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July’s Featured Game: SLARPG

DEVELOPER(S): Bobby “ponett” Schroeder
GENRE: RPG, Fantasy
SUMMARY: SLARPG is a short, turn-based RPG following the story of Melody Amaranth, a kindhearted but meek transgender fox who’s decided to learn healing magic and become a paladin. She’s joined by her adventurous girlfriend Allison, as well as their friends Claire (a sarcastic, rule-bending witch)(she is also trans) and Jodie (a dependable, somewhat motherly knight). Over the course of the story, our inexperienced heroes will meddle with forces beyond their control and find themselves responsible for the fate of their quaint little hometown. They’ll also fight some spherical frogs, travel to a forgotten land in the sky, befriend a robot or two, and anger the local librarian. But that should go without saying. 

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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Hey again, folks! Iron Circus Comics’ latest anthology project, featuring small animals on BIG adventures, has less than three days remaining on Kickstarter and about $6,000 left to go until its creators’ next pay raise!

Part of the reason ICC pre-orders so many of its projects on Kickstarter is it allows us to improve artist pay. And if (when???) we hit $40,000, our creators will be on the receiving end of a $20 page rate increase.  

So don’t wait to grab it at a con or off the bookstore/comic shop shelf! Back us now on Kickstarter!

Thanks, all!

Quick Ayano Recap

Since it looks that in the next chapter we’ll have a Snake of Clearing Eyes (Kurobiya) / Ayano confrontation, I wanted to do, as it’s stated in the title, quick Ayano recap. Althogh it won’t be a recap of what she’s been doing up to now, but rather of what she’s been doing that we didn’t see (it’ll make sense later in the post). I mostly just want to point out/remind some things and occasionally ask some questions.

The first time Ayano is mentioned in the new route (except for Shintaro’s dream) is actually way back in the Chapter 19 (Heat Haze Days II):

Back then we just naturally assumped Hiyori is talking about Kenjirou because that’s how it happened in other routes and we didn’t know how different this one’s gonna be just yet. But now we know that Kenjirou isn’t alive here, so the only person she could’ve been talking about is Ayano. (Also, before I assumed that Hiyori made disheartened face bc she wanted to spend more time with Momo, but now I wonder if it has anything to do with Ayano?)

But that’s not all of the persons that Ayano invited to her house! As we see in Konoha’s flashback later…

Well, the frame alone may not say much, but just like in the other routes Konoha greets Hiyori and Hibiya to Tateyamas houshold here he does the same… only now we know the only one living there is Ayano. And well… Ayano even said it herself:

And now is the point where I will start making questions. For the beginning what caught the tiny fraction of my attention which is the plural form of “roommates”. I know that Konoha + Hiyori + Hibiya would already make it for that plural form, but considering that Hibiya and Ayano hasn’t met before he got his powers, it’s safe to assume that Hiyori and Ayano hasn’t met yet which in turn is kinda safe to assume that they haven’t even spend a night in her house… Which would make it kinda weird to call them “roommates”.

Of course it’s still possible that Ayano met with Hiyori when Hibiya was asleep or something and I’m not trying to say that there is some misterious person for us yet to met that would be in any way significant to the story… All I wonder about is if Ayano was just inviting random people of the streets to her house lol (this girl was made for family life after all, not loneliness, at least not outside the Daze).

But it all also rises another question to me- could there be a reason to why Ayano is gathering people other than loneliness or will to help? Well to answer simply- yeah, it could, there always is some possibility like with everything, but if that’s really how it is is a whole different story.

And from the beginning I want to emphasize that I don’t think Ayano has any sinister intentions. In the end I think that, basing on Ayano’s reaction, Kano already could guess Ayano’s goal pretty well

But the problem with Ayano is that we don’t know what she knows, we just know that she knows much, which makes it hard to tell what she is planning (obviously her siblings’ happines most of all, but by what measures).

So far we know that Ayano saw in the Daze: 1. Snake’s plan to kill everyone (with “no full details”) 2. Azami’s memories including who entered the Daze and gained powers (although that one seems to not that clearly)

And for now it’s hard to tell if she remembers everyone that escaped the Daze or just the ones that did it before Ayano’s death in this route (probably depends on if Azami has memories from different routes).

In the end I think that in this route Ayano has a very similar role to Kenjirou, at least story-wise. Aside from the fact that she basically took his place, in the end she did help the Snake of Clearing Eyes to gather all other ability holders around Mary, even though maybe unintentionally or without bad intentions (well, not that Kenjirou had any).

And on the final note something that maybe doesn’t really mean anything and can be just a matter of translation, but that is still a pretty interesting comparison in my opinion.

When Kuroha confronted Dan last time, he said to Kano this:

But when Kurobiya meet Ayano in the last chapter he said to her:

“It’s been a while, Favoring Eyes.”


Finally, here’s the last part of the Valentine’s comic!

This is so late but I really didn’t expect for this to take me so long or to even be such a big project in the first place aaah

Anyway! I hope you all had a nice v-day~
And thank you so much for reading! ♥

Previous parts: [part 1] [part 2]


Basically, I’ve seen a bunch of fandom Secret Santa kind of things. I got to participate in some in the past few years and am considering running one for Camp Camp.

Planning wouldn’t really start until the end of the month. I’d set up applications, etc. For now though, could you give this a like if you’d be interested in taking part? Or reblogging to spread the word. Just so I have a good idea of how big of a project it’s going to be.

