its a big part of this project

Highborne Ruins - Eldre’Thalas

Sidenote: The city has been spelled with the ‘t’ in ‘thalas’ both capitalized and lowercase. The importance of one or the other is unclear, however the spelling of Eldre’Thalas where it is capitalized seems to be the official one.

One of few royal cities in Azshara’s empire, Eldre’Thalas was built during her reign twelve thousand years ago to protect Queen Azshara’s most prized arcane secrets. This ranged from processing her most important demands to the safekeeping and storage of her precious tomes. Led by Prince Tortheldrin and Azshara’s greatest revered arcanists, the House of Shen’dralar, Eldre’thalas was established by expeditionary forces in the lush jungles of Feralas.

Eldre’thalas appears to have more of a druidic and naturalistic direction than many other Highborne cities of its age. Granted, all night elf cities were shaped in concert with nature and built with dozens of gardens, however Eldre’thalas has the touch of nature magic in its very existence. In addition to many elven statues, there are figurines of deer, bears, and owls. Eldre’thalas had an Ancient protector, Tendris Warpwood, whose very heart was inexorably entwined with the fate of the city. The official art of Eldre’thalas shows wandering treants, some of which inhabit the conservatory in the eastern wing and Milicent Serene, Highborne naturalist, created the Fruit of Fertility which protected Eldre’thalas and made it flourish. Eldre’thalas may, as a result of its unique direction, have been a useful location for the combined study of arcane and natural magics even before druids existed.


Eldre’thalas is a massive, multi-tiered sprawling expanse of gardens, districts, and corridors (sometimes hidden) that connect every part of the city. There are three official districts in addition to the central colosseum. The north and western districts, the Gordok Commons (named for the ogres that now inhabit it) and Capital Gardens respectively are connected to the Athenaeum, the library that serves as the very purpose of Eldre’thalas’ existence. The eastern district, the Warpwood Quarter exits through multiple passageways, such as Lariss Pavilion which opens up well outside the boundaries of the city.

In similar fashion to other decrepit Highborne cities, some areas of Eldre’thalas have been renamed in favor of their intruders. The Gordok Commons and Warpwood Quarter were claimed by outsiders and likely no longer sport their original names (although the Warpwood Quarter may have been named for Eldre’thalas’ protector, Tendris Warpwood). The function of the northern district is unclear, but the eastern district has a conservatory, a pool (either for bathing or as a moonwell, perhaps), and the Shrine of Eldretharr. The western district, the Capital Gardens, was likely a great place for socialization. It’s dominated by a massive garden and plethora of benches which make up the Court of the Highborne.

The Athenaeum

The Athenaeum is indisputably the most valuable part of Eldre’thalas. It is the library that holds much of Queen Azshara’s tomes in addition to compendiums detailing the known history of Azeroth. It may also be a place of science, considering the Highborne armillary sphere on display. It shares its model with the Highborne Astrolabe, however it looks like an armillary sphere which is a model of the celestial globe.

All books stored in the Athenaeum are protected with the Mark of the Athenaeum which prevents any unauthorized viewings. Even if one were to break the seal, it is implied that only people with the “requisite intellect to consume the knowledge” can read the sacred books. This may just mean that it depends on the reader’s skill level and has nothing to do with one’s magical aptitude.

The books are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal System.


The same prefix, “Eldreth” shows up in regards to Eldre’thalas many times. Eldreth Row and the Shrine of Eldretharr are subzones of the massive city. Ghostly inhabitants are called “Eldreth Sorcerers”. It is likely some Darnassian word with an unknown meaning, however ‘thalas’ alone translates to kingdom. In the translation of Eldre’thalas, ‘Eldre’ would then be its own word, meaning that Eldreth, at least where the name of the city is concerned, does not apply.

Eldreth could be a name for the inhabitants, similar to how people who live in America are called Americans. It could simultaneously be a word used to denote things that are “Eldre’thalas” in design, like how one will refer to certain items as “American”. Eldre’thalas is inhabited by the Shen’dralar, however they are not a race so much as they are a house: the House of Shen’dralar. This may have been Prince Tortheldrin’s royal house, which would include his servants and most loyal followers. The Eldreth, in this case, would be the lower caste civilians of the city, later to be sacrificed by the Shen’dralar in order to prolong their lives after the Sundering. That would explain why any living Highborne from Eldre’thalas never call themselves Eldreth, but instead Shen’dralar.

“Thank You, Seventeen” Project

“Thank You, Seventeen!” Project (#TY17)

Deadline: September 26, 2015

Have you ever wanted or have been considering sending fanmail or gifts to Seventeen but unsure of how to proceed or scared of international postage? We’ve got you covered! With the “Thank You, Seventeen!” Project, we plan on sending one great big box over to Korea filled with our love.

This a united fan effort to send the boys of Seventeen a great big care package to congratulate them on the success of their first mini-album and to encourage them to take notice of their international audience.

