Dating Spencer Reid Would Include...

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  • him reading to you
  • him rambling a lot about everything and you always listen to him because you love who appasionate he is about it
  • running your fingers through his soft hair
  • amazing cuddles
  • him teaching you to play chess
  • you bringing him coffe every morning
  • coffe dates
  • Derek teasing you two
  • “boy genius finally got his pretty girl”
  • instead of texting you he prefer to write you letters he thinks is more romantic and you always save all of them
  • you always comforting him when he’s sad or depressed
  • a lot of kisses in your cheek and  your forehead
  • a smile appearing in his face every morning when you wake up next to him, after all this time he still can’t believe you chose him to be with
  • you getting worry everytime he have to go for a case
  • being friends with the BAU
  • they adore you because they can see how happy you make Spencer and you two are adorable together
  • calling him Spence
  • you wearing his sweater when he is away because they smell like him
  • lots of cuddling
  • amazing passionate sex
  • him being quite shy at the begining of the relationship
  • watching documentaries
  • movie marathons
  • falling in love with him more and more everyday
  • him tickling you to make you laugh
  • because him think you laugh is the most beautiful sound he ever heard
  • him showing you his magic tricks
  • him being very protective over you
  • slow making out sessions
  • you loving when he hold your hand
  • him being the best boyfriend ever
  • him sending flowers to your job with cutes notes
  • you being he love the most
  • "I love you, forever and always”
  • “I love you too Spence, forever and always”


mmmm yeah im feelin the Gay Vibes so heres some more things girls/fem people do that make me swoon

  1. playing with their hair……….have u seen someone tie long hair up in a bun its mesmerizing. sweeping bangs away from faces aaaaaah
  2. walking down the street and its cold so they bury their faces in their coat AAH tiny red cold nose i wanna kiss it
  3. have you ever had someone hug you and then pull back to talk to you but their arms are still on your shoulders?????????? its the best i love it
  4. running to hug you and jumping a lil from excitement
  5. when a bunch of best friends are walking somewhere and they all break into laughter like yes……im glad youre all having a good time here on earth
  6. your heart lights up when you see them wearing clothes/jewelry that you gave them YEARS ago, its so nice knowing that theyve held on to it for so long!! 
  7. when you have to give a presentation or perform something and you hear the difference between their normal conversation voice and their polite voice. cute
  8. noticing how hair gets lighter in the summer or gets beautiful colored highlights or how someones skin softens and heals from sunburn in the winter
  9. eyes crinkling when they smile
  10. i love being gay