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The Gym Scene With Craig In A Nutshell
  • Craig: Do you want a protein shake bro?
  • MC: Nah bro.
  • Craig: Why bro?
  • MC: Because you're the one who gives me the strength to keep going, bro.
  • Craig: *teary eyed af* bRO.

Because he was funny, because he wore a porkpie had, Keaton’s physical skills are often undervalued … no silent star did more dangerous stunts than Buster Keaton. Instead of using doubles, he himself doubled for his actors, doing their stunts as well as his own - Roger Ebert

All my life, I have been happiest when the folks watching me said to each other, “Look at the poor dope, will ya? - Buster Keaton

Happy 120th Birthday, Joseph Frank “Buster” Keaton (October 4, 1895 – February 1, 1966)

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☾ My DMC boys, cuz i saw the Dante request and got inspired.

I got you, fam. <3

☾ - sleep headcanon(s):

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  • Will sleep on and/or in just about anything in just about any position. In a chair, on a couch, a bed, at his desk, in a car, on the ground, on the roof, on a park bench, etc. Dante is like a cat when it comes to sleep: he does not care. 
  • Most likely to get up in the middle of the night for a midnight snack, otherwise known as whatever leftover cold pizza he has stored away in the fridge.
  • Definitely sleeps a lot more than his twin in comparison (the man loves his afternoon naps), and a much more of a deep sleeper.
  • Again, really loves taking naps. Tease him all you want about it, nothing’s more relaxing than a nice long afternoon nap. (Same, Dante, same)
  • Has a habit of napping with something like a magazine on his face, though whether it’s to keep out any incoming light out of his face or to hide the look on his face from a recent nightmare is up for debate. 
  • There have been a number of instances where he’s recalled a number of memories of his childhood, usually starting out pleasant before turning dark and twisted before becoming a nightmare. It’s very rare for these dreams of childhood memories to remain pleasant and not become a nightmare.
  • When he does have these, he’ll try and shake them off shortly after waking up. If you’re his s/o, it’ll likely take a while after getting into your relationship before he’ll open up and talk to you about it.  

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  • He rarely sleeps all that often, and whenever he does, it’s typically not for too long, just enough to restore enough of his energy before moving on.  
  • Vergil strikes me as the kind of guy who sleeps on his back. This way should someone try to attack him (or prank him *cough* *cough* Dante *cough*) while he’s resting, he’ll be able to get up and defend himself however that need be. 
  • Just about always sleeps with Yamato within arm’s range. 
  • Typically a fairly light sleeper. Chances are to get around a sleeping Vergil, you’re going to have to be quite, and I mean, QUITE impressively quiet, if not dead silent, and that’s all assuming he somehow isn’t able to pick up on something being wrong or noticing your presence. 
  • That also being said, he does quite lowkey enjoy his moments of sleep, so it would be highly recommended that you don’t wake him up or interrupt him unless you absolutely 100% need to. 
  • And whenever he is woken up, he’s not exactly happy about it. As if he wasn’t grumpy before, honestly. 

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  • Prefers to sleep on either his side or his stomach and will most likely have his arm devil arm hanging off the side of the bed or couch when he does. 
  • Also a pretty deep sleeper, though not quite as much as Dante. 
  • He tends to toss and turn a bit, typically becoming restless due to his devil arm and the occasional pains and reoccurring stiffness depending on how much he’s used his arm earlier that day. 
  • He typically likes to sleep in a pair of sweatpants and/or loose t-shirt, depending on how hot it is. If it’s too hot, then he’s usually just shirtless with a pair of sweatpants or shorts. 
  • Also a slight drooler, although if you were to try and mention it, he’ll totally deny it. (We see the evidence on your chin and pillow, Nero, no reason to be embarrassed ;))
  • Usually keeps Blue Rose or Red Queen within a fairly close proximity whenever he sleeps, Blue Rose usually resting either under his pillow or on the nearby nightstand beside his bed or couch. 
Congrats on 16MIL!

YAAAY it has happened! You made it! WE made it! SO proud WOO

So, I haven’t got a chance to make an artwork for this milestone..sadly, so I thought I’d at least get some word out, even though I’m terrible at that…cuz enlgish and all that shit….oh well, gotta try. (warning: it’s late and I’m tired, might not make sense)

here we go:

I’ve been in this community from I think 2 mil, so I’ve seen a lot of stuff happen and I’m proud and happy to say, that 99% of it was the good kind of stuff. I’ve seen people starting to be more open, people interacting nicely and with respect in the comments and social media, people supporting each other when the world is being an absolute ass to them, seen a buch of people, basically strangers to each other, work on great projects for Jack, heck, I even got to be a part of at least 3 of those (which is an absolute blast to do) and just doing so many nice things and staying possitive. I’ve seen the reason why this is one of the nicest communities on the internet, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

I find myself happier when I watch Jack’s videos or scrolling through tumblr, or even drawing a fanart, everytime there’s something that makes me smile or even burst out laughing. And that’s important, beacause there are A LOT of people, who realy need or even rely on those things. Even smallest things can make a big change, a simple “I believe in you” is what matters

That’s also why I appreciate when Jack talk’s about serious things; depression, diseases, sexuality issues, all those things. Even when I personally don’t have problems with this stuff myself, I always appreaciate when it’s spoken of. There’s always something more to learn about it and hearing opinions is always good. I like listening to Jak talk from his heart, showing his support to people who need it from the other side of the screen, it’s just so heartwarming to see.

