While INTJs are often infamous when it comes to many relationship matters, I’ve often seen them credited for how strong their friendship can be. Along with ISTJs, as ITJs, they tend to fit the description of what people usually would look for in a friend (to stick around and count on through all or most adversities). Not limited to these types, of course, but you probably know what I mean in regards to that description: steady and/or committed companions that won’t care about what other people think if they know you and it’s you they care about. So, while these may not apply to all INTJs, if you’re trying to befriend an INTJ, keep them as a friend, or simply see how your friendship is doing, here are a few points to consider.

• Shallowness and superficiality with no substance. This is why many of them commit social suicide. And small talk, when not relieving, may be torturous, but it can be endured for some time if they’re still able to delve more deeply into what’s of significance to them. But gossip? Is it really necessary? Even when it’s juicy to them it can leave a disgusting aftertaste. Unmasking deceit? Great, if the means and ends to it can be justified. Getting to know people well? Fine, if they’d like to share about themselves. Nitpicking and speculating about shallow and superficial matters for the sake of amusement or a sense of superiority? Not so fine, if at all.

• Not letting them be themselves. A lot of them can be huge nerds, geeks or even dorks, if not just a little quirky. If they’re being serious all the time, something is probably wrong (perhaps very wrong) with you, with your relationship and/or with something else. Then again, they also tend to have deadpan humor and it can be hard to tell whether they’re being serious or are having an inside joke… with themselves.

• Treating them as a project or a charity cause. Who enjoys being pitied? Not any INTJ I know. Some of the more immature ones may be completely against accepting any kind of help even when they need it, while more mature ones may be open to it and deeply appreciate it. But if all they are to you is something to prove yourself (and/or others) that you’re a competent and compassionate person, that’s what they’ll see (and possibly keep in mind) once they realize and confirm it. Besides, maybe it’s not helpful at all.

• Talking badly about them behind their back instead of telling them directly. Anyone can be infuriating enough to cause one to want or need to express negative views or opinions of, fairly or not, and INTJs are definitely no exception. But if this becomes a habit, you two will be little more than only bad news. Try chilling or finding someone you can confide in, and then see if there’s still something you need to confront the INTJ about.

• Never discussing your issues and/or lacking healthy boundaries. It’s not always an appropriate time, but it shouldn’t be put off forever - especially if it’s negatively affecting your relations. As for boundaries, they may be necessary whether we like it or not. There simply are things the INTJ can’t join you in or allow you into (without unmanageable amounts of suffering and/or damage). It might not be a case of holding you at arms’ length out of arrogance or indifference.

• Unreasonably and insensitively diminishing or arguing against what they personally value. They may be up for reality checks and debates much of the time, but if you actively insult what they closely hold dear, you’ll likely see a side of them you won’t like. If it’s well-meaning and approached gently, or, better yet, with their permission, they might be more receptive to your point of view. And if it’s more informed and coherent than theirs, they’ll eventually (directly or indirectly) thank you for it.

• Not taking responsibility for your actions (or lack thereof), being in denial and/or blaming it all on them. They may not be completely honest with themselves but still see through people to some extent. They may not always be fair in their judgments but might be cool-headed enough to make some valid points. If neither party is responsible enough for their part, and, worse, project their failings onto others, things will, sooner or later, inevitably fall apart.

• They cannot trust you. Maybe they have trust issues, maybe you don’t seem trustworthy, maybe you haven’t earned their trust, or maybe it was lost along the way and hasn’t or can’t be recovered. Trust is often essential and fundamental to what they can call a friendship. They may be sensible enough to know not to trust others beyond their capabilities and still be able to trust them on certain matters. But if they cannot let their guard down at all with you due to carelessness on your part, they’re probably better considering you an acquaintance, if not less.

Their Child Having a Creepy/Evil Laugh Like Her: BTS


No, but like, Jin’s not in the position to say anything, tbh. ;-)


^^^ He’d love it


The kind of person who would copy it.

Rap Monster:

“Lol wut… Okay ;-)”

He’d adore it.


He’d be kinda surprised when he first heard it, but then after, he’d just laugh along, internally dying from cuteness overload.


He would make the child laugh more on purpose, all for the sake of hearing the beautiful laugh- at least that’s the way he heard it.


Will stand against anyone who dared say that the laugh was weird, just like he did with you, because hearing his loved ones laugh was everything he needed.

