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Can’t go to Interactive Introverts because your parents said no/will say no? This is for you!

Hello everyone, my name is Paige, and I am really freaking good at convincing parents of things. I grew up with two very strict and overprotective (though loving and awesome) parents, and so I’ve had the perfect life experience to give you this advice. Buckle up.

Are you a fan of Dan and Phil, who is super excited about their oncoming tour, Interactive Introverts, but your parents won’t let you go? Here is how to convince them you should. (Most of these also work for other special trips, such as going to a concert.)

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anonymous asked:

I just read proposal yesterday and thought it was so sweet! I was wondering if you have any fics you could recommend? Jimin is my bias but I'm pretty open to any members with the reader. Thanks and keep up the good work! Kep jarng! 😁

Aghh thank you so much, sweetheart! I’m so glad you enjoyed Proposals and I’m really flattered that you’re asking me for recommendations! :D Okay, here’s a list of my fave fics that you should check out if you haven’t already. So you aren’t confused, the stuff in italics is the synopsis/description the writer provided and the indented bit is me being incoherent and lame as always.

Sin City (Jimin x reader) by @btssmutgaloreAfter a run of bad luck, you can go back home and admit defeat or step out of your comfort zone and look for a job at Sin City.  

Hands down the best stripper au I’ve ever read. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this fic because you never know where stripper AUs are going to go, but holy moly am I glad I gave this a chance. You will be addicted to this fic. Jimin’s character has so much depth, but he’s such an enigma at the same time and I’m dying to know what the heck he’s thinking/what his background is. The tension is so drawn out and the sessy scenes are all so different, which is really refreshing to read and you don’t know what’s going to come next. ALSO, I feel like there’s a lot of empowerment and respect in this fic, which makes me so happy. Love love love this fic with my entire being. 

Monster (Jeongguk x reader) by @btssmutgalore: You sleep with an obnoxious fratboy who used to be your friend.

This fic is perfection. It doesn’t have a complicated plot, but it’s still so interesting to read and the smut is A++++. Jeongguk’s character has so many facets and though he has a lot of issues to sort through, I’m rooting for him and the OC so much. 

Purple Jewels (Jimin/Jeongguk x reader) by @jiminniemouse: When you fall in love with Jungkook and he isn’t there to catch you, a sudden surprise shows up to give you a little bit of help.

GENIE!JIMIN. AKLSDJFKLAASKDJFLK (I really tried not to keyboard smash but fuck I lose my shit because of how much I love this fic). Oh man, where do I even begin with this?? It’s my absolute favourite Jimin x reader fic and one of my absolute fave fics in general because it’s written so well, it’s creative, the characters are interesting, AND THE TENSIONNNN. I come so close to combusting with each part and I’m dying for more. Also Jimin’s character is so sweet and I love him so much (where can I find myself a genie Jimin???). Please please please read this!

Hiraeth (Jeongguk/Taehyung x reader) by @jungkxookA world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home. 

This is the first member x reader fic I ever read and IT IS THE BEST THING EVER. EVER. It’s a zombie apocalypse au and it’s so angsty and sometimes it feels like my heart has been punched out of my chest and it’s such a wonderful feeling even though it hurts like hell. The world is constructed so believably and there are so many well thought out details to it, so when you’re reading it feels REAL. All the characters are different and you never know what’s going to happen next. I can’t recommend reading this enough, it is freaking incredible (and the love triangle is fucking me up so bad).

Philophobia (Jimin/Jeongguk x reader) by @minsvgasex has its consequences, always; whether for better or for worse, sex always has its consequences. and the drunken rendezvous you have with your best friend is not an exception.

This is discontinued but it’s still worth reading because it’s so freaking hot and I love the plot and just??? I don’t usually read fuckboy fics because fuckboys are the bane of human existence, but this fic is amazing and the smut is awesome. Also be prepared to not know who you’re rooting for. One second I would want Jimin to win the OC’s heart and the next I wanted Jeongguk to end up with her, so brace yourself for conflicting feelings.

Company (Namjoon x reader) by @fireheart-namjoon​: Sometimes all you want is a bit of company.

OKAY before I scream about the sessy stuff in this fic, I really want to say that I fucking loved Namjoon’s characterization in this and it’s so nice to read an OC who is strong and independent. The writing style is absolutely fantastic and the thigh riding was 100000/10.

Retrograde (Jeongguk x reader) by @remembeofantasy!au

When I read this I feel the way I do on rainy, dark days when I’m reading a book and just slip away into the world on the page. The details and the way this is written are so mesmerizing and I want to know more. You’re so swept away by everything that you completely forget about the reality for a little while.

A Roadtrip (Jeongguk x reader) by @taeinmycupJungkook makes your planned roadtrip to Busan a bit messy.

Road trip fics never get old and neither does the childhood-friends-to-lovers plot either. This was a wonderful fic to indulge in and um the frick frack is pretty damn nice. Just saying.

Sutures and Stitches (Jeongguk x reader) by @hayjeon​: hitman!jeongguk and medstudent!Y/N bestfriends!au; Jeongguk always shows up to your place or hospital whenever he gets hurt because you guys are best friends and you patch him up, but he has no idea that every time you stitch up his wounds, it tears open new wounds in your own heart.

I recently read this and I am OBSESSED. I refresh the OP’s page daily just to make sure I didn’t miss an update. The writing is so detailed and Jeongguk’s character is so interesting, I just want to know what the heck happens next + how Jeongguk ended up with this kind of life.

Chrysalism (Jimin x reader) by @workofteaguk: Bookstores have always lured you in with the promise of the quiet, the serene, and, most recently, him.

THIS IS THE SWEETEST FREAKING THING AND I WISH IT WERE LONGER. It made my entire day when I read it and I was smiling the entire time. Where do I have to go to find a cute boy like this???

It’s All Fun & Games (Jeongguk x reader) by @workofteagukIn which you and Jungkook attempt to fake a relationship for revenge and end up with a lot more than either of you expected.

When will fake relationship AUs not be the best thing in existence? The answer to that is never. I don’t care how many times people write this concept, it will always be so fun to read because of the angsty feels. So if you’re as trash for this as I am, then absolutely read this.

