This is a culmination of all my french emotions posts, so it’s a long one!


être content(e)

être de bonne humeur

être en liesse - to be jubilant

être heureux/heureuse - to be happy

déborder de bonheur - to be overjoyed

être satisfait(e) - to be satisfied

être repu(e) - to be full/satiated/satisfied (food)


être emballé par - to be excited about sth (to be enthused by sth that’s happening)

être enthousiasmé - to be excited/enthused

être enthousiaste - to be excited

être en verve - to be entusiastic/excited about sth

être excité comme une puce - to be really excited


Épris - lovestruck

Être amoureux de - to be in love with

Fou/follement amoureux de - head over heels in love with s.o

Être fou/folle de qqn - to be nuts for s.o


En prendre à son aise (avec) - to take things easy (péjoratif)

être détendu(e) - to be relaxed


être triste

être insatisfait(e) - to be unsatisfied

être mécontent(e) de/que - to be unsatisfied about/be unhappy about


être fâché(e) - to be angry

être furieux/furieuse - to be furious

être de mauvaise humeur - to be in a bad mood

en avoir marre de - to have had enough of

avoir les boules - to be pissed off

être furax - to be furious/hopping mad

se fâcher tout rouge - to see red

se mettre en colère - to get angry

se mettre/foutre en pétard - to blow your top

se mettre en rogne - to get very angry


être agacé(e) - to be irritated/annoyed 

être énervé(e) - to be annoyed/irritated

être irrité(e) - to be irritated

être gêné(e) - (in this case) to feel annoyed - softer/gentler than agacer

Avoir les nerfs – to be irritated/annoyed/cross

Avoir les nerfs à vif – to be at your wit’s end

Avoir les nerfs en pelote – to be on edge


être ennuyé(e) - to be bored

être mort d’ennui - to be bored to death

avoir la flemme (de faire qch) - can’t be bothered doing sth


être fatigué(e) - to be tired

être écrasé(e) - to be stuffed

être épuisé(e) - to be exhausted

être crevé(e) - to be dead tired

être vanné(e) - to be ready to drop

être claqué(e) - to be bushed/beat


être stressé(e) - to be stressed

Être sur les nerfs - to be strung out

Être surmené/débordé - to be stressed/overworked

Être tendu - to be stressed


se sentir mal - to feel sick

se sentir mieux - to feel better

avoir mal - to be in pain

Avoir des courbatures - to feel stiff


avoir peur (de) - to be scared (of)

avoir les jetons - to be scared stiff

avoir une peur bleue (de qch) - to be scared out of your wits (by sth)

avoir le trac - to be nervous

être effrayé(e) par - to be frightened by

être mort de peur - to be dead scared


être surpris(e) (par) - to be surprised

être stupéfait(e) - to be stunned

les bras m’en tombent - I am speechless

être choqué(e) (par) - to be shocked (by)

en être baba - to be gobsmacked (due to admiration)

être ébahi(e) - to be astonished


ça m’embrouille - I’m confused - lit. this confuses me

J’ai du mal à suivre - I’m confused - I’m having trouble following

Je suis perdu(e) - I’m confused (lost) 

Je ne sais plus où j’en suis - I’m confused - in the sense that you don’t know where you are in something (figurative)

Je n’y comprends rien (or: j’y comprends rien - to be more colloquial) - I’m confused - I don’t get it

Je ne comprends pas - I don’t understand/I’m confused

J’te suis pas - I’m confused (I don’t follow you)


Être fier de (note: feminine= fière) - to be proud of

Être orgueilleux - to be proud (to be a proud [as in haughty] as a person)


Être hautain - to be proud (snobby/up yourself)

Être fiérot (fem= fiérote) - to be a proud person

Faire le fiérot - to be smug/pleased with yourself


Crever de jalousie - to be eaten up with jealousy

Être jaloux de - to be jealous

Être envieux de (plus formel/soutenu) - to be envious

Jalouser - to envy/be jealous of


être au comble du désespoir - to be in the depths of despair

Se désespérer - to despair/lose hope


être reconnaissant(e) - to be grateful

savoir gré à qqn de qch - to be grateful to s.o for sth e.g. je te sais gré de ton aide


se sentir à l’abri - to feel safe


avoir le cœur brisé(e) - to be broken-hearted/broken up by something

en être malade - to be cut up/gutted by sth

être affecté(e) - to be cut up about something

être blessé(e) - to be hurt by sth

être bouleversé(e) - to be upset

être dans tous ses états - to be in a state

être désemparé(e) - to be distraught

être peiné(e) - to be hurt by sth

être accablé par le chagrin - to be grief-stricken

en être tout retourné - to be bowled over/to be devastated~shocked by

être anéanti - to be torn in two

avoir mal au cœur - to be very sad/heartbroken (can also mean to feel sick/nauseated)
avoir un gros chagrin - to be grief-stricken/heartbroken


être dans ses petits souliers - to feel uncomfortable

être mal à l’aise - to be uncomfortable

être mal à son aise - to be ill at ease

se trouver mal - to be uncomfortable (uncomfortable position - e.g. sitting)


être humilié(e) - to be humiliated

être mortifié(e) - to be mortified

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So, do you think lotor will betray team voltron?

