its 4 am shut up

I was talking to my best friend the other day about being mixed race. Her being half Puerto Rican and me being half Filipino. And the conversation steered toward being bilingual, and I said, “People don’t really seem to take you seriously as being mixed unless you speak both languages.”

And my friend, who’s one of the most nervous people I know also said something incredibly ballsy.

“I don’t care what people think, me not being able to speak Spanish isn’t going to make me any less Puerto Rican.”

And I just thought,
“You know what? Hell yeah.”

I might be acting overdramatic, but as someone who’s half white, half asian, I’m always nervous to say that. I don’t really feel “asian.” My mom never taught me or my brother Tagalog. I was born and raised in America with generally white culture. But you know what? There’s still traces of Filipino culture in this house. We’re all wearing flip flops indoors. There’s a ceramic image of the Last Supper on the dining room wall, next to the giant wooden decorative spoons and forks. I get excited whenever mom’s cooking pork adobo or biko. There’s that weird “Weapons of Moroland” badge that’s hanging on the wall that I’ve never understood.

The point is, I’m saying this to anyone that’s mixed too: You don’t have to know every bit of knowledge about both cultures of your parents. You’re more than one race, and whatever language you speak or whatever traditions you practice in your house will never change that.
a few late night writing prompts
  • you’re wearing my shirt and possibly nothing else and shit you look really cute
  • w ow did you always have that mole under your eye i’d touch it if you weren’t convinced I was a ghost
  • you’re the new neighbor and my dog loves you. she was whining all night so mind if I leave her here
  • I ordered from a 24 hour pizza place but we live in the same building and I just woke you up I’m so sorry please don’t kill me
  • why the fuck did you just jump into a fountain it’s 3 am let me help you dry off
  • i’m the bartender and you’re trying to flirt with me but your friend is wasted and keeps telling us to get a room
  • we’re roommates and you have a pretty popular youtube channel but next time you try to scare me while i’m sleeping please remember i have a black belt (also i’m sorry)
  • alt: blaME SONICFANXXO
  • i had one of those “find yourself” moments and I hopped on the midnight train in pajamas now i’ve come to my senses and you’re the only other person there please stop smiling

ok perks of dating me

  1. hella cute
  2. no but 5 real i can cook (like order pizza)
  3. sometimes i wear a shirt with no pants and knee socks
  4. i liek cuddling
  5. i literally have no social life so i have time whenever you want
  6. we can make out while the arctic monkeys play in the background
  7. i probably love you a lot
  8. hella rad
  9. did i mention the knee socks
  10. please
Right I'm all for people starting to watch Shadowhunters,

but if you’re just doing it for malec, and you literally dislike everything else, and you’re going to complain about everything else. Then just stop. I get that the more viewers the better type of thing. But if half of the viewers aren’t interested in the show properly, dislike the acting, the makeup, props, editing etc and are only watching it for one ship then I’m just asdfghjkl. There is more to this show than just malec, and if you don’t like anything else. Why are you even bothering to sit there, wasting 45 minutes of your life watching a show to only like about 10 minutes of it due to a ship.

a small portion of naruto a day keeps the sadness away