I got some new Nikes today. Now I have a pair of Pegasus and a pair of Vomeros in my every day rotation. No matter how many pairs I try, I always end up back in Nikes. Although, I was super disappointed in my experience at this store. Whatevs, no shame in my love for Nikes right now.

Jen asked if they were my “beat Chris by 8 seconds” shoes. No doubt, that’s my new life motto. I’m lucky that he’s such a good sport.

These two though, @iwatchtheworldoutside and @chrisontherun, totally the best. Plus, they don’t even need me around to give each other shit too. The three of us together make one hilarious group.


Mitch fucking killing it yet again @mitchgrassi #pentatonix #itnevergetsold (at 1st Bank Center Broomfield Colorado)

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