Sounds of You (Jimin/Jeongguk x reader) by @vivacioustae​: As a young girl you dreamt of hearing the bells, the ones that signaled you had found your soulmate, the missing piece everyone was so desperate to find. After falling in love with Jimin you abandoned the search, hoping you would come to never hear the bells, preferring to continue your life with him uninterrupted. You’d soon come to learn the harshness of fate, and that it doesn’t care about your hopes, feelings, or you.

Listen, from the very first sentence of this fic, I was completely hooked. From the get go you know that it’s going to mess with your emotions, but it’s worth it. I love this concept so much and my heart is aching reading this. After reading the first part, this fic is all I could think about and my heart ached because I wanted to know what was coming next, but also wasn’t prepared for it. Love love love this.

Teamwork (Taehyung x Seokjin x reader) by @sugajpgPeculiar events occur when the two best volleyball players of your college decide to take competitiveness out of the courts.

Best threesome fic I’ve read so far. I’m just. :’’’’’)) I’m still screaming. Fml this is too good and I feel the flames of hell licking my feet but screw it. Where do I sign up for this?

Like Crazy (Jimin x reader) by @war-of-hormoan: This story is based off the film by the same name.

Because I don’t care about my well-being in any way, I started this fic and I love it so much so far. The film Like Crazy is incredible, but it feels like you’ve been punched in the gut twenty times by the end, and it made me sob… like crazy. So this fic will probably end up doing that too and as nervous as I am for that, it’s so worth it. Everything is written so vividly and the relationship between Jimin and the OC is so sweet to read. I’m really excited to see how this progresses.

Grey Area (Yoongi x reader) by @blushoseoksAnd just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so. And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.

THIS IS SO WELL WRITTEN. SO. WELL. WRITTEN. Ohmygod, I’m in love with this writing style and THE CONCEPT IS AMAZING. The ending of part one left me feeling like I’d been kicked in the gut or something and you’re all ???? wtf is going on??? and you’re completely hooked so you binge read the rest. This fic is perfection.

Until Next Time (Jimin x reader) by @taeverieWho would have guessed that a stranger you met through an online game would quickly escalate into a cyber fuck buddy?

OK OK OK UM LET ME GATHER MY THOUGHTS HERE. First off, how can I be the OC?? Second off, HOW CAN I BE THE OC???? I wouldn’t have the balls to actually be this forward in real life but still, this just kept escalating and they didn’t even really do the hanky panky but it was still hot as fuck and 10/10 would recommend.

Not So Honest (Jeongguk x reader) by @wonhopesJungkook has got a pretty big problem, and he desperately asks you for your help. 

Hi hello yes be prepared to explode ok this was TOO good oml. I’m also a slut for sub!jeongguk because that sinful man deserves to be tortured the way he tortures us so this was a glorious find (though the roles do reverse in the end but whatever THIS WAS GREAT).

Obey (Jimin x reader) by @sugasgrowl

sub!jimin. Must I say more? I spontaneously combusted like ten times while reading this and would gladly undergo that again because it’s so nice to read fics where the roles reversed and I would give up a limb to see Jimin in such a debauched state.

All To Myself (Jimin/Yoongi x reader) by @mint-tape: “It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)’

THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST CREATIVE FICS I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE. All the ‘videos’ and the ‘comments’ and just everything about this is absolute perfection. The characters are all diverse and the OC is really likeable. Just. I’m glad I found this fic, it’s so unique and all these extra goodies make the read even more fun.

The Blue Notebooks (Jimin x reader) by @inktae: time travel au

Honestly, I don’t even know what to write about this because I’m still speechless. No words can capture how beautiful the writing is (all her work is beautiful) and how well emotion is captured in this. Everything is so thought out and all these little details come together to form the bigger picture. Do yourself a favour and read this as well as all the rest of the OP’s writing. She is so freaking talented and we are all blessed to be able to read her work.

…Sorry, that got ridiculously long. @_@ For member x reader fics I tend to read Jimin/Jeongguk focused stuff, if it’s not incredibly obvious… Oops. Am I Jimin biased or jiguk biased? Anyway. I hope this list helped and I’m sorry it took so long for me to respond, I just wanted to get through some of the fics I had saved in case I wanted to recommend them. Enjoy!

moldy--voldy  asked:

Hi I know you have like heaps and heaps of asks and I’m sorry to add to that but do you know of any shy Keith fics???? You guys are awesome and good luck on your exams!!!

its all good and we sure do have some shy keith! thanks for the exam luck!! i had my music performance one yesterday that i think didnt go too badly?? - Karri

shy keith tag

Muy Lindo by flipfloppandas (1/1 | 3,966 | Not Rated)

In which Lance must learn how to navigate through a relationship with a Keith who is surprisingly shy, but it’s okay because Lance honestly freaking loves it.

Free hugs by Fabilous_Fabi (4/4 | 4,436 | General)

Lance has come to realize that only him and Hunk hug. He decides to offer everyone free hugs. Keith is touch starved and ends up asking Lance for a hug. Things happen.

Hidden Love by VoltronAndPercyJackson (6/6 | 9,582 | Mature)

Keith and Lance finally get their feelings out there, but Keith is terrified of what the rest of the crew will think. He wants Lance, but he doesn’t want tension or the other’s opinions.

The two of them try to see and learn about each other as much as they can without raising suspicion, but that never works out, does it?








things about my "natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812" experience

-before the prologue, the main cast (minus josh, denee, and nicholas) came out and danced around saying hi to people

-THE PROLOGUE, everybody came up and around the aisles (i had an aisle seat). one of the ensemble dudes came up real close and sang right next to me -pierre raises his fist at the end of “pierre”. and when he sings “i’m different from you”, he doesn’t cry it out, and says kinda said it softly 

-during Moscow, denee and brittain were teasing around and making fun if marya’s entrance my bowing around and giggling when they said each other’s name

-during Moscow, Marya literally waves off Sonya’s intro; they also keep in the squeak 

-during “the private and intimate life of the house”, when bolkonski says “powdered wig”, he kinda slaps the wig, and powder flies up around him from it

-also in “tpailofh”, mary is basically crying the entire time. when she sings wondering if she’ll ever be anyone’s wife, she pulls up someone from the stage chair, and kinda shows him off to her father. and when bolkonski is looking for some “young french thing”, he too finds someone from the audience and kisses them all sloppily 

-during “natasha and bolkonskis”, gelsey and denee take stools from the side of the stage and manuever them into a table around people and pretend to be kind to each other 

-during “no one else”, denee didn’t sing as sharp as she does on the soundtrack, she sang it a lot softer and solemn. i cried at the “you and i"s. she’s bathed in blue “moonlight” the entire time. 