The project will be divided into 2 categories, a physical “letter” section and digital “media” section. “Gifts” will be a part of the “letter” section due to its physical nature. The digital section is an opportunity for people to do something and take part in the project if they can’t/don’t want to sent a letter!

We are currently seeking a minimum of 100 FAN LETTERS to make sure this happens. So please spread this to as many Seventeen fans as possible and use #TY17 to track your/follow our progress or posts relating to the project!

*We will still be sending any received letters even if it’s below a hundred but it will not be as big and lavish due to the low count! So be sure to have as many Seventeen fans join!

Please read the following guidelines carefully before asking questions.


If you are in North America, we have come up with a solution for you to send fanmail with little to no cost! Here’s how you can proceed and some things to know. A stamp within the states is only a few cents and your family most likely has free stamps lying around!

  • Keep it PG-13. No smut or harmful or foul language. Please be respectful of our boys!
  • Send your letters to our setup PO BOX, (information at the very bottom). and we will put in our care package for you and it will be shipped with everyone else’s letters!
  • If you’d like your envelope to address a member specifically, put your letter in an envelope and simply write the member’s name. Then put THAT envelope into another envelope with the PO BOX address written on it. Once it arrives, we will throw away the PO BOX envelope and just put in your envelope with the members name on it. DO NOT write the member’s name on the envelope with the PO BOX information to avoid confusion at the postal office.
  • All letters we receive, we will be opening the envelopes and throwing away the envelopes with the PO BOX address written on it. That envelope is JUST to send it to us and will not be going to the members. Please remember this bit, it’s very important!
  • Can’t send a physical letter? If you would still like Seventeen to receive a letter from you but you can’t write one or send us your physical fan letter, let us know and e-mail it to us at [] and we will print out your written letter for you and include it in the care package!
  • Your letters may be however many pages you’d like it to be. But that does not mean send us a folder’s worth of letters. Please use your judgement wisely!


As it stands, Joshua and Vernon are currently the only members fluent in English. It is likely that most of the members will be able to read your letter in English and understand it, since English is taught there very well, but it will also likely be difficult for some members. While it’s also likely Joshua and Vernon can read the letters to them, here are other solutions available to you.

  • We suggest that you avoid using Google Translate. It can translate direct words but some words do not have actual translations and you cannot translate a sentence word by word as Korean grammar is extremely different.
  • We will translate it for you! Jae, who is spearheading the shipments and digital section, is fluent in both Korean and English. He has volunteered to translate any letters wishing to be in Korean. See below for additional options to this.
  • If you wish to physically write the Korean yourself: E-mail Jae at [] and he will reply with a full translation so that you may copy and write it on a piece of paper. Then physically mail it to us accordingly.
  • If you wish to send your English letter but also a translation: Just physically mail the letter and include a separate note saying you’d like the member to receive a Korean transcript. We will then type up a Korean translation to your letter, and bundle it with yours into the care package. (Recommended by Jae: your own natural writing is very personal!)
  • If you do not want any translation of any kind just send your letter with no notes and we will assume nothing and just put your letter into the care package.


If you’d like to send the group some little trinkets or homemade gifts or buy them a little souvenir to include with your letter, we have a little wiggle room to what we will be able to include and allow. Anything that is too big, or even “normal sized” will be rejected. Please think of other people trying to send their own gifts so please, we must delegate a limit to each person.

  • There is currently no size limit just a general frame of reference of “small” or “easy to pack”. PLEASE contact Jae first at [] and ASK before you send anything or begin crafting things.
  • No perishables of any kind. No food, cookies, candies, etc.
  • No liquids of any kind.
  • No sharp objects of any kind.
  • Toothpaste Event! We are asking, if people would like to, buy some toothpaste and send it so we can care package it to them. We are planning to include a bunch of toothpaste in the box since they seem to be always running low. If you write something on the toothpaste, please do not address it to a specific member!
  • Preferably, buy Korean brand toothpastes! A lot of major cities have a Koreatown or even just a nearby Korean market you can go to. They’re going to have to put these in their mouths and imagine how they might feel about unfamiliar and unknown strange looking brands!


So what exactly is this? Well, Jae is a professional video editor and producer, and will be creating a fan sizzle reel for the boys to watch. Since it is unlikely that it will be seen if only placed online, it will be both uploaded AND a copy of it will be included on a physical thumb drive in the care package. If you’d like to participate, please read the following carefully!

There will be two sections, a photo collage/slideshow section and a personal video shoutout section.


The photo collage will be exactly what it sounds like. Here are the requirements and limitations!

