Chapter Twelve: Exchange -  FFN

The entire plan went nearly immediately to shit, which was only to be expected. Ron had been pulled away to deal with rain in Yaxley’s office, then she and Harry had run smack into Umbridge, who had taken Hermione down with her to the courtroom after making it clear that Harry should be getting out of the lift. She had hardly been able to keep her breath steady as she stood beside the horrible toady woman and tried not to betray her true identity, or at least alert Umbridge to the fact that all was not as it appeared. Before she knew it, Delores was clearing her throat and commanding, “Come along, Mafalda,” and Hermione was left with no choice but to follow her to the left and down the flight of stairs which led to the court chambers.

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"Alright then!! Itotally can mop things real quick if i spill bloods since im a master of mopping things when things went bad in high school,so"Yandereplier popping a candy into his mouth as he sat on the sofa "I heard dark doing something to you? is he asked you to swim which i think dumping you into the pool, if so, im so sorry, but you know i cant do anything towards dark, he's too strong and he's my big brother....i mean our bonds are stronger than with other ipliers."

Google blinked, looking up from his work and letting out a slow breath. “Yan? I’m to focused right now, and I am sorry… but my office is off limits.”

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So are you still accepting Monday Night Sleepover things? If so I've got a Hinny headcanon for you, in several parts. (i) Ginny really likes Every Flavor Beans. Harry likes jelly beans too, but he doesn’t like the bad flavors, so he picks up a couple bags of Jelly Bellys every time he’s in the muggle world. He puts them in the cupboard for later (growing up with the Dursleys, he’s good at making a treat stretch out), and that’s when Ginny moves in.

(ii) She carefully opens the bag, replaces a few Pear beans with Booger beans or Cherry with Earthworm, and magically reseals it. Every time Harry has one of these tampered-with bags, he frowns and says he’s got a dud bag, but at least it’s only a few of the beans. That goes on for months. At last, he’s eating some jelly beans when Ron’s over. Ron knows instantly that it’s Ginny.

(iii) Then Harry and Ron get a fresh bag of Bertie Bott’s one day while Ginny is away. Harry takes the good ones and Ron takes the bad ones and they charm them to look like the opposite (Booger beans now look like Pear beans and vice versa) and then reseal the bag. Ginny chokes on the first few beans, but she’s so proud of Harry for coming up with that one.


Today at my History of Art class we have been
learning about the Neoclassical sculpture, and
the lesson has been about the piece Psyche
Revived by Eros' Kiss
, by Antonio Canova. I
totally fell in love with this sculpture and the
myth where it comes from, so this is the result.
Enjoy, lovelies.

      He knew she was scared, and he was as well. He had disobeyed his own mother, therefore he was taking a huge risk. He tried to calm himself, thinking that nobody could know that he had lied. After all, she was married to the most horrendous monster ever, was not she?

      He waited until she was falling asleep in their bed, decorated with smooth, semi-transparent fabrics over the canopy and silk sheets, and then he lay with her. She turned around startled, but instead of moving apart, she remained there, close to him, inhaling his breath.

      She could not see his face, the light of the moon did not cross by the windows of that palace of gold. She felt his hand caressing her leg over the long dress that covered her body. She was petrified. He kept caressing her slowly, enjoying every inch of her perfect, delicate body.

      “Who are you?” she finally asked, leading her hand where his face was supposed to be.

      “I’m your husband, Irene…”

      She held her breath and touched his face carefully.

      “You’re a monster,” she whispered, her voice trembling. “I’m frightened.”

      He grabbed her hand on his face and could not help but smile, though she could not see it in the darkness.

      “I know, but you have to trust me. We are destined to be together, Irene.”

      His voice was sweet, and she instantly loved him. His hands caressed her gently and she kept touching his face, imagining how he would look at the light of the day. That was her fate. She was married to a monster. That was all she knew. She did not dare to ask him his name, she just got carried away.

      That night he made her his. He gave her all his love, which was immense. And she trusted his thick lips, his gentle hands, the rhythm of his hips, the sound of his voice when moaning her name. What a pity, that when she woke up with the dawn, he was already gone.


In the 1950’s the British rule over Kenya was strong, but that didn’t stop the desire for freedom amongst the Kenyans. They became frustrated with the way they were treated by the British. The People were forced into slave labor, tortured, and detained while getting their land taken and stripped of its resources. Behind the Scenes there was a secret group of Kenyans forming called the “Mau Mau” the term is believed to be an acronym in Swahili that means for “Let the foreigner go back abroad, let the African regain independence”.

The Mau Mau were led by Jomo Kenyata, Dedan Kimathi, Waruhiu Itote, and Tom Mboya, there goal was to fight back against the British to reclaim their Freedom and and the Land. In 1952 with around 30,000 Kenyans, mostly made up people from the Kikuyu Tribe the Mau Mau rebelled against white settler holdings and on those who supported the British rule. The Rebellion was not heavily armed and was unorganized, but it still managed to last 4 years and put the British into a state of Emergency during that time. The British had to use thousands of troops and weaponry to stop the rebellion, but the Mau Mau made its mark.

Schools don’t teach about the Rebellions, only that they were subservient and weak slaves, which is not true. The Mau Mau had few weapons and were unorganized while facing a regime that had an overwhelming force, but they still chose to fight to death for what’s theirs rather than remaining subservient slaves to the British. This inspired countless future rebellions and showed the desire for independence and freedom.

Written By: @Champion_Us