-when denee says “and flying away…like this,” she seems to lift herself up and somehow float down to the next step all gracefully 

-after pierre says “no i am enjoying myself at home this evening” in the opera, he fistbumps the air like he did in “pierre” 

-the opera scene is absolutely terrifying. someone in a black cape came down the aisle and scared the shit out of me

-also, after the main opera scene ends, everything is frozen and denee and brittain are up center stage, and denee jaw is open in awe

-when anatole walked in and stopped, he snapped his head with each beat, and then started walking down the stairs. he also kissed a woman’s cheek as he passed. 

-when dolokhov starts saying “drink, drink” he has glasses on a tray and a bottle, and he spins the tray and just pours the drinks and it looks pretty cool 

-during the duel, the fucking strobe lights are so intense, it was hard to see and it was fucking awesome, and a bunch of the ensemble laid down in the aisle. they were all wearing glow sticks and stuff like that 

-when pierre says “i used to love, i used to love, i used to be better”, he walks across the front mezzanine aisle, and i freaked out because josh was so close

-when helene says “he will kill you stupid husband”, she cries it out loudly and its kinda sad and intense 

-dust and ashes is absolutely beautiful 

-during “sunday morning”, when denee talks about how she sees a man in shadow, pierre is directly behind her in shadow 

-anatole sits on the piano during “the ball”. the ensemble dancers go around between the front and rear mezzanines. and girls/girls dance with each other and boys/boys dance together. and most of the ensemble have metallic animal heads on and it looks pretty cool 

-during “letters”, the ensemble passes out letters to some of the audience, and then they just sit down where they are. one of the ensemble members tried to give one to a lady and she didn’t take it so he just gave it to the lady next to her 

-also during letters, natasha and pierre sing “i see nothing but the candle in the mirror, no visions of the future, so lost and alone” and they stare at each other the whole time, and i died 

-when anatole says "just say yes…” before the last one, because natasha hasn’t answered yet, he does that impatient and “c'mon” motion with his hands

-the “whoa, whoah, whoah” that anatole does at the end of “balaga” was fantastic (i didn’t see lucas, it was josh canfield, and he was so good)

-the fucking abduction scene, so much better than the tony performance, it was so intense, the whole cast was there, it was awesome

-denee smashed the painting over balaga’s head again, but she was somehow cuter than the tony awards, which i didn’t think was possible

-marya and helene made out

-when anatole tells everyone to sit down, we could hear him whisper “here, here, scooch over” as he sat down next to one of the ladies on the stage

-when josh began his verse in “the abduction”, everyone paused, and he just chuckled before he continued

-when marya caught anatole coming in, the stage turned red, and she came through the big door at the top of the stage

-denee’s “don’t touch me”s were heartwrenching

-during “pierre and anatole”, pierre knocks over the fucking chair in anger, and knocks a bunch of books off his desk as he shakes anatole. then, towards the end, anatole, like a child, swipes all the rest of the papers off his desk. 

-after natasha drinks the poison, she screams in pain several times and runs for sonya, and it’s absolutely gut wrenching.

-during “pierre and natasha”, pierre is sort of following behind natasha as he says “open your heart to someone, not now but when your mind is clear, think of me…” and natasha turns around suddenly, and natasha and pierre are standing face to face really close,  and pierre says “pierre grew confused” pretty softly because it’s WHEN HE REALIZES THAT HE LOVES NATASHA

-denee’s cries were so fucking sad

-during the spoken bit in “pierre and natasha”, his voice broke when he said he wasn’t free, and he just barely whispered that he offered her his love (someone’s phone went off TWICE during this song and i wanted to kill them, i was so angry)

-in the final song, pierre is not fully illuminated under the comet, he is just barely illuminated by the light emitting from the comet. it looks like he’s outside. and he sang so softly.


-when she was getting passionate, denee would have a wide stance and kind lean forward, kinda like wonder woman’s stance minus the arms

-pierre followed denee a lot during her scenes when he was in the orchestra pit

Korra Fitness- The Official Launch!

Hello everyone! :D As some of you may know, I posted something about working out to look like Korra, a few days ago, and SOMEHOW, it blew up. A bunch of you guys showed your excitement, and it was freaking awesome. So, @justteamavatar/ @avatarmuscles and I were thinking…let’s make it official! :DD

We’re officially launching Korra Fitness! The aim for this little movement is just to encourage fitness within the Korra fandom community to look BADASS as FUCK and get ripped like Korra. We all know how strong and lovely the woman is, and we wanna be like her too! 

 @avatarmuscles and I will personally be posting workout tips, exercises, motivation, (muscular pics of Korra…), and progress pics! Aside from fitness, we also wanna encourage the meditation side of Korra. So, maybe some yoga poses, breathing exercises, generally anything we can do to achieve the balance and harmony that Korra has :’) (because that stuff is important too!).

Anyone is encouraged to join in! :D We want this to be as open as possible, so whatever progress pics/questions/motivation/workout tips you guys have, feel free to do so! The community will appreciate you greatly, and you might even inspire someone else to begin working out <3. (Anytime you guys post something about Korra Fitness, remember to tag it ‘Korra Fitness’ too!)

There’s already so much positivity in this fandom, and we wanna keep it rolling <3. So, hopefully, this little movement will add to the general feeling of good-heartedness, and motivation, and love that makes me love this fandom so fucking much.

So, without further ado-

Originally posted by yang-smash-trash

Korra Fitness is officially launched! :D

May we all hopefully become as badass and as strong as Korra. :’))

anonymous asked:

Do you do ko-fi, patreon, or commissions?

Hi nonny!!! I dont have those >o< tbh, i burst out laughing when i read this! i was like…. “for what??” xD 

But i do know some people who you can totally support on ko-fi, patreon, or commission!!! 

For ko-fi: 

@mavilez (who has amazing art) is currently drawing characters in exchange for 3 coffees! she’s such a sweetie and drew me this! (link for mavilez’s kofi

@yunyin is just plain amazing and sweet and lovely and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh this entire fandom owes her one million coffees alone for her amazing feat of drawing something for everyday of adrienette month!!! (link to yunyin’s kofi

@sweet-childhood-dreams is THE SWEETEST BEAN!! the only thing cuter than her is her adorable art! for a limited time, shes offering chibi commissions for the cost of 3 coffees, and fancier chibs for the price of 5!! (link to sweet’s kofi) **edit** just look at the cute cherry tomato baby bee twins she gave me!!! 

