its a caramel machiatto

Hamilton Starbucks orders
  • Alexander: grande 5 pump dirty chai at 160 degrees no water extra foam . Yes he knows it's complicated and obnoxious but he tips well to make up for it
  • Eliza: tall mint majesty tea with 2 honey packets. She waits patiently and let's mothers with screaming children go ahead of her. Always says "don't worry about it!" And asks how the barista's day has been
  • Philip: tall double chocolaty chip frappucino. Insists to Eliza he wants a grande and says he can finish it. She gets it for him once. He doesn't finish it.
  • Angelica: trenta cool lime refresher extra ice. Finishes it before leaving the store and comes back in line for a refill. She's never satisfied.
  • Burr: grande bold coffee with no room. Immediately goes around the corner dumps half of it out and replaces it with cream and sugar. Wants everyone to think he can drink black coffee. No one believes him.
  • Washington: venti americano no room 1 pump of vanilla. Waits patiently by the counter with his headphones in listening to a podcast about foreign affairs
  • Laurens: tall black and white mocha extra whip. Pays for the guy behind him cause he seems like he's having a rough day
  • Mulligan: venti blond pour over. Everyone laughs cause they think blond is weak. He tells them over and over its the one with the most caffeine. They don't listen.
  • Lafayette: venti caramel machiatto 2 extra shots with caramel inside and outside. Says his order really fast and grins at watching the barista scramble to write the cup
  • King George: venti London fog misto. Says he's gonna order something different every time. Never does.
  • Jefferson: grande latte machiatto, which is pretty much the exact same thing as a regular latte but the shot is poured over top instead of at the bottom. Swears it tastes different. Claims he learned it in France. Believes he can tell exactly how long the shots pulled (none of these are true)
  • Madison: whatever Jefferson is having