I’ve heard a lot of rumbling about this, which I think is, uh… really funny.

Lotor is pretty much running on empty. You have to consider that s4e4 took at a minimum more than a day- probably several- and that entire time, Lotor and the generals had no place to regroup and were floating in space before going to the rift gate on Daibazaal.

After that, Lotor dislocated his shoulders, skimmed an unstable star, and the only sleep he was getting was dozing fitfully at the cockpit of his own fighter.

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me: people dont like me bc im annoying and boring and a bad friend and theyre just pitying me when i bother them

some of my friends: i like you and enjoy talking to you and like being your friend :)



While INTJs are often infamous when it comes to many relationship matters, I’ve often seen them credited for how strong their friendship can be. Along with ISTJs, as ITJs, they tend to fit the description of what people usually would look for in a friend (to stick around and count on through all or most adversities). Not limited to these types, of course, but you probably know what I mean in regards to that description: steady and/or committed companions that won’t care about what other people think if they know you and it’s you they care about. So, while these may not apply to all INTJs, if you’re trying to befriend an INTJ, keep them as a friend, or simply see how your friendship is doing, here are a few points to consider.

• Shallowness and superficiality with no substance. This is why many of them commit social suicide. And small talk, when not relieving, may be torturous, but it can be endured for some time if they’re still able to delve more deeply into what’s of significance to them. But gossip? Is it really necessary? Even when it’s juicy to them it can leave a disgusting aftertaste. Unmasking deceit? Great, if the means and ends to it can be justified. Getting to know people well? Fine, if they’d like to share about themselves. Nitpicking and speculating about shallow and superficial matters for the sake of amusement or a sense of superiority? Not so fine, if at all.

• Not letting them be themselves. A lot of them can be huge nerds, geeks or even dorks, if not just a little quirky. If they’re being serious all the time, something is probably wrong (perhaps very wrong) with you, with your relationship and/or with something else. Then again, they also tend to have deadpan humor and it can be hard to tell whether they’re being serious or are having an inside joke… with themselves.

• Treating them as a project or a charity cause. Who enjoys being pitied? Not any INTJ I know. Some of the more immature ones may be completely against accepting any kind of help even when they need it, while more mature ones may be open to it and deeply appreciate it. But if all they are to you is something to prove yourself (and/or others) that you’re a competent and compassionate person, that’s what they’ll see (and possibly keep in mind) once they realize and confirm it. Besides, maybe it’s not helpful at all.

• Talking badly about them behind their back instead of telling them directly. Anyone can be infuriating enough to cause one to want or need to express negative views or opinions of, fairly or not, and INTJs are definitely no exception. But if this becomes a habit, you two will be little more than only bad news. Try chilling or finding someone you can confide in, and then see if there’s still something you need to confront the INTJ about.

• Never discussing your issues and/or lacking healthy boundaries. It’s not always an appropriate time, but it shouldn’t be put off forever - especially if it’s negatively affecting your relations. As for boundaries, they may be necessary whether we like it or not. There simply are things the INTJ can’t join you in or allow you into (without unmanageable amounts of suffering and/or damage). It might not be a case of holding you at arms’ length out of arrogance or indifference.

• Unreasonably and insensitively diminishing or arguing against what they personally value. They may be up for reality checks and debates much of the time, but if you actively insult what they closely hold dear, you’ll likely see a side of them you won’t like. If it’s well-meaning and approached gently, or, better yet, with their permission, they might be more receptive to your point of view. And if it’s more informed and coherent than theirs, they’ll eventually (directly or indirectly) thank you for it.

• Not taking responsibility for your actions (or lack thereof), being in denial and/or blaming it all on them. They may not be completely honest with themselves but still see through people to some extent. They may not always be fair in their judgments but might be cool-headed enough to make some valid points. If neither party is responsible enough for their part, and, worse, project their failings onto others, things will, sooner or later, inevitably fall apart.