Thank you so much

~Campe Diem~

I’m a fan of real idols, real Japanese girls who sing and dance and train almost everyday to do their job of making people happy and smile. I hate when I mention that I like idols, then a LL fan goes ‘me too’ and shows me a pic of anime girls. They’re not real, they don’t deserve to be put at the same level as real live actual idols. Even the seiyuu, they’re not idols, they’re SEIYUU. This is why I hate the LL fandom, with them calling themselves “idol fans” they’re discrediting all the work that these girls do almost everyday. They’re constantly scolded, crying, training all the time and you people think it’s fair to compare some anime girls to it. smh

anonymous asked:

Hello 😊 sooooo I've JUST recently gotten into SHINee ( honestly I've been wanting to get into SHINee for a while but I've just been lazy until now) so I'm new to the fandom--whooop! - So I was wondering, is there anything I should know about SHINee? Also could you recommend me anything SHINee related?

welcome to the fandom, sweetpea!

there’s a lot of history to tell from these past ten years, so I’ll give you a condensed version of things (there was this huge masterpost/introduction on shinee I was going to link but I can’t seem to find anywhere otl; I’ll keep searching for it, though); even more so because… I believe it’s easier, in fact, to learn about them slowly and steadily as you become more and more involved with them.

so, take all the time you need! it’s really more exciting to fall in love with the boys little by little tbh.

forget about the typical roles found in kpop groups: all five are vocals (and visuals). shinee as a whole is very different from currently active/3rd generation groups - even though they’ve been on the run for longer, they are still young, they always bring in new, exciting concepts and flawless performances and tend to be compared to rookies in what concerns their energy on stage; meaning, they work as hard and with as much enthusiasm as a group that just debuted. 

taemin is very clumsy and has a habit of losing/breaking things by accident. (important: he hates bugs and I don’t say this lightly.) he’s very reserved and an introvert, but he loves his close friends and family dearly. usually more comfortable somewhere with food available. the personification of persistence and passion for what he does. also, he’s a soloist with three (Korean: Ace and Press It / Japanese: Sayonara Hitori) successful albums released. (you can find my - heavily biased - picks of favorite taem videos here.)

oh and still related to taemin - we have this thing where chanting his name brings in luck, apparently

minho is everyone’s dream boy: acts, raps, sings, writes his own lyrics, is gorgeous and charming and athletic, always working hard to become a better version of himself and the sweetest being you’ll ever hear about. he’s tall and big and all, yes, but don’t fool yourself: he’s soft, affectionate, touchy and a Real sap 24/7. his dad pretty much adopted the other four. he starred on a movie titled ‘Derailed’ recently; on KBS’s Hwarang: The Beginning and a bunch of dramas you can find on a masterlist at the end of this post.

key is a hardworking, inspirational and real example of someone who’s been through a lot and has a lot to useful advice to share based on previous experiences (also, he’s the king of aesthetics). he knows where he stands and doesn’t take bullshit from anyone - that’s why he’s the one to quickly shut down any member who’s being Too Much during an interview/show/etc; which is funny, because key himself is full of energy and will like, do the most for as long as he can get away with it. he’s been featured in a bunch of musicals and took part in a duo, Toheart, back in 2014. solo projects include a collab song with Axodus and an ost with NCT’S Doyoung.

a guide on how much of a sweetheart is kim jonghyun - he’s a complex being with a heart much too big and we’re always learning something new about him. I think the best way to get to know him is through the blue night radio; as its dj, he often shares bits of himself you’ll learn to put together little by little and love as a whole. he’s a soloist, too, with two officially promoted albums (Base and She Is) and a self-composed compilation (Story Op.1) released.

onew is their strength, their main pillar; someone who doesn’t impose his views on the boys and who, in exchange, is extremely respected and loved by each of them (despite his dad jokes and bad puns - they adore him, I’m not even joking). no wonder he won leader of the year back in 2015. ah, yes - he’s a prime example of sunshine incarnate. (he acts, too! he was a rockstar on the musical Rock of Ages and a doctor on Descendants of the Sun.)

the boys are so genuine in themselves, to each other and to everyone else those who work with them are all about compliments and admiration

and it’s not without a reason everyone says they are a family

the importance of the year 2013 to shinee and shawols 

some songs you might want to check out (p.s.: their Japanese discography is amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise)

they really like dogs

they’ve won a shit ton of awards since debut

they dote on their youngest like actual brothers

they are a mess™

shawolsource’s tag for masterposts of videos on each member + dl link for all their mvs (the last part compiled by me)

must watch (in my humble opinion): The Ultimate GroupSHINee’s Surprise Party for JonghyunVlive SHINee Begins and this mess of a promotional video

something I highly recommend checking on in terms of dancing and singing skills and the relationship between the members in general: their concerts. the first one I’ve ever watched was the SHINee World Concert III (which is still my favorite!) and if there’s anything that made me fall even harder for them, like… that was it. I can’t find link for all of them, sadly, but here you have the JATSWCII and SWCIV in full and playlists for the BMU TourI’m Your Boy Tour and DxDxD Tour.

some blogs that will help you out getting familiar with them are @fyjjong and @shineesubbed.

shawols wouldn’t ever miss a chance to go on and on about anything shinee, so - any questions, opinions or requests, don’t hesitate to hit one of us up. ♡

As we’ve already mentioned, the original Star Wars trilogy was a coded metaphor for George Lucas’ life – how a young idealistic man didn’t want to be dragged down by his father’s bad choices. So it’s fitting that in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, J.J. Abrams not only revisits the plot of the original Star Wars, but also its motivation. Only this time, the father is George Lucas, and his bad choices are the steaming piles of Bantha fodder that are the prequel trilogy. Right off the bat, the opening crawl lets us know that Luke (who remember, is Lucas’ fictional counterpart) is out of the picture. Like in real life, the guy who was a big deal decades ago isn’t a part of this movie.

