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He signed for Guardian of the Galaxy 3 months after this…

Bullshit alien things that I love:

  • Aliens thinking Humans are little bean toed weirdos like “Why do you have less eyes, doesn’t that make it harder to see” or “ONLY TWO ARMS, WHAT ARE YOU.”
  • Humans showing Aliens basic things and being so excited because hey, aliens might not know about it, and aliens being like “I heard about this stuff existing a thousand years ago” because to them its like archaic.
  • Aliens thinking Humans are cute primitive creatures because all their stuff is archaic in comparison to the fact that they’ve already discovered inter-dimensional space travel.
  • Alternatively, Humans thinking Aliens are cute super advanced creatures that forgot about how awesome even the basic stuff is and really likes showing them these things and loves learning about the alien stuff they have now too.
  • Aliens doing weird things that freaks human buddy out at first but human buddy’s just like “Dude warn me first” or “THAT WAS SO COOL, DO IT AGAIN.”
  • Humans doing weird things that freaks alien buddy out at first but alien buddy’s just like “How did you do that” or “I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT, DO IT AGAIN.”
  • Difference in cultural understanding and explaining things to each other.
  • Alien is hunter that could legit kill human buddy.. Just brings human buddy latest kill and teaches them how to cook it up because they might starve out here and alien friend needs to look out for little bean toed weirdo.
  • Staying up late talking about how different things are where they’re both from and the discovery of hot chocolate is amazing.
  • Weirdo alien thing with two eyes and only a few sharp teeth looking at you funny while you’re looking at them funny because you’re both aliens concerning each other. They’re called Humans and you don’t understand a thing they’re saying and they can’t seem to understand a word you’ve said either. Better break out the translator.
  • Differences in weather and the like causing one or the other to freak out because “IS IT RAINING MOLTEN LAVA WHAT THE HECK” or “WHAT IS THIS WHITE POWDER LIKE SUBSTANCE, IS IT POISONOUS”
  • Things one would consider normal being ultra weird as fuck to the other and explanations are needed pls.

Okay so I’m pleasantly surprised at how visually beautiful I thought Kong: Skull Island was (and no, I’m not only referring to THIGHS and BICEPS of sweaty British jungle death). Every shot looked like an awesome concept art painting and the colours were so lovely. 

I went to bed thinking my dreams would be devising some aforementioned biceps but instead I was floating again like a piece of pollen in a lush green jungle with bright orange explosions… which was actually enjoyable of its own accord.

Oh, also, none of the female characters end up kissing/mating with the males they have personal, meaningful conversations/moments with; like, they just people together GO FREAKING FIGURE *choir of extremely impressed angels*

Ok day 7😆😆 Fëanor and Nerdanel😍 love them!!!! This was an older sketch that I did, and thought I’d finally post it. Its supposed to be Fëanor and Nerdanel when they were younger, maybe just married. I freaking love both of their characters. Fëanor has to be my favorite character out of them all (sorry not sorry, he’s got sass). Anywho happy Fëanorianweek everyone, it was awesome!!😊
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If You’ve Never Heard of Sabrina Collins, I’m Gonna Change That

     There was a time when sitcoms were freaking awesome and didn’t have stupid titles.  That time was 2010 - 2014 when FOX had Raising Hope, a show that was super freaking smart and loving and wonderful, and I’ll never be over its cancellation last year.  I dare say it was the best show to premiere in the decade.  Because it was such a loving and positive show, it gave us three epic female characters.  One of those was Sabrina Collins, the character a cynic would write off as a “love interest.”  But the more astute viewer knows that from the beginning, Sabrina was more than that.  Sabrina is smart, tough, creative, genuine, and terribly insecure – sounds like all the legendary women out there, doesn’t it?

