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Thoughts on the gaming video? I've seen so many viewers angry about the biffle comment and the Janice story. I thought it was a joke but people are saying it was too #nohomo or whatever

Wait really? I know people get worked up when they use “best friends” but the bffl thing in this video as well? What did people expect? The game asked them “does the character live with their best friend" and they said yes. Because that’s true. Wtf like were they meant to go ”actually, if you want to be specific… we're also lovers. Get it together akinator. #fakefan" I mean what. How were they supposed to answer that question differently? 

I don’t get why people are so put off by them saying they’re “bffs” in general. I mean…they are? That has always been the way they’ve presented themselves to us. Unless they want to reveal a different side to their relationship, what term would you like them to use? “Best friends” is pretty standard and most people are also best friends with their partner so it’s not technically lying if they were to actually be together. It’s just omission. Which they have every right to do imo.

And I actually thought that whole part was really cute in the video? “I mean I kind of hate you.” “Me and Janice down the shop have been getting pretty close. She’s great.” People got that they were joking, right? I figure it’s probably an inside joke about someone that works at a shop they go to or just Phil saying a random name on the spot. He was just trying to tease Dan. I didn’t read into it as anything other than that. I thought it was cute, playful banter between them and it was nice to see jealous!dan make a return. The comment he wrote on the video was adorable as well: ‘um EXCUSE ME who is this ‘JANICE’?!‘ Damn, Janice better re-locate to a dfferent store if she knows what’s good for her. Dan don’t play when it comes to Phil.

lol I don’t know, if people took it too seriously, then I’m sorry? I don’t see any reason to be upset but if someone would like to explain their feelings then I’d be curious to hear. I really enjoyed the video. Sucks that some didn’t feel the same.

Other parts I enjoyed below:

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