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Can you do a bughead sexting fic/dialogue thingy? Thank you thank you thank you (you're the coolest)

So sorry this took so long! Thank you so much for sending me a prompt! I hope this turns out to what you had in mind :)

It had been three weeks since Jughead Jones had left for New York City for a high school writing internship. Both Betty and himself were glad except the absence had left a whole in each of their lives. The need for each other had become so strong that Betty decided to take things into her own hands.

B: Jughead c’mon

J: No. I refuse.

B: But you’re a writer

J: So?

B: This is right up your alley, and I miss you.

J: I miss you too but this is too dangerous, I text Archie with this phone! Archie!!!

B: But we’ve done dangerous before…

J: I know babe but this is like a whole new level, like I am not equipped for this

B: Oh I think you’re more than equipped

If you know what I mean

J: Ugh you disgust me

B: No I don’t ;)

J: Yeah you’re right, I’m very equipped.

I mean if only we weren’t a hundred miles apart

I mean think of the possibilities

B: I already am

J: Oh like what?

B: It’s pathetic, you don’t wanna hear about it

J: I’m sure it’s not and I do want to hear about it

B: Okay

It’s just it’s becoming very hard not to think about you

J: I hear I have that affect on people

B: I’m serious 

I cried in the shower this morning 

J: What were you doing in the shower?

B: I just was there thinking about you, about all of you…

J: And?

B: And my mind kept imagining you there in the shower with me, and I just stood there, up against the tiles with my hand between my legs, and when I came I cried, because you weren’t the one doing it

It’s pathetic

J: That’s not pathetic 

I think about you too over here

B: Really?

J: Hell yeah

I’m fucking Betty’s Cooper’s idiot boyfriend who took an internship when he could be with Betty Cooper. In Bed. In the shower. In the storage room at pop’s. You name it.

B: Tell me what you to want to do to me right now

J: I want to taste you.

I miss it. I miss everything about it.

B: How would you do it, if you were here with me now?

J: Well that depends, I need details, where are you, what are you doing, what are you wearing hmmm?

B: Well I’m in my bed, obviously ;) and if you must know, I’m wearing your old blue flannel that you let me keep, and a bit of lace.

J: If I were there the lace would already be on the fucking ground

B: And then what?

J: This is obscene Betty

B: “Everybody says sex is obscene. The only true obscenity is war.”

J: Are you quoting Henry Miller to me Cooper?

B: What if I am?

J: Well if you were I don’t think I’d be able to resist, not with your voice forming the words

B: “To have her here in bed with me, breathing on me, her hair in my mouth—I count that something of a miracle.”

J: You’re SO lucky I don’t have a roommate

B: Oh really, why’s that?

J: You fucking know why

B: Tee-hee

J: Betty fucking Cooper I swear to god

B: Oh c’mon. Tell me more about it, what’s in your head big boy? You can’t only be writing investigative fiction in that laptop of yours. Indulge me.

Jughead hesitated at the notion but in seconds his fingers were on the keys and as the words flew from his mind and weaved into sentences his pants grew tighter.

J: The smell of you is ridden in my thoughts. The memories invade my mind through these days without you in my bed. The picture in-between your legs is one I long to capture.  The tones of cream and pink against your blonde hair excite me. To have you surround me again, in your warmth, would be a privilege. But now the act to touch feels like my birthright.

Betty’s breath hitched as her eyes scanned the words. He had caught her off guard. He came in, full swinging, making her heart rate quicken as she stared at the blinking curser on her phone. Minutes passed before she had realized she hadn’t responded.

J: What? Cat’s got your tongue?

A smirk grew unto Jughead’s face as he saw Betty’s typing bubble go up and down. ‘His words definitely did the trick’ he thought to himself.

B: No, but you do.

J: “I want to undress you, vulgarize you a bit.”

B: Henry Miller’s words suite you, Juggie.

At the mention of his nickname suddenly had him imagining her saying it over and over again as his lips ran up her…

J: The rise and pull of your hips sends a ripple down my spine. My blood warms as my lips travel higher and higher…

The text found Betty in a comprising position. Her eyes closed as she pictured the sight of his black waves in her hands as he ran his tongue along the sensitive skin, teasing at the main attraction.

B: Juggie

Please keep going

J: My fingernails seep deeper into your thighs as you cry out for me. Say it for me.

