its 90 degrees!

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Ok but like, what's been going on with Scout????

lmao idk why this made me laugh but it didd. but omg thank you for asking and i don’t know if you mean like what is she up to or like is something wrong but she is finee, she’s staying on campus for the summer because she was accepted into a program but it’s only 3 days a week so she also got a part-time job as a lifeguard as well because why tf not :D and also her and arias broke up, he was her first real relationship and she kind of had a freak out moment about it after their like 5 month anniversary and panicked and broke up with him.  so right now she’s like in hangover mode about it kind of regretting it and feeling down. also she moved out of her dorms and into a sort of boarding house/apartment with 4 other people so she’s trying to settle in and get to know her new roomies too. she’s distracted right now by a lot of things at least. and that’s what’s up with my baby scout phewf if you made it this far i’m hugging you <33

akitashiranui said: goozmuh hugging her from behind + neck kiss!

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Ooh yes yes… i love neck kisses ;; this is a BIG big big weakness for Kumi hehe. I finally got around to do one of the suggestions! I want to do more now but now ive got some commissions and a trade to do so i will do more later ^^ I dont mind ya’ll sending some more over in the meantime tho ;w;

PS i was heavily referenced by this drawing by Jollyart !

sometimes i get so depressed my body temperature feels icy even though its like 90 degrees in my florida hell land and i just shiver from sadness under a blanket

when i see americans talking about it being over 100 degrees my celsius-bias starts worrying for you all bc i’m picturing you all living in mustafar && then i remember you all use farhenheight lMAO

i drew some of my outfits from this year so far

1. this is what i usually wear. my jeans miss the washing machine a lot but the divorce papers are already signed 

2. “its 90 degrees and i’m gonna die but im going out looking like a cute hippie”

3. the all purpose comfy cotton dress and comfy cotton flats. minimal effort. do the twirly thing w/ the skirt. glasses for mystery

4. skeleton jumpsuit as pants because wearing the entire thing is too hot. looks like i could Fight

5. fucking. too cool for school. hands down the best outfit i own. looks like im ready to maybe join the goonies

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So my dog, a Saint Bernard x lab, has been super determined to lay on the deck outside. The problem is, it's over 90 degrees, and the deck is even hotter, so hot that he and my other dog can't stand on it cause it'll burn their paw pads. Yet he's still wants to lay out there? He even has damage on his elbows from the time I did let him stay. Even so everytime I try to bring him inside, he drops and tries to stay out, So I have to practically carry him in. Any ideas on why he's doing this?

Well, I can’t give you a specific answer, but there’s obviously something about being on the deck that is high enough value to him to be worth the heat. 

I’d honestly suggest laying a towel on the deck (so you don’t get hurt) and laying down to check out what it is about the spot. Is there a breeze? A view of the street? Try to figure out what benefit he’s getting, because then you’ll be able to replicate it for him indoors. 

He may also be bored - if it’s that hot, you’re probably limiting his time outdoors or how much he’s getting walked. I’d break out some new enrichment if you’ve got any ideas you haven’t used, and try to bump up the time on pre-dawn and night walks. 

  • pete: why are you wearing a sweater, it's like 90 degrees out
  • patrick: every weather's sweater weather!
  • patrick: ..when you have body image issues
  • pete: i'm sorry what?
  • patrick: nothing~

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The power just went out and it's 90 degrees outside and the air conditioning is down too, and we all have to stay and wait to see if the power comes back on. Pray 4 us

Half the time the generators will kick on and well hang out in the freezer. The other half of the time they forget to put fuel in the generator.