  • No crude, foul or nude expression allowed. Keep it PG-13.
  • Selfie or non-selfie is acceptable. Style of photo does not matter.
  • Hold up a fan sign of some kind, either involving the group’s logo, their name or some kind of brief message like “We love you Seventeen!”, etc.
  • If you have a PHYSICAL copy of their album (available on yesasia and e-bay), hold it up as well with your fansign! Show that international fans are supporting their physical sales as well!
  • We prefer high quality, please. Photos will not be rejected if they’re not high quality, but this will be a High Definition video and having to expand a photo’s size to fit the screen diminishes its quality and we’d like it to be as nice as possible.
  • Be as creative as possible!
  • Submit all photos to []


  • No crude, foul or nude expression allowed. Keep it PG-13.
  • Record a clip of yourself saying this entire line only: Say the name, Seventeen!
  • Should be no longer than 5 seconds.
  • From all the submissions, we will include EVERYONE’s video clips, but we will cut all clips at random choice so that half the submissions say “Say the name” and the other half says “Seventeen!”. This will be a random choice so please say both of them like how the group would to introduce themselves so that Jae has options to edit around.
  • Please try to submit in as high quality as possible. Note, most smartphone cameras are WAY more High Definition than all webcams.
  • No creativity for this one since it will be a supercut meshed with everyone else!
  • Submit all videos to []


This will be a personal touch and is for specific members only. The photos will be our main “general” shoutout category to the group but the video shoutout will be for individual members. How it will work will be like this: Each member will get a special intro video edited and then it will playback footage from all fan footage directed at THAT member. Each member will be introduced their shoutouts in order of eldest to maknae (sorry Dino, you’re going last!)

  • No crude, foul or nude expression allowed. Keep it PG-13.
  • Please keep it from 5-10 seconds. Just a simple “I love you Vernon!” or “I’ll always support you Jeonghan!” or “Please come visit us in America soon The8!”. Remember, we need to keep it short to make room and time for other fans. Please be respectful of their time as well.
  • With that said, have you seen Vines? People can do some INSANELY creative stuff in only 6 seconds. You have up to 10! Get your crazy creative juices going!
  • As long as it is not profane and meets the requirements, all clips will be used.
  • Please try to submit in as high quality as possible. Note, most smartphone cameras are WAY more High Definition than all webcams. No particular format is necessary, just the raw original quality please.
  • Submit all videos to []


One thing we need to remember is, we want all the boys to feel included.

  • If you have multiple biases or favorite members, you may write multiple letters or film multiple shoutout clips.
  • No multiple letters or multiple clips for one individual member but you can have multiple if you give them to other members.
  • For example, you can write up to 13 letters or film 14 clips, one for each member.
  • Without mentioning names, obviously some members of the group will be more popular than others. We want everyone to feel loved so we do encourage writing to everyone and showing individual love to all the members! Please!
  • IF YOU SEND US PHYSICAL LETTERS OR GIFTS: Please e-mail us and let us know so we can keep a look out for your letter or mail. Sometimes the postal office loses these things and we also do not want to send the care package without knowing yours is still coming, so please let us know if you send something so we can keep an eye out.
  • IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA: You can still be a part of this project by going with either the photo or video section. If you would also like to send gifts or letters and have them in the care package, look into your shipping rates to sending something to California and MAKE SURE IT GETS HERE ON TIME. Sending something from outside N. America may take longer and you might miss the deadline if you’re not careful.
  • And remember, toothpaste ;)


The main objective of this is to congratulate our boys on their debut but to also encourage a visit to the States in the nearby future. You want to see them in person right? Well, making a big splash like this and engaging them with a great big box of love from their international fans is a great way of making sure they know we’re out here waiting. The more letters we can send the better.

Though a tour is extremely unlikely, it’s very possible that they could make an appearance at K-CON in the near future! So the bigger the splash we make, the bigger the lasting impact we can make on their memories.

And lastly,


Address your letters and gifts in this format to:

PO BOX #1777


  • Do not address letters and gifts to the name “Jae”. You NEED to address it to SA YIM, his Korean name. Jae is his American pseudonym.
  • Only use USPS (United States Postal Service). NEVER use UPS. UPS does not deliver to PO Boxes. Your letter or gift will NOT reach us. If you are outside the U.S., please make sure your service delivers to PO Boxes. If not, please contact Jae for an alternate delivery method.
  • Your limit is 11x5.5inches in the PO BOX but honestly, that’s pretty big. If you are sending something that is going to go over that limit, you are most likely sending something TOO big and will not be acceptable to put in the care package. If you are not sure, please contact Jae, that is your best bet.
  • Maybe your gift is acceptable but larger than 11x5.5inches. Please contact Jae via e-mail first to confirm this and we can work out a way to send it.

If you have further questions you can hit up our ask or Jae’s.

How to reach Jae:

Follow the progress:

E-mail: []

Note from Jae: tumblr is the quickest way to reach me for questions here and there, but if the conversation needs to continue longer, e-mail is your best bet. Please state in your ask if you’d like it to be private. By normalcy, I answer all my asks publicly unless explicitly told that they want it private.