@edendaphne is amazing, i love her. she has a ko-fi (link to eden’s ko-fi)–she takes payment in hot chocolate xD and she also takes commissions!!! (link to her commission page) ngl ive been wanting to commission eden for sooooo long, but its almost like i have to find the right thing!!!! and the pressure is paralyzing!! >w<!!!

@lunian is the greatest, i love her so much and fjalksjf;laksdfjal;skfdj i got noooooo words except BUY HER COFFEE (i know you dont like coffee…BUT THIS IS THE KIND OF KO-FI SHE LOVES!) >o< (link to luni’s ko-fi)

@ceejles if you’re in the miraculous ladybug fandom, and haven’t already bought ceej a coffee than IM CALLING THE POLICE //dials 911 on the microwave// youve seen her art, you love her, give her coffeeeeeee (link to ceej’s ko-fi)

@kittykichi is another amazing artist!!! you should totally check out their stuff and consider buying them a coffee!! (link to kitty’s ko-fi) **edit** kitty also has a doodle deal, if you buy a coffee you get a dood!!! (link for more info here) (also look at this beautiful beenath i got ;o;/

//cracks knuckles// oKAY NEXT!

For Patreon

there are a lot of amazing content creators on patreon! and i highly recommend taking a look around to find people to support…here’s some suggestions!

@shishitsunari is amazing, and really deserves more patreons!!! their art was some of the first i saw of the ml fandom, and its stunning!!! without the support they aren’t able to fanart as much as they’d like, so my dream is that one day they are able to!!!  (link to shishitsunari’s patreon

@nokkiart HAS THE GREATEST MOST MAGICAL STYLE!!! and one day i will own a picture book of their art, i dont even care if there are puns involved, I LOVE IT THAT MUCH!!! and damn, three lucky butts–if you donate enough–can get a custom paper cut out piece, and oh boy are they stunning!! (link to nokkiart’s patreon

@portentous-offerings is amazing at running her patreon, ;o;/ its full of amazing content and goodness do i love all her stuff! she also has a lot of tiers to choose from and makes them all worth it!! (link to dire’s patreon

@hchano you’ve seen h’s art…but have you read her COMIC!??!?!!? FREAKING WHATj;lfjas;ldfjkas;ldkfja!??!?! its good!!! ITS AMAZING!! SHES AMAZING!! and you should totally check out dream*scar and consider supporting her on patreon!!! (link to hchano’s patreon

For Commissions

@twindoodle (Happy Birthday Twin!) does commissions!!! AND I LOVE HER BRIGHT COLOURS AND STYLE!!! she did this awesome buzzkill piece for me, and im obsessed! (link to twin’s commission page

@bichatnoir AKA @sealfarts also has such a distinct and lovely style! (i got an amazing piece done by them and its just so lovely!!!) also their prices are criminal….so please be sure to tip !!! (link to seal’s commission page

@chalala-chan created ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE PIECES EVER! ACTUALLY TWO OF MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE PIECES EVER! everything about lala’s style is perfection! (link to chachachahahahhaaa’s commission page

@smiling-grouch is a genius and master of traditional art, she murdered me with her style and it blew my mind when i realized that it wasnt digital art! LOOK AT THIS! (link to grouch’s commision page

and there’s so many more creators that im so sure im missing >O< !!! you just gotta keep your eyes peeled and on the look out! 👀 


if you’re looking for another place for some awesome content, can i suggest (AND ALSO HIGHLY RECOMMEND) the UP to the Test! Miraculous Ladybug Zine for disaster relief

donate to a charity of your choosing and email your receipt to @ml-disaster-relief-zine (instructions here

In return for donating to charity you’ll be given the zine when it comes out!! so preorder today!!! remember portentous offerings? well she’s offering access to her Marinette and her Romeo FULL COMIC for donations of $5!!! its quite the deal, tbh, not only do you get to help others in need (like seriously earth CAN YOU JUST CHILL FOR A MINUTE?!?!?!) but you’ll be rewarded with amazing content!! 


(TL;DR: See further down for some important info before you read!)

All right listen here my little reading trash babies. If you don’t know, Sarah J. Maas is the author of two series you’ve probably seen a lot of on your dash—Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses. The following information contains itty bitty little spoilers, that are really more like hints. Hopefully it will encourage you to have a read.

➖ First and foremost, these are not really young adult fiction,particularly in the sequel to ACoTaR—they really exceed PG-13 and gander into R-rated territory (smutsmutsmutsmut). This is refreshing as an 18 year-old reader, but I know even a few years ago, I would have appreciated some of the genre-shattering content. When a protagonist is 19 or 20 as opposed to 16 or 17, a lot of wiggle room is available. This also comes in handy with really freaking hilarious innuendos.

➖ Another thing about these books—love triangles often expand or differ from typical formats. In one series, the protagonist doesn’t encounter her canon partner until book 3. Like who does that? Who gets away with that? Frickin Sarah J. Maas, that’s who. Speaking of protagonists, if you prefer 1st or 3rd person POV, guess what? You can choose! She’s awesome with both! TOG is in 3rd, ACoTaR is in 1st.

If you like fantasy worlds, mythology, and/or Game of Thrones you just met its angsty teenage cousin.. I can’t say enough about SJMaas’s world building, creating mostly comprehensive (if not thorough) cultural origins in her universe. By the by—both series take place in the same greater universe, but you can read one without spoiling the other. If anything, both provide insight on the other’s narrative and history. Also, there are cool ass powers. I love me some cool ass powers.

Yes, there are some tropes and predictability, but there are also twists that will make your heart stop. Honest to God. Both good and bad. But the good ones will make you squeal and jump around (looking to you, Rhysand).

➖ And my personal favorite: You’re gonna find a lot of cultural context up in these books.Timeless issues, told in a timeless setting. For example, a lot of modern language (obscene and otherwise) is integrated, but never to the point where it’s unrealistic. Like any story taking place in a different realm, there is language unique to it, but there’s a refreshing cohesiveness between old and new. It’s not overdone.

Some of the many relevant topics covered in either or both series, without romanticizing them (if you are worried about triggers and want to know where they are located, feel free to message me or any other fandom blog!):

• Domestic abuse

• Sexism/gender equality

• Male rape (this one is particularly rare and well-handled; some allusions to female rape or harassment are made)

• PTSD in nearly every shape and form (i.e. anxiety, depression, etc.)