So why have the heroes of the original Star Wars been banished to strange planets / luxury Californian estates? Both Luke and Lucas tried to follow up their successes with another project and screwed up royally. Lucas made three craptacular movies, while Luke started a new Jedi Order but ended up teaching a new Space Hitler how to murder people with laser swords. Hard to say which is worse.

6 Personal Secrets Filmmakers Hid In Famous Movies



So how many people now know who, or rather what Hiro is? ;D

Either way, we’re drawing to a close and one more comic part left, then the background part that’ll explain everything.

And reminder, I will not be answering questions about the content of this AU until after all 6 parts have been posted. Please look forward to the other parts! (´▽`) And if things click into place faster for you, don’t spoil it for others~!

                      <<PART 1>>       <<PART 2>>       <<PART 3>>

More on this AU and other links will be added to the MASTERPOST found here.

This project is, as of now, concluded. This was the original open-ended conclusion I had planned, and while I later wanted to add additional explanation parts afterwards, I no longer have the motivation to do so. If an additional part is ever added, the update will be listed in the above linked Masterpost.
Benedict Cumberbatch: 'It might look like an odd choice for a new father to be tackling a drama about losing a child'

Craig McLean
23 SEPTEMBER 2017 • 9:45AM

It’s a bright afternoon in April, and standing in front of me, wearing only blue trunks, is Benedict Cumberbatch. We are in a repurposed office complex near Uxbridge, on the set of The Child in Time, a feature-length adaptation of Ian McEwan’s Whitbread Prize-winning 1987 novel.

Cumberbatch is playing Stephen Lewis, a children’s author whose three-year-old daughter vanished while the pair were at the supermarket. It’s a horror that puts an unbearable strain on his marriage to Julie (Kelly Macdonald) and on his other professional commitment: sitting on a Thatcherite government committee known as the Official Commission on Childcare. Stephen is a man unmoored by loss, floating through life in grief-stricken isolation. But right now, Cumberbatch is worrying about his abs.

‘I do keep having to say to the director, “Did my body look too good in that scene?”’ he tells me, tongue in cheek, as he heads towards the bathroom to film a scene in which Stephen submerges himself in the bath in his empty, echoing flat. ‘Can you see my six pack? Maybe I should hide it…’ ‘It’s not for reasons of body image or any of that nonsense!’

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Global Carbon Emissions Rising Again After Brief Plateau, Researchers Say 

For three years in a row, the world’s carbon emissions were virtually stable — holding steady after decades of growth.

But now they’re on the rise again, which is bad news for efforts to fight climate change, according to a team of researchers who have released a new study on the topic.

Seventy-six scientists from around the world contributed to the Global Carbon Project, or GCP, which released its annual “Carbon Budget” on Monday.

The budget estimates that total global carbon emissions from fossil fuels and industrial sources will rise by 2 percent in 2017. There’s a fair amount of uncertainty in that projection, with possible values from .8 percent to 3 percent — but the researchers are confident it represents an overall rise, fueled in part by changes in the Chinese economy.

The anticipated change is a “big rise,” lead author Corinne Le Quéré tells NPR. “And this is contrary to what is needed in order to tackle climate change.”

It’s a shift from the more hopeful findings from the last few years. From 2014 to 2016, according to the GCP analysis, the rate of emissions was basically flat.

re: [quest] Chapter 4 “sponse”

Hello!! So … before we get to it, here’s my explanation of what I’m up to with re: quest. So far, I’ve been BURIED in school and, as far as translations go, have mainly been chipping away at outlines/summaries as well as my tagging system to make things as convenient for you guys as I can. But, at the same time, I thought I should give you some kind of content to get the ball rolling! So I spent all day yesterday and today fleshing out my translation for Part 1 of Chapter 4, “Sponse” (I’m pretty close with the rest of the chapter too – just have lotsa editing to do). This chapter is about Hori Chie and Tsukiyama Shuu and is very cute (happy birthday the other day, 2/25, to Hori, btw!!)♥

About my tagging system and overall formatting: so far, my links for desktop are all set. This post will have Part 1 of the chapter in full under the cut (mainly for mobile users). While posts like this will have as much content as I can include in them, I’ll be using posts primarily as way of announcement for updates. All of the translation content will be on my blog’s Quest Navigation Page, which can also be accessed through my translations page on the main navbar (I am aware that these links don’t work for mobile – that’s why I’ll try to put as much content as I can in posts. The issue is that I can’t guarantee content in posts will stay available). Finally, a disclaimer: I’d encourage anyone invested in the Tokyo Ghoul series to buy the official copies of this light novel and its official translations when they are released in your area to support the authors and publishers.