• They cannot trust you. Maybe they have trust issues, maybe you don’t seem trustworthy, maybe you haven’t earned their trust, or maybe it was lost along the way and hasn’t or can’t be recovered. Trust is often essential and fundamental to what they can call a friendship. They may be sensible enough to know not to trust others beyond their capabilities and still be able to trust them on certain matters. But if they cannot let their guard down at all with you due to carelessness on your part, they’re probably better considering you an acquaintance, if not less.

Their Child Having a Creepy/Evil Laugh Like Her: BTS


No, but like, Jin’s not in the position to say anything, tbh. ;-)


^^^ He’d love it


The kind of person who would copy it.

Rap Monster:

“Lol wut… Okay ;-)”

He’d adore it.


He’d be kinda surprised when he first heard it, but then after, he’d just laugh along, internally dying from cuteness overload.


He would make the child laugh more on purpose, all for the sake of hearing the beautiful laugh- at least that’s the way he heard it.


Will stand against anyone who dared say that the laugh was weird, just like he did with you, because hearing his loved ones laugh was everything he needed.

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Can you do a bughead sexting fic/dialogue thingy? Thank you thank you thank you (you're the coolest)

So sorry this took so long! Thank you so much for sending me a prompt! I hope this turns out to what you had in mind :)

It had been three weeks since Jughead Jones had left for New York City for a high school writing internship. Both Betty and himself were glad except the absence had left a whole in each of their lives. The need for each other had become so strong that Betty decided to take things into her own hands.

B: Jughead c’mon

J: No. I refuse.

B: But you’re a writer

J: So?

B: This is right up your alley, and I miss you.

J: I miss you too but this is too dangerous, I text Archie with this phone! Archie!!!

B: But we’ve done dangerous before…

J: I know babe but this is like a whole new level, like I am not equipped for this

B: Oh I think you’re more than equipped

If you know what I mean

J: Ugh you disgust me

B: No I don’t ;)

J: Yeah you’re right, I’m very equipped.

I mean if only we weren’t a hundred miles apart

I mean think of the possibilities

B: I already am

J: Oh like what?

B: It’s pathetic, you don’t wanna hear about it

J: I’m sure it’s not and I do want to hear about it

B: Okay

It’s just it’s becoming very hard not to think about you

J: I hear I have that affect on people

B: I’m serious 

I cried in the shower this morning 

J: What were you doing in the shower?

B: I just was there thinking about you, about all of you…

J: And?

B: And my mind kept imagining you there in the shower with me, and I just stood there, up against the tiles with my hand between my legs, and when I came I cried, because you weren’t the one doing it

It’s pathetic

J: That’s not pathetic 

I think about you too over here

B: Really?

J: Hell yeah

I’m fucking Betty’s Cooper’s idiot boyfriend who took an internship when he could be with Betty Cooper. In Bed. In the shower. In the storage room at pop’s. You name it.

B: Tell me what you to want to do to me right now

J: I want to taste you.

I miss it. I miss everything about it.

B: How would you do it, if you were here with me now?

J: Well that depends, I need details, where are you, what are you doing, what are you wearing hmmm?

B: Well I’m in my bed, obviously ;) and if you must know, I’m wearing your old blue flannel that you let me keep, and a bit of lace.

J: If I were there the lace would already be on the fucking ground

B: And then what?

J: This is obscene Betty

B: “Everybody says sex is obscene. The only true obscenity is war.”

J: Are you quoting Henry Miller to me Cooper?

B: What if I am?

J: Well if you were I don’t think I’d be able to resist, not with your voice forming the words

B: “To have her here in bed with me, breathing on me, her hair in my mouth—I count that something of a miracle.”

J: You’re SO lucky I don’t have a roommate

B: Oh really, why’s that?

J: You fucking know why

B: Tee-hee

J: Betty fucking Cooper I swear to god

B: Oh c’mon. Tell me more about it, what’s in your head big boy? You can’t only be writing investigative fiction in that laptop of yours. Indulge me.

Jughead hesitated at the notion but in seconds his fingers were on the keys and as the words flew from his mind and weaved into sentences his pants grew tighter.

J: The smell of you is ridden in my thoughts. The memories invade my mind through these days without you in my bed. The picture in-between your legs is one I long to capture.  The tones of cream and pink against your blonde hair excite me. To have you surround me again, in your warmth, would be a privilege. But now the act to touch feels like my birthright.

Betty’s breath hitched as her eyes scanned the words. He had caught her off guard. He came in, full swinging, making her heart rate quicken as she stared at the blinking curser on her phone. Minutes passed before she had realized she hadn’t responded.