We get into it, like in a good way. He’s so good, he is such a good actor and he is so committed in his part, and he has strong opinions–which I like. I’ve only ever worked with people who have strong opinions and big personalities. So, he would be the first to admit this, and he’s such a gentleman he would never bring it up. We have a very fun, super creative and loving, slightly tempestuous relationship, but I think it’s good for the show.   – Mindy Kaling



So how many people now know who, or rather what Hiro is? ;D

Either way, we’re drawing to a close and one more comic part left, then the background part that’ll explain everything.

And reminder, I will not be answering questions about the content of this AU until after all 6 parts have been posted. Please look forward to the other parts! (´▽`) And if things click into place faster for you, don’t spoil it for others~!

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This project is, as of now, concluded. This was the original open-ended conclusion I had planned, and while I later wanted to add additional explanation parts afterwards, I no longer have the motivation to do so. If an additional part is ever added, the update will be listed in the above linked Masterpost.

Since it first began in the summer of 2010 Humans of New York has become an awesome cultural phenomenon, pairing portraits with extraordinary stories of ordinary people told in their own words. But NYC is a very big place and part of its population has been excluded from this captivating project. That is, until filmmaker Harry Aspinwall recently started his own fascinating project called Orcs of New York.

Some may say Orcs of New York is simply an entertaining parody, but we think it’s a brave and noble thing to reach out to the city’s growing population of migrant Orcs and listen to what life is like for them, having exchanged the volcanoes of Mordor for the skyscrapers of New York, pursuing their dreams and going about their daily business so far away from the lidless, fire-rimmed eye of Sauron.

Speaking of his reasoning for the project, Aspinwall said “Humans of New York has done so much for helping nurture understanding between different humans all over the world at this point. Having “humans” in the name made me want to take it one step further and bridge the gap to other anthropoid species. After all, we all have to get along.”

Follow Orcs of New York on Facebook to keep up with Aspinwall’s latest Orc-on-the-street interviews.

[via Design Taxi, Nerdist, and Orcs of New York]

Evangelion spinoffs be like

Writer 1: Shit. What do we do with Kaworu now that he’s not an angel? That was a huge part of his character. How do we fill that gap?

Writer 2: Well he’s gay.

Writer 1: Yeah?

Writer 2: So make him gay.

Writer 1: …..alright, but we still need more personali-

Writer 2: No, just gay.

Writer 1: ……..

Writer 2: And have everything that he says be an innuendo.

Writer 1: About wanting to fuck guys?

Writer 2: Now you’re getting it. 

i am tired of them looking at me
and seeing someone i’m not.
a body i wish i could leave.

I am tired of this me, a song sung
in greek tragedy. one of madness,
the end of this rotting body. 

i am tired of hair. i want to shave it
all and name myself new. 

it rings in my ears. her voice
calling me home.  her hands
blooming from mine.  her wings,
spreading like light from my back.

don’t ask what
all of this means
in my dopamine dreams,
ones of fireball and lsd
i see myself as godly.

i’m not a god.  
i’m not a god.
i’m not a god.
i’m a girl.

—  river


Okay so this part is admittedly slightly filler, but since we were all about Hiro last part, it makes sense to focus on her brother for part 3?

I have many alternative titles for this part, including “Fandom Treats Tadashi Too Nice and Forgets He Did a Really Stupid Thing So Let’s Rub It In,” “How the F*** Do You Draw Chris Pratt,” “OOH LOOK RAPTORS I LOVE RAPTORS,” and “I Can’t Draw Chris Pratt.”

Also, there was this marvelous scene in the Jurassic World deleted scenes in the DVD that was released Oct. 1st. Mind you, I had this mostly drawn and finished in June/July. It was kind of amazing how well it fit with this scene. I’ll put screenshots (with my camera b/c iTunes won’t let me take actual screenshots *sigh*) behind a cut at the end of this, but look at this marvelousness that is Owen, Claire, and Pile o’ Dino Poo:


And reminder, I will not be answering questions about the content of this AU until after all 6 parts have been posted. Please look forward to the other parts! (´▽`) And if things click into place faster for you, don’t spoil it for others~!

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Now click behind the cut to see images from the actual Jurassic World deleted scene of Owen, Claire, and Poo:

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Dressing Successfully

or an introduction to the man’s classic wardrobe.

Our appearances tell the world not who we are but who we would like to be. From our hair, or lack of it, adornment in jewellery, watches, the cars we drive, the cigarettes we smoke and the ping of the lighter that lights them - all tell the story of who we would like to be identified as. From how polished our nails are, or the presence of tattoos and piercings, near everything we do is a reflection of our own self image, and a projection of who we would like to be.

There are few aspects of our daily life as adaptable or as fluid as our wardrobes.

They are costumes of our idealised selves, literally a suit of armour to help us battle our way through the trials and tribulations of the professional world. Every profession has its standards, and every professional has their way of adapting that standard to themselves, be it conscious or no.