• Eating disorders

• Addiction

• Stalking

• And most importantly: RECOVERY (!!!!!)



•***GOOGLE THE PRONUNCIATION GUIDES BEFORE YOU READ. It is so important, they’re on SJMaas’s website. Or spend a whole book reading the protagonist’s name wrong like I did. Your choice.***

• It’s safe to assume that if these characters had accents we were familiar with, most would be confined to the United Kingdom (it matches their diction and SJMaas has further alluded to it, I believe). I can say that I’ve always assumed the Fae in the TOG series to be Scottish, but that’s just me.

•If you are a female, just be prepared that if you are PMS-ing or on your monthly curse, it’s gonna get intense. Naturally I’ve been on/near my own Shark Week with both series. Of course. Of course I have.

For Throne of Glass:

• There are 5 books (with the next to last out in September 2016) counting the prequel, so it’s a long term commitment (and you will not want to stop).

• Read the prequel, The Assassin’s Blade, first if you can, but remember it was actually released between the second and third books, so it’s fine if you wait. It’s five novellas in one, and provides integral background on the protagonist. Also, it has hands-down one of the most devastating endings in the history of literature, but again—it is so crucial to the main character’s personality and choices. Bring tissue. Oh my God.

• Book 3 is slower at times with new POVs and a change in landscape, but important. Also, it introduces one of the most beloved characters I’ve ever read (hint: may be related to birbs). And book 4 makes up for its pace.

• Overall emotionally exhausting, but super great.

For A Court of Thorns and Roses:

• It could be said it’s an inversion of Beauty and the Beast. Might make it a bit more interesting at first.

• Smut smut smutsmutsmutsmutsmut. I’m talking fanfiction-grade smut. But it’s well-written. In the canon. I know, right? What a blessing.

• There’s only two of three out, and the second one only dropped in May 2016. Go. Slow. Try to. I didn’t. Dammit.

So, get reading! It’s a wild ride. I was lucky enough to have emotional support from the lovely @renza15 during my endeavor, and you may find you need a buddy to message as well. This is a beautiful, hilarious, supportive fandom. It’s a great community to be a part of. Enjoy!

Okay! So, we have a bit of a problem! Yeah… it’s come to my attention that some of my fave people are feeling a little down… unappreciated… uncared for… and we cannot let this stand! SO, I have some things to say. And… yes, this will probably be one long a** post but… please bear with me?

First things first. I’m still relatively new to this community. I don’t know everyone. I’m 10000% sure of that. Which means I will probably not get everyone… (I’m like 100000% sure I /haven’t/ gotten everyone!) And for that I am sorry… BUT, if you’d like to help me fix it you can! Please do! It’s super easy! Just send me one of the <3 + URL things, and I’ll do my best to add them to the list! Or, or, or! You could reblog this and add them yourself!!

Off we go!!

@smolsickficwriter : You are honestly the best! Like, whether you choose to write sickfic again or not I love you! I wouldn’t even be on Tumblr if not for you! I’m always here if you wanna chat! *hugs* <333 Plus Kel and Anslem are the first ocs I read about on here, and I love them so freaking much! There are a great many of your fics which I keep bumping to the top of my likes!

@cabbagespoon : Your writing is flipping gold! And I know I’ve already commented that on a fic but it’s true. Entirely true. Your fics are beyond fabulous, and I look forward to every single one!

@dontfeelsogood : Hey! We’ve been chatting lately, and I think you’re super, super cool! Your ocs make me kinda crazy as well? Like tbh, Nik and Edi are such sweethearts, and I love them so much! And that prompt you filled for me? It was so great! I honestly just want to wrap those boys up and cuddle them!

@its-a-goddamn-heartbreak : You literally encourage every. Single. Freaking. Blog. I don’t really know how you do it? You sent my first ever ask, and I know I took forever and a half to fill it (im sorry) but I will never forget that! Your ocs are also really, really awesome! I especially like Ruairi and Saoirse!

@anonyony1 : Right, so you’re just plain incredible! Like… the superwoman of sickfic! I sometimes wonder if you’re ever not writing? The stuff you put out is fantastic A+++ content, and I’m in love with every single one of your ocs! Also, I’m ridiculously excited for more Ozzy and Julien… as well as Joel and Max… and Ira and Eno… and Porter and Becca… and Liam and Vera… just… I think you get the point. All of them. They are all my faves.

@dont-look-so-good : You’re one of the first people I got up the courage to talk to, and I really couldn’t be more thankful? You’re one of the sweetest people I know! And I love you so much! I love reading your fics! Alistair and Julius are the actual cutest. Like, ever. And /Jasper/!! That boy is adorable! *legit gathering all the blankets to wrap him in rn*

@i-am-too-sick : Heey hun! You’re gorgeous, and your writing is gorgeous… just all the gorgeousness is on this blog. You’re also one of the first blogs I followed, and I love, love, love reading your fics! *sighs* You always manage to fill my Soleangelo cravings. And you do it so well! I love those two, but I don’t think I could ever write them and you just… basically blow my mind with how good you are at it??

@brites : SO, I’ve been sorta high-key stalking this blog… the fics are all superb, and there is. So. Much. Fic. Like, to the point where I’m dubious about my ability to read it all? And I read a Lot… But basically I love this blog so much, and everyone should check them out! *waves v nervously* You guys are all crazy good writers and I really admire you all!

@sickandvomiting : Okay, so Victor and Saoirse are really adorable! I love them so much! And also… Max and Oscar! I really, really like those two! You’re also another one of the blogs I followed when I first joined Tumblr, and I’m so glad we’ve had the chance to talk! Btw that garlic pan seared steak was so, so, SO good! Thank you for enlightening me and broadening my steak eating horizons!

@sickficlover : Eek! Hi! You were both my second note and the second person I followed on Tumblr!! I love your blog! You’re such a great writer, and I honestly admire your skill so much! I can’t wait for more fics!

@tomato-sickfics : Your ocs give me life! Pretty much everything about Bradley and Cade is my favourite! They’re so freaking adorable! And their interactions are the best! I’m always excited to read your fics, and I think you seem like a really cool person! I’d love to get to know you!

