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When I Get Home

‘When I Get Home’- The Beatles

Fandom/s: Supernatural

Warning/s: None really, though I suggest if you’re uncomfortable with the military or the war going on in Iraq (I think that’s phrased wrong because I really hope everyone’s uncomfortable with the war, but you know what I mean) then I suggest you don’t read. Also, don’t even bother trying to chronologicalise the events because its not all that canon-compliant (well, it is, just not with times and events and dates and shit)

Rating: Pfft, Teen and Up, there’s really nothing graphic in here

Pairing/s: Dean x Reader, BrOTP with Sam and Cas

Prompt: ’Hiya I was wondering if you could do a deanxreader where she is an army sniper coming home to team free will after her first tour in Iraq for 8 months and fluffy dean moments and bestie moments with Sam and Cas this would be great thanks love your blog’- shadowhunter600

Summary: Basically the prompt: the reader is just returning home to the brothers and Castiel after an eight month tour of Iraq as an Army Sniper. Lots of fluffy Dean x Reader bits and some lovely little BrOTP moments with Sam and Cas

Words: 995 (Yeah, its short, don’t judge me)


“Thanks,” you smiled at the taxi driver, before clambering out of the yellow cab and around to the boot, where you hauled out your suitcases. “Keep the change.”

Turning to face the bunker, you took a deep breath and a wide, fond smile spread across your lips.

You were home.

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