its a bad week to be a seal

ANYWAY another day i was thinking of an overwatch apartment complex au where they all live in the same building and communicate solely through messages posted on a public bulletin board in the lobby???

like theres like a games room and a gym and all sorts of shit a nice apartment would have and imagine stuff posted on the board being like

  • a message quickly scribbled on ripped lined paper, “OKAY WHO BEAT ALL MY HIGHSCORES LAST NIGHT? FIGHT ME.” along with a bad doodle of an angry dragon holding a sword.
  • underneath, added in pink gel gen, “lol git gud noob”
  • next week, theres a new note in pink gel pen, loopy writing, on cute bunny stationary and decorated with stickers, “Hey fucker who has the highest DDR score, come fucking fight me IRL!! ILL HAVE YOU KNOW [insert navy seal copypasta here]” Added underneath, in messy writing, “HAHA GIT GUD”, and in green pen, “yo chill its just a game lol? I can help ya out with DDR if u want?”
  • “There are still constant noises of firecrackers being set off in a room near me. May I remind you that firecrackers are prohibited and if I find out who you are, you will regret it. Please stop this nonsense immediately. Thank you.”
  • “Does no one in this building have the common decency to not disturb their neighbors? I’ve had to put up with the sound of firecrackers, ape-like howling, chainsaws at 9am, what sounded like a rave with children screaming, and now, the last straw, COUNTRY MUSIC. What have I done in a previous life to deserve this treatment? Did I kill my own brother? Why can’t people just be QUIET.” 
  • a notice from “Angela’s Clinic”, located on the first floor of the building, detailing the schedule and hours of service for tenants who need medical care.
  • taped underneath, written on fancy Amari Law Inc. stationary (COMPLETE WITH CONTACT INFO LOL), a message saying “Girl, did it hurt when you fell from heaven? ;)”
  • advertisements for winston + torbjorns repair/comptech sevices and the advert is so ugly and written in like times new roman and has clip art everywhere
  • another ad deliberately covering part of winston+torb’s ad that is 10x prettier and clearly well designed with modern simplistic font for symmetra’s tech services
  • lost and found notice on snowflake stationary mentioning a gym bag being left behind in the gym change room and they should contact room xxxx to pick it up

Shark Week!!!!!! (This is last year’s commercial I know….but it’s so damn excellent I can’t help myself!)