J: What? Cat’s got your tongue?

A smirk grew unto Jughead’s face as he saw Betty’s typing bubble go up and down. ‘His words definitely did the trick’ he thought to himself.

B: No, but you do.

J: “I want to undress you, vulgarize you a bit.”

B: Henry Miller’s words suite you, Juggie.

At the mention of his nickname suddenly had him imagining her saying it over and over again as his lips ran up her…

J: The rise and pull of your hips sends a ripple down my spine. My blood warms as my lips travel higher and higher…

The text found Betty in a comprising position. Her eyes closed as she pictured the sight of his black waves in her hands as he ran his tongue along the sensitive skin, teasing at the main attraction.

B: Juggie

Please keep going

J: My fingernails seep deeper into your thighs as you cry out for me. Say it for me.

B: Juggie

J: Again

B: Juggie

J: As my lips brush up your flesh I leave tracks of red, pink, and purple. Your breaths quicken and you writhe against my sheets as my head finds itself in between your legs. My tongue brushes up against your clit until I sink deeper. You’re so wet. And you taste just like I remember and somehow more addicting than I can handle.

B: What do I taste like?

J: The taste of strawberries and lemon run against my tongue. The tang left in my mouth makes me want more. You quiver against me. I can feel the twinge in your nerves and the rhythm of your core pulsing against me.

Betty’s hands had sneaked under the black lace and she ran her fingers across her clit as she read over his words.

B: Juggie, I’m close.

Jughead let out a growl as he thought of her hands going where he belonged.

J: My tongue curls against your walls and my hand sneaks over to your clit. I hear you beg to let go as my thumb circles your clit and my fingers find your favorite spot. I pump harder until you’re screaming.

Betty felt her walls clench up around her fingers.

J: You’re legs tighten around my head as you tense up around me. The taste of you runs on my tongue and I look up to find your eyes fluttering.

Both Betty and Jughead lied in their sheets, Betty undone and Jughead pulsing under his hands. Jughead came as he saw the words pop up on his phone.

B: And my eyes open to the mischievous blue-eyed boy over me. There’s nothing more that I want than to see the sight.

I love you.

The Quality Each Types NEEDS!

INFJ: Being more open

INFP: Controll

ENFJ: Less harsh on themselves

ENFP: Strong-willed 

INTJ: Sensitive

INTP: Charisma

ENTJ: Loving

ENTP: Tolerance

ISTJ: Randomness

ISFJ: Self-esteem

ESFJ: Not caring about certain things

ESTJ: Being flexible

ESTP: Patience and seeing the bigger picture

ESFP: Organisation

ISTP: Caring

ISFP: Confidence

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when i saw the homestuck jared thing i gasped it made me so happy ??? jared is one of my Biggest comfort characters and ive hyperfixated on homestuck for like so long now and i love it with my entire heart and soul !! me and all my friends also have decided that jared being a homestuck is canon so theres that. tysm it makes me So happy !!!!!! i kno its silly but it just Does haha

j: I Too Love Homestuck With My Entire Heart And Soul
j: honestly i have so much merch around and im never getting rid of it
j: you guys are only giving me excuses to use it

BTS Reaction: When their S/O calls them daddy in front of fans

~ This reaction has a few innuendoes and might be a little mature, so read at your own risk:)

Jin :

Originally posted by theseoks

*Blows you a quick kiss because you know exactly what to call him*

Suga :

Originally posted by kthmyg

Suga is going to be pretty pissed you let that slip, and he’s going to make sure you know it

J-Hope :

Originally posted by junghosyub

“Oh, yeah baby, who’s your daddy?”

Rap Monster :

Originally posted by bangtanboys-official

Rap Monster might pretend like he didn’t hear you in front of the fans, because you know you’re going to get punished for your mistake later on

Jimin :

Originally posted by bwipsul

Jimin is going to be sooo flustered. That boy is going to blush so hard under the curious stares of all the fans

V :

Originally posted by taedamn

I mean look at that smirk ^^. You weren’t supposed to call V ‘daddy’ in public, but damn was that look he gave you worth it

Jungkook :

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

He’s going to be startled at first hearing you call him ‘daddy’ in public, but he’ll start smirking after he realizes how much he likes how risky it is (omg Jungkook is a freak let’s be real)


gue mulai nulis sejak awal kuliah dan baru beneran serius blogging sekitar 10 bulan yang lalu. Sebelum ini, gue punya blog polarissky yang mempertemukan gue sama @purpleblueandmint , mbak-mbak INFJ yang kalemnya minta ampun. Sama kayak @martabakkeju yang awalnya ngobrol di tumblr doang terus ketemu di dunia nyata. Si Lala kenal gue pas dia masih di Kendari terus kami berdua meet up pas Lala ambil master di Teknik Informatika ITS.

