Day 37: Pressed Flowers
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Last November 30, 2014, I was one of the lucky few to attend a Paper and Puncher Party hosted by Mikko Sumulong of I Try DIY held at the Hey Kessy Studio in Katipunan. I along with my two good friends who are all new to this crafternoon concept but are inclined to DIYs gamely participated. The two photos are proof that I was too busy that afternoon that I wasn’t able to take photos of all the ganaps that afternoon. Mikko and her Mom taught us different ways on how we could DIY and personalize cards and envelopes using paper punchers, stamps and anything under the sun. Your imaginaion and creativity is the limit. But come our free hand/free time session, we were particularly busy with punching gift tags because it was perfect for the holiday season.Its true that punching papers is addicting as well as making envelopes! So many punchers and papers to try but so little time! I really had the best time that afternoon. Met new people who are also very much into DIY. Two thumbs up for this ganap! I will surely find the time to attend another crafternoon in the future. 

For more of your crafting needs, I Try DIY also sells a lot of stuff so do visit her shop here and you might find yourself buying all her stash and stuck inside your room crazy busy with punching papers, making cards and envelopes among others.

I don’t claim to have a knack for calligraphy or lettering. I just have an insatiable love for pens and a need to doodle when faced with a blank page. My doodles have now translated into a slew of fonts. When asked how I come up with these fun and quirky fonts, I say, Pick up a pen and just write! 📓✒️📝 #itrydiysnaps Visit for everything crafty!