The beauty of classic menswear, and a big part of why I love it, is the fact that it is rarely revolutionary, but rather evolutionary. The changes can be tracked by decade rather than season, and it is slight adjustments that complement the individual, both physically and in less tangible ways, that takes well dressed to best in class.

Below are a few rules that should see any man aiming to build a wardrobe do so successfully and without fault.

1. Know the Rules, Understand the Context

For generation upon generation, from frock coats through to the establishment of the lounge suit as the standard of business formal, men learned the rules of dressing first from their father, then from their tailor. A boy could expect to learn the basics of dress from his father - when a suit is appropriate and when a blazer will suffice, how to tie his four in hand and bow, how to keep his shoes polished. To visit his father’s tailor was a rite of passage that many well-dressed men still remember fondly, and many great tailors will make it through three generations of a family before hanging up his shears. From his tailor men would learn how to dress for their builds, their complexions, and their everyday activity.

But something changed in the 60’s about the time JFK opted to go naked to his inauguration - hatless, at least, which was tantamount to being bare-assed in those times. Fashion started to infiltrate menswear. It was now fathers asking their sons how to dress, as the fashions of the times went from street to store, not vice-versa. A generation broke the verbal history of classic menswear, and we went from decade to decade of revolution rather than evolution.

That menswear has rules is what scares many men away - there is a lot of esoterica and obscure vocabulary that can be daunting to those uninitiated. But unlike womenswear, which sets its watch by the season and flips its priorities by the designers whim, men need only learn a few things. What is the standard, and what works for him. So a few fundamentals that are easily learned and quickly mastered;

The Lounge Suit - Easily summed up as a business appropriate suit of matching jacket and trouser. The classic palette of Grey and Navy is the most universally accepted, while Black is most often considered an evening suit in the classic tailoring world.

The sporting suit - Not often referred to in the modern wardrobe, a sporting suit is one worn for sports - primarily hunting. Patterned suit in tweeds or thorn proofs, in palettes of greens, brown and tans, things that would now be considered very English. What we have brought with us into the modern lexicon, however, is the sports coat - the odd jacket worn in non-traditional suiting colours, patterns and textures.

Formal Wear - Described below, a great rule to follow with formal clothing is that the more formal it is, the less open to interpretation. Formal clothing is something of a costume, made for specific occasions to ensure a consistent level of formality. Should you feel comfortable enough in your relationship with the host, bucking that courtesy is a risk you can take. Many a confidant dresser has adapted formal clothing to his personality successfully, but it is definitely a move for an experienced hand.

The Morning Suit - Also called a cutaway, the morning suit is the day time equivalent of the dinner suit, most recognisable as what would be worn to Royal Ascot or a formal day wedding. It is most traditionally worn with a black of charcoal coat, cutaway and finishing behind the knee. Odd trousers in a small tonal stripe, called Cashmere stripe trousers, despite usually being made of wool are worn below, although some rogues such as Prince Charles will wear matching light grey trouser/jacket combos. A double breasted waistcoat in Dove (light grey) or Buff (cream), a formal white shirt and a tonal ascot at the throat make up the majority of the habit. A top hat literally tops it all off.

The Dinner Suit - Often referred to as black tie, or a tuxedo after the famous Tuxedo club of New York where it made it’s American debut. A dinner suit is in black, or occasionally midnight navy, and worn with a bow tie, a white bibbed shirt, be it pleated (plisse) or dimpled (marcella). The dinner suit is an investment, and for those who love their wardrobes often ties the overcoat as the most significant single investment in a wardrobe. As they are worn less, and generally will last much longer, elegant men often put a little more thought, time and money in to the execution of each. A few rules for the dinner suit -

Black Tie is always worn with a bow tie. A four in hand tie with a dinner suit is fundamentally incorrect. Also - a bow tie is something that is knotted with each wear, one that is pre-tied is only appropriate if it spins or shoots water.
Matching elements on your dinner suit - your lapels, your bow, and your cummerbund should you choose to wear one. They are usually found in some form of silk - Grosgrain is often the bespoke choice, Barathea for something a little less archaic, Satin the most recognisable.

White tie - The most formal of traditional formal wear that is still commonly worn, and following that trend, the least open to interpretation. A white wing collar shirt, a white marcella bow tie and matching waistcoat is non- negotiable. A tailcoat cut short to just cover the bottoms of the waistcoat in front, double breasted but generally non fastening, with matching trousers finished, as with all formal clothing, cuffless. The most appropriate shoe is a well-polished opera pump, but a pair of plain black oxfords will do just as well in a pinch.

To quote the great G.Bruce Boyer on formal clothes:

In the early years of the twentieth century, a gentleman’s wardrobe was prescribed by the hour: morning coats till noon (or a short “stroller” jacket at a private gathering), lounge (business) suits until 6 p.m. (although swallowtails, striped trousers and top hats were still de rigueur in many professions), then evening clothes of one sort or another, depending on the occasion.