Idk where I’m going with this- I just want to say, that Jack, You are an amazing person and you deserve all you have for the hard work you’re doing, please, stay humble, caring and sweet, it’s what keeps us here to be the great community that we are <3

Love you forever~

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CopperSam ... did you, just wake up??? It's 3:20 a.m. Where I am, which means it's 2:20 a.m. In Chicago. For the love of fuzzy critters and good ice cream, hWHY are you awake?

Yeah I had…a rough night :D I went to bed around 8, woke up around midnight, couldn’t properly get back to sleep until 3-ish and even then it was light napping on the sofa. I’m calling in sick to work today to try and rest. I suspect the pressure/weather change might be to blame; it didn’t really occur to me while I was trying to get back to sleep that the reason I couldn’t sleep was rampaging sinus pain. Like, in the cold light of day I’m like “Oh yeah, that’s probably it, maybe I should have taken a decongestant” but for some reason it didn’t register at 2am. 

Clyde in the back of a movie theater

This was requested by and is dedicated to my wonderful parents @sea-creature-anons

Sorry my writing is shit and its literally 3:20 am dont be mad

-you were told by everyone in your little town to stay as far from Clyde Barrow as possible. He was a criminal and wanted for several things. But somehow you found yourself with your arm looped in his, walking into the theater with him

-he pulled you to the very back of the theater and sat down with you. “Clyde we can get a little closer..” you mumbled as the lights go down.

-what if Im interested in a different show, sugar?“ His face was illuminated momentarily by the screen and theres a smug smirk plastered on his face

-“well if youre not intere-” you were cut off by his lips pressing feverishly against yours. He hadnt even lasted 2 minutes into the film before getting distracted.. not that you minded

-within 2 minutes his lips had left yours and began to kiss down your jaw, nipping every once and a while and leaving little love bites. Eventually he found your sweet spot and left a dark hickey. “No need to cover that up, doll face” he instructed

-after that he turned all his attention to the movie with only his hand on your thigh. You whined at him and he shushed you and gave you a little squeeze. Your core ached for him, anything would do. You shifted in your seat a little and he looked over with his eyebrows raised

-“you okay there, sugar?” He asked taking his hand away. “Your cheeks are red, thing you might be sick?” He smiled, knowing exactly what he was doing to you.

-“Clyde you know I ain’t sick” you shifted again aching for any kind of relief. “Then what is it, sugar?” His voice dripped with lust seemingly all of a sudden. His hand moved further up your thigh to where you really needed him.

-you placed your hand over his and guided his hand up your leg and over your heat where you tilted your head back and sighed. He began to rub agonizingly slowly over your panties

-“Clyde… please, ah fuck please.. more” you begged, your voice barely a whisper as he continued with the same pace. He pushed your panties to the side and rubbed up your slit

-“sugar you’re already so wet from a few kisses and a touch to the thigh…” he was so close to your ear, his hot breath traveled down your neck making you shiver.

-you whimpered at his touch and opened your legs a little bit more for easier access. He dipped his calloused fingers into your core, dragging out the wetness that he had already caused.

-“Jesus, Clyde please… please, fuck” you cover your mouth momentarily as he pushed one finger in and begin pumping it so slowly. His lips were placing kisses on your neck and nibbling on your ear while whispering profanities

-“you like it when I finger fuck you, huh.. you’re mine now, do you understand that? No one else can make you this weak, right?” His voice was low and rough and when you didn’t answer he nipped painfully at your ear, “answer me or I’ll stop” he slowed down and you squirmed, “yes boss I’m yours, no one else can make me feel this good just.. please keep going please boss”

-he nodded, “that’s good baby that’s good” he inserted another finger, “stay quiet for me baby or I’ll stop” he instructed and began pumping his hand faster and faster 

 -eventually he clapped a hand over your mouth to keep you quiet and he mumbled in your ear, “cmon sugar, I know you wanna cum around my fingers, go ahead but stay quiet I want you to cum for me darling” his voice was low and raspy and filled with lust as you arch your back and take a shuddering breath 

 -when your body collapsed again and withdrew his finders and licked them clean, “you is sweet as honey” he smirked gently. “Ya know I think we’d have more fun back home, what do you say?” He looked over with his signature cocky smile on his lips which only grew when you nodded needily. 

 -“alright let’s get outta here then” he held out his hand to you and you two left to go back home so you could repay the favor


A master-post of quotes from aphtextsfromnordics ! I gathered a fewof my favourites.. (aka 160-180 idk I lost count)

I really love your account!

Ahem, apologies for any errors! If the spikes are on the wrong side, sorry about that as well - I just occasionally changed them and gave up on the third and fourth set.

As you can probably tell, I was running out on the last ones.. ^^“

Feel free to print these out or use them however, but they probably won’t be transparent…

(One’s with red.. things .. by them are connected - as in they were messages that went together. )

Please continue to make more! ^U^

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