@feelingalittlesick : Overdose is so cool! I love it! How did you guys come up with that idea?! Junsu and Daehyun are perfect! The characters are all so well developed, and I kinda want to punch Changmin in the face… like… a lot? … All the time? … Forever and always? Eh, I think you get the idea:)

@nerdlycharming : Hiya! We haven’t talked in a while! I’d love to talk more if you’re up for it! You always reblog the best stuff though! Like I stalk your blog pretty much anytime I’m bored because I know you’ll have reblogged something great! I think I found a good 10% of the blogs I follow through your reblogs? And your art is fan/freaking/tastic! I wish I had even an ounce of your skill!

@itisasign : *squeals* Okay! So! I love your Voltron fanfics so much! You write them so well! And you seem like a really nice person, and I’d love to chat sometime!

@totallyexhausted : Here’s the deal. You are an incredible writer!! Your Yuri on Ice fics are SO FLIPPING GOOD! And your headcanons are the actual best! I want to write like every single one of them and I hardly even write fanfiction, and when I do I’m like maybe sorta really bad at it? Ugh! I love your writing! Keep it up!

@thesickficsideblog : You’re another of my fave Voltron blogs! I love all your writing and hope to see more of it in the future!! *hugs*

@emetoandotherthings : Est!! I hope you know that I love pretty much every single thing about every single one of your ocs!! … Except for Mattie… *shudders* that boy can stay away. Far, far away. It’s honestly not fair though! I’m like really high-key in love with Lyle and /why is he not real/?? Ugh. Life is /soOOoO/ unfair. But for real, I’m always looking forward to your next fic! Love you! (ps: yes! tummy sleepers!! <3)

@taylor-tut : Hey there! So I may have had a mini freak out when I saw that little notification that you had followed me… You’re like the best Lump Mother one could ever ask for, and I love you so much? I hope you’re doing well and I can’t wait to read more fics!

@emetofiend2dand3d : Both your art and your writing is fabulous! I love it all! And I’m crazy excited for the next part of the fic where Rei witnesses a car accident! That fic is gold, and I’m so, SO ready for more!

@tossing-cookies : Your YOI fics are super great! I honestly love them so much and have read and reread them more times than I can count… Like… I think I’ve bumped a few of them to the top of my likes at least 4 or 5 times!

@yoisickfics : Ah! I love your fics! Your ideas are so great, and I love reading your work! I’m really excited to read more in the future!!

@toosicktoocare : You’re one of my favourite blogs ever! Ki, you have such great content! And for all my fave fandoms? You write so much and so well and I really, really admire your skill! You’re actually the whole reason I got into BMC!!

@sneezehq : Okay, Domestic Bliss is the BEST!! I love it so freaking much!! I’ve rec’d it to multiple friends, and they all really liked it as well! So we fangirled over it for hours! And I still can’t pick a fave chapter since they’re all so good, but I think one of my fave lines is: ‘Maybe Yuri tried to summon a demon in his room again, and was successful this time?’ I can’t wait for more! And this goes for all of your writing as well!!

@mypoorfaves : So, this blog I stalked. I def stalked this blog… Because the fics are so good and I love them all so much, and you and Casper are the reason I started watching YOI. I just love all of your fics incredibly much!

@lickstynine : James, your ocs honestly feel /so real/! Like I told you this before, but it’s honestly so true. I feel like you’re writing fics about real people and not ocs! They are all so well developed, and it makes me so happy whenever I see that you’ve posted a new fic! Russ and Cody and the Di Roma boys are my faves! I love it when Lucas starts talking soothingly to his brothers in French! It’s just so cute! And I love them so much!!

@feelingsick : I’ve been following you for ages and for some reason I didn’t realise that I wasn’t following the OriginalSickfics… like I honestly don’t know how but anyways I love, love, love your writing! Angel… is an actual angel? I really, really hope you write more with him! Foster and Rory too! Those two are great! And your other ocs are all fabulous as well!

@fluffyllamas22 : Your Voltron fanfics are everything! They are so, so flipping good! I’m always ready for more fics from you! Like you write Shiro so well? And I really don’t know how? It’s sorta mindblowing? Also, Shiro can be your Space Husband so long as I can be your guy’s Space Daughter.

@hold-my-hair-back : Do I have enough words to express how much I love your writing? I don’t think so… But I can try!! I love your fics SOOO MUCH! Emmett and Aiden? Yeah, they are like THE OTP. They’re so lovely, and I just want to hug them and, and, and..! Basically if anyone doesn’t like them they can fight me. I will win. They are incredible. Nuff said.

@cubesickocs : I only found this blog recently, but already I have so many questions! Like, I wanna know everything about all your ocs!! Especially Elias and Vic and Blaine!! I love everything I’ve read about them so far!

@seasicklover : I am in love with your ocs Jax and Marcus! I love their relationship so much! I can’t wait for more fics with the two of them!!

@emetofeels : So, I’m kinda obsessed with Jay and Elliot? They’re such sweeties! I love 'em so much! When I found your blog, I binge read basically everything about them! I’m ridiculously excited for more!

@builder051 : Okay, another blog I just recently found! I LOVE your fics though, and I can’t wait for more! You write Bucky and Steve so well? I’ve been looking for more stuff for them, so I’m really glad I found you!!

Alright! There we go! Please let me know who I’ve missed! Or reblog and add them yourself! I’m sure there are tons of creators out there who should be on this list as well!

What I've learnt from making a studyblr

- SO. MANY. ORGANISATIONAL. TECHNIQUES. SO MANY. Like bullet journals, checklists, planners, timetables etc.

- How motivated and inspirational studyblrs are. These are people who enjoy studying and want to succeed. That’s motivational AF.

- Determined people!! WILLING TO TAKE TIME OUT TO STUDY. That’s motivational AF!!!!

- That I’m a freaking slut for stationery. Seriously, how can you not be, with all the pretty aesthetic photos of school supplies that circle around tumblr. IT’S SO PRETTY. don’t deny it. Freaking Muji and Kikki K and Mildliners and everything!!!! @#$*/(^((@“

- HOW TO CODE AND EDIT TUMBLR THEMES LOL bc you need da aesthetic duh I’ve learnt how to bold and italicise text!!

- How important education is. Not everyone has access to it!! Don’t take it for granted !!!! ! ! ! !!! ! !!!!!!!!!

