its 3am oh

i draw joseph and caesar casually a lot when i’m bored 

ok but this is actually me taking in and absorbing what bts feeds us

matt: so. you and the other paladins! you guys must’ve gotten close

pidge: yea, we have! they’re all like family

matt: so, would it be accurate to say… they’re like brothers to you?

pidge: yea, yea that’s pretty accurate

matt: …interesting.

anonymous asked:

You are a true gift... I was having a shit day.. I had my finals which I'm pretty sure i bombed and I was so done with everything tbh.. then I see this beautiful drawing of my favorite boys by my favorite artist. Thank you! It's really helped lift my mood! :')

Thank you my dear, I’m currently full of sadness and self-loathing but knowing I managed to help you have a better day, well it makes my day. Try to not worry too much about the finals result, I bet you didn’t go as bad as you think you did! 

I’ll be cheering for you, tell me how it went when you find out! and may tomorrow/today be a wonderful day ♡

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - an appropriate answer for “I’ve followed you for your art and not just because of the fandom”

Thank you for the compliment! - also an appropriate answer

Thank you my sweetheart! I just realized that, I may or may not aim to make my art feels like a hug? I mean I really never thought too hard about it but I do want people to feel safe and warm and like just have a moment of joy…

uh anyway that’s unrelated, thank you again and I hope you have a nice day too! ♡