      One of the things that’s so great about Sabrina is that she’s gleefully weird.  She’s a real weirdo, and she’s OK with that.  She comes from a multi-million dollar family, but all that high society stuff doesn’t appeal to her.  A picture where everyone’s matching and smiling?  That’s not what Sabrina wants.  She prefers it when things are out of the ordinary.  She likes when people are considered “crazy.”  That’s not because she likes to make fun of them.  Oh, no.  Sabrina likes weird because she would be bored with anything else.  She’s the kind of character who reminds us that “weird” isn’t an insult.  It’s a compliment because it implies that the weird is one with the joy.  Only a gleefully weird person would pretend to be a Russian lady on a trip to Vegas just ‘cause.  She’s always willing to put on a show or take part in a crazy scheme because it brings her joy.  And why shouldn’t it?  It just showcases her creativity more.  Oh, let’s talk about Sabrina’s creativity for a spell.  She’s a natural-born writer, which I’m inclined to mention.  It always makes me so mad that this wasn’t explored more, but it’s clear from the beginning that Sabrina loves words and wants to use them a lot.  It’s like Jimmy said.  She could win an Oscar.  I’d like to think that she and Jimmy are writing and illustrating children’s books together now.  That’s what Sabrina is meant to do.  She’s meant to have ideas and write about them.  I mean, the Hillary Clinton play was freaking awesome.  Imagine how much else she could do.  Couple that with her eccentric personality, and you’ve got the next Newbery medal winner.

     Sabrina could be a Vampire Slayer if there were vampires in Natesville.  She is so strong and determined, and I am thankful that even for four, short years, she was a character on television.  We need more tiny, physically strong characters like her, and I’m not just saying this because (as we all know) I’m a Buffy person.  There are so many girls out there who look like Sabrina who think they could never defend themselves.  But Sabrina reminds you that you can and you should.  In season four, she tries to play the damsel in distress to make Jimmy feel better about himself, but she just can’t.  She’s the hero of this story, and she’ll do the saving if she wants.  And she does want.  That’s just who Sabrina is, and I am glad she is that way.  She has this pluck that doesn’t come out all the time, but when it does, I’m always like, “Did she really just do that?”  And ask around – I have seen this show about twenty times.  She is a maternal warrior, even if she doesn’t like to admit it.  When the four, core adults in the show are trapped in the attic because of an incident with, um, mongooses, Sabrina is the one to burst through the ceiling because they couldn’t just die up there and leave Hope an orphan.  And in the final season, Sabrina becomes fixated on taking Hope on a proper vacation… so fixated that she chases a big man on a motorcycle.  That’s tough.  Also, it reminds me a lot of the show’s matriarch, Virginia, who is fan-freaking-tastic.  Sabrina is just as tough and epic and awesome.  She deserves a legacy.

     But Sabrina is so beautifully flawed.  Not many sitcoms show a deeper side to the characters, but Raising Hope did, namely with Sabrina.  The second season essentially opens with discovering Sabrina’s affluent origins and how she renounced them because she’s not about that life.  But as the episode goes on, we notice that Sabrina feels insecure for giving up the money because she’s not as pretty, privileged, or educated as the people she went to high school with.  As a result of her insecurity, she bullies her old friends ruthlessly.  That’s not right.  Even still, she discloses to Jimmy that she thinks she’s better than everyone at Howdy’s – even him.  She doesn’t understand how to love herself, and when she breaks down yelling, “Fine, Jimmy, everyone’s just better than me!” it’s heartbreaking.  You’re mad at her, but you understand.  It’s hard to accept that you’re not perfect, which Sabrina can never do despite this moment.  However, it is the finest moment on the show, and the subsequent montage to “Losers” by The Belle Brigade is genius.  Sabrina doesn’t understand that perfection isn’t real.  She strives for it, and it might kill her.  It’s admirable to be that determined, but she’s a little self-destructive.  Perhaps we should let her borrow a little Gilbert and Gubar?

     Raising Hope was just a fantastic show – in part, thanks to Sabrina.  I can’t recommend this show any more (seriously, it’s 88 episodes on Netflix, and my fantasy is to get it popular post-mortem so they renew it for a Netflix season).  Sabrina is such an admirable character for girls and women everywhere.  She tries so hard to be the best person she can be, but she reminds us that the Angel in the House is a real thing.  I love Sabrina, and I will stand behind her even when her straight-man comedy irks the crap out of me.  She’s too strong, independent, and clever for me to dislike her.  Four seasons was definitely not enough for this gem, but one episode was enough to make Sabrina Collins a legendary character.

