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tfw youve missed the prime years of homestuck (i got into this shit in 2014) and youre desperately comissioning and making and putting together cosplays for conventions, and making fanart, and coming up with outrageous fan theories, and rereading old fanfiction, clinging desperately to the idea that “maybe this post will bring them back” and “maybe the upcoming game will spark something and we can all party like its 2012-2013” and “please come back for the love of gOD I WASNT HERE AND IM NOT DONE Y E T”

Louis Tomlinson

Here is another Louis talking audio. I just put together shorter clips of Louis talking and added piano music. Louis’ voice helps me calm down and deal with pain, so I thought this might help someone else too. Enjoy. <3

Louis talking 2015 | Louis MITAM Track-by-track


designers worn by princess madeleine: marchesa

april 2nd, 2011: benefit dinner for the world childhood foundation in florida

april 5th, 2011: health & human rights awards

may 8th, 2012: gala dinner for the world childhood foundation 

october 3rd, 2012: swedish american chamber of commerce from farm to fork gala dinner

may 11th, 2013: dinner in celebration of the 375th anniversary of the founding of new sweden in delaware 

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anonymous asked:

Okay but like what is homestuck ive heard it referred to as like a book but also a game and im tempted to read/play/whatever it tbh?

okay so homestuck is a webcomic created in 2009 and was ended in 2016. its very long and complicated but the premise is that 4 kids have to play a game where they have to save the universe. But shit goes wrong in so many ways nobody even really knows whats going on anymore after about 3 days in. after a while you will be introduced to another set of characters (12 btw don’t worry u’l learn to keep them apart) who will play a massive role (the first act is pretty darn boring but if you get through that it gets better trust me) 


Harry, who takes everything in his stride and wears his natural-born charisma lightly, shrugs off rumours that he is going to run off to Hollywood to make movies.

“I’m not so sure about that,” he laughs. “I like to keep busy and I like to see my mates. I’m really happy. I’ve always had great people around me. I keep wondering whether I should actually watch those great shows that everyone else talks about and I’ve missed, like Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Or should I just move on?!” (x)