its 90 degrees!

More Southern Jonny

You know what’d also be wonderful? A Jonathan Crane who laughs when everyone complains about its being 90 degrees or above. (I’m pretty sure that the humidity in Gotham wouldn’t be as high as it is in Georgia, sometimes 100% humidity…) Instead of whining and sitting in front of the air conditioner, Jonny’s out doing his next big thing. But also, a Jonny who whines about the cold weather and the snow constantly. A Jonny who wears so many layers of coats, jackets, and sweaters that he actually starts to look buff.


I decided that I’d do some homework a bit earlier than usual on this beautiful Labor Day. I am currently working on APHUG notes for a chapter quiz tomorrow. I also decided that it was time for breakfast. Normally I eat a doughnut or two depending on how hungry I am. Today I decided that I would eat a doughnut and a bit of french vanilla yogurt with strawberries and granola. I also decided that I really wanted hot chocolate which is different considering its 90 degrees fahrenheit outside. Oh well, good luck with your day!