Habis itu, polarissky gue ganti namanya jadi littleschwan. Dan gue belum serius blogging soalnya littleschwan itu emang ditujukan buat ngelatih pola pikir gue aja. Littleschwan ini gue hapus gara-gara followernya terlalu banyak meanwhile gue belum ngerasa siap untuk bertanggung jawab atas tulisan-tulisan gue.

Nah, karena gue emang dasarnya suka nulis, gue nggak tahan buat nggak punya blog. Akhirnya gue bikin tumblr baru lagi dengan nama littleschwan yang endingnya gue ganti lagi pake nama deamahfudz biar tumblr gue ga anonim. Sebenernya, gue itu lebih suka anonim. Tapi karena apa yang gue tulis disini dibaca banyak orang, akhirnya gue pake nama sendiri sebagai bentuk tanggung jawab gue atas segala hal yang gue tulis di sini. Habis lebaran lalu, blog ini sempet agak heboh gara-gara gue ngejawab ask temen gue soal “Kafir”. Followernya naik drastis banget. Hampir gue hapus lagi tapi gue dapet nasihat dari @purpleblueandmint . Jadi yaudah gue pasrah. Mungkin udah takdir tumblr ini dibaca banyak orang -.-

Banyak yang nanya, apakah gue ga pengen nerbitin buku?

ada juga yang nanya,

ga pengen buka kelas nulis buat ngajarin gimana nulis dengan runtut dan enak dibaca?

perkara nerbitin buku, dari dulu sebenernya gue pengen tapi gue belum berani karena gue dulu ngerasa belum bisa berdamai dengan pikiran-pikiran gue. Yang perlu diinget oleh penulis bahwa buku yang dia tulis akan dibaca orang lain dan mungkin saja bakal mempengaruhi pikiran pembaca. Maka di awal proses menulis, yang pertama harus dibangun justeru rasa tanggung jawab terhadap apa yang kita tulis. Semua orang memang berhak mengutarakan opini dalam bentuk buku atau tulisan tapi suatu saat kita akan dimintai pertanggung jawaban atas segala opini yang kita tulis. Gue teringat nasihat ustadz Cholis Akbar di Suara Hidayatullah tentang Fiqih Jurnalistik bahwa dalam penyampaian opini dan berita, kita tidak boleh sekedar menyampaikan berita atau opini tersebut dengan mentah tanpa strategi sama sekali. Harus ada upaya untuk menganalisa bagaimana reaksi ummat atas hal-hal yang kita sampaikan hingga kita bisa menyampaikan kabar atau opini dengan cara yang baik dan menggiring ummat pada kebaikan. Maka buat gue, nulis buku itu bukan cita-cita yang gue kejar dalam waktu singkat. Butuh waktu untuk berlatih mengendalikan ego dan menyampaikan sesuatu dengan cara yang baik.

Masalah kelas menulis, ah gue rasa sudah banyak penulis yang mumpuni buka kelas menulis. Lagipula, tulisan gue itu sebenernya banyak yang misleading lho dalam artian gue nyampein A dengan tambahan B tapi yang ditangkep pembaca malah B nya :p

Menulis itu bukan sekedar perkara diksi atau alur. Sebab dalam membentuk gaya bahasa dan alur penyampaian, setiap orang punya prosesnya sendiri. Dan setiap penulis, punya ciri khasnya masing-masing.

Latihan menulis memang bisa membantu tapi inti dari belajar menulis bukan itu. Menulis itu tentang bagaimana kita menyampaikan perspektif kita sendiri dengan tetap menghargai perspektif orang lain. Dulu pas kuliah, guesempat gabung sebentar di ITJ (Indonesia Tanpa JIL). Pada masa itu, gue banyak nulis counter opini untuk JIL secara emosional. Gue bilang emosional karena tulisan gue ga pake mikir dan langsung counter opini dengan argumen “pokoknya kamu salah dan kamu nggak boleh gitu”. 

Setelah itu, gue vakum nulis tentang liberalisme dan sekularisme karena gue ngerasa apa yang gue tulis hanya pemaksaan perspektif gue sendiri tanpa menghargai perspektif orang lain. It doesn’t mean gue setuju atau nganggep tafsir Al Qur’an dengan cara orang Liberal itu benar. Menghargai di sini dalam artian gue nggak boleh menulis opini secara emosional, berdasarkan asumsi sendiri dan ilmu gotak gatik gatuk. 

