itll be like im there


frisk doodles

me, depressed: i don’t care about…… …. .. anything
me, springing up in a cold sweat: EXCEPT *WHEEZE* E-…ERNST ROBEL’S WELLBEING

I’m looking through the Microsoft interns facebook group and it’s like half of them are dudes from Harvard, MIT, and Stanford so what I’m getting at is if this whole “putting my brain to good use” thing doesnt work out i could always just show up in a tight red dress and bag myself a nerd for a stable and comfortable financial future


South Park is coming out with a new season in August, a new video game in October, and a phone game later this year, my life is complete

Angel Wendy is my new favorite along with Choir Boy Butters and Cowboy Tweek

anonymous asked:

Why your parents doesn't let u cut your hair?? Mine doesn't let me let it grow coz "i'm a boy" ;;


they dont want me to cut my hair v short because they said it’ll make me look like a ‘guy’

and fyi my parents r transphobic n homophobic (especially my dad)

me: i literally cant wait until se comes out

also me, realizing im going to choose every wrong answer for every character and make everyone hate me:

What goddess do I petition to make the “polyamorous family” line actually be a prediction for how the main casts relationships over the season develop though ……

here is some classic pd101 bromance to brighten your mood:

thats jihoon giving guanlin a peck on the cheek bless

and thats kang dan, woojin, jaehwan and ong having a cuddle


honestly idk what im doing with colors and shit but enjoy this shitty comics