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Mark Gatiss is playing the Prime Minister in a dystopian future Britain as part of a play produced by a youth theatre goup.

It’s called 2046 and is produced by Prime Youth Theatre; set 30 years in the future when London is flooded and parliament is forced to move to Swindon. The play centres on a group of young freedom fighters who want to claim their country back from the adults who have ruined it. Mark’s sections have been pre-recorded since he’s still in The Boys in the Band during the performances which take place at the end of the upcoming half term week.

Mark said, “I’m thrilled to be able to take part in 2046. Giving young people a creative voice is more vital than ever in our chaotic world and Prime Theatre has been doing this for decades. This production will be extra special, being performed in the very council chamber where important decisions are made every day. I am, of course, excited to be Prime Minister too…even if it is just for a short time!”

2046 is directed by Prime Theatre’s Young Artist, Carli Green, 19. Carli said, “This is my first time directing and it’s been great having a script written specially for the company and the space. I wanted a famous adult actor to play the Prime Minister, someone everybody knows, but still has a real edge. I was over the moon when Mark Gatiss agreed to do it. Meeting him was something I’ll never forget.” [x] [x]

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so since your blog is so great i thought you might have some good blog recommendations?

First of all, THANK YOU, lovely anon. I meant to answer this ask a while ago but in my usual fashion, I put it off and forgot about it. HOWEVER,,, right nOW I’ve got all this pent-up energy and sudden motivation, so Here are some gr8 blogs that you should definitely be following (and some of these are gonna be ???? because people have different URLs for the season):

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so I saw this clickbait quiz on my fb feed a few minutes ago labelled “Can We Guess Your Education Level Based On The Books You’ve Read?” and decided: what the hell–why not see if they can stump this english major? And while it started out as obvious and stupid as I expected (example, Q: Who wrote “The Republic?” A: Adam Smith or Plato? and Q: How does Romeo & Juliet end? A: They get married or They commit suicide?)

But by far the absolute best moment has been this

brb on my way to go write a porno called Fifty Shades of Dorian Gray

  • Salem in the finale:very dark and mysterious reveal leaving more questions than answers
  • Salem in volume 4:sup guys what's for lunch i'm starving