Dalam menulis argumen, kita harus berani total mencari referensi. Meskipun tulisan kita ga sampe level akademisi seperti Ustadz Adian Husaini, ustadz Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi atau Syed Naquib Al Attas. Tapi minimal jangan pakai persepsi sendiri dan langsung mengatakan pemikiran orang lain salah. Perdalamlah referensi biar kita bisa mengupas lebih dalam ide seseorang hingga kita tahu di titik mana pikiran kita sama serta di titik mana pemikiran kita mulai berbeda. Dari situ kita bisa mulai mengcounter dengan cara yang baik.

Banyak yang bilang bahwa sekarang ini adalah era teknologi informasi yang paradoks dimana keran informasi semakin terbuka lebar namun kita menjadi semakin bodoh. Buat gue, teknologi itu alat. Cara hidup manusia memang bisa berubah karena teknologi tapi bukan berarti teknologi bisa mengendalikan kita. Kita harus stop blaming ke teknologi karena teknologi cuma benda mati. Fenomena paradoks di era teknologi informasi hari ini adalah kesalahan kita yang terlalu terpaku dengan media sosial sehingga kita lupa mengasah perspektif kita lebih mendalam.

Gue aktif di medsos. Ngecek instagram, twitter dan medium tiap pagi buat tau perkembangan yang terjadi. Gue juga nyisihin budget buat nonton film untuk mengetahui bagaimana imajinasi khalayak tentang dunia. Tapi gimanapun, kita nggak boleh terjebak di situ saja.

Kita perlu membaca buku yang kata orang lain ‘berat’. Dulu gue nggak sanggup baca buku shirah nabawinya Syaikh Shafiyurrahman Al Mubarakfury. Tapi pas gue nyoba menaklukkan buku itu, gue jadi pengen nyari yang lain sampe gue ketemu karya Buya Hamka, Muhammad Natsir, Syaikh Qardhawiy, Sayyid Qutub, Said Hawwa, Tariq Ramadhan, Syed Naquib Al Attas, Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi, Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud, Walter Isaacson, Karen Armstrong, dan lain-lain.

Membaca buku-buku yang demikian wajib sebagai seorang muslim agar kita bisa meringankan tugas para ulama. Kadang gue ngerasa kasihan sama ulama ketika ada orang yang berkomentar:

“Ah pembahasannya terlalu berat untuk orang awam”

apakah selamanya kita akan berkata demikian? Kapan kita beranjak dan merubah bataskeawaman? anggaplah bila yang disebut awam hari ini adalah orang yang belum bisa baca tulis huruf hijaiyah, mestinya beberapa tahun lagi, batas awam harus bergeser sehingga definisi orang awam adalah orang-orang yang minimal tahu dasar-dasar ilmu fiqih.

Dalam proses membaca, kita pasti bakal bertemu dengan teori atau opini yang tidak sesuai dengan pandangan kita. Contoh kecil aja opini tentang Rohingya. Ada yang bilang bahwa ini bukan konflik agama, opini tersebut kemudian beradu langsung dengan opini yang mengatakan bahwa rohingya adalah konflik agama.

Di ask, ada yang nanya gimana sikap gue tentang opini yang dibentuk dalam konflik rohingya dan apa yang bisa dilakukan selain aksi dan menyumbang uang.

Bagi gue, mau berpendapat itu konflik agama atau bukan, asal kesimpulan tersebut disimpulkan dari informasi yang valid, gue bakal hargain. Karena dalam hal ini, kita punya keterbatasan. Bisa jadi dua kubu itu punya informasi yang valid namun kurang menyeluruh sehingga kesimpulan yang didapat berbeda.

Konflik agama atau bukan, yang terpenting hari ini adalah gerak cepat untuk memberi bantuan. 

Apa yang bisa kita lakukan selain aksi dan ngasih sumbangan mungkin salah satunya adalah mendidik diri biar tidak emosional memproses informasi. Mungkin kita bisa mengumpulkan data tentang berita dan foto mana saja yang hoax dan fakta. Ini penting banget untuk mencegah kemungkinan konflik yang lebih besar.

Jangan sampai juga kita dikenal sebagai ummat yang emosional dan tidak bisa dipercaya karena informasi yang kita sampaikan berasal dari hoax padahal para ulama di era sahabat dan tabi’in terkenal valid informasinya karena adanya sanad.

Kita nggak bisa membenci opini orang lain. Yang bisa kita lalukan adalah mengkritik dengan cara yang santun dan berbekal informasi yang valid. Hal ini tentunya nggak bisa kita lakukan bila kita masih menganggap bahwa menulis itu cuma perkara diksi dan alur.


