March 28th

Amman, Jordan

Visited the ITIAA, the Institute of Traditional Islamic Art and Architecture

The Dean Minwar gave a little overview of their course tracks:


- interior design, calligraphy, illumination, miniature


- brass, wood, gypsum, zillij

His presentation dove quickly into the prerogatives of man ((to know the truth, to love the beautiful, to will the good)) and jumped into sacred geometry, roots of proportions and vesica pisces. Before he got too far into the message of water discussion, it was time for the calligraphy workshop. The students were a lot more down to earth. Their patience and precision, particularly with illumination, was unbelievable. Months invested in these pieces. A bit of silk cloth absorbs the ink in the containers to ensure that if one tips over, the ink won’t gush out. Pretty rad.

يوم عسل يوم بصل

honey day, onion day

stay cool