Thank you everyone for your patience and please please please, don’t hesitate to send me corrections/suggestions/asks and messages about this project! It’s a big work in progress, and there will definitely be some mess-ups on my part, but my hope is that we can all enjoy some more of Quest. It’s pretty awesome. – koko♥

Chapter 4: Sponse Part 1
TL: As we all know and love, occasionally Tsukiyama throws in English or French words when he’s talking. Anything he says that’s written in Roman letters in the original Japanese text, I will both italicize and underline. All other emphatic markings only for conveying their own regular emphasis.

   “Alright, now take a picture, of me!”
   “Nahh,” Hori replied, and the conversation was over in 3 seconds. She was watching through the coffee shop’s big windows at the shopping street where people came and went, housewives buying things for dinner and hoisting bulky eco-bags on their shoulders.
   Hori looked like an uncomfortable elementary school student in the chic and relaxed coffee shop where she sat. However, inside, she was already at the level of a college student. Well, actually, she almost never went to college, as she roamed from east to west as a “free camera-man” with her camera, her one hobby, always by her side.

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anonymous asked:

Hmm art suggestions well theres always a call for fahc jack in summer like at the beach wearing a cute sundress or something? And a big floppy hat to protect her cute face. Just being super cute and summery in general (its so cold here i might just be projecting my longing for summer to come back but anyways..) idk just an idea who knows if its a good one or not

sorry for generic circle background i didn’t see the beach part;; but anyway it is definitely a great time for sunhat jack


June’s Featured Game: Living Playground: The Witch’s Puppets

GENRE: Supernatural, Puzzle
WARNINGS:   Both implied and shown violence to the children, Emotional abuse, Blood
SUMMARY: With what starts as a simple day at the park, siblings Tony, Pablo, and Octavio are once again caught up in a series of strange circumstances such as strange pocket dimensions, coordinated monsters, and more geese than anyone could ever want to see in their lives. Stranded with them are Haze and Seal, two witches who seem to be connected with whatever nonsense is going down. As witches tend to be.In the simplest of terms, this game is about friendship and relating to others, both the good and the bad. With an unfortunate focus on the bad. It will be mostly straightforward with only one ending. 

Download the demo here!

