ito keiichiro

Silent Hill: Otherworld coming in 2015 to all platforms?

This is a leaked image discovered by Gamereactor and has no backing information or a reliable source nor has it been confirmed by Konami, but with Tomohiro Uesugi recent promotion to president and his statement about focusing on Konami’s biggest franchises when he said “We will focus on our talent and iconic brands as we continue to provide innovative products for even deeper and more enjoyable experiences to our customers.” I can only wonder if this leak might have some validation. However, with the exact release date in the photo and already has a subtitle ( which seems a bit too cliche and obvious) before the release of a teaser or more information, leaves me skeptical. Either way maybe this is Konami’s Marketing team thinking about “something” Silent Hill maybe gearing towards E3… What do you guys think of this leak? Have you excited if its legit? Who will be at the helm? Akira Yamaoka? Hideo Kojima? Masahiro Ito? Keiichiro Toyama? An under paid novice director/producer?