its 6 am no one is awake

ok so im kinda sad the first strike comic is getting delayed but if the writers felt the story needed an overhaul THAT badly i can only see it as a good thing because blizzard pays attention to its fans??? like especially with regards to gabriel’s characterization i hope it means that

  • they’re not going to make him a one dimensional mustache twirling villain
  • they took notes about how popular dorky halloween comic gabriel was and are going to stick with that
  • they’ll write him being a positive mentor/father figure for mccree
  • they won’t make gabriel some “loose cannon renegade” when it’s been pretty heavily established he’s a pragmatic tactician who thinks before he leaps
  • they’ll add in how he actually does care about the people under his charge (the whole “no one left behind” line when sym puts up a teleporter and how he offered jesse a position in blackwatch to help him reform his ways and how he was clearly upset about what happened to ana in her comic implies he does care quite a bit)
  • they won’t single him out as the perpetrator for what happened at swiss hq (why would gabriel be mad jack didn’t save him when the explosion happened if he betrayed them??? and why would he blow up a building if he was inside it??? doesn’t make any damn sense)
  • maybe JUST maybe they’ll confirm him as one of the lgbt characters because i would legit cry if that was canon
  • anyway its 6:30 am and i’ve been thinking about this for the last four hours i love him so much

you were completely swamped with course work, trying your best to just not fall behind. your grades were suffering which made you push yourself harder which only made you do even worse. it was a vicious cycle you couldn’t escape. so every night, you would stay awake until 4 am doing work, wake up at 6, go to classes, get home, and do more work. The only breaks you had were bathroom breaks and snack breaks, and those were minimal. it was taking its toll on you and apparently it was visible because one night your boyfriend invited himself over and simply watched you work and cooked for you. you appreciated that he was helping until it reached midnight and he slammed your computer shut and brought you to your bed. “ash, what the hell?” you slurred. he only shook his head and held you against him. “i’m going to stay here and you’re going to sleep. i’m not letting you wake up again until 9. no classes means sleep, got it?” but you were already snoring. ashton chuckled, “i have to take care of you sometimes.”


‘Sup, hey. So I noticed a lack of more or less an actual music club around these parts and I think that’s kind of a shame. So I think I’d like to maybe put an idea for one in the works. I’m going to need some Dominants to sponsor it and stuff, but that’s why I’m making this post open to people of all marks and not just Switches and submissives.

In my years of going to rallies and fighting for rights of Switches (for my parents) and submissives (for myself) I’ve noticed that blocking out the Dominants have done more harm than good. Especially in this school where I’ve noticed that every single Dominant student has been nothing but great to every single person here. Especially because having the Dominants standing behind us to help us when we fall (which we will, a lot) is a lot better than knowing no one is on our side. So I’d like to offer this music club to everyone so we can all just chill together consistently, play music (if you do) and just have some time to ourselves.

So I guess the point of this post is, if you’re interested in this, let me know? We need a lot of sponsors. I’m tired of being punished for no reason and I know a lot of you are too, so I’d really like to make this a place where no one gets punished and we can just feel safe. So get your sponsors, get everything you need.