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I wish I could have had the chance to thank you, Grandpa

I’m surprised that out of everyone, I’m the one to whom you left the farm. I know you couldn’t keep it up as well as you used to in recent years, but there’s still something solid here and I’m willing to improve it from the ground up. I’ll re-furnish the old farm house, re-plant all the crops and the trees, fill up every yard of this place with love.

I promise that I’ll make this a place you could be proud of again. This one’s for you, Grandpa.

I’m thinking about those posts that are like:

PSA people with BPD are not inherently abusive/shitty/terrible romantic partners. (But okay they tend to do these problematic things because that’s the exact nature of their personality disorder.)

9/10 tho if you asked my gf she would say something like: MY GIRLFRIEND IS THE SWEETEST AND MOST CARING ❤️❤️❤️ (aggressive use of emoji)

Tldr: I love my girlfriend and she is good and the best and deals with my mental illness p good

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when you say 'himym made a horrible ship canon' you're refering to what, ted & the mom? barney & robin? i'm too... confused (also, i can't remember the mom's name, gOD)

himym  spent NINE SEASONS  teaching me lessons that made it easier to breathe – that love isn’t easy, and you have to be patient because you’re going to have all these heartbreaks after heartbreak, but you’re going to get something so beautiful from it in the end. Taught be that the right one was either right there all along or wasn’t the one you thought it was. It spent nine seasons just filling me up with this hope for Ted to finally meet the mother,  only to kill her off and have his children go ‘so this long hopeful story is just stalling your denial for loving aunt robin’ aND IM SO FUCKING PISSED ABOUT IT.    Y EA H !!!  Tracy McConnell , the mother, deserved better !!!   WH AT THE FUCK ?? Her only purpose  was pumping out two kids just so Aunt Robin can have them when she’s dead ? ? ? ?  

You knwo waht shIP WAS BEAUTIFUL ?? BARNEY AND ROBIN?  yoU KNOW WHY THEY BROKE UP?  no good reason.   lITERALLY THEY BELONGED TOGETHER and the reason for divorce was so so so stupid and out of character ??  tHEN THEY HAVE BARNEY GO RIGHT BACK TO SQUARE ONE UNTIL HE KNOCKS A G ir l UP  ? ? ? ?  WHA ta the FUCK ?



Ted & Tracey are living with their kids and ted is a romantic just telling this long fuckign story while tracey makes cookies or plays her fuck ing ukalaLIE WHATEVER AND BARNEY AND ROBIN ARE ADOPTING A KID AND HAVING LOTS OF HOT SEX WEARING STORM TROOPER OUTFITS BYEEE

 yoU WANT A SAD AU ?? HERE’S ONE : Ted has memory loss and goes after Robin and Robin just knows the drill and she helps Ted back home where there’s his loving wife ready to help him. Robin sticks around to help too and the whole gang is There for him. That’s the only good explanation for Ted going after Robin when they clearly didn’t work. I hate  that ship so much . stop it. burn it. let robin live 2k16

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