Pramoedya Ananta Toer dan Buya Hamka sangat sering berselisih tapi mereka berdua tetap santun saat bertemu. Muhammad Natsir dan Bung Karno pun sering adu argumentasi di harian Panji Masyarakat dengan tulisan yang santun dan dalam.

Semacam kemunduran ketika gue ngelihat twitwar perkara rohingya dari generasi 150 karakter seperti kita yang sering emosional dan berbekal foto hoax. Gue ga bermaksud mengecilkan semangat dalam membahas kasus rohingya. Hanya saja, kita perlu mengubah tradisi literasi kita. Agar sebelum menulis sesuatu, kita sudah terbiasa menundukkan ego kita sekalipun ego tersebut mengarahkan kita ke arah yang benar

Selamat menulis. Selamat berlatih. Sorry panjaang banget tulisannya.

I’M CONFUSED in French

Saying that you are confused in French (from an anglophone’s perspective) is surprisingly difficult. So here is a little list so we can stop being confused about how to say that we’re confused.

Je ne sais plus où j’en suis - I’m confused - in the sense that you don’t know where you are in something (figurative)

Je suis perdu(e) - I’m confused (lost) 

J’ai du mal à suivre - I’m confused - I’m having trouble following

Ça m’embrouille - I’m confused - lit. this confuses me

Je n’y comprends rien (or: j’y comprends rien - to be more colloquial) - I’m confused - I don’t get it

Je ne comprends pas - I don’t understand/I’m confused

J’te suis pas - I’m confused (I don’t follow you)

If any French speakers have any suggestions or questions PLEASE send me a message so that I can either improve or correct my post:)

- Lucy

BTS reacts to FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s)


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I think you get the idea. He isn’t a big fan of the game itself but he’ll definitely find the story interesting.


On the outside:

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On the inside:

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He would find the story interesting but he wouldn’t be crazy about it


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The game would leave him scared out of his wits and the story would leave him balling his eyes out.

Rap Monster/Namjoon

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After the first night (which teaches you how to play) he becomes a lil cocky. Then the game ups it’s intensity and he’s clutching his heart. Most definitely he will enjoy the story and learning about it.


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(Ignore Jungkook or don’t I’m not your boss)

He would get frightened by the jumpscares but he’d be able to somewhat handle it but some others would be better (Namjoon, Jungkook, and Taehyung) He would enjoy the story but he’d probably cry over the children.


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He might get frightened a couple times but mainly because he was caught off guard. He wouldn’t find it all that scary until after he heard the story then he’d worry about the sanity of the creator.


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He’d actually like the game because even though it wasn’t scary to him. He would be concerned about the creator but he would care more about the story. He might even go see the movie with his hyung.

~written by CRS with love


I am forever thankful for many of the manifestations of auxiliary functions! Despite not being as ‘developed’ or ‘mature’ as dominant ones, they tend to be the ones that save the day for me. Whether it is so that someone can pull themselves out of the infamous loop between dominant and tertiary functions acting overwhelmingly unbalanced or for helping someone out of other suffocating and drowning situations. It’s said that we turn to the auxiliary function to assist ourselves and others in times of trouble (as the name suggests) and, while not limited to functions in this position, this is very much true in some cases and you can see it in a distinctive manner.

So here’s what I appreciate about all the auxiliary functions when they are acting in healthy integration and moderation.

Auxiliary Se in ISPs
You’re the easy and quick to install reality-check patch. Along with getting us back to our senses, you equip us with “It is what it is” kits that allow us to face things as they are so that we can then better decide what can be done about them or if something even must be done about them instead of just letting them be and/or letting them go. You can be a daredevil, but also the epitome of chill and taking it as it comes.

Auxiliary Si in ESJs
Somebody has to be the responsible one while everybody else is acting crazy, and that’s usually you. You make sure to have all you need to proceed properly and with caution, ensuring the best you can that all relevant details have been taken care of to sustain what is being worked toward. This might make you undesirably uptight and restrictive to many, but often it shows in the results that it was worth it.

Auxiliary Ne in INPs
When everything seems dull and all done and over with, you’re the one to turn to for fresh and alternative ways to look at things and to reveal more of all that’s astonishing (or simply humorous). Or you just distract us with ‘pointless’ pursuits that are a ‘waste of time’ but ultimately broaden our understanding and keep us from being ignorant and in the dark.