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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things i know about the states
  • Alabama - racist and homophobic. i think u like statues cuz you’ve got a giant fucking one called vulcan thats like what? 100,000 pounds?? ??? wow. very extra. 
  • Alaska - i only know one person from alaska but they’re a trump supporter going to art school so i imagine they aren’t having a great time. also my parents ditched me in illinois for a week to go there on vacation. lots of bears.
  • Arizona - irrational hatred of mexicans in the southern part. my pe coach from elementary school who is now a convicted pedophile loved it there. very hot but not humid. cacti. you serve rattlesnake and rabbit sausage and i was forced to sit and watch as my brother ate it just to spite me. 
  • Arkansas - like alabama but a lil better. you’ve got the whole southern hospitality thing goin’ on. you made it illegal for a rivers water level to rise above a bridge. how are y’all gonna enforce that? tell nature to stop?
  • California - very liberal but the three people i know who live there are hella conservative. suffocate them. do it for me. also pretty chill people but don’t take criticism well. gay
  • Colorado - nice weather. outdoorsy people. wyomings less racist cousin. lots of critters. nice people but no chill about skiing or snowboarding.
  • Connecticut - people go through ur state to get to other states. everyone i know from connecticut is not there now. 
  • Delaware - people go to ur state to shop since y’all don’t have a sales tax. ur really fucking flat. ur gonna be one of the first to go with rising sea levels. also no national parks??? 
  • Florida - my uncle worked on airplanes in miami for 50 years and hated it. you fucked us all. the only person i know from florida doesn’t believe in evolution. racists up north, gays in the south. disney world
  • Georgia - coca cola and the walking dead. people only care about atlanta. art hoes chill in savannah. had first college for women. for some reason ur not allowed to live on a boat for more than 30 days in a year??? ? why
  • Hawaii - you get a lot of tourists and they’re usually inadvertently racist. v liberal. the Most liberal in the country. screw california. lots of culture. good food. 
  • Idaho - potatoes. a made up word. ppl thought it was indian but it wasn’t. its gibberish. nice. a metric fuckton of gem stones.
  • Illinois -north is liberal. south is, according to my mom who grew up there, ‘the armpit of the rest of the state.’ her town was small & when it tried to start a kkk they couldn’t because people recognized their shoes. my grandma is 45 minutes away from the nearest walmart. 
  • Indiana - home to mike pence. crazy corn people. my mom’s bff lives there and she’s crazy but super sweet. inidana means ‘indian land’ but that obvs didn’t work out. also there’s a law against fishing with dynamite and guns?? ? 
  • Iowa - actually make more corn than indiana but don’t tell them. also make a fuckton of alcohol. ur name is mostly vowels which is gr8. also first female lawyer. ppl are typically nice, but also might shoot u
  • Kansas - contains the geographic center of the US. first woman mayor. my dad ditched me in illinois to pick up an RV in kansas. passionate about trucks. 
  • Kentucky - don’t go if u have allergies. to anything. horses and racism. also fried chicken. u aren’t allowed to throw eggs at public speakers or you could go to jail. lots of weird space shit. u built a town in a meteor crater which is cool.
  • Louisiana - people only care about jazz and the new orleans. lots of drunk ass college kids. humid af. sorry u have to live with that. u follow napoleon law instead of english common law like literally every other state. less racist than others but still kinda racist. 
  • Maine - might as well be canada. lotsa lobsters and trees. not allowed to keep christmas decorations up after the 14 of january?? only one syllable. people are chill. my dads friends own some islands up there. like small islands. chunks of rock really. they aren’t rich but they are usually drunk. 
  • Maryland - obsessed with ur flag and crabs. old bay on everything not just crabs. chocolate, popcorn, regular corn, potatoes. u need help. identity issues. north or south? who knows? they dont. also jousting is the state sport?? and ur judges wear red robes? called ‘america in miniature’ ur the only state with an official exercise and its…walking jfc
  • Massachusetts - will tell everyone they are from mass. ur not allowed to be cold because they have been Colder. ur state is too hot 4 them. lots of smart colleges, lots of dumb people. good hospitals and healthcare. v progressive. probably learned too much about them in 8th grade us history. first to legalize gay marriage A+
  • Michigan - the people i know from Michigan are incredibly salty about flint and pretty artistic/creative. lots of lakes. giant fucking lakes. literally named for an indian word that means ‘giant fucking lakes’ ur the only place in the gotdamn world with a floating post office. makes sense cuz ur mostly fucking lake. 
  • Minnesota - no one really knows what u do. you’d be like the quiet emo kid that sits in the back of the class and says nothing. ur really cold. you’ve got a lot of malls. and a lot of fucking lakes. not big lakes but like 11,000 itsy bitsy lakes. u look like swiss cheese. 
  • Mississippi - racist but getting better…at least you were. ur mostly known for your river. people spell the name of ur state for fun. for some reason you have a cactus plantation???? the worlds only cactus plantation??? ?? why 
  • Missouri - misery Missouri. u really fucking love fountains? only rome has more fountains than kansas city, missouri like? wow. you also have the arch which is great but also a lot of murder. also, a lot of caves which is awesome
  • Montana - mountainy af. do you even have cities? v cold. holds record for coldest temp in US (-70F) and largest snowflake. wow. also illegal to pretend to abuse an animal in front of a minor. nice. first woman in congress. very pretty state but no one lives there. 
  • Nebraska - hell state. flat. its so flat. my family was driving through nebraska??? and like?? your houses are like three miles apart. at a minimum? we drove three hours out of the way to look at fossils. but there weren’t any? and we passed like 16 houses maybe?
  • Nevada - desert trash children. literally just does not rain. las vegas is okay. i went and a homeless dude was telling dirty jokes for money. lots of homeless people. highest suicide rating of any state. i shot a machine gun and strange man came up to me and told me i was a good shot?? 
  • New Hampshire - republican cousin of vermont. lots of nature, which is ironic. very outdoorsy. entire state smells like pine trees. u only have 13 miles of ocean coastline which is v sad. sorry. also not legally required to wear a seat belt??? ur state motto is weirdly intense ‘live free or die’ yikes
  • New Jersey - interesting accent. hair gel up the wazoo on the men. lots of fucking diners. also the worlds biggest statue of a tooth??? ? why?  i know one boy from new jersey who came to college with only five white-wife beaters and two gym shorts. his name was Tony. 
  • New Mexico - arizonas nicer cousin. Not As Hot as you would expect. lots of cacti. super pretty architecture. desert aesthetic and aliens. ur lawmakers don’t get paid?? also ur capital is super cool and v old.
  • New York - ur all assholes but its okay because u have to deal with tourists. liberal and educated but not v nice. superiority complex sometimes. nyc has more people than 39 of the 50 us states. y’all are packed like rats. also lots of celebrities 
  • North Carolina - transphobic af. also u have a lot of sweet potatoes?? ur beaches are generally pretty crowded but can be nice. I have a friend that lives there now; she says the weather is v nice. v good at basketball. 
  • North Dakota - boring. for some reason its still legal to shoot an indian if they’re on horseback and ur in a covered wagon??? obsessed with buffalo. also very cold
  • Ohio - people only care about you around election time. ur flag isn’t a rectangle?? hipster trash. also its illegal to get a fish drunk?? ????? do people even fish in ohio? what is this
  • Oklahoma - u get a lot of tornadoes and most people don’t even care because you kind of suck. ironically u were the last state to declare xmas a legal holiday tho but i guess being first to go for lethal injection makes up for it. not even carrie underwood can save this state. 
  • Oregon - v liberal but to the point of being pretentious. great weather. the people are generally nice but also v weird?? I went and a guy was unironically riding down the street on a penny farthing? p sure everyone is high. also drivers have to yield to pedestrians….who are on the sidewalk??? 
  • Pennsylvania - ur a wannabe confederate state like?? get over it ur in the north pal. also u have the oldest continuously operating book shop in the US and maybe the world. u could have saved us but you didn’t. your weather is v inconsistent. not uncommon to see amish people on the side of a high way in their buggies. your sports fans are kinda scary
  • Rhode Island - smol. first state to stick it to britain. u really like tennis which is weird because ur windy af. first state to abolish death penalty. ur state motto is just the word ‘hope’??? also ur flag looks like a fifth graders art project but its nice?
  • South Carolina - crocodiles and beaches. my cousin and i went down and she made me play pokémon go with her except we were barefoot and it led us right to an 8 foot crocodile. also we found pickled pig parts in a sketchy gas station in a jar. not for sale. just there. also the anti-choice gory fetus signs on the side of the road are classy. 
  • South Dakota - better than north dakota. very pretty. giant fucking fossil named sue. lots of fossils in general. you like big rocks with faces carved onto them. u didn’t stop with the presidents; now ur making one for crazy horse (and it looks better). 
  • Tennessee - ur state is most referenced in a crappy pick up line. you’re to blame for mountain dew. most people only think of graceland and elvis which is fine cuz thats all you care about too. my friend went there and asked for chicken at a fast food restaurant but they didn’t have any and her phone broke. 
  • Texas - not as racist as people think, but still pretty racist. austin is v liberal but thats about it. you keep trying to secede (again) and its as funny as it is pathetic. have a huge bat colony - largest in the world, but they’re mexican freetail bats so u probably want to get rid of them. unironically wear cowboy hats. 
  • Utah - mormons like literally there are so many mormons that its the least diverse state in terms of religion. very pretty tho. ur state motto is just the word ‘industy’ ??? ?? ???? also u really like skiing and snowboarding. 
  • Vermont - v liberal. pure. also should probably be canadian since u make a lot of syrup. also home to ben and jerrys. very green and lots of critters. very pretty mountains. the people are really chill and probably annoyed ppl confuse vermont with new hampshire.
  • Virginia - u can’t drive. ur really competitive with marylanders but its kind of onesided?? u also donated land to build DC. weirdly specific hunting laws? no animals can be hunted on sundays except raccoons which can be hunted until 2 am??? why do u hunt raccoons? very political. lots of history. everyone is named james.
  • Washington - seattle is the only thing people think of unless they’ve seen twilight in which case: forks. very green and grey color scheme. named after the primero prez. home to starbucks like literally there is one on every corner. also u have an active volcano which is cool but it has killed people which isn’t
  • West Virginia - ur very racist but you don’t even try to hide it? u didn’t have a starbucks until 2003. You know coal isn’t coming back and you don’t know why trump thinks he can make it come back. But you voted for him anyway. 
  • Wisconsin - Cheese. v religious and not the loving god kind; very hellfire and brimstone. you have a hamburger hall of fame and u also tried to do the noahs ark theme park but im p sure that didn’t work out well. 
  • Wyoming - racist which is ironic since ur the equality state and also you’re obsessed with guns. yellowstone national park is p much the only reason people go there. you carry shotguns around with you for no good reason. 

