Imagine Dragons @ The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA (Jan. 23)


We’re definitely going to be upping our production value on this tour. There are going to be a lot of new things and a lot of twists and turns. We’ve even written some new material to do in between songs and new jam sections and extending some songs out and stretching out in ways we haven’t been able to do before. I think people are going to be impressed by our live show and what we have planned.
—  Wayne Sermon on Into The Night Tour. (x)
Imagine Dragons Covering 'Intimidating' Rush Song on Arena Tour

During their years as a club band on the Las Vegas strip, Imagine Dragons covered more than 100 songs, by everyone from U2 to the Cure. For their upcoming arena tour, which kicks off on February 8th in Boise, Idaho, the band wants to step up its game, but also pay homage to their early days. The group ultimately chose to learn Rush’s “Tom Sawyer.” […]