itll be like im there

lesbians have a hard time coming to terms with their sexuality because girls are taught at a very young age that men are to be a central part of our lives & without it it almost feels like a cavernous hole in our potential future. like we aren’t enough. SAD! thats why so many dykes go 300% on everything they do in some weird form of compensation, like “if im successful here maybe itll make up for the no boy future that will disappoint my parents and middle school friends’ parents”

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Jikook Star AU- “Our walls are really thin and I heard you crying in the shower, are you okay?” 1/?

Well here is the first part! I hope you enjoy this AU, I really took my time in planning it and thinking about what will happen :) Enjoy!


brandnewz x blackpink’s as if it’s your last


Ichi-nii’s actor is a big fan of Tsurumaru’s moves. ^^



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You Get What You Give (Constant Variables)

Requested: Yes

Summary: Where Harry’s just begun his solo career and performing is everything that he’s ever dreamed of; he can’t help but feel so alone sometimes though. Feeling as though everyone has someone, and he’s so out of the loop with his love life that it brings an imbalance. However, you can’t take everything and expect to give nothing in return or for everything to be ok for forever.

Word Count: 1,869

Pairing: Harry Styles x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Fluff?

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me, depressed: i don’t care about…… …. .. anything
me, springing up in a cold sweat: EXCEPT *WHEEZE* E-…ERNST ROBEL’S WELLBEING