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★  Dream  [ft. Sugar Relish]

Varian, now 12 years old, ventures into the Fade to keep himself occupied while searching for Solas. There he meets a very persistent Desire Demon who’s very new to the job. 

( even though this was a random thought of mine, thank you @bittersweet-blue-hearts // It’s like 2am I don’t know what I’m doing anymore )

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What time is it where you are?? Its 2am where i am and you and @ask-rick and @tempus-fractura are all awake?? ( i think anyway?)

It’s super late and I’m just about to go to bed, but Rick stays up SUPER late! I t-think Mordecai doesn’t sleep though… and he lives in a d-different dimension!

thalia makes nico babysit her kid, while she goes on a date with reyna, which nico quickly finds out is much more difficult than he expected, and he ends up calling jason to help him, and seeing how good jason is with kids makes nico realize that maybe he likes jason as more than a friend

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hi hello!! my name is charlie, i am biromantic and filipino and im turning 18 in 3 days can you believe :o

(pls hit on me i am v lonely and like to be coddled) (im jk unless ure not in which case hmu) (pls) (also this is a queued post bc its 2am where i am but i really!! wanted to participate) (something to know about me: i am super participative and into gimmicks i will eat anything up it helps for a positive life) (pls be positive and unapologetic of the things you like) (it will make you happier) (i promise) (this went somewhere this was just supposed to be a post about my face)

Trace Back the Music: Episodes 3-7

Lately, I’ve been rewatching the episodes again, and it suddenly dawned on me how similar the music in Yuri!!! on Ice was to songs I know in real life. So, I set out on a personal quest to trace down what songs sound similar. So who wants to listen to me find symbolism out of probably nothing, or just repeating whatever other people have said? I do, so the rest of the essay is under the cut.

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So it's 2am where I am, and I just spent the last two hours going through your Harry Potter headcanons/what-ifs posts and I probably missed a large chunk through tears but I just wanted to tell you that they're brilliant and the way your writing flows is lovely and I can't wait to read your books but I really should go to sleep because I have to wake up in 4 hours but I just couldn't help myself so thank you for writing those they're great you're great