Of course, the high degree of prescription in dress was merely an objective correlative for the greater sense of rigidity and ritual about occasions. Every sport, for instance, not only dictated its own specific outfit for participants, but for observers as well. The most famous story about a breech in this etiquette took place one day in the early 1900s during the London season. King Edward VII happened to glance out a window and saw his master of the household, Sir Derek Keppel, entering the palace wearing a bowler hat. “You scoundrel!” the king yelled at the man. “What do you mean by coming in here in that rat-catcher fashion? You never see me dress like that in London!” Tough man with the proprieties, was Edward.

The king was a stickler for detail in an age of details. He once told a friend, who had proposed to accompany him in a tailcoat to a picture exhibition before lunch: “I thought everyone must know that a short jacket is always worn with a silk hat at a private view in the morning.”

Edward would be rotating in his hand-carved coffin if he could see what some people’s approach to coordinating outfits is these days. While we’re mercifully relieved of all that stifling rigidity, the downside to it is that, when the rules are thrown out, unbridled freedom often leads to chaos, confusion, frustration and terrible insecurity. Not to mention that some folks should be given warnings about assaulting the environment–you know, like obscene billboards and such.

Fortunately, there’s still one garment, the time-honored tuxedo, that prevents such fashion fiascoes. The one decidedly good thing about wearing a tux is that a man doesn’t need to make any decisions or worry whether he’s making a mistake: the prescribed outfit, top to toe, works perfectly fine. That is, works well if one knows the occasion calls for “Black Tie.” There again the Edwardians provided the rules governing the occasion by stipulating on the invitation what type of dress was expected. These days “White Tie,” “Full Dress,” “Decorations and Medals” and other such instructions are quaintly arcane at most functions. And the best place to see a tailcoat is in an old Fred Astaire film. Generally, the only men who own their own tails are diplomats and symphony orchestra conductors. If you are escorting a debutante to a fancy ball, rent.

2. Care for Your Stuff

Nothing looks better than a well loved pair of shoes, creased and polished, worn and resoled and polished a-glow again. Good clothing is an investment, and like an investment it needs some care to make sure it has a full life.

Dry cleaners are a last resort, not a regular occurrence. The method of dry cleaning is aggressive and damaging to cloth, and a well made garment is as much about the press as it is about the stitch, so regular dry cleaning is to be avoided. A good rule of thumb with tailored garments -

Rotate them regularly - When worn, cloth becomes warm and damp, the sad nature of our perspiring human bodies. Warm damp cloth is most likely to pill, to wear, and to stretch. Aim to have enough tailored garments in the wardrobe that none will be worn more than once in a working week.

Hang them warm - The miraculous nature of wool means that the fiber likes to return to its woven form. Wrinkled cloth and stretched seams will try to return to true if they are hung while warm from the body. So rather than drop your coat on the bed or on the back of a chair when you return home, put them on a shaped hanger. Your clothes will thank you for it.

Brush your garments - Dust and dirt abound, and when regular sponge and press is not an option, a good brushing will go a long way. Brushing the cloth helps return the fiber to its true direction, removes dust or dirt that may be sitting in the cloth, and will stave off the need for cleaning. The best brushes are natural bristle - horse for a softer brush, better for fine and delicate clothes such as cashmere or superfine wool, boar bristle for when you need something stiffer, such as tweeds, overcoatings, thornproofs or cottons.

Nurture your shoes - Your footwear is the most easily identified when shoddy, but also the most rewarding to care for. Like your clothing, shoes benefit from the following - Rotate them regularly. Never wear them two days in a row, and if wetted, should be offered an extra day or two to get fully dry. A solid brushing after each wear will see the need for a polishing greatly reduced, although polishing your shoes is something you should do yourself. If you haven’t learnt the method of glacage from your father, learn it  and make sure you show it to your son.

Shoe trees are to shoes as a good shaped hanger is to a suit, if not more so. Shoe trees are best when lasted, but still far better than nothing even when they aren’t modelled from the last. Put them in when the shoe is warm, before you apply the brush. Dustbags are great to stop dust from settling, but a brush is equally effective in removing it once it has.

3. Fit, Fit, Fit

Fit is to clothing as location is to property - arguably everything. A poorly fitted suit, no matter how beautifully made, will look appalling. Likewise a below average suit can be greatly improved by good tailoring. Look for these keys -

The collar - a jacket hangs first from the collar, second from the shoulder. Look at these two places when judging fit. A well fitted collar will be firm to the neck through a normal range of motion - that doesn’t include star jumps and burps, but driving, speaking on a phone, shaking someone’s hand - none of these should cause your jacket to need adjustment.