B: Juggie

J: Again

B: Juggie

J: As my lips brush up your flesh I leave tracks of red, pink, and purple. Your breaths quicken and you writhe against my sheets as my head finds itself in between your legs. My tongue brushes up against your clit until I sink deeper. You’re so wet. And you taste just like I remember and somehow more addicting than I can handle.

B: What do I taste like?

J: The taste of strawberries and lemon run against my tongue. The tang left in my mouth makes me want more. You quiver against me. I can feel the twinge in your nerves and the rhythm of your core pulsing against me.

Betty’s hands had sneaked under the black lace and she ran her fingers across her clit as she read over his words.

B: Juggie, I’m close.

Jughead let out a growl as he thought of her hands going where he belonged.

J: My tongue curls against your walls and my hand sneaks over to your clit. I hear you beg to let go as my thumb circles your clit and my fingers find your favorite spot. I pump harder until you’re screaming.

Betty felt her walls clench up around her fingers.

J: You’re legs tighten around my head as you tense up around me. The taste of you runs on my tongue and I look up to find your eyes fluttering.

Both Betty and Jughead lied in their sheets, Betty undone and Jughead pulsing under his hands. Jughead came as he saw the words pop up on his phone.

B: And my eyes open to the mischievous blue-eyed boy over me. There’s nothing more that I want than to see the sight.

I love you.

BTS Reaction: When their S/O calls them daddy in front of fans

~ This reaction has a few innuendoes and might be a little mature, so read at your own risk:)

Jin :

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*Blows you a quick kiss because you know exactly what to call him*

Suga :

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Suga is going to be pretty pissed you let that slip, and he’s going to make sure you know it

J-Hope :

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“Oh, yeah baby, who’s your daddy?”

Rap Monster :

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Rap Monster might pretend like he didn’t hear you in front of the fans, because you know you’re going to get punished for your mistake later on

Jimin :

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Jimin is going to be sooo flustered. That boy is going to blush so hard under the curious stares of all the fans

V :

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I mean look at that smirk ^^. You weren’t supposed to call V ‘daddy’ in public, but damn was that look he gave you worth it

Jungkook :

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

He’s going to be startled at first hearing you call him ‘daddy’ in public, but he’ll start smirking after he realizes how much he likes how risky it is (omg Jungkook is a freak let’s be real)


I am forever thankful for many of the manifestations of auxiliary functions! Despite not being as ‘developed’ or ‘mature’ as dominant ones, they tend to be the ones that save the day for me. Whether it is so that someone can pull themselves out of the infamous loop between dominant and tertiary functions acting overwhelmingly unbalanced or for helping someone out of other suffocating and drowning situations. It’s said that we turn to the auxiliary function to assist ourselves and others in times of trouble (as the name suggests) and, while not limited to functions in this position, this is very much true in some cases and you can see it in a distinctive manner.

So here’s what I appreciate about all the auxiliary functions when they are acting in healthy integration and moderation.

Auxiliary Se in ISPs
You’re the easy and quick to install reality-check patch. Along with getting us back to our senses, you equip us with “It is what it is” kits that allow us to face things as they are so that we can then better decide what can be done about them or if something even must be done about them instead of just letting them be and/or letting them go. You can be a daredevil, but also the epitome of chill and taking it as it comes.

Auxiliary Si in ESJs
Somebody has to be the responsible one while everybody else is acting crazy, and that’s usually you. You make sure to have all you need to proceed properly and with caution, ensuring the best you can that all relevant details have been taken care of to sustain what is being worked toward. This might make you undesirably uptight and restrictive to many, but often it shows in the results that it was worth it.

Auxiliary Ne in INPs
When everything seems dull and all done and over with, you’re the one to turn to for fresh and alternative ways to look at things and to reveal more of all that’s astonishing (or simply humorous). Or you just distract us with ‘pointless’ pursuits that are a ‘waste of time’ but ultimately broaden our understanding and keep us from being ignorant and in the dark.

Auxiliary Ni in ENJs
Personally, I feel so validated by you when, while being a more worldly person, you acknowledge the ‘otherworldly.’ How you connect the dots and pick up patterns from all your experiences is quite educational and gives a sense of divine order and purpose. You can step up and see above the mess and that in itself is enough to make matters more manageable. Also, being far-sighted means you can see beyond and break out of fruitless cycles.

Auxiliary Te in ITJs
“That doesn’t even make sense!” You look for effective solutions and are baffled by nonsense - especially when it only serves to be counterproductive. When you take the time, you can simplify and instruct in a manner that is easily grasped and to the point. What seems to you as obvious and appropriate to mention, often turns out to be a brutal truth or an address of the elephant in the room. And we’d be doomed without this at least every once in a while.