Auxiliary Ni in ENJs
Personally, I feel so validated by you when, while being a more worldly person, you acknowledge the ‘otherworldly.’ How you connect the dots and pick up patterns from all your experiences is quite educational and gives a sense of divine order and purpose. You can step up and see above the mess and that in itself is enough to make matters more manageable. Also, being far-sighted means you can see beyond and break out of fruitless cycles.

Auxiliary Te in ITJs
“That doesn’t even make sense!” You look for effective solutions and are baffled by nonsense - especially when it only serves to be counterproductive. When you take the time, you can simplify and instruct in a manner that is easily grasped and to the point. What seems to you as obvious and appropriate to mention, often turns out to be a brutal truth or an address of the elephant in the room. And we’d be doomed without this at least every once in a while.

Auxiliary Ti in ETPs
When you’re not justifying or excusing unnecessarily disrespectful and unorthodox ideas or behaviors, you’re helping explain why and how novel ways of seeing and doing things make much more sense than established or previous ones. You often have much to go off from to debate and make valid points while being simultaneously entertaining and interesting. Learning with you is an exciting journey.

Auxiliary Fe in IFJs
You’re the reader and interpreter of broken families (figuratively or literally speaking) and would make it your mission to remedy them. When you can justly stand and strive for yourself and for others, rather than allowing yourself to be superficial or malleable, you are able to give each and all what they need for their appropriate nourishment (whether that includes union or separation) and nurture them into more humane individuals or groups. You take people’s concerns into account when others wouldn’t.

Auxiliary Fi in EFPs
Indulge, indulge, indulge. This can be too much to some (like me), but can make you a good - or even a great - host for certain occasions (if not only an extravagant one). You’d also say and fully stand behind, “Why wait for others to make you happy when you can make yourself happy!” You celebrate people for who they are, believing “It’d be boring if we were all the same.” And often this means you’ll gladly cheer for everyone’s best qualities and personal fulfillment.

jed gets jealous of lancelot b/c octy looks at him for 0.0256 seconds longer than he does at jed

jed gets jealous of larry for having the gall to pick up octavius and touch him 

jed gets jealous of the squirrel because octavius was bragging about riding it

jed hears octavius bragging to his romans about this cute guy hes crushing on and hmm i think hes into me and gets jealous of himself

BTS Reaction to: Their Girlfriend Having OCD

red velvet version; here

Jin: read up on ocd and watched some documentaries too. he wanted to know everything, since he didn’t want to spent his relationship with you being ignorant about ocd. doesn’t tell the guys right away. he waits for the right moment then sits them all down, giving them as much info as he knew and would introduce you to them one by one, in case you got overwhelmed

Suga: doesn’t say much tbh. he’s afraid of accidentally asking something too personal, or that you’ll see his curiousity as him judging you. so he says nothing, just goes along with the flow. you clean everything until its spotless? no problem! arrange everything in a certain order? cool! it’s just who you are so there’s no point in talking about it

J-Hope: “draw me like one of your French girls,” he’ll joke, after seeing all your amazing art work. will without a doubt, brag to the others about your talent, saying how amazing and great you are

Rap Monster: awkward all the time at times. doesn’t know how to approach the topic of your ocd at first but once you both open up and its a serious, strong relationship he’ll have no problem with it. is overprotective sometimes. taehyung once asked you why you twist your ring around three times, no more, no less (“how come it’s never, like, two and a half times?”) and namjoon looked ready to kill until he realised that you were ok so he was ok too and no one died 👍

Jimin: this squishy sweetheart hardly even notices your ocd. sure you have habits and the house is always spotless but that’s just what makes you, you

V: after two months of dating, you ask him why hasn’t he asked you if there was something “wrong” with you. usually, people notice there’s something “off” about you right away and either outright ask or give you wary looks. he had done neither.

“oh, you have ocd?” he blinks, thinking back on the time he’s known you. “i thought you were just really good at playing instruments?” a few days later, he asks the guys if they had noticed you had ocd and they completely lost all hope for him then and there

Jungkook: thought your talent at playing violin was awesome, even asks you to teach him. he’s got poor concentration and usually spends those “classes” just flirting with you or trying to talk you into an anime watching session

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I’M TIRED in French

Je suis (hyper) fatigué(e) - I’m (really) tired

Je suis écrasé(e) - I’m stuffed

Je suis épuisé(e) - I’m exhausted

Je suis crevé(e) - I’m dead

Je suis éreinté(e) - I’m worn out

Je suis extenué(e) (mentalement) - I’m exhausted

Je me suis surmené(e) - I overdid it

Je suis claqué(e) - I am bushed

je suis vanné(e) - I am ready to drop