The shoulder - Extension of the shoulder is largely dependent on the shoulder pad, but ideally it should extend just far enough past the edge of the deltoid to fall straight and not divot when worn.

The chest - Despite the trend for slim and fitted clothing, there are parameters to what is slim and what is tight. A proper fitted chest on a jacket should fall to the button without creasing or ‘breaking’ as we call it in tailoring. Being practical garb, your suits should fit as you would most often wear them - if you carry a wallet in your breast pocket, your should fit it with that self same wallet.

Length - The most often mistaken are of fit on any garment is the length - particularly for those that feel they need to compensate in one way or another. Think of images of NBA players in jackets of zoot suit proportions. It does little to mask their height and instead makes them appear even taller. Likewise, many shorter customers over compensate by slicing their jackets so short as to look like a waiter in a French Bistro.

An easy rule to remember, is that most parts of a garment are made to cover certain parts of the body - a jacket should cover the torso, so ideally finishing at the base of the derriere. Sleeves cover the arms, not the hands. Gloves are for hands, not jacket sleeves! Likewise with trousers - properly fitted they should cover the legs, from just below the natural waist, falling to rest lightly on top of the shoe.

4. Keep it Simple

The most common mistake of those who are trying to build a wardrobe, and all of us who are passionate about dressing well are guilty of this, is indulging in the novel, the interesting, the different, for love of the garment and not the harmony of the whole. As Beau Brummell, that grand forebear of the male wardrobe put it -

“If John Bull turns to look after you, you are not well-dressed, but either too stiff, too tight, or too fashionable.”

The absence of colour and pattern in an outfit denotes it’s formality - the most formal, like the dinner suit, is simply black and white and without pattern. Often the very buttons are covered adding to the austerity. Likewise can be said for business - if you aim to look formal and serious, a palette of subdued colours and plain or very small patterns will serve you best. And in the great logic way that menswear tends to follow, the formality of a pattern follows directly it’s descending scale - a very fine pattern the most formal, great big patterns the least. The same can be said for textures, fine wale cord for an elegant option, while wide wale is best kept to the weekends.

5. Be Comfortable and Enjoy

You will never feel comfortable in any occasion if you don’t feel so, and nothing is more of an impediment to productivity than being pre-occupied with ill fitted or poorly styled clothing. Your wardrobe should be a cinch to dive in to of a morning, should see you through the day with aplomb, have you shoulder to shoulder with both clients and colleagues, and whisper your quirks and idiosyncrasies only to those that are listening closely.


Track art I made for a song in the upcoming Homestuck fan album @beforusalbum. name of the song is “Dear Heart” by @drhicks76 Its such a lovely song and i had a lot of fun making art for it!!
i’m so glad i got to be a part of this project tbh! I got into the Homestuck fandom pretty late so i never got to contribute much, especially to such a big community project such as this one!

Big thanks to @not-terezi-pyrope for managing this whole thing, @drhicks76 for being part of my creative process when i was working on this piece.(::::

Puma Made $975 Million Last Quarter Thanks to Rihanna's Sneakers

By: Riley Jones

Towards the end of 2014, Puma surprised sneakerheads by naming Rihanna its women’s creative director, and now a little over a year later, it looks like the move has paid off big time.

Bloomberg Business reports that Puma’s 2015 fourth quarter earnings managed to surpass analyst predictions with €879 million (roughly $975 million) in sales, which are up 17.1 percent from fourth quarter 2014 and far beyond expert projections of €847.9 million.

According to the brand, the sales surge is due in large part to its sneaker collaborations with Rihanna, and Puma CEO Bjoern Gulden added that “She can sell sneakers and Puma is onto something here which we haven’t seen yet in the women’s area.”

Next up from the Rihanna x Puma collaboration is the Fenty line, which made its debut last week at New York Fashion Week.

Meet the man who walked Mexico City’s 500-mile perimeter

To get a sense of the true size of the megacity, Feike de Jong decided to walk around its entire boundary. 

He chronicles his experience:

“In reality, Mexico City is not infinite. It has a beginning and an end. Patterns repeat themselves throughout the urban fabric. The city’s history is written on its walls and in the rubbish along its storm drains, in the names of subway stations and the little white crosses marking deaths on the street.

The way to know something too big to perceive is through its parts. So just like a seafarer of old who would sail around an island to see how large it was, this project deals with the edge of the greater Mexico City area, in the hope that it will tell us something about the size and complexity of the city it encircles.

As the walk continued and the city stretched out before me, determining my route – zigzagging, capriciously climbing up hills, slithering through ravines, day after day, week after week – it began to acquire a personality. I imagined the city as a whale and myself some miniscule sea creature crawling over it: the city moving slowly and gracefully according to its own laws; me frantically scrambling, a water flea on the skin of the leviathan.

I had been told it would be dangerous.”

Click here to read more about his journey in The Guardian.