Auxiliary Ti in ETPs
When you’re not justifying or excusing unnecessarily disrespectful and unorthodox ideas or behaviors, you’re helping explain why and how novel ways of seeing and doing things make much more sense than established or previous ones. You often have much to go off from to debate and make valid points while being simultaneously entertaining and interesting. Learning with you is an exciting journey.

Auxiliary Fe in IFJs
You’re the reader and interpreter of broken families (figuratively or literally speaking) and would make it your mission to remedy them. When you can justly stand and strive for yourself and for others, rather than allowing yourself to be superficial or malleable, you are able to give each and all what they need for their appropriate nourishment (whether that includes union or separation) and nurture them into more humane individuals or groups. You take people’s concerns into account when others wouldn’t.

Auxiliary Fi in EFPs
Indulge, indulge, indulge. This can be too much to some (like me), but can make you a good - or even a great - host for certain occasions (if not only an extravagant one). You’d also say and fully stand behind, “Why wait for others to make you happy when you can make yourself happy!” You celebrate people for who they are, believing “It’d be boring if we were all the same.” And often this means you’ll gladly cheer for everyone’s best qualities and personal fulfillment.

The Quality Each Types NEEDS!

INFJ: Being more open

INFP: Controll

ENFJ: Less harsh on themselves

ENFP: Strong-willed 

INTJ: Sensitive

INTP: Charisma

ENTJ: Loving

ENTP: Tolerance

ISTJ: Randomness

ISFJ: Self-esteem

ESFJ: Not caring about certain things

ESTJ: Being flexible

ESTP: Patience and seeing the bigger picture

ESFP: Organisation

ISTP: Caring

ISFP: Confidence

I’M TIRED in French

Je suis (hyper) fatigué(e) - I’m (really) tired

Je suis écrasé(e) - I’m stuffed

Je suis épuisé(e) - I’m exhausted

Je suis crevé(e) - I’m dead

Je suis éreinté(e) - I’m worn out

Je suis extenué(e) (mentalement) - I’m exhausted

Je me suis surmené(e) - I overdid it

Je suis claqué(e) - I am bushed

je suis vanné(e) - I am ready to drop

BTS reaction to their S/O throwing up after dinner all the time

EXO Ver. 

We hope you like it <3 


His mum instincts would kick in straight away and make you a doctors appointment and would he would cook you some soup to eat in the meantime

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Would actually be super concerned and he would try to help to help you talk to a doctor about what was going on

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Rap Monster

When he came back from touring he’d be shook to find out that you had been throwing up after you ate and would make a note to talk to you about it

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J Hope 


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Would timidly ask you what was going on when he realised you had thrown up every day after you ate dinner and he would tell you that he would help you through whatever was going on

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Would look after you 24/7 to make sure you were getting enough nutrients as you had been throwing up after meals and he wouldn’t leave your side for even a minute

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jed gets jealous of lancelot b/c octy looks at him for 0.0256 seconds longer than he does at jed

jed gets jealous of larry for having the gall to pick up octavius and touch him 

jed gets jealous of the squirrel because octavius was bragging about riding it

jed hears octavius bragging to his romans about this cute guy hes crushing on and hmm i think hes into me and gets jealous of himself

I’M CONFUSED in French

Saying that you are confused in French (from an anglophone’s perspective) is surprisingly difficult. So here is a little list so we can stop being confused about how to say that we’re confused.

Je ne sais plus où j’en suis - I’m confused - in the sense that you don’t know where you are in something (figurative)

Je suis perdu(e) - I’m confused (lost) 

J’ai du mal à suivre - I’m confused - I’m having trouble following

Ça m’embrouille - I’m confused - lit. this confuses me

Je n’y comprends rien (or: j’y comprends rien - to be more colloquial) - I’m confused - I don’t get it

Je ne comprends pas - I don’t understand/I’m confused

J’te suis pas - I’m confused (I don’t follow you)

If any French speakers have any suggestions or questions PLEASE send me a message so that I can either improve or correct my post:)

- Lucy

Ketika Diam-diam Iman Bekerja dalam Dada

Fenomena yang terjadi pada ummat Islam tahun-tahun terakhir ini membuat saya merenung. Usia saya hampir seperempat abad dan saya tumbuh di tengah dinamika opini yang luar biasa tentang agama saya, Islam.