wandering-there-and-back-again  asked:

Hi! So, I’m currently working on a short story, wherein a project is launched to build generation ships to take humans away from Earth. A big part of the story is the issue with allotting space to people of different countries/cultures/etc. Right now, I have one (gentile) character raising an issue with the fact that Israel isn't sponsoring its own ship (this ostensibly is due to a limited number of ships/Israel’s relatively small population/economy). (1 / 2)

She points out that all other major religions have at least one ship where they would be the majority/a sizeable minority, but the Jewish population would be spread out across the ships with no central area (so the issue isn’t necessarily the lack of an Israeli ship, but the lack of a space for Jewish persons). My concern is, am I addressing this the right way? Are there any pitfalls I should avoid in bringing this up, or should I not bring it up at all? (2 / 2)

Help, Jewish people are only a tiny minority on my spaceship

This weirds me out because first of all, a gentile suddenly thinking of our welfare is not something I have a whole lot of experience with in actual reality. Why isn’t the person speaking out Jewish? 

Here’s the thing. With the exception of the political entity of Israel-the-country (as opposed to Israel-the-people, which is another common use of the word, folks!), which has only existed since nineteen sixty-whatever, we are usually not the majority anyway. Part of the Jewish diaspora experience is being surrounded by Christians or atheists/agnostics from Christian backgrounds, or other religions in other parts of the world, so it’s not like it’s never happened before. It’s not like we wouldn’t know how to deal with it. As long as we had enough other Jews to do all the community things like say kaddish (for which you technically need ten people) and have services and celebrate holidays, not being the majority is just called Tuesday around here.

As long as there are enough of us on each ship to continue our traditions, I would feel comfortable not being the majority. You might want to have, say, Jews from countries with so few Jews they’d be the only ones on the ship apply to be on a different ship, for example. If they didn’t have close connections with the gentiles from their home country’s ship, too – it gets complicated.

If you bring this up, by the way, someone may want to know what ship is taking the specifically Israeli Jews, if Israel isn’t sponsoring its own ship. More pointing this out in an editorial way than a sensitivity reader way.


anonymous asked:

If you follow Kelly mulderswaterbed and / or Rose crossedbeams you should unfollow. They're danger and they lie and now Rose says she has connections to Gillian and knows what she's talking about with Morgan. Why aren't you and others like J.H.H. calling her fucking bluff?

I want to address this in a way that answers as bluntly as possible, because this entire situation is getting out of hand.

I think most people will agree, because it’s well known in the fandom, that Rose met Gillian during a day where Gillian was in at the publisher to sign copies of her Earth End saga books.  We can also agree that Rose spoke about it before it happened, as well as after.  Both she and Kelly talked - widely and to many people - about how Rose took Kelly in with her to meet Gillian.  Following that meeting, Rose explained in a post that she wouldn’t be talking about what went on during her day, yet she did, because details got around fairly quickly, from both her and Kelly.

