its 4:40am

hiatus 🍊

hello!!! unlike most of you here, school starts in june for me and since i’m not that good at multi-tasking and ignoring impending responsibilities i’ll give up tumblr for a (really, really long) while! 

i won’t be here to check asks, messages, notifs, etc and i won’t be replying to people’s posts anymore :( but i’ll try my best to be here when i can!! if ever you want to stay in contact somehow just message privately and i’ll give my snapchat, imssg, whatever there is to ask haha

also if we’re mutuals pls reply with your favorite emoji if it’s alright for me to visit your archives when i can to queue posts! ♡

You ever grabbed your titty
And it be in the great titty mode
And your s/o aint around to witness the greatness
????????????? Its like 4:40am and all i want is my titty to be complimented and grabbed