Mencoba flashback dari kurun terakhir order baru, mulanya orde baru di bawah kepemimpinan Pak Harto sangat represif dengan Islam. Namun pada akhir tahun 80-an orde baru mulai menerima Islam pelan-pelan ditandai dengan berangkat hajinya Pak Harto, masuknya BJ Habibie ke lingkaran kekuasaan, dan berubahnya peta dalam tim think-thank Pak Harto yang mulai dimasuki tokoh-tokoh pro-Islam.

Orde baru runtuh, semakin mudah bagi ormas dan partai Islam bergerak. Lahan-lahan dakwah semakin subur, di kampung-kampung, di kota-kota, sampai televisi. Muncul ustadz-ustadz muda yang menjadi inspirasi dan ikon Islam yang mulai tampak modern. Maraknya tayangan dan hiburan-hiburan bernuansa islami, lagu, sinetron, reality show, pengajian, dan sebagainya. Pelan-pelan Islam mampu melebur ke dalam pop culture. Pelan-pelan pula Islam semakin mantap menjadi gaya hidup dengan berkembangnya trend fashion hijabers, halal lifestyle, dan konsep ekonomi syariah.

Di sisi lain, sejalan dengan yang diwacanakan barat, berkembang pula isu terorisme dengan Islam yang selalu jadi bulan-bulanan, terduga teroris yang ditembak mati di tempat, ulama yang ditangkap dan diasingkan, dan proses peradilan yang belum cukup jelas bagi para terduga teroris tersebut. Kalau boleh jujur, saya dulu dibuat dongkol karena ada statement oknum BNPT dan stasiun televisi yang mengasosiasikan kegiatan kerohanian Islam di sekolah, kampus, dan masjid-masjid sebagai sarana kaderisasi teroris. Tak satu pun sampai saat ini saya menemukan di lapangan seperti apa yang dituduhkan. Isu seperti ini bertahun-tahun sampai saat ini tidak berhenti, mengikuti dinamika peperangan yang terjadi di timur tengah dimana barat adalah salah satu pemain utamanya.

Tentu perkembangan Islam bukan tanpa hambatan dalam segi pemikiran. Adalah Jaringan Islam Liberal (JIL), sekularisme, dan pluralisme agama yang menjadi tantangan. Bahwa ketiganya bertentangan dengan akidah ummat Islam. Ummat Islam sigap, lalu terbentuklah ITJ atau Indonesia Tanpa JIL yang aktif melakukan campaign mengcounter kerancuan pemikiran Islam Liberal terutama kepada kalangan anak-anak muda. Aktor Fauzi Baadila yang tenar pada masa itu pun include ke dalam gerakan ITJ ini.

Lalu singkat cerita, pada 2 Desember 2016 jutaan ummat Muslim dari seluruh Indonesia berkumpul di sekitaran Tugu Monas dan Istana Negara untuk satu tujuan, yaitu menuntut gubernur penista agama diproses hukum dan dihukum seadil-adilnya. Demonstrasi 212 adalam momentum luar biasa yang menjadi sorotan dunia. Pemicunya adalah penistaan yang dilakukan oknum pejabat publik terhadap Al-Qur'an. Arus pembelaan Ummat Islam tidak terbendung lagi.

Selepas 212 ini wacana persatuan dan kebangkitan Ummat Islam semakin menjadi sorotan. Namun disayangkan, ada artis-artis yang turut berkomentar miring tentang Islam dan ulama, maka serta merta dia kena batunya sampai diputus kontrak pogram tayangan di televisi. Kemajuan teknologi informasi membuat Ummat Islam sangat mudah melakukan pembelaan. Namun disayangkan pula, sudut pandang yang digunakan penguasa adalah sudut pandang bahwa Islam adalah ancaman. Ini terbukti ketika Polisi menangkap oknum peserta aksi membela Habib Rizieq yang membawa bendera merah putih yang ditulisi kalimat syahadatain. Betapa tergugahnya iman saya ketika viral di media sosial pembelaan seorang anggota dewan dalam suatu sidang parlemen membela pemuda pembawa bendera ini. Dia dengan tegas memertanyakan supremasi hukum, mengapa kalimat tauhid yang ditulis di bendera dianggap menodai sedangkat kalimat-kalimat lain tidak dianggap menodai. Karena kalau ditelusuri, banyak sekali yang menulis-nuliskan sesuatu di bendera merah putih, misalnya ketika aksi Kita Indonesia, membela ahok, dan konser metallica.

