette Month, and I feel like I have not incorporated enough of the other sides of the love square. Fortunately, Day 7 is Patrol! So I have written some gratuitous LadyNoir for your reading pleasure. There is very little plot in this one. Enjoy!

Also available on AO3

Named for Goodnight Kiss by Jung Hyoseong 

Two weeks later and Adrien could not keep his hands to himself. 

It had been two weeks since their first kiss. Ever since, Adrien found himself addicted to Marinette’s lips. It was nonstop. When they studied, when they were on dates, even on patrol. 

The last of which could actually prove to be a problem if he couldn’t get himself under control. Unfortunately, not even the threat of an Akuma or Hawkmoth could keep him off of her.

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please, please tell this true story

haha OK it’s actually a dumb story but i enjoy telling it. it got a little long so the story’s under the cut. 

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As a fellow McDonald's worker I am so sorry you had to put up with even more bullshit than we usually have to deal with !!!

its ok,, even tho it was bad, at least the worst is over :’^) ranting is only ever good for blowing off steam and forgetting about it so,, ill just ??? think about my cats. yeaH

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Darry's reaction to the reader adopting a stray kitten if it's alright 😊

-Darry does not want a cat.

-Like at all.

-He thinks they’re annoying and all they do is scratch you.

-He takes it from you to put it outside but when he opens the front door he sees that it’s raining.

-And he looks down at the little thing and sighs deeply.

-He says it’s just for the night.

-But one night turns into a week.

-And you’ve named it and all of the other guys have grown attached.

-And Darry is to stubborn to admit that he has too.

-But you always come home and see the little kitten sleeping in his lap or on his chest.

-He says it just crawled up there and fell asleep.

-And that he’d never pick it up on his own because he’s to afraid of squishing it in his big hands.

-But you always catch him picking it up when no ones around and kissing the top of its head.