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Fuck that guy. You're GORGEOUS and Steve Rogers would be honored to call you his girl. You're awesome and super freaking talented!!! I love you and Steve loves you. You're beautiful. That guy is a shallow douche, you're WAAAAAAAYYYYY to good for him.

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Thank you, that’s honestly, so lovely. I can’t describe how I feel about myself, I know I shouldn’t take things like that to heart but it’s easier to believe the negative, especially when you hear it enough. - Ro
Diplomacy Chapter 1: Beginnings, a Harry Potter + Vampire Diaries Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Caroline likes to think of herself as a rational person, but Klaus is arrogant and irritating, and, in her personal opinion, could really do with some serious truth-bombs. So, she dropped some. Look, she never claimed to be tactful, okay?

I love @thetourguidebarbie work! she has been super nice since I got involved on tumblr and has always been cool with answering my questions and prompts. she’s super freaking nice! Diplomacy is one my favorites! I really love how she blended the hp universe with Klaroline universe. It’s a slow burn fic, so be prepared for that, but it works for the story and the characters personalities. I like her take on the  political werewolf issues in the hp universe and how she applies it to Klaroline really liked the little bits she add from the book, like Rita and Hermione cameos for example. its a great fic!  she has drabbles based in the hp universe as well that are awesome, if you like this I suggest checking them out. I suggest checking out all her work, its really good!

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OH Man this is awesome look at that. i freaking love it. Ace just kinda like totally dropped that bombshell and everyone else is like well, shit. and its freaking amazing look at that man holy crap i freaking love this

I wanted to do it from someone other than Ace or Luffy’s Pov because it would be such a shock. I really liked how it turned out and I’m glad you did too.

For my Tadashi x Elsa fic One Year ( And surely you can tell by its awesomeness that it was drawn by the stupendously talented comickergirl! weowned8000saladplates, couragedontdesertme, and shinebrightlikesparklers, what do you think? XD

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at this point i'm more invested in your fic than in actual game plot, bc i just love mystery of max's dissapirance and i can't wait to read more. so far i've reread exposure like 20 times, and honestly, i kinda really wanna draw some scenes from it but idk if i will, life gets in a way as of lately. anyway, i love your work and i hope you have a wonderful day!

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20 times??? MY fic??? thats crazy!! the dedication! but GOSH that makes me so stoked, i cant BELIEVE people read about these two dorks falling in love in the slowest way possible over and over again! 

and wow if you ever draw fanart that would be so freaking awesome, the world could always use more grahamscott! but thanks so much for loving my fic and letting me know about it! its one of the best things to wake up to :)

@delenashome answered your question: What was your favourite TVD song?

It’s a tie between Wings and Belong by Cary Brothers. Another Love gets an honorary mention too.

AHHHHHHh! YES to wings and BELong BOTH ARE FREAKING AWESOME <3 BTw Belong got me through exams one year. I literally just replayed the song like 158 times. 


So I just finished watching the first season of Killjoys and I just want to say that it is absolutely amazing. 

Why you should watch it?

-strong female protagonist (Dutch is seriously badass)
-strong female characters in general
-amazing platonic relationship (Dutch and Johnny are by brotp)
-awesome world development (they’re in the Quad with a mini planet and its moons)
-awesome character development
-poc protagonist
-a guy with PTSD and they treat it as a real issue (they call it battle brain)
-adorable brothers
-an AI picking favourites (because everyone should love Johnny)
-NO LOVE TRIANGLES (best thing ever, other than Dutch and Johnny’s friendship, but that’s why there is no love triangle sooo…)

There are so many reasons to watch this show. I really suggest it. And if anyone wants to freak out with me about Dutch and Johnny, feel free, I am more than willing to fangirl about this show.