Demikian sekilas review dinamika yang dialami ummat Islam Indonesia beberapa tahun terakhir ini. Dari dinamika tersebut saya merenungkan sesuatu. Bahwa Islam sedang tumbuh dan akan terus tumbuh. Tidak diapa-apakan, Islam akan tumbuh. Dipojokkan, dihinakan, malah Islam akan tumbuh semakin pesat. Karena ini urusannya dengan iman yang tidak semua manusia mengerti cara kerjanya. Ibarat air bah, semakin dibendung akan semakin besar ledakannya.

Pendapat awal saya bahwa tanpa sadar iman itu sudah menghujam dalam ke hati anak-anak bangsa ini. Sebab tidak seharipun generasi saya dibesarkan tanpa ada nilai dan aplikasi Islam di dalamnya; di rumah, di sekolah, di TPA/TPQ; shalat lima waktu, do'a sebelum makan, do'a sebelum tidur, mengucap salam; dan Bulan Ramadhan. Keseharian yang sangat-sangat dekat dengan Islam seperti inilah yang diam-diam menanamkan iman di dalam hati meskipun dengan kadar yang berbeda-beda. Kadar yang berbeda-beda inilah yang menjadi penentu kapan seseorang akan merasa terpanggil. Tak peduli seberapa kecil imannya, akan ada masanya ia akan merasa terpanggil.

Ada yang sudah terpanggil oleh seruan adzan dan seruan tausiyah para da'i. Mereka istiqomah ibadah wajibnya, melazimi ibadah sunnahnya, memenuhi harinya dengan tilawah Al-Qur'an, dan memperbaiki akhlaknya.

Ada yang terpanggil dengan seruan untuk terlibat dalam aktivitas gerakan dakwah dan politik Islam dengan cita-cita mulia menegakkan nilai-nilai Islam.

Ada yang merasa terpanggil dengan nilai Islam yang mulai melebur ke dalam budaya sehari-hari. Mereka merasa nyaman dan tenang dengan nilai-nilai Islam yang diadopsi ke dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.

Ada yang merasa terpanggil ketika Islam diidentikkan dan dituduh dalang terorisme. Mereka sadar Islam rahmatan lil ‘alamin dan tidak terima Islam dikaitkan terorisme.

Ada yang merasa terpanggil ketika saudara-saudara Muslimnya di belahan dunia lain dirundung musibah, bencana, dan korban perang/kekejaman penguasa atau penjajah di negarinya.

Ada yang merasa terpanggil ketika ajaran Islam disimpangkan dengan pemikiran-pemikiran Islam liberal, sekularisme, atau pluralisme. Mereka bergerak melawan pemikiran-pemikiran ini dan mengedukasi masyarakat.

Ada yang merasa terpanggil ketika agama mereka dinistakan. Mereka tidak terima, mereka marah bila akidahnya dihina. Mereka melawan ketika ada represivitas penguasa terhadap Islam.

Pada puncaknya nanti, selagi ada setetes saja iman dalam hati, dia akan melawan sekalipun dipaksa untuk menjadi kafir setelah beriman. Mereka akan menjelma menjadi Bilal-bilal yang teguh berteriak, “Ahad! Ahad! Ahad!”

Maka begitulah iman bekerja. Ada yang besar, ada yang kecil. Ada yang langsung nampak, ada yang tersembunyi malu-malu. Pada saatnya yang tepat nanti, ia akan menyeruak keluar.

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Hujan reda, kamu tidak

Spiritual power spell jar⭐️

Purpose: to give you more spiritual power and connectedness to spirits

What you will need:

-Black salt with the ashes of power sigils

-Lavender for calming and anti stress

-Coffee grounds for energy

-Rosemary for mental power

-Cinnamon for energy and power

-Black pepper to banish negativity

-Selenite chips (one of the most spiritual crystals)

-A small amount of rain water for power

-And a little bit of your spit so the bottle is connected to you

-purple  wax (to represent the spirit) to seal it

Js but if you think putting your spit in it is weird then just make sure to have the bottle on you all the time. But that’s about it and it’s my first spell bottle I’ve ever done and I’m really excited about it.

Love you my little witches.

