its 5 am help me

I have a problem
their name is Envy.

I was supposed to go to sleep but my thirst for the trash husbando got me andddd so here we go. I decided to finish a doodle I did in October and experimented a bit with the coloring, it’s so flashy I’m almost blind now LMAO.

less “flashy” version:

legend has it that if you leave a pie out overnight, Dean Winchester will come, eat the whole pie, and kill all the monsters in your neighborhood.

QUICK someone be my gf before the school starts

Ritsu just confessed to HATING Mob, to having always been AFRAID of Mob and his powers. He confessed that he’s spent his whole life acting like a compassionate caring brother because he is afraid of Mob.

And Mob–this pure pure child–is okay with it? He is. His meter is at 7%. Only 7%. After his little brother just declared his outright hatred of Mob.

How can he be this pure?


Henry/Mekhai in ‘200’