All did in stream! >.< First One Ish de Trickester Muse with out Her Hat xD And the 2nd one ish A new Sans I made up, A lust verion Of HersheyFell >.< Don’t hate! And the 3rd one ish Kade ( @dyingstararch ) And Meh Sis’s ( @hershystale ) Vani Bana And meh Minty Chip~ Their fav BabySitter xD

And the last one~ 

Well Lets just say Creme ( @hershystale ) and I are working on a little comic for an event, Stay tooned!~ 


I approached (FROOT) very simply. I didn’t really have a conscious plan for what I was going to write or what the album was going to be like. I think I was just really relieved to do things in an uncomplicated way. With Electra Heart I still feel very complex [feelings] about it, because there were so many things that I loved about it that were positive, and there were certain things, artistically, that made me realize what I didn’t want to do, what kind of artist I didn’t want to be. So (making Froot) was almost repositioning those realizations.