BTS massaging their S/O

We hope you like it <3


Loving every second of it even though he was the one doing the work

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Rap Monster

Can’t get enough of it

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Won’t stop flirting the whole time and would never want to stop

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As soon as his s/o asked him to massage them he’d get all the supplies right away without hesitation

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He wouldn’t get involved in that because he is too pure and innocent and a child

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BTS Reaction to: Their Girlfriend Having OCD

red velvet version; here

Jin: read up on ocd and watched some documentaries too. he wanted to know everything, since he didn’t want to spent his relationship with you being ignorant about ocd. doesn’t tell the guys right away. he waits for the right moment then sits them all down, giving them as much info as he knew and would introduce you to them one by one, in case you got overwhelmed

Suga: doesn’t say much tbh. he’s afraid of accidentally asking something too personal, or that you’ll see his curiousity as him judging you. so he says nothing, just goes along with the flow. you clean everything until its spotless? no problem! arrange everything in a certain order? cool! it’s just who you are so there’s no point in talking about it

J-Hope: “draw me like one of your French girls,” he’ll joke, after seeing all your amazing art work. will without a doubt, brag to the others about your talent, saying how amazing and great you are

Rap Monster: awkward all the time at times. doesn’t know how to approach the topic of your ocd at first but once you both open up and its a serious, strong relationship he’ll have no problem with it. is overprotective sometimes. taehyung once asked you why you twist your ring around three times, no more, no less (“how come it’s never, like, two and a half times?”) and namjoon looked ready to kill until he realised that you were ok so he was ok too and no one died 👍

Jimin: this squishy sweetheart hardly even notices your ocd. sure you have habits and the house is always spotless but that’s just what makes you, you

V: after two months of dating, you ask him why hasn’t he asked you if there was something “wrong” with you. usually, people notice there’s something “off” about you right away and either outright ask or give you wary looks. he had done neither.

“oh, you have ocd?” he blinks, thinking back on the time he’s known you. “i thought you were just really good at playing instruments?” a few days later, he asks the guys if they had noticed you had ocd and they completely lost all hope for him then and there

Jungkook: thought your talent at playing violin was awesome, even asks you to teach him. he’s got poor concentration and usually spends those “classes” just flirting with you or trying to talk you into an anime watching session

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BTS reaction to you slapping their butt.

I really love these omg, I would love to grab a handful of Jimins butt

Jin: He would get flustered when he first feels you slap his butt but would laugh while he rubbed it, whining cutely “Why are you like this? Why do you like touching my butt so much?” but he finds it cute

Suga: He would be chill about it, honestly he would have the same reaction as Jin just not as flustered. When he felt you slap his butt he let out an exasperated sigh “Again Y/N? Why are you always touching my butt? I should be touching yours!” but it’s all playful whining because he honestly likes it

J-Hope: He would look at you like you were crazy but almost immediately after he’s in playful mode. He would end up hitting your butt back but he wouldn’t settle for just once. He would slap your butt repeatedly until you’re running away from him

Rap Monster: He would only chuckle to himself when he feels you slap his behind. He wouldn’t say anything to you until you two are alone later so he can get you back but the way he sees fit

Jimin: Mister giggles. When you slap his butt he would immediately  go into a fit of giggles with that adorable eye smile. Once he’s done giggling he would just lightly tap your butt before hugging you tight

V: Honestly you two would have already been in a butt slapping war since the morning, seeing who could slap the others butt the most throughout the day. When you run up and slap his behind he would laugh before running after you to get you back 

Jung kook: Little shy bun. When you slap his butt he would just smile shyly “What are you doing?” He would ask. Later when you don’t expect it he would just lightly tap your butt and act like he didn’t do anything

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What would be BTS reaction when they prepared a valentine's day surprise for you but you found out about it?

Jin: Well I guess it’s not a surprise now…

Suga: *playfully angry* I told you it was a surprise. That means you don’t go looking for it

J-Hope: *eats all the chocolate he got you* Nope nope. Since you found them too early you don’t get any of them

Rap Monster: No no no. That’s not your Valentine’s present. It’s just… uhh.. a thing I forgot to give you for Christmas

You: Namjoon These are chocolates. In a heart shaped box

Him: Ummmmm…

Jimin: *makes up quick excuse because he didn’t want to ruin your surprise* Umm… those are actually gifts for Jungkook?

V: *playfully scolds you* How did you get a Valentine’s gift before Valentine’s Day? It must have been from some other guy because I remember telling you that you were going to get my present next week

Jungkook: Is that… uh… the present for the holiday that’s… umm not for two weeks

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