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okay but theres straight people who arent homophobic? like im gay and my straight friends arent homophobic at all and when i came out to them they were accepting and never made any negative comments of some sort.. i know this is rare i guess and i love my friends alot for being like this because otherwise my life would definitely be worse, but seriously maybe get out of that All Straight People Are Homophobic tunnelvision because there is some good part of them out there even if its small

yeah but like since we’re all raised in a homophobic, heteronormative society, and since straight people are still part of the group of oppressors, that makes all straight people automatically homophobic… not by overt methods of homophobia, but by existing as a straight person who perpetrates heteronormativity. 

no one of a group of oppressors (in this case, straight people) is just automatically “Not Homophobic/Racist/etc” because they act kind during a few interactions. being an ally is a continuous process of unlearning heteronormativity and other structures of power (like racism). they may not be bad people, but they are still oppressors. thats just something that’s not gonna change