BTS massaging their S/O

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Loving every second of it even though he was the one doing the work

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Rap Monster

Can’t get enough of it

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Won’t stop flirting the whole time and would never want to stop

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As soon as his s/o asked him to massage them he’d get all the supplies right away without hesitation

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He wouldn’t get involved in that because he is too pure and innocent and a child

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In which Jimin is the third wheeler ahjussi and so done with Jinkook aka the new magnae line ;;

Trans;; Jm: Stop that or I’ll stop It

J: Stab it!! ;;Jk: he said stop it

J: How do you spell that? Jk: S T O P ;;

 J & Jk: I .. T !! /laughing/ WOW YEAH

Jk: I study these days!! ;; J: I signed up for classes, there are 137 lessons, but I only took 8 and it ended !!

Jm: /completely done/ I want to leave them. I really want to leave them

The Quality Each Types NEEDS!

INFJ: Being more open

INFP: Controll

ENFJ: Less harsh on themselves

ENFP: Strong-willed 

INTJ: Sensitive

INTP: Charisma

ENTJ: Loving

ENTP: Tolerance

ISTJ: Randomness

ISFJ: Self-esteem

ESFJ: Not caring about certain things

ESTJ: Being flexible

ESTP: Patience and seeing the bigger picture

ESFP: Organisation

ISTP: Caring

ISFP: Confidence

BTS reaction to their S/O throwing up after dinner all the time

EXO Ver. 

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His mum instincts would kick in straight away and make you a doctors appointment and would he would cook you some soup to eat in the meantime

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Would actually be super concerned and he would try to help to help you talk to a doctor about what was going on

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Rap Monster

When he came back from touring he’d be shook to find out that you had been throwing up after you ate and would make a note to talk to you about it

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J Hope 


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Would timidly ask you what was going on when he realised you had thrown up every day after you ate dinner and he would tell you that he would help you through whatever was going on

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Would look after you 24/7 to make sure you were getting enough nutrients as you had been throwing up after meals and he wouldn’t leave your side for even a minute

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jed gets jealous of lancelot b/c octy looks at him for 0.0256 seconds longer than he does at jed

jed gets jealous of larry for having the gall to pick up octavius and touch him 

jed gets jealous of the squirrel because octavius was bragging about riding it

jed hears octavius bragging to his romans about this cute guy hes crushing on and hmm i think hes into me and gets jealous of himself

panzerdarkie  asked:

Hææ! Du æ frå Norge?? ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ YAY! btw, i tilfelle e ha glømt å si det, så digga e comicen med Gabe og ugla. Tegningene dine æ fantastiske! Gled me t å sjå meir stuff frå d.

E det mulig at du e fra trønderlag?? Æ å! Tusen takk! (⊙ω⊙ ) Sorry om du itj e, æ bærre elske når folk skriv på dialekt x’’3

things I didn’t go into the harley quinn tag to see:

  1. joker/harley fanart
  2. daddy kink posts that have literally nothing to do with harley
  3. random selfies of gothy folks with eyeliner, not cosplaying or anything, just folks who think people who want to see harley will probably want to see them also. The selfies look great, but they’re wrong about me wanting to see them. 
  4. meta about how harley could never live without the joker even though the original harley canonically retired from crime and raised a family with a strict no-tolerance-for-villainy policy well into her grandma years after the joker’s death
  5. harley/deadpool, like, what is wrong with you
  6. “art by unknown” it’s pretty but do you know how much I can’t reblog it
  7. j*red l*to’s creepy-ass face with quotes from heath ledger’s joker superimposed over it
  8. how many boobs-butt-post fanarts can y’all draw
  9. seriously you can’t just post pictures of j*red l*to and tag them “harley quinn” like you know he’s not playing her right
Dating Sim!

IB Sans: but some things will cause him to lose hp. insults, for example.

IB Sans: go ahead. why don’t you insult me? i can take it.

>Insult for the sake of the tutorial.

IB Sans: wow. that was actually kind of harsh.

HP -2

HP +2

IB Sans: i was just lowering my hp to make a point.

IB Sans: you know you can’t actually get me to stop liking you, right?

If Bangtan were a food

Jin: a cinnamon roll because jfc 

Suga: that one candy that was hot af but you couldn’t stop eating it

J-Hope: thumbprint cookies, with a hershey kiss

Rap Monster: pure sugar because one day it might kill you but it’s so damn good

Jimin: peanut butter balls because he greasy af

V: fluffy white wedding cake because he’s just too pure

Jungkook: a green tomato because he wants to act all grown 

i still feel the pain in my chest when you last left, and i still remember the way my body was shaking when i finally admitted to myself that you were never coming back

i still have nightmares of the way you kissed my lips and how much i fucking loved it


me: ‘this is it this is it they’re testing my last limits it cant get any worse’
Troy: *comes forward*
me: 'thsiis. Itj this it bteyr'ud tesitng mym lqka st limiyess it caejnnt get any wor s e fndi’