One Piece Big Bang 2016  -  What Are The Odds? 

you can read the awesome story behind this picture here, by



Thank you so much for this great opportunity, i really enjoyed being a part of this project :’)


Big news!

After waxing poetic about astronomy through words and images for years, I’ve finally landed my most coveted project at powerhouseanimation. I am directing and animating the ‘Cosmic Queries’ segments for the second season of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Star Talk show on National Geographic TV. I am so incredibly excited and happy. Neil was nice enough to meet with Powerhouse CEO Brad Graeber and myself before his performance in Austin last night, where we discussed his ideas for experimentation with the Star Talk format in its second season, injecting science communication into pop culture discussions with both celebrities and scientists. He immediately noticed my Planetary Society membership pin on my lapel, which couldn’t make me prouder, as he serves on the board of directors. As thanks from a big fan and a symbol of enthusiasm for the project, I gifted him an illustration of mine, highly influence by Neil himself and my passion for astronomy. Look at him hold it! How cool is that!?

You wanna know the best part? It’s also my birthday!

Spider-Man coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Deadline is reporting the following:

Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios are joining forces on the next iteration of Spider-Man. Kevin Feige, who has steered a ton of hit franchise launches for Marvel, boards the project as producer. He will produce the next films with Amy Pascal, who just left the executive suites at Sony for a big production deal.
Under the deal, Spider-Man will appear in his [first] Marvel film that is part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, and then Sony Pictures will thereafter release the next installment of its $4 billion Spider-Man franchise, on July 28, 2017. There had been rumors that Sony might sell the webslinger back to Marvel and Disney, but that’s not what is happening. Instead, Sony keeps its top franchise, but this opens the door to Marvel Comics’ biggest superhero being able to cross-pollinate in the Marvel universe.

This comes hot on the heals of Amy Pascal leaving her C-suite job. 5 Days ago I tweeted this:

This could put SPIDER-MAN BACK TO MARVEL! RT @slashfilm: Amy Pascal Steps Down From Sony Pictures Co-Chair Post

— Creighton (@sensiblemadman)

February 5, 2015

Boy do I love being right.

Meanwhile /Film is saying that Andrew Garfield is no longer Spider-Man, and a new actor will appear as Spider-Man in both the MCU film and the stand alone Sony film. Additionally, Marvel has pushed back it’s ENTIRE RELEASE calendar to make room for a Spider-Man film in July 28, 2017 (that date was originally ear marked for Thor).

The current thinking is that Spider-Man will now appear in Captain America: Civil War (due in 2016) before leading in his own film in 2017. It’s worth noting that the rights to Spider-Man have not fully returned to Marvel. Sony is just sharing him right now. The 2017 movie is a Sony movie, not a Disney movie, but Kevin Fiege is leading the charge and that’s a very VERY good thing.


“I lay on my back one night and looked down at my feet, and I prayed to God. I said, ‘God, will you please let me have boobs so big that I can’t see my feet when I’m lying down?’” At age 11, “God answered my prayers,” she says, glancing south. “I had no clue they would fall into my armpits eventually.” - GQ magazine
Channing Tatum's 'Gambit' producer says attitude of film will match comic

Now that Channing Tatum superhero vehicle and X-Men spinoff film Gambit has a director again, and its star its officially locked in, the project is full steam ahead and still scheduled for an October release.

Speaking to Empire Magazine, producer Simon Kinberg describes Gambit as “a sexy PG-13 heist film,” and says that Tatum will be drawing inspiration from the comics he loves.

“Channing is a big fan of the comic,” Kinberg says, “so the accent, the attitude, the costume in many way, will be in the film. And he’s a character with a complex backstory – we’re playing him as a thief in the film, and that’s a big part of the story.”

As for Gambit’s backstory, Kinberg may say “complex,” but “convoluted” may be more accurate. Remy’s origin involves rival guild’s vying for favor with an X-Ternal, some kind of godlike, immortal mutant. It’s a bit much for a heist film.


New York: Day into Night - This is What 24 Hours in New York Look Like in Just One Picture

Taking a picture usually involves capturing a single moment, a motionless fragment of time. However, New York-based photographer Stephan Wilkes has managed to capture the passage of time in a single photograph. His “Day to Night” photo series explores the many changes that take place in Stehphan’s beloved city of New York as it transitions from day to night.

Completing this project took great dedication on Wilkes’ part. He had to actually stakeout the city in one spot for approximately 15 hours for each composite photograph. He had to take hundreds of pictures of the Big Apple and its most famous places and then spend 4 months picking out 30 to 50 suitable ones. The selected photos then had to be blended into one composite image that reflected the changes that took place in that location between sunrise and sunset.

By creating this photography project, the artist expressed his fondness and love for his hometown. Thanks to his dedication, the photographer brought seemingly surreal photographs to life and filled them with movement, vitality and the passage of time. Wilkes’ “Day to Night” series proves, once again, that New York City is the city that never sleeps.

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