If you don’t know what was said, it went as follows.  This was all supposedly, no matter who heard it, private and not told to anyone else.  Except, the problem was, a lot of people knew because it was told to a lot of people.  Apparently, according to Rose, Gillian made a comment about spending the summer with her boyfriend.  There was no name attached to it, and most everyone will remember that summer was when Gillian and David were both in LA with their respective children, and during the same time period.  It was also the same time when others decided to attack those who believe in Gillovny because they didn’t like seeing posts concluding David and Gillian were vacationing together.  The idea of a car that David was driving for everyone particularly offended some. They felt it was disrespectful to Gillian and accused those who stand firm on Gillovny as being “lost in fantasy”.  So, IF, and it’s a big if, Gillian did make a comment about spending the summer with a boyfriend, it isn’t a stretch by any means to conclude that it was with David.  Also, her not attaching a name to the supposed narrative would also fit with maintaining their privacy.
Gillian also supposedly talked about The Crown and its production.  That’s not unusual in and of itself, because it’s a project, and regardless of what capacity she’s associated to it in, talking about it would be from a professional standpoint.  
But there was more.  There were parts of the story that were originally shared, such as the boyfriend writing a screenplay about Fleetwood Mac, that were changed and finally, omitted entirely. The boyfriend had supposedly been watching Fleetwood Mac rehearse in a closed rehearsal and had invited his girlfriend to go with him.  Due to time constraints, she was unable to attend, but he went.  These things were told to many people.  The only concert Fleetwood Mac held this summer was for an MLB event in conjunction with The Dodgers. We know David’s love of baseball, The Dodgers and how he’s loosely tied in to the MLB, including having narrated one of their recent videos.  But then along came the Washington Post article that said Gillian was “with” Peter at the NY premiere.  We could easily get into semantics about what “with” someone means and what it doesn’t, but hopefully we can all agree that it was an easy way for the reporter to add a reference to the story that included Gillian’s presence and another reference to a Netflix co-property (The Fall). The story of the boyfriend that Gillian spent the summer with suddenly turned into Peter Morgan being the one she was referencing, and it spread like wildfire from there.  It’s not a secret that tabloid “reporters” hang out on Twitter and Tumblr and try to find tidbits for stories that they can pick up.  That’s been known for years and it’s easy for them to find something getting enough attention online and then to say it’s a “thing” and write about it.  I know there are people in the fandom who insist that Page Six is well sourced, but there are others who are reputable and also in journalism who’ll say the opposite, and logical people who aren’t connected to journalism at all who automatically roll their eyes at any mention of Page Six, because, IT ISN’T A NEWS PAGE.  It’s gossip.  Nothing more.  Sources often turn out to be nothing, because who does Page Six have to prove anything to? They get the page hits, they get the readers, and they know what story types draw more eyes.  Whether someone in the fandom used their connections to call in “info” from a fandom source is something that most of us are aware of and opinions vary.  It isn’t a stretch to believe it.  And if it wasn’t a fandom person with connections, tabloid reporters can read and they love juicy freak-outs, like was happening over the “with” in the Washington Post.  

All of these details were supposed to be, according to Rose and Kelly, very private and told to only a few people.  They weren’t.  They were told to many.
There’s also the question of how much of this is true and where the professionalism standards lie.  It’s hard for me, and for many who’ve heard these stories, to believe that Gillian, who’s notoriously guarded about her private life with strangers, would suddenly start sharing details about her boyfriend, their summer, and what he’s writing a screenplay on.  Gillian’s not stupid, contrary to what some people may think. Her memory is also not as poor as others keep insisting.  She’s a smart woman, very aware of her surroundings and what happens when things are said.  So it’s hard for me to believe that she would go into an uncontrolled setting and start talking about private topics to people she didn’t know and to people who she had no way of making sure wouldn’t twist the story into something else entirely.  Maybe she did, though, and in that case, Rose’s original story was about a boyfriend with no name attached, and both Gillian and David spent most of their summer in LA, at the same time.

The professionalism aspect is just as troubling, for many reasons.  Why would you take a friend with you to a work event happening during your work day? This wasn’t an evening party.  This was a client of the publishing house showing up for work, as well, because signing books IS work, regardless of how simple it is. Why would a supervisor even allow that?  Why would someone think it’s all right to try that? Work events are just that.  They’re for employees who are bound by standards (and, in many cases, strict restrictions) and are expected to carry those standards with them for everything work related, regardless of what forum or environment they’re in.  And for anyone participating in such an event, why would it even for a moment, be thought of as all right to share the details with virtually anyone and everyone?  Why would any materials that someone would receive through their job suddenly be all right to discuss openly, whether on a private side-blog or not?  Especially in the world of publishing, where leaks of books before their release dates can easily have a detrimental effect?  

So fast-forward to today.  The accepted “facts” now by the majority are that Gillian has been dating PM for many months, and some have said back to January.  Suddenly, there are a vast number of people on the non-Gillovny side who have a “source” who’s “confirmed” for them that Gillian’s been talking about her boyfriend, PM.  Him being at HB really needs to be logically discounted, because The Crown has a strategic partnership with Harper’s Bazaar.  Others can argue this all they want, and complain that PM would have no reason to be at a women’s event, but that’s not how professional events within entertainment, as well as other fields, work.  At some point, it’s obvious that Netflix and PM agreed that he would be their representative of the project going forward.  This is normally discussed and agreed upon in the negotiation stages for most projects, again, regardless of what field.  It has to be laid out as part of the marketing plan ahead of time, and can’t be approached haphazardly.  So PM being the voice and face of The Crown was probably decided long ago.  Also, if you still don’t like that explanation, it’s essential to remember that he and Gillian (and Elizabeth Hurley, who was also at the table) belong to the same agency.  It’s common for agencies to sit their clients together where there is no specific assignment according to project.  Once you remove HB from the equation, because PM would have been there regardless of whether Gillian was or not, you’re left with the GGs.  Gillian was in The Crown’s prep suite, where the photo was taken and PM was in the background.  That means virtually nothing, because everyone had to be there at one time.  Gillian’s tweeted a photo of a hotel room she’s stayed in before, and it’s an actual room, not a grand suite for 100 people.  Then, she walked the red carpet alone.  In Hollywood, that means you ARE alone.  It’s done to send a message.  If you want a different message to be understood, you walk it with someone.  Simple.  The only thing Gillian did was sit with PM at the same table.  Not unusual, because she’s obviously associated to The Crown in some way, whether through a future role or a future producer position.  She attended the after-party with him, and again, that wasn’t unusual because she was in his company.  I’m sure some of you will be more than happy to argue with me that it means she was his date and they’re together. It’s more than possible for a woman to be in the company of a man on a completely professional basis and not be his date.  If people haven’t figured that out yet, then I can’t help them.

There was no kiss at the door of the car.  There was no holding hands walking out to the car.  There was no mouthing of “I love you” before Gillian got into the car.  At the table, when The Crown won, there was no kiss lean-in from Gillian that PM didn’t meet.  Those things didn’t happen.  Making slow-motion gifs won’t change fact.  And it’s well known that gifs can change what things look like.  For comparison, way back, there were some gifs made of the pilot episode where Gillian and David are in the rain.  In gif format, it looks like, once they’re leaving the cemetery, that David leans over and kisses Gillian’s head.  But go and watch the episode.  That isn’t what happens at all and the gifs distort what’s seen because of the way they’re cut.  So they’re not a reliable indicator.  They’re fun, but for the actual truth, you need to look at the video.  So yes, Gillian obviously traveled to the after-party with PM.  Again, there’s nothing uncommon about that and it had no real meaning.  (And yes, I’d be saying the same if it were David and Gillian.)  The photos of Gillian around PM show a reserved woman who’s very aware of her body language and keeping her body, arms and hands close to herself.  She glowed, but only when she was apart from PM.  Every photo of her with him had their bodies separate.  No arms around each other, no sitting close together, and no particular warmth or excitement from Gillian.  PM was more interested in his award (and, alternately, his phone) than he was in her. Of course, those are snapshots of only moments in time; but that’s why they’re so telling.  They were snaps taken when the subjects in the picture weren’t posing and weren’t aware of it.   And again, in the ones where they did pose, the interaction was distinctly professional.

You can easily see how this spiraled out of control.  Whether Gillian even said anything in the first place is questionable.  If you believe it, that’s fine, but then you have to set aside knowing that everyone in the fandom knew about something that was supposed to be private, according to Rose herself, and that the story morphed as it went along.  Then you have to set aside the questionable professional decisions that included taking Kelly in to a work event she had no place being at.  Then you have to set aside never having heard about PM until the Page Six rumour, which was based solely on the fandom freak-out and potentially a fandom member who was a close friend of Rose’s becoming the “source” that was referred to.  Then you have to set aside the fact that Gillian threw all caution to the wind and started sharing personal details about her life with virtual strangers.  Then you would have to set aside the factual details about Fleetwood Mac’s concert and where and what it was associated to. 

But no matter what you choose to do, you need to stop and think about whether or not you’ll accept as fact something that has so many holes to the story, something that’s professionally unacceptable and crosses all boundaries, and something that’s been shared with countless people.  Because truly private details stay private.  Truly professional people remain such, whether at work or outside of it.  And facts which are true are not going to be shared by celebrities in detail with strangers when they’re not widely and publicly known.  That’s the job of their PR teams.  Think about why so much of this is wrong and what parts don’t make sense, and think about how this story has morphed into something that it isn’t.

Because there’s a lot to think about.

anonymous asked:

Question. If I wanted to do some animating and started a lot never ended up finishing anything due to it just seeming really complicated and long all of a sudden, do you have any tips for planning or breaking down or finishing (any tips in general really) I could use???

I think the biggest tip I can give is to work up to your big ideas!! Its perfectly valid to start with only doing a couple frames or a couple sets before sinking knee deep into a project.

Before I made cypher I was doing big sets of animations! (ex.; the blood sweat and tears set) So I was getting used to having an overarching project in mind and working on individual parts to it.

When you’re at the planning stage, aim for something just barely out of your current skill set! Its great to be ambitious but be aware of whatever your plan entails you to learn (ex. learning a new program, being consistent over a couple weeks, or even just bookkeeping lol)

That’s not to say that finishing big projects or even just making progress on them is easy!! Make it a goal to work on something from it everyday or every other day or every week (I’m working on my current project with the rule: if I haven’t drawn today yet; I work on it for sure, if I have drawing hw, or other things, it’s not required but nice). Vocalizing what you need to get done to yourself, and picking out how to go about it helps more than you think! (ex.; drawing assets for cypher, I just went chronologically in the song)

With big projects it’s hard to work on your own!! If you have someone who encourages your practice, tell them about your plans!! It gives you a good type of pressure to work on it. Of course you shouldn’t ask for people to nag you to work, but maybe your friends would enjoy seeing you be passionate!!

I guess that’s the general advice I can give? There are lots of points in big projects when you just gotta grind, but make it enjoyable and digestible for your mentality! Work up slowly and you’ll surely get to where you want!!!