if the planets had faces → venus

once thought to be the earth’s twin, this planet is named after the roman goddess of beauty. but as technology progresses she starts to unravel her secretes and soon venus became earth’s evil twin. under the bright red, lightning storm covered skies lies a surface covered with lava flows, volcanoes and high temperatures. a very hostile environment for any mortal.

if the planets had faces → saturn

a gas giant like his fellow brethren this planet’s most distinctive trait are his rings - big chunks of rock orbiting the planet. it’s name derived from the roman ‘lord of the rings’ who was overthrown by his very own son jupiter having his title as king revoked and brutally taken away from him.

if the planets had faces → neptune

neptune’s ravishing deep blue color, similar to that of earth’s vast seas, earns this planet it’s name, having taken it after the roman god of the seas. it’s structure is similar to that of uranus. it’s winds are the fastest blowing in the solar system. with neptune’s rings having almost faded away, this planet’s moons remain it’s only companions throught it’s journey around the sun.