OK story time! SEE THIS BABY BLUE BOY? yeah his name is ethan or @crankgameplays , i had so much fun drawing him, i made this so he could maybe sign it at pax in poster form. I cant go to pax because money and its too far away , BUT i was lucky enough to have an online friend that IS. If they are still willing to go with our plan then maybe this will get to ethan in a physical form. anyways thank you ethan for making me laugh and smile everyday love ya!

Oh and yeah i finally posted something on tumblr, hehe its been a while!


anon // Can you make pastel themed KS icons?

there ya go! i wasn’t sure which characters or what color to go with so I was like eh– let’s put them all together (even choker boi) and have a bunch of colors.

open to icon requests

rules )

Its worldwide regulations that all main protagonists in a video game MUST have a small animalistic companion who also happens to be a huge sass master :V

Dust, thats a name I havent heard in a long time owo Can’t believe its been 5 years already since that game was released. Here’s a quick Fidget sketch to comemorate! Man, I havent drawn Fidget in years