- HOW AWESOME STUDYBLRS ARE? THEY’RE POOLS OF KNOWLEDGE, WEALTH and freaking study tips. pages and pages upon pages of study tips, how to study effectively, etc etc etc its honestly amazing how smart these studyblrs are and how willing they are to teach other people what they’ve spent tons of time learning

- AND STUDYBLRS ARE SO NICE TOO OK its such a nice community. like um there are no mean people. if tumblr was a high school, studyblrs would be the kind peeps who help others do homework and provide free tutoring lessons every friday in the library ??? ? @*$*$*÷£



Parks & Recreation - 5x07

He signed for Guardian of the Galaxy 3 months after this…

anonymous asked:

This is random, but I like to think that if Cas had shown up with Rowena in Regarding Dean, Dean would totally have flirted with him. I know that Destiel is endgame and can't happen until the end (so Cas doesn't permanently die), but I can't help but wish we got some more flirty fluffy moments between them :D If you could send Cas to any episode what would it be and why? For destiel and other reasons ;)

Oh yes SO much! 

All the ones where Dean is uninhibited, basically, cos every freaking time he’s like did I mention I like dudes?  I even asked @thejabberwock to do a gifset of it, which they did and its awesome! :D Then in 12x11 there’s also all the stuff specifically about Cas.

12x11 is definitely the best because he’s so much more himself, who he is deep down, the big theme for season 13, the nature without the nurture and for sure he would be all over Cas, I love that Cas just cannot be in the episode because there is literally nowhere to hide if he was :P

I do feel that hopefully season 13 should *fingers crossed, speculatively, don’t take my word on it though, I can’t stress enough that this is a hope and not meta, I’m not saying that this is gonna happen, I just want it and think it makes sense but I don’t work for the show!* give us more of these moments, IF they are really building Destiel for endgame, IF the mixtape and the “I love you” and the husband bickering and Mary treating Cas like a son in law and Sam treating them both like bickering husbands that he’s stuck long suffering in the middle of and… all of how everyone KNOWS they are in love with each other….

IF that is all building somewhere and I mean, wtf are they doing if not, then we really should be getting these standard “have you noticed yet that we are trying to get you to see these two as a potential couple and they like each other….a LOT” tropes and moments in season 13… to get the GA to see it and want them to be together, it makes no sense to just shove them together before the GA has at least had a bit of blatant shoving of it in their faces so they can go back and realise that it’s been there all along, hence how so much of it seems to be going to mirror past canon, to show them that it HAS been there all along!

Cos like… what else do you do after all this? REALLY? Where else is there to go?!

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Ok so i basically wasted like about 2 hrs drawing shit for some of my absolute fave fics. Totally recommend these stories! 

[ ↡ A link to their blogs and the story is down below ↡ // please tell me if you’d like me to take off the link to your story and I will gladly do so]

@inktae : Blue Orchids {jjk} ↠  

so like everyone HAS to read this fic at least one time because it’s such a beautiful story. Mari is an amazing writer and I say to read all she’s written! SHE HAS OFFICIALLY MASTERED WRITING ANGST + FLUFF AND ITS EXQUISITE!! 

@seokvie : Human Error {jjk} ↠  

BITCHHH THIS FIC IS SO FUCKING GOOD!!! I read Human Error and I was overwhelmed by feels aka crying at 2 in the morning, wiping snot off my face :’) (also If y'all like smut, this gal will screw you over with her smuts ;) ) 

@pantaemonium : Pretty Bird {myg} ↠

fuck me up this story :’). My gosh this story is so amazing if you love Min Yoongi + angst. Got me cryin’ a river and shit T^T. Please read it and her other works; they’re 👌🏻

@jungblue : The Purge {jhs}  ↠

 my babe got a freaking talented writer to write an awesome story based off The Purge. Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE her works. This fic is totally worth your time! Go support her!!!

flaredragonessreshi  asked:

Not even going on anon for this one. I'm sick to death of the toxic shipping community for Fire Emblem. And I haven't seen it so much for the older games as I have for Awakening and Fates. Does it really freaking matter who ships who with who? Gods, just shut up already. Ryoma and Corrin? Cool beans, it's adorbs. Xander and Laslow? Awesome, glad you love it. Fucking Chrobin? Hey, me too! But don't be rude to anyone who dares to ship Chrom with someone else!

Props to you for not being on anon, truly.

This has always been my main issue with the Fire Emblem community. It’s absolutely horrendous when it comes to shipping. Honestly, I have pairings I absolutely despise but I’d never ever hate someone for shipping it. Sending hate mail and harassing someone for a ship that involves fictional characters is just so incredibly scummy. I leave people alone who ship things I don’t like and let them do their thing, like how people leave me alone and let me do my thing. I just wish people would stop taking shipping so personally that they feel like any threat to their ship is warranting bullying. Having a disagreement over ships is fine, but being rude and undermining the other person is so stupid.

anonymous asked:

Gosh, I'm sad about your Mafia AU. No, it's nit that I don't like it, in act, ai think it's awesome, and I love it, even my friend who doesn't like gays(though she's not against them) loves your AU, but I feel so freaking sad for Yuri, he doesn't know that his boyfriend is the mafia boss he should arrest. Like, Victor knows. Yuri doesn't. They're dating. Think how disappointed he's gonna be when he gets to know that? ;_; please give some mercy to him.

I totally understand what you mean!
It’s rough, because Yuri’s the only one out of the two of them who is in the dark ;;;
I don’t think Victor expected things to get as serious as they did!
He’s def regretting this right now >_>;;;
But, I do promise a happy ending and everything ^^

“Fan art”Masterlist

Sometimes, people are just so damn cool that they take the time to draw something based on one of my writings…And today, I feel pretentious enough as to actually make a post about it, on my masterlist blog : 

Wolverine being cute by @audreythetealovingcat based off of my very first fan fiction on this site, that you can read here : “In love with the Wolverine

Batfamily morning cuddles by @awesomeblueturtle​ based of off a Bruce Wayne x Chubby!reader story that you can read here : “You could have anyone

Bruce wearing a crop top and just his boxers by @demigodslytherin based off of my story where Batman is being a bit goody : “Silly Bat’

Bruce forcing Batmom to go the the dentist by @loganhowlett-ismyhusband based of my story where Batmom has a cavity : “That’s not how you negotiate

Just a very cute “3000 followers” drawing by @audreythetealovingcat and I just feel like I had to share it because it’s PERFECT. 

One of Batmom’s tattoo by @bipolarink based on my story where Batmom explains what her tattoos mean : “Each tattoo is a story”.

Logan vs Bruce (…this is super pretentious, it’s actually a drawing of…me…) by the always super awesome @audreythetealovingcat :D.

Batmom annoying Tim by the great @audreythetealovingcat, based off of my story where Batmom got a tongue piercing : Pierced.

Logan/Wolverine and Bruce/Batman…As platypuses (yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds) by the ever so amazing @bipolarink

Batmom and Tim (baby number 3) by @mylenaart1998, inspired by a few of my fics, she created her own “Batmom” called Natasha and it’s freaking awesome !

The Batfam is basically Royalty by @mylenaart1998, from her serie inspired by my Batmom and all of that. 

Batmom and Damian (baby number 2) by @mylenaart1998 yet again, still from the series that my fics inspired (I’m overly excited).

Natasha Wayne by @mylenaart1998, oc inspired by my “main” Batmom from my stories and OH MY GOD I’m overly flattered.

The Batfam (work in progress) by @mylenaart1998, inspired by a few of my fics blahblahblah read right above for full story :-) STILL FREAKING AWESOME ! and here’s the FINISHED WORK of the Batfam taking a selfie !

Batmom and Cass, by @mylenaart1998, inspired by a few of my fics blahblahblah you know the drill. Cassandra needs more love <3. 

Damian being grossed out by his parents kissing (which happens more than once in my stories haha, also, work in progress), by @mylenaart1998, again, yes, because she’s absolutely brilliant ! <3 

Bullshit alien things that I love:

  • Aliens thinking Humans are little bean toed weirdos like “Why do you have less eyes, doesn’t that make it harder to see” or “ONLY TWO ARMS, WHAT ARE YOU.”
  • Humans showing Aliens basic things and being so excited because hey, aliens might not know about it, and aliens being like “I heard about this stuff existing a thousand years ago” because to them its like archaic.
  • Aliens thinking Humans are cute primitive creatures because all their stuff is archaic in comparison to the fact that they’ve already discovered inter-dimensional space travel.
  • Alternatively, Humans thinking Aliens are cute super advanced creatures that forgot about how awesome even the basic stuff is and really likes showing them these things and loves learning about the alien stuff they have now too.
  • Aliens doing weird things that freaks human buddy out at first but human buddy’s just like “Dude warn me first” or “THAT WAS SO COOL, DO IT AGAIN.”
  • Humans doing weird things that freaks alien buddy out at first but alien buddy’s just like “How did you do that” or “I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT, DO IT AGAIN.”
  • Difference in cultural understanding and explaining things to each other.
  • Alien is hunter that could legit kill human buddy.. Just brings human buddy latest kill and teaches them how to cook it up because they might starve out here and alien friend needs to look out for little bean toed weirdo.
  • Staying up late talking about how different things are where they’re both from and the discovery of hot chocolate is amazing.
  • Weirdo alien thing with two eyes and only a few sharp teeth looking at you funny while you’re looking at them funny because you’re both aliens concerning each other. They’re called Humans and you don’t understand a thing they’re saying and they can’t seem to understand a word you’ve said either. Better break out the translator.
  • Differences in weather and the like causing one or the other to freak out because “IS IT RAINING MOLTEN LAVA WHAT THE HECK” or “WHAT IS THIS WHITE POWDER LIKE SUBSTANCE, IS IT POISONOUS”
  • Things one would consider normal being ultra weird as fuck to the other and explanations are needed pls.
Just in case nobody has told you:

Every person reacts differently to MADD and idk if you’ve already heard this, but just in case you haven’t: MADD doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I personally love (well not LOVE but for lack of a better word) MADD and I think it makes up a huge part of who I am. I love creating intricate stories and lovely paras that I can identify with. MADD can be a positive thing! I understand MADD takes up so much time in our days but, if they’re good, happy daydreams, there’s nothing wrong with loving those daydreams and paras. If you have already considered this, however, and you don’t feel any of this positivity, that’s okay too! Like I said, everybody reacts to MADD differently. Daydreams can be intrusive and your paras might do awful things, and if you don’t want that to be apart of your life I know that the MADD community, myself included, are full of resources and tips on how to mute daydreams. I just thought I’d put some MADD positivity out there and let everyone know that MADD can be amazing (sometimes haha)! I mean think about it.
• we can create amazing, intrinsic WORLDS in our MINDS like wow. So what if you cant describe the beautiful, bursting worlds in your mind verbally/on paper?! They’re still your beautiful worlds and you MADE that. And if they’re tragic dystopias? Still awesome. Still intricate, still powerful.
• if you don’t create worlds and have more spontaneous daydreams that don’t always follow a linear story line, STILL BOMB!!!! BECAUSE ITS STILL LEGIT BURSTS OF JUST CREATIVITY LIKE THATS FREAKING COOL LIKE YOU FREAKING GOOO!!!!
• and honestly we’ve all had those daydreams that’s just us, in our day to day lives, talking to the mixture of real/not real people, doing absolutely mundane things. You know what? I like those daydreams too. Sometimes we all need a little mundane in our crazy, surprising lives.
• not to mention our PARAS!!! Those babes, love them. I mean for real, sometimes my paras can be total dicks, BUT most of the time they’re always there and have been for the majority of my life. I know they’re not real and that’s a punch to the gut but.. They’re still apart of US, ya know? They’re still apart of our lives and they’ve always helped me get through a lot. Isn’t nice to have that?
• okay, us MADDers have like, a freaking treasure hoard of music. I don’t know about you all, but the amount of songs I have is RIDICULOUS!!! But the great part about that is, with all the crazy variety, I introduce people to new music all the time! And I meet a lot of people who listens to the songs I do because I listen to so much of it, ya know? I don’t know music is just honesty great
• also, CAR. RIDES. Holy moly man I looooove car rides. Long road trip to the other end of the country? No problem! Just give me my music and I’m good!!! Like you know how lucky we are for that?? My brother is always dead of boredom in the car and well, I’ve never had that experience thanks to MADD haha

There’s so so much more, feel free to add to the list, but MADD can be a great thing!!! I don’t know if we can ever get rid of it but… Who said we should, or even want to get rid of MADD? MADD is apart of who I am and like everything, bad always comes with the good. But hey, I’ll take it. As long as we stay… Well, MODERATELY healthy and we have some real life connections, we can work out the rest just fine.