its a bucs life


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Bucs Sign CB Alterraun Verner, effectively replace Revis

4 years, $26M. $14M guaranteed.

Costs less than half as much as Revis per year, and the Bucs may also bring in Charles Tillman tomorrow. They would both combine to make less than $16M per year, getting two players for less than the price of one Revis.

I have now processed today’s events and am ready to move on. Darrelle is the enemy. He thought $10M a year wasn’t enough. That’s plenty.

Revis Island = Atlantis. Bye.

This is our week.

The team hasn’t given up.

Who was the last team we beat? The Atlanta Falcons.

Where did we beat them? The Georgia Dome.

They’re without Julio Jones and Roddy White.

We lost to the Saints by only 2. They lost to the Saints by a little more.

They’re 1-4. We’re 0-5.

And they’re the goddamn Falcons.

I hate them. You hate them. Everyone hates the dirty birds.

Let’s tie them in the standings. Let’s go into Georgia and kick some ass.

Fire the damn cannons.


The Buccaneers released a statement today saying that each game this season will reach the 85% minimum requirement to be televised locally. That means that Tampa Bay will be seen on television each week for the first time since 2008.

Granted, this was likely to a PR move by the Glazer family to ease the hearts of disgruntled fans. However, I’m extremely glad I won’t have to find a stream online somewhere to get my football fix.

The local area will get to know their new quarterback, Mike Glennon, first hand. I think that’s a great thing. These past four years were difficult for the organization because you never knew when a game would be televised, and it’s hard to develop a dedicated fan base when the fans you’re trying to reach can’t see the product on the field.

This is a crucial time for the organization. The coaching staff is on the hot seat. The general manager is on the hot seat. The quarterback was on the hot seat, and then lost it to a rookie. The fans are going to hold to the team together, and I’m glad that ownership has recognized that.

Let them gain the community’s support, and sooner than later, the fans will pack the stadium. Wins will have to start piling up before that